Rock Climbing

February 01, 2017:

Logan goes rock climbing with Mariko and Meggan.

Rock Climbing Gym


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Always being an active man, Logan likes to keep his skills sharp, and one he rarely gets to make use of in New York is his rock climbing ability. And while the rock climbing gym is far from the real thing, it's a passable test. He's invited some of the girls from the mansion, and is currently waiting for them to emerge from the changing room. He's dressed in climbing shoes, similar to the ones he got for them, black shorts with a yellow stripe down the side, and a black shirt with the symbol of the Xavier Institute over the chest. Most of the climbers currently on the walls are wearing long pants, since it helps with falls, and it's all stretchy, clinging material, since they don't want to get tangled in any of the holds. He's also wearing a little basket around his waist, with chalk inside. It's worn over his butt, so that he can always reach behind to get more. He got them their own set.

Mariko doesn't NEED to climb rocks, of course. When you can fly, it's moot. But she does like to stay in shape, so she's wearing a similar outfit. She hasn't gone long-pants, though, opting for shorts. Not her best plan, but she's in her climber's attire. "Of course, I have no idea what I'm doing with this…"

Meggan came to try and meet people and make good memories more then to hone skills. She is wearing a black tank and shorts she got from the school that fit snug on her body. She even put on a belt harness as she was shown, but her feet are bare and she has the shoes in her hand. "And I'm not sure I want to put these on either. Are they required," the woman's British accent coming out clearly with the question?

"Yeah, they give you a better grip, traction, and your feet are gonna sweat while doing this. That's what the chalk is for on your hands." Logan explains. As he lead the girls to one of the walls, he pointed to little strips of tape with numbers written on them. "Each course is labelled. It starts at 0, and the higher the number, the more difficult it is. The goal is to climb a single colour to the top. It's a lot harder than it looks. You will fall. If you need to drop onto the mat, do so. And it's probably easier to drop down, as long as you're not too high, than to climb down. Climbing down, you're more likely to get hurt." He went over some more safety tips, sounding like an old hand at this. And when he was done, he said, "now I'm going to show you how it's done." He began by explaining how to grip the different hand holds, and why some are easier than others. Then, he began going up. He had chosen a course that was yellow, and the marker at the bottom said 7. He could do harder ones, but he didn't want to show off.

"0 it is." Mariko agrees. She smiles over to Meggan. "I can help you put those on if you need a hand." she offers. She looks at the course. "Is there a safety line or something?"

Meggan loosk rather unhappy to have to put shoes on again. She hates them more than anyone seems to know. But she'll sit on the floor and start to put the dumb things on and not pout. Least not pout too much. "Thank you," she says to the offer of help because she honestly is rather poor at tying laces. Let alone tight double knots. "Guess I'll start at a one. I don't have much experience with this sort of thing." At least not without 'cheating' in some way. "Thank you for inviting me along again, Logan."

After reaching the top, Logan put two hands on the ledge, signalling that he had reached the top, then climbed down a couple of handholds, then dropped down onto the mat. He made more of a thud when he did than most of the other climbers. Nobody climbed too close to anyone else who was climbing, instead, they were waiting turns for that part of the wall. Logan shook his head once he got up, "nope, no safety lines. The mat will cushion yer fall. And you really should start at a zero. Most people can't make it to the top on their first time out."

Mariko kneels down and quick-ties up the climbing shoes for Meggan. "But my perky derriere might get bruised." She protests, amused, as she heads for the wall. "Good god. You're kidding, right? This is 0?"

Meggan is grateful for the help and will wait her turn as she goes to watch how Mariko does. The blonde's eyes already tracing the green hand and foot holds to try and see what path she should take to reach the top. "If you want I could try and catch you, Mariko. But these mats feel plenty soft for a low fall." She looks over at the Logan, "Do this often here?"

"Oh, it's gonna get bruised. You don't go indoor climbing for the first time without expecting to get bruised. But if you come back for a second time, or a tenth, you'll learn to love it. Plus, if you ever find yourself in a position when you need to climb up, or down, you'll thank me for helping you learn these skills."

To Meggan, he nods, "yeah, from time to time. But I've climbed mountains. Bouldered too. You ever see the opening to that Tom Cruise film? Done that too." He was of course referring to Mission Impossible 2.

Mariko laughs. "No one needs to save me. I don't usually NEED to climb. I DO, however, need to keep in shape. And can't just get by with yoga all the time." Mariko carefully moves from handhold to handhold. "How about you, Meggan?"

Meggan knows her TV and nods her had, "I think I know the scene you mean. I did happen to catch that one." Though she never did understand why hurting oneself can be seen as fun or enjoyable. "I rarely need to climb, but I don't like to keep my feet on the ground either. I often go into the woods to be with nature and reconnect with her. Helps me feel still a part of her." She'll start at a 1 just to get a sense as she takes to the green handles and starts to try and make her way up. No powers. She gets about two or three 'steps' up and then says, "This is not a sport for women of my shape I think."

"Yeah, and I don't normally need to take cold medicine. But things can change in a hurry." Logan replies to Mariko. "Like a gun or a condom, it's better to have it and not need it, than need it, and not have it." Classy Logan, very classy there.

Watching Meggan attempt the level 1, he laughs as she says about her shape. "Yeah, some of the holds are far apart for someone so petite. But yer doing well, Meggan."

"I don't think she's talking about petite. /I'm/ petite. Chesty McGee there is likely having other problems." Mariko says, amused, stretching for another handhold.

Meggan's cheeks darken some at what the other two say. "Mariko is right. Less about being short and more about my actually shape." She's tempted to cheat but instead pauses a moment with two footholds and one hand to keep on the wall and another to adjust her tank top. "And Mariko it's Meggan not McGee. I'm British not Scottish." Sadly she sounds like she is being honest and sincere, not trying to be funny.

Logan watches them both, careful not to get into their way if they need to drop down onto the mat. But he wants to give them encouragement, telling them where a handhold or foothold is when they might not see it, giving advice here and there. "Oh, that… well, I never complained." Then, he remembers that's not his Mariko, and he chides himself, "er, with my Mariko, you know. Sorry 'bout that."%R%R"Impressive," he says, as Meggan shows the strength to hold herself up there, staying up there, and adjust her tank top with a free hand. Most people would fall, especially new climbers.

"Your Mariko," asks Meggan confused some. She gets back to trying to climb but these are muscles she doesn't use often. "Thank you Logan, I have moved about my fair share of tree, and when younger had to move about through older abandoned buildings." She then slips and starts to fall free, catching herself out of reflex making her 'hang' there before she remembers and lets gravity take her to land on the map with a soft WOOF of air escaping her. "Ow."

Logan checks to make sure that Meggan is okay after taking the fall. Kneeling down to talk with her, he looks to make sure no one else is close enough to listen, and he'll whisper for added security, "she's not from this reality, and I got history with the one that is. She's kinda the same person, but with different memories, different experiences. Kinda like a twin."

Meggan rubs at her hip softly some as Logan comes down to whisper nearer her pointed ears. Those eyes go wide, "Oh." She looks over at Mariko and then smiles, "I got experience with that. I'll have to talk with her when she can do so more privately." She'll hold up a hand, "Help me up?"

Logan offered a hand to help Meggan up. He looked over at Mariko, who had been doing well, better than he expected. Looking at her hip, he reached out to touch a few places, "does this hurt, or this?" He was careful, just making sure that she was all right. "And what about this?"

Meggan stands there as Logan makes sure she is not injured. "I um… no." Clearing her throat softly and blushing some. "I just got a bit of a bruise and if need be I can bounce back quickly. Thank you for checking though. Feel I made a proper fool of myself."

"We all make a fool o' ourselves the first time out." Looking over, he noted that Mariko was back on the ground and talking to some girl. She seemed to be having a good conversation, whatever it was about. And Logan could have probably listened in with his hearing, but he chose to respect her privacy. "You want to continue Meggan, or take a break?"

"I am not one to quit that easily. I will try again. Maybe on a 0 this time." She looks over at him and says, "Though I feel a bit of a fool for doing this." She grabs at the blue coloured ones this time. Meggan gets ready to try again. "So do you remember falling your first time?"

Logan looked at her, "er, no, not really… but… I, my memory ain't that good." He's fairly certain he learned to climb somewhere in the Rocky Mountains. He barely remembers that time, since it was over a hundred years ago, and that was long before people started messing with his memories.

Meggan nods her head a bit as she takes another step slowly up the wall. "I am sorry, I should have remembered and not asked questions like that. Oof," stretching out to try and get for a hold out of reach. Then she settles back to look for a different way to get further up the wall. "Next time we go on a hike into the woods or mountains, deal?"

"No, no problem askin'." Logan didn't like the way she took it. He was trying to help, to be honest, but she seemed so vulnerable. "Sounds like fun, Meggan." He loved the outdoors himself. "Try the one to your left, just a little lower." Sometimes you had to go left or right, or even down, to continue along the handhold pathway.

She looks to where he is trying to indicate and takes some time to shift her hips and weight to go for the grip. "The hardest part isn't the climbing," moving to try and keep her body close to the wall as she moves. "It's to fight my natural urges." She takes a deep breath and readjusts her grip. "I love going into the wild. Nobody tells me to wear shoes on a hike."

"So, how come you like to go barefoot?" He likes shoes. He's gone barefoot, but shoes are far more comfortable. They provide cushion, shock absorption, and keep his feet from stepping on stones or other things that bother him. He would never whine or complain, but shoes were comfortable to wear.

"Never even owned a pair of them for many years. Til I was grown." Meggan shifts up a bit higher on the wall. Making progress again with soft grunts, using her legs and body to work up the wall. "They just don't feel right, but especially when out in world. I like the feel of the earth under my feet. Helps me to hear her and know what is going on around me. I recommend it!"

Logan could certainly agree with that. He loved nature, was very much in touch with it. He could live quite happily in the wild. "Oh, I have tried — careful!" He sees her reach for one, probably stretching a little far, and calls out in concern for her.

Meggan hesitates and frowns. She is a bit too far from the wall and unable to keep herself in ideal position. She looks down and then figures there's only one thing. "Worked in the movies," she says. Crouching and trying to 'jump' for the higher hold. It works but she is dangling mostly by the one hand. "OOF! Okay, maybe not my best idea."

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