February 02, 2017:

Flash and Spoiler meet with Diana on the Terrigen Mists. Alliances, friendships, and plans are made.

Themyscira House - New York City

The Themyscrian Embassy is the home of the
Amazonian Delegation to the world. It is their castle, their fortress, their
refuge from the Patriarchs world and the place where they gather friends and
allies, on occasion. The Embassy grounds are, as all embassies are, the
sovrgien territory of Themyscria and anything done there falls under
Themyscrian law.


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When he got the message from Diana to meet with her on the mists, Barry should have maybe taken it a little more seriously than he did when Spoiler seemed to squee out about the idea of meeting the Amazonian princess. There's things that he's still adjusting to in this world, and it's going to take a little more time for him to adjust to it all. However, the inroads he's made since arriving, he's getting better.

Hey, he's not running into Gotham anymore.

Arriving at the embassy, Flash waits for Spoiler before approaching the tall Amazonians on guard. "Uh. Hi." he says as he looks up to the two women and arches a brow. "We have a meeting with Princess Diana? She's expecting us. I think." He hopes. Those are some really sharp blades on the ends of those spears.

Leaning over to Spoiler, he adds in a sotto-voice. "I'm starting to think that your super-power is to be an average sized woman on a world of super-girls. Not that.. you know.. I'm complaining?"

Spoiler left Gotham way earlier than she normally likes to leave any part of that city. But, there were things to do, and people to talk to. She let Flash know when she was arriving into the city. Well, more like while she was at a red light two blocks away.

What? He's fast.

Standing at his side, blue eyes surveying the guards from behind her black domino mask, Spoiler presses her lips together slightly at Flash's comment. Silence, that's the Scarlet Speedster's reply from Spoiler. She is not going to comment on that right now. She's just assessing threat levels and waiting… silently, broodingly? Like a good batling.

The guards were, in fact, informed earlier that Flash and Spoiler would be coming to meet with the Princess. Just as well, really, since the young man's casual air likely perplexes the statuesque Amazons somewhat — as do many things in American society. Consequently, however, the pair are escorted in to the embassy.

It's an impressive edifice, with aspects of Greek, Roman, and even Persian architecture in its construction. A goodly portion of the main foyer is given over to displays showcasing Amazonian art and culture, and there's even a museum wing one side that operates between 9am and 9pm most days.

The heroic pair, however, are led deeper into the embassy, along a wide, bright and airy stone corridor that's been carpeted with thick rugs reminiscent of Persian rugs but with subtly different motifs and bright colours. Eventually, they're shown into a well-appointed sitting room furnished with stylish-yet-classic contemporary furniture that allows the artwork and Amazonian cultural artifacts to take focus without overpowering.

Shortly after the pair arrive, Diana enters the room, dressed, perhaps, somewhat less formally than usual — that is to say she's wearing a simple white and gold dress that leaves her arms and shoulders bare and cinches at her narrow waist with a golden sash.

"Flash. Spoiler. Welcome," the Princess says warmly as she sees her guests. She crosses to offer her hand to each of them. "I trust you had little difficulty getting here."

"She's got a museum. Back home, they wanted to make me a museum. I thought that was a little weird. But she has a museum!" Barry follows along, but part of him is trying really hard not to take off like a bolt and go exploring. He shudders with excitement and excess energy, the speedster bouncing idly on the ball of his feet. And it would all really go well, if Casual Diana hadn't decided to show up and be so.. gosh darn… Diana perfect.

The young man finds himself staring up at the woman in confusion. Did they just stumble onto the set of 'Cleopatra'? A Victoria's Angel Shoot? Spoiler will get the first chance to respond as Barry is currently experiencing an unexpected error in hormones.exe. Already had puberty, cannot reboot.

"It's a museum of Ancient Greek culture, Flash. I'm sure this isn't a museum to just her," Spoiler retorts softly as they walk. Not that she's not interested, or looking herself, she's just not craning her neck everywhich way. Usually the most upbeat of the Bat Clan, next to Flash, the hooded purple and black clad young woman seems composed and calm. Not having sat, Spoiler turns to face Diana as she arrives. Spoiler nods, then double take glances as Flash gapes at the Amazon. Stephanie inhales and turns back to Diana, stepping forward in front of Barry.

"Very little. Thank you for meeting with us regarding this concern," Spoiler says. She's not growlly like her mentor.

No, the museum isn't focussed on Diana at all, but rather on the Amazons. So, not quite Ancient Greece, but the same general time period. Without all the broken pieces.

"It's a pleasure," Diana tells Spoiler, politely ignoring Flash's o/s error. It's not the first time she's seen that look. It'll pass.


"Please," she says to both, now. "Have a seat. Would you like any refreshment? I can have something brought in. But, if you'd rather just get down to business, that's certainly fine."

Indeed, the ornate mirror at the far end of the room can be converted into a display screen with little trouble, and she removes a tablet from within a side table drawer to facilitate it.

For Flash, it passes faster than most. It helps the fact that he's a quick thinker with those fast feet as he realizes Stephanie's stepped in front of him. Snapped out of his thoughts, the speedster smiles. "Sorry, lost in the moment." he offers as he glances around, his attention to Spoiler for a moment as he moves to take a seat after she does.

Settling down, he moves to pull back his cowl and expose his face and identity. He's not anyone terribly special, after all, and he's among friends. Not to mention that Spoiler already knows. #shedidthemath.

"Well, I didn't want to step on your toes." he admits as he retuns his fingers to playing against each other as he gives it thought. "Spoiler and I were in the Suicide Slums of Metropolis a little over a week ago, and someone had released the Mists stuff. And I was just wondering.. we were wondering.." a glance given over towards Spoiler to give a reassuring smile. "…what we could do to help." he offers.

"I'm a bit of a chemist, so if there's anyone working on a way to.. prevent these coccoons, or maybe an innoculation or something against the biogen that's causing this?" he asks. "I know, it's never a quick fix, it never is.. but.."

"…I'd like to help."

Offered a seat, Spoiler moves to sit on the sofa without so much as a backward glance at Flash. She takes the edge of the seat, where she can get up and move again quickly if she needs to. Not graced with super human reaction, speed, or grace, the young woman would rather seem uncomfortable and uptight than get caught flat footed. As for refreshments, two different lifestyles war within her for a moment. The Scouts would demand she be polite. Batman would have her silent and growlly and..

"Water would be fine, thank you, Princess." Girl Scouts win. Because cookies.

She blinks once as Barry pulls his cowl back. Her spine straightens. Will not react to bare-faced masked … nore care-faced hero that had been… ugh. She's not reacting to Barry exposing his…. #TableFlipped

"The fact that the mists seem based on weather patterns has us concerned. Add to this my findings that what we had thought were isolated cases may be connected to this is cause for more intense focus," Spoiler says calmly, mostly collected. This IS the Wonder Woman, after all.

Diana nods once to Flash's words, picking up the tablet as Spoiler suggests water and tapping a request onto it. She then smiles at the young man with an expression that suggests acceptance of his offer. "We have gained substantial research from SHIELD's databases regarding the qualities of the mutagen, though no one has yet, to our knowledge, come up with an antidote. If that is something you wish to look into, I'm sure we can arrange facilities to accommodate that." She suspects Ozymandias can help with that, though the facilities on the Watchtower are certainly adequate to the task.

She glances between the pair. "As you may know" Her gaze lingers on Spoiler a moment, and she smiles briefly "Or not, we are actively investigating DEO and Cadmus Labs facilities in Hell's Gate, Metropolis, to ensure their treatment of the mist victims is both ethical and honest." Truth is a big deal to Wonder Woman. "We've gotten very little concrete information, thus far, though what we do know suggests they may be involved in some sort of cloning research. They have been gathering cocoons ever since Apocalypse released the terrigen bombs in the atmosphere — as have others, which is equally concerning. So, you're right. This is not remotely isolated. There are pockets of mists all over the world and people within and near them are at substantial risk… especially in those countries where the governments do not offer adequate protection." She looks rather grim at that.

But, then she continues. "In terms of Metropolis, however, we don't know if Cadmus Labs are simply replicating of the mutagen for study purposes — they do claim to be working on a cure — or if they're actively pursuing human cloning for the purposes of weaponizing the mists." She pauses to let that idea sink in for a moment. It's certainly not beyond the realm of possibility for a government black ops department to sanction such measures. They've done it before.

"What we do know of their history and current equipment manifest suggests a strong possibility of the latter. Obviously, that's unacceptable. So, if there is something you think you can do to help, I know the League would welcome that."

Flash gives a nod of his head, slowly slipping back into his 'game' face as it were. "Alright, so the information SHIELD has can be useful." May be time to do a little digging around and seeing what they have. "So this may not have been a weather phenomenom. It could have been a weaponized test to see who would react and then collect the pods. The woman that was there, Tattoo.. she said that this was not the first time it had happened there. And it would make sense. It wouldn't draw the same press as if it had happened in downtown Metropolis."

He draws in a little breath, and looks thoughtful. "Princess.. it wasn't a friendly action they were doing. It was an armed round up. "There was nothing about CADMUS' actions that said anything about this being humanitarian."

It's out on the table. "I realize that there are things that need to be done, considering this is a known entity and corporation and fighting such things is.. a tricky thing." the young man presses his lips into a thin line, looking thoughtful.

"We can't be everywhere at once.. I know that." Even at his top speed, Flash could never hope to be /everywhere/. "I gave Tattoo my contact information if it happens with the Mists in the Slums again.. the only thing we can do is to make sure that we have a response on deck when one of these incidents occurs. And if CADMUS is attempting a military action." he shrugs helplessly, not sure what to do on it.

Spoiler seems to purse her lips, though really she's chewing on the inside of her cheek and lowerlip in thought. CADMUS. She doesn't recall anything about CADMUS right off the top of her head, but she'll do some homework when she gets back to the cave. Maybe Batman will have annotated the file she started on this. She has, after all, flagged the various cases that MIGHT be this stuff.

"Weaponizing this would be a very bad thing," Spoiler agrees softly.

A young Amazon in a simple peplos and chiton enters with a soft knock on the door, bearing a pitcher of water and three cups along with a small platter of fruits and cheese. She places them silently on the table in the center of the conversation area and the retreats with a slight bow of her head to Diana in respect. Diana gives her a kind nod in return and then reaches to pour out the water for all three. "Please," she says with a gesture to the food, "help yourself."

"Cadmus is a tool of the DEO," she says then, regarding Barry frankly. "From what we can discern, the DEO are the ones actually pulling the strings. So, the military action you observed very likely involved their agents, no matter what logo was printed on their uniforms."

In other words, she has no illusions about Cadmus even remotely being considered humanitarian. CADMUS started off as a branch of Stormwatch that was caught dabbling in metahuman cloning. Officially, they were disbanded after they got their hands slapped. But, they reformed as Cadmus Labs and have been attempting to clean up their image — hence their PR emphasis on their government mandated efforts to 'cure' the mutagen. It's quite likely both Batman and Oracle would have easy access to that information.

She regards Spoiler as the young woman speaks and nods simply. "Yes. It would. Ultimately, this is much bigger than just an American problem. Although we have been focussed on the actions of the American government and related organizations, we're well aware that this threat actually encompasses the entire globle. I'll ask Oracle to make what information we have available to you. She can doubtlessly bring you up to speed in that regard." Batgirl isn't actually on Diana's radar. She still only knows Barbara Gordon as the mysterious cyber avatar Oracle.

"We have maps and tracking data from the first explosions of Apocalypse's devices that first released the gas to the latest weather pattern dispersions, so you can see just how great a scope we're dealing with."

Reading between the lines: The League is focusing on the American problem first because it's on their immediate doorstep and anything learned here can be given wider application later — once they've proven it works. Because the problem is simply too big to be tackled all at once.

Even in America, the problem is bigger than it first seems. Part of San Diego has submerged, effectively becoming 'Sub Diego'. So, to say the League is swamped by this crisis is something of an understatement. This has made Diana more than willing to accept heroic help from all quarters.

"Unfortunately, you're right. We can't be everywhere at once."

"I spoke with Starfire a few days ago.. she told me of what was going on in Africa. After what Batman said to me when he threatened me away from Gotham, it made me curious." Flash admits as he rubs the back of his head to look thoughtful. "You have to isolate it someplace. And then once it's handled and cured here.. then we can move on to other areas - where the phenomenome is more natural due to the nature of what happened." he admits quietly, his brows furrowing in thought.

"It seems like so much, Diana." he admits, and starts to absently eat. It takes a conscious effort for him not to scarf down everything as he drinks from the water, and closes his eyes thoughtfully. "If we can predict the pattern of the weather, perhaps set up shelters of a sort that can be used to protect people from infection.. or at worst, evacuate.." he sighs. "But that does nothing for the weaponization of it. That, we will just have to be a reactionary force towards. But I promised Tattoo I wouldn't come back on this empty handed. There's a toddler in a coccoon that needs an answer. And I want to make sure she has it. And.. now, I have something I can share with her. Thank you."

At mention of Oracle,Spoiler smiles lightly, and nods.

"I'd appreciate the kind word with her, though I'm sure I can get the information from her with little trouble," says Spoiler. She knows Babs. Some cookies, a promise to cook dinner, and then do dishes after and Barbara would likely gie hr anything she asked for. Not that she wouldn't anyway, but it's always nice to cook for a friend. It's the scope of the problem that has Stephanie worried. Worried enough that she's frowning openly. This, after all, is too big for the Justice League. What more could she offer to what everyone else is already doing?

"Use Oracle and keep her up to date with any new information you find. Flash will keep me updated and I will in turn keep Oracle updated. I'm certian that all of us workingtogether will find a way to handle this," Stephanie says. Stronger together.

Diana nods to Barry, though her expression remains serious — especially at the mention of the child. If anything, her expression tightens a little at that news. "Indeed," she agrees with Spoiler. "We will only win by working together. Ultimately, I believe we must not only find a cure to the mutations, but we must discover a means of dispersing the gas entirely so that it is no longer a threat."

Weather maps prove that the gas tends to gather in low-lying areas mostly readily during low pressure systems. Again, that information will be readily available to Oracle and Batman — and any other hero in the League — via the Watchtower systems.

The princess cants her head slightly to one side. "I should like to meet this Tattoo, I think," she suggests. She'd like to discover what sort of woman she is. Call it professional curiosity.

She does reach out a hand to Barry, however, laying it gently on his shoulder. "It is a lot, Flash," she tells him. "And it can be overwhelming. But we are surrounded by good people both inside the League and outside it. We have allies and like-minded companions who will support us. We will conquer this somehow, Gods willing, I am certain."

Her hand falls away and she smiles warmly to Spoiler. She likes this young woman. "You are welcome here any time. If you have need of me, call."

Nodding his head to Spoiler, Barry offers a smile finally. One of hope and optimism, the one she's far more used to seeing from the young man when he's being himself. "I'm sure we will." he offers with a hint of encouragement. "How can we not, with as much as we have going for us." There's reassurance in the trust and his little compass rights itself. He needs to be here, that voice in his head tells him. This world needs your help. He draws in a breath and adds, "I'll search her out in the Slums. Shouldn't be too hard to find, and I'll extend the invitation." Sincerity offered in his voice, he grins at Spoiler.

"Be careful, Diana, she may take that as an offer of sleepovers." he teases faintly.

It had been her usual false bravado, that 'fake it till you become it' that Stephanie uses to stubborn her way through things she otherwise shouldn't be able to. But the return of Barry's bright and hopefilled smile along with Diana's warm smile, has Stephanie nodding and smilling back herself. Everything will work out. It has to.

"Likewise. Oracle can contact me any time you need," Spoiler says to Diana, blue eyes hopeful and bright and showing that under the mask and the nomex, she's just a girl.

Underneath their masks, everyone is just a normal person trying to get along. Well. Except Batman. He is his mask.

Diana smiles to both young heroes, now. "Thank you both for coming. I will make whatever resources you need available to you — either directly or through Oracle or others." That said, she rises, knowing the meeting is now more or less complete. "I look forward to working more closely with both of you in the future."

She has no doubt that will happen. With a crisis this big, it's inevitable. Fortunately, like all of them, she believes in hope. This is only the beginning.

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