Bobby r u a Robot?

February 02, 2017:

Rogue ambushes Bobby Drake with a bucket of water to see if he's a Robot!

Xavier's School

Hallway outside Bobby's bedroom.


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Rogue had gone out to a bar to get some drinks with Nancy after they'd run into Bobby yesterday. They'd talked about the strangeness of a 'new Bobby' just appearing and everyone mostly being okay with it… Admittedly Rogue didn't know Bobby that well, they'd never really interacted beyond surface level stuff… this guy mostly looked like the guy she'd remembered. But she believed Nancy on this.

So investigation was required!

Rogue appeared in the hallway outside of Bobby's room. She smiled and waved to a couple people walking together past her in the hall, then went to set a plastic shopping bag filled with five boxes of Eggo Waffles up against Bobby's door… Rising up again she straightened her hair and then reached out a gloved hand to lock three crisp times on Bobby's door.

Then she ran and hid behind the corner in the hallway… next to her was a metal pale filled with comofortably warm water (she wasn't cruel as to throw ice cold water on a person).

"Now we see if you're a robot… Bobby Drake…" She quietly whispered to herself like a cartoon villain.

Bobby Drake pretty much kept to 'his' room for the rest of the day, deciding that he just needed to sleep the weirdness off and when he woke up, everything would be familiar again and people wouldn't act so weird. He's sort of puttering around, frowning as the room is still not as it should be…and where are his clothes? The knock on the door pulls his attention and he opens it to see the bag of waffles. "What —" is asked just before the pail of water upends over his head. There's a moment of surprise before he just…turns to his ice form, freezing even the puddle of water around him on the floor. Leaning forward to pick up the bag, he looks around, "Seriously?"

When the door opened and she saw Bobby step out and kneel down to get the waffles Rogue did the little kittne-butt-shake thing and then lunged around the corner at him with the pale of water!

"Say hello to my little frien—-!" Rogue cut herself off as the water poured all over the… Ice man. She yelped and jumped back and dropped the metal pale causing it to clatter across the hallway into the wall.

Taking a few jumping steps backwards, Rogue's green eyes were wide as saucers as she eyed him. "Crap." She muttered, her gaze shooting right to left as she needed to think of an excuse as to why she'd just… done that.

Rogue looked back at him and smiled. "Heya Bobby… have a good sleep?" She asked him, putting on her sweetest/flirtiest smile and body language she could muster up.

When in doubt…. pretend nothing happened!

Bobby Drake just tilts his head, his ice-eyes blinking at Rogue, "Just what were you trying to do? I don't smell -that- bad, do I?" Although he's not really laughing. Instead, he just holds onto the now-frozen bag of frozen waffles and waits, in his ice-form, for Rogue's explanation. "I -did-…but I want to know who took my clothes. Is there a prank war I don't know about?"

Rogue sighed as she questioned him further, her charms hadn't worked. "Fiddlesticks." She muttered under her breath. Marie folded her arms together over her stomach, her black long loves going up past her elbows over her biceps. She was wearing a black TMNT tshirt with a classic-style pic of the turtles in black and white on her chest.

"Nancy says you're not 'her Bobby' and that 'her Bobby' is now officially MIA… I told her I'd look inta it, find out who you really are an' why 'her Bobby' is just up'n vanished like a fart in the wind." She glanced away again and walked over to get the pale she'd used to dump the water on him. She crouched, retrieved it and then looked back at him.

"I was wanted t'do my first test… find out if you were a robot. I guess ya passed it though, cause if you were a robot I doubt you could do the ice thing." She motioned at him in his ice form. "That means this is some kinda… body swappin' case. Which means I got more investigatin' t'do." The southern girl looked around, deep in-thought.

"I'm not -her- Bobby…I'm no one's Bobby but my own, thank you," Ice-Bobby scowls before the ice fades and he's back to being human…and now fully dry again. "Are you saying that there's more than one of me? Because…uhm…seriously, are you smoking something? And who the heck is this Nancy? I don't know her from…a random person on the street." Maybe he still has his fever? He'd rather this not be real. "So now what, because I'm not -her- Bobby, I'm…nobody? Is that it?"

Rogue sighed when he said all of this and she set the bucket she was holding down onto a table in the hallway. She walked over to him and reached out to poke him in the chest with a gloved finger. "I'm not sayin' that you're not nobody!" She pointed out. "Clearly ya are somebody. But some kinda shady business is goin' down and we gotta figure it out. I mean, what if it keeps happenin'?" She eyed him up and down. "What if YOU end up disappeared an' we get an entirely NEW Bobby again in your place? Or… what if it like, starts happenin' t'the resta us? I sure as heck don't wanna get replaced with some different version'a me." She folded her arms again over her stomach. "Nancy is a teache'ah here, music classes. She says she new a version'a you that was a few years old. Said ya'll got engaged, an' then he took off an' now… he's gone, an' you're here."

Bobby Drake looks down at the poke to his chest and lifts a hand to rub there…not that it hurt, but it wasn't entirely expected. "I don't really like being treated…or thought of…as the wrong person, you know. I'm not new. And I -know- you, Rogue…although did you do something different with your hair?" Because now that he really looks at her, she doesn't look quite 'right' either.

"So you're going to go with this Nancy…and completely discount me." He takes in a deep breath before letting it out, "Maybe I should go live in the dorms for a little while."

Rogue listened to this and she averted her eyes to the right and looked at the thick bangs of white that was partially laying down the right side of her face half-way in front of her right eye. Her hand went up and she pushed it back behind her ear and then refocused her stare unto him.

"I'm sorry." She said to him softly then. "I guess I hadn't really thought about it like that." She sighed a little then. "There's been a lotta strange stuff happenin' lately an' I guess I just figured straight toward the worst possible thing… That you were, ya know… a Eggo Eatin Mutant Murde'ahrin machine, sent here t'kill us all… and eat all'a our frozen waffles."

Rogue's arms uncrossed and she looked rather embarrassed now, trying to decide what best to do. "I uh… I won't bothe'ah anymore. I'm sorry, Bobby." She said again to him.

Bobby Drake takes in a breath, "Look. If something's weird, I'm happy to help figure out what it is. But I don't like being told that I'm not me…because I know I am. I have a drivers license and everything if you need to see proof of ID." He did check that before he went back to bed yesterday. "You're not bothering me, but I just want to get to the bottom of this. I've never been engaged to -anyone-. I swear it!"

Rogue smirked faintly at the ID part. She didn't want to make eye contact with him entirely though because she was still embarrassed about the water thing, and well… all of this. "I uh… I asked if I could be the official School Police Office'ah, but I got denied… They said they were worried I'd take the job too seriously an' end up puttin' people inta a jail cell or something." She exhaled defeatedly again. "I mean, yeah, sure… I went to Home Depot and asked around about buildin' a cell, -big deal-." Her shoulders shrugged and she shook her head.

Trying not to ramble, Rogue looked back to Bobby and took a moment. "If you could… ya know, go see Nancy an' try'n talk this through with her. I think she'd like that. You may not, personally, know her right now. But she's cool. Maybe ya'll can come up with an idea on what t'do?"

"Why…would the school need a Police Officer? Security, sure, but that's what we're here for, right?" Bobby tilts his head at Rogue for a moment but frowns when she mentions talking to Nancy. "I'm not getting engaged to her or anyone. She seemed to think that since I wasn't all…lovey-dovey with her that I wasn't worth it, so I'm not really sure what talking to her would do. I don't want to keep being accused of not being 'her' Bobby."

"Security guards don't have as neat'a costumes as Police get." Was Rogue's simple enough answer to that, entirely based around the clothing of course.

Rogue exhaled then and shook her head side to side. "I wasn't sayin' go an' ask her to marry ya!" She said sharply back at him. "I just meant, maybe ya'll could put your heads tagether an' figures all'a this out? You seem kinda stressed out about it, she's kinda stressed out about it." But she then shook her head and shrugged. "Or just, hide in your room an' eat your eggos. I can bring ya up a microwave even."

"If I'm going to be treated like I somehow don't belong, then yeah, I'm going to stay in my room. I'd leave, but someone seems to have taken all my clothes so…I'd like them back." He's beginning to get really tired of this prank. "And you didn't need to get me five boxes. I just wanted breakfast. I do eat other things, you know?" There's a shake of his head as some frustration begins to show through, "Wouldn't you be stressed about it if everyone kept telling you that you're wrong?"

Rogue glanced toward Bobby's open doorway into his room. "I didn't take your clothes." She told him. "I don'tknow who did eithe'ah… But I can go an' ask around… That would really piss me off if someone took all my stuff though. I kinda like my stuff." She said with a faint smirk back at him. "Look. This is the most I've talked to you, maybe eve'ah… so you're already the Bobby that I know way bette'ah than any othe'ah Bobby. I'm just, tryin' to look out for'a friend'a mine, ya know?"

"What?" It's that statement about them never talking that has him confused now. "We…talk all the time…" they even hang out a lot, although the Rogue he knows does behave a bit differently. And he didn't think she rode horses. What -is- going on? Bobby runs a hand through his hair before he looks at Rogue closely. Stares at her, really.

Rogue had self esteem issues, its part of why she had such a loose temper… so when he stared at her she immediately got uncomfortable and stammered a bit. Sure she can lift 75 tons fairly easily, and fly across the United States like a super sonic jet… but… when it came to being stared at… she was a little weak-willed.

"We'll just, uh, have'ta go see the Professah, or somethin'. Get t'the bottom'a this. Its what the Scooby Gang would do, right?" She said back at him, trying to take the heat off of her so he wasn't eyeballing her like that.

"Which Scooby Gang?" Bobby finally asks with a smile. "The original or the one from 'Buffy'? Because if it's the Buffy one, yeah. They'd go to Giles. Or, in this case, the Professor. If it's the original, I think they'd just get high off of Scooby Snacks and let Velma solve the case."

Rogue listened to this and it made her openly laugh. "I like them both… But… there's a reason I got a Velma costume, ya know. And it ain't just cause I look bangin' in a skirt neithe'ah!" She flashed a small smile then. "But in this particular rundown, I think we'd be talkin' about the Buffy variety. We need Giles t'help out on this one…. Cause I may be a Hot Velma, but really, I'm terrible at solvin' cases. No matte'ah how hard I may try I just come up with ideas like." She glanced over at the water bucket. "Which is probably more of a Shaggy-kinda solution." That made her frown.

Bobby Drake also looks to the bucket, "Yeah. Did the…did Nancy's 'Bobby
Bobby Drake also looks to the bucket, "Yeah. Did the…did Nancy's 'Bobby' also have ice powers? Because if so, that was kind of…" he's not going to say it, "Wasteful." Better. "Besides, I would think that robots that were supposed to emulate people…I would think that they'd be waterproof. Just a thought there. But I'm not a robot and I don't know what's going on…"

Rogue lifted her right hand up and she placed her forefinger and thumb onto her small chin as he talked and brought up all of these points. She curled her lips up and seemed to be 'chewing' on these thoughts that he was putting into her mind. "Maybe." She replied to him then. "Unless you're a robot who doesn't -know- you're a robot." She sighed then. "Some'a the students here Have been makin' me watch sci fi movies lately an' they've… kinda been messin' with me."

Rogue folded her arms together across her stomach again. "Look. I don't think you're a robot, cause that'd be weird and nerdy… But then again, I just fought some space aliens last week that were a few miles south'a here… and they were weird and nerdy too. So, what I mean is… I'm sorry, we live in a stressful world, an' I just want t'figure out the problems before they hurt us all. An' yeah…. Nancy's Bobby had the same ice stuff, he was just a little old'ah than you."

"I don't want to hurt anyone," is offered almost wearily. Bobby scrubs at his face, "Look…let's just…talk to the Professor. Maybe he has thoughts. And find my clothes so I can actually go out in something other than a t-shirt, pajama pants, and flip flops because…that's going to make people stare in the middle of Winter." Not that he cares, but others might. "And maybe we can stop talking about Nancy's Bobby. I'm not him."

Rogue snorted a little laugh at his clothing commentary. "Apparently you haven't been t'Walmart lately." She told him. "Thats like… standard attire there." She flashed a grin then and grabbed the bucket then moved around him toward the main staircase landing of the mansion. "I'll see if I can find any more clues! And… I'll stop talking about the MIA Bobby. I promise it!" She waved her right hand at him, making the bucket that was hooked to her arm by its handle at her elbow sway.


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