2017-01-29 Family Dynamics

January 29, 2017:

Stephanie runs into Jason purely by chance in NYC. They have a (not)pleasant chat.

Café in Brooklyn.


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Court cases. Having been sent by the DA's office to get some information from a precint in Brooklyn for some reason, Stephanie Brown is headed toward a cafe. It's cold, and she's all bundled up. With her task complete, the blonde steps into the line. Her shoulders are hunched against he wind and her ears are covered with white fuzzy ear muffs.

Jason Todd only met her once, but he's been trained well. He recognizes her despite the clothes and the hunching, blue eyes following her. His hands are wrapped around the paper cup for warmth as he follows her with his gaze. It's not a lascivious one, but more of a 'I know you…and you're going to notice me' stares.

Stephanie gets her hot chocolate, forcing herself not to turn around at the sensation of being stared at. Warm drink in hand, she moves over to stop near him, eyes looking up and meeting his.

"Hi," she greets with a cautious but warm smile. Does she remember him? "How are you?" Probably. Unless Stephanie is this friendly with EVERYONE?

"What are you doing here?" is asked without a friendly greeting. Jason's stare turns into a bit of a glower as he takes a sip of his coffee. "I thought you all stayed in Gotham?" In fact, he's counting on it. The few times others have come to NYC, it's been to chase him down and he is -not- eager for more of that. He's already had to give up two safehouses.

"DA's office sent me to collect some information on a case they are working. Some of it ended up here in Brooklyn. A runner, basically. I'm heading back this afternoon. And you? How have you been?" Stephanie replies, smile light almsot easy. She's used to Batman being this bursque, this clipped. She usually fought it was a smile. Catch more flies with honey, afte rall. Maybe he's a fruit bat.

"The DA? Of Gotham? Or of New York?" Because this is important He needs to know if they're going to be following him some more now. Jason doesn't look happy about either prospect, but does he ever look happy about anything? Her smile isn't returned. "Why do you care?" since she's essentially a stranger to him.

Someone pissed in his cheerios today.

"Gotham. Had nothing to do with you. Doesn't have to have anythign to do with you," Stephanie replies, sipping her chocolate. Her shoulders relax a bit, head tilting at his question.

"Because. Once family, always family."

Jason Todd doesn't look terribly convinced, "When you all come to New York, it usually does." He might be narcissistic, he might be paranoid. Maybe a little of both there. "How did information for Gotham end up in Brooklyn? It crossed state lines? Isn't that sort of illegal?" Not that he's studied or anything. "I'm not your family. I'm not anyone's family."

Stephanie quirks a brow at Jason.

"If it sometimes does, Jason, it doesn't this time. I really just came into town for work. And unless I get asked directly, I don't see why anyone needs to know I had hot chocolate with you," she adds on a sip. "As for crossing state lines, if the prep is wanted in multiple locales…" her words trail away on his sad-to-her statement.

"Respectfully? That's a load of horse doody. Big stinky pile."

He was briefly a lawyer in his Stepford life…but he's also not going to argue. She does have a point that sometimes information does cross state lines. There's a quiet grunt as he lifts his coffee to his lips and regards the slightly younger woman.

"Just because I spent a little time there doesn't mean I'm 'family'. You can try to argue that, but it's true. Go ahead and ask about it directly." Just not Alfred.

"And if I ask Alfred?" Because Stephanie is blonde but the assumptions aren't always true. Her voice is soft, brows pulled together in concern.

Blue eyes glance away, "Alfred has his own version of reality. He's an optimist." And Jason isn't sure he saw all that went on back then. Or maybe he saw too much. "Best to leave him out of it, really. He's his own entity."

"Some people say I'm an optimist too," Stephanie notes, leaving the subject of everyone's favorite butler alone. "You didn't get your stocking. I put cookies in it."

"I'm sure that'll get beaten out of you if it doesn't kill you," Jason offers blithely. Maybe he's -trying- to upset her? Because he's the bad guy. He's the Rotten one. Can't be redeemed. Nature wins over Nurture, if that can even be considered. He stands then and looks down at the blonde, "I hope you ate them. By now, they're probably stale." He barely stayed to have a sip of hot cocoa. It was just…wrong. People were too nice.

"I hope not. I don't really want to die," Stephanie says before smiling. "Probably. But I don't mind baking you a fresh batch, whenever you want. You have my number?" she asks, looking up at him, smiling. Trying to smile. She's sad, hurting for him. She doens't knwo what happened, why he's so angry like this, but if she can get Batman to eat when she brings him a sandwich…

"I don't think anyone ever does, but it's going to happen. Sooner or Later." For some of them, sooner. Jason's eyes narrow some at the girl, "I'm good, thanks. I don't need any cookies." Those eyes then widen when she asks him about her number, "What? No, of course I don't have your number."

"Do you want it? In case you want to talk or something? If you need anything," Stephanie offers, expression open and honest and trusting. How did THIS one become a Batling?!

She's looked at as if she has two heads. "No," is finally answered before Jason drains his hot coffee and begins to move to toss the cup away. He should have just pretended that he didn't see her.

Let down, but not about to give up, Stephanie just nods. "Okay. It was good to see you again. Take care," she says as he departs, opting to stay there at the cafe and play on her bedazzled Hello Kitty phone. The case is Hello Kitty. No the phone… Though it could be, knowing Steph.

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