In Phase

February 01, 2017:

Peter and Kitty talk about the alien fight as well as the attack on the Hydra base. Peter is unbalanced, Kitty's phasing is tested, Lockheed is a gossip.

Shadowcrest Manor


NPCs: None.

Mentions: Rocket, Groot, Zatanna, Captain America


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Fade In…

There has been a bit of a lull in Kitty's life. It seems to either be giant monsters attacking her, alien invasions, or her and Lockheed on the couch catching up on Netflix shows. There's not much in between. That is the life of an X-Man at times and certainly now one that she's responsible for some weird gem that attracts scary magic monsters.

Today is the latter, no monsters to fight or battles to stumble onto, the brunette mutant is in the kitchen. There's a kettle on and two mugs, Lockheed sprawled out on the table. Leaning against the counter nearby the stove, the woman has her arms crossed, waiting. They do say things about watched pots and boiling, but apparently she does not believe that.


A strange and miraculas event seems to have happened. When Peter Quill came back from his latest adventure he had been something that Kitty had never seen before. Something that she may never see again. Something that may seem like a blessing from the high heavens.

He was actually /quiet/.

It lasted all of a few days. It was somewhat unnatural for him, but he had spent quite a bit of time fixing his walkman and idily watching TV with Rocket and Groot.

It kinda was strange.

However like all good(at least for Kitty's temperment) things. Moments like that have to come to an end.

"Impatent much?" Comes the voice from the entrence to the kitchen. A familiar lazy tone belonging to Peter Quill himself, the man leaning against the wall by the entrence. "I mean you're staring at that pot like it said something bad about your hair or something."

…yup. He's starting the day off well.


It's been something that Kitty is unsure about. She has moved around Star-Lord as if waiting for the quiet to end spectacularly at any moment. Then, however, after the first day she started to think that maybe that would be how he would act moving forward. Who was she to look a gift horse in the mouth?

Despite the last time they actually spoke and interacted was on that speeder thing, Kitty has not been avoiding Peter. In fact, there has been no change in her demeanor with him other than allowing him his quiet and space. The mutant shifts her attention from the kettle to the doorway with a raised eyebrow. Lockheed, not hearing Peter's approach leaps up, slips on the table and then falls to the floor in a boneless flop of wings and claws.

Unable to help herself, Kitty giggles at Lockheed's antics as he starts to right himself and turns her attention back to Peter with a raised eyebrow. "I'm just the right amount of impatient. I thought it was going to boil soon, so I thought I'd wait. Is me standing here a problem?" If it is, it doesn't sound like she's going to make it easy for him.


"Nope, not at all!" Peter replies with a grin, though his eyes do light up as he watches Lockheed flop right of the table. "He's just like Rocket when he wakes up. Except if you wake Rocket up you might get a grenade. Just a warning." He adds wryly as he strolls into the kitchen.

"I was just looking for a glass," Which means he could choose any cabinet in the kitchen to look though, to get one out of. But. Just cause he's Star-lord. He chooses the one that Kitty is right in front of.

"Excuuuuse me," His voice teasing, rolling over the word as he slides up and reaches slowly round her head.

Yup. Seems things are slightly more back to normal.


There is still something that is making him watch her out of the side of his eyes.


Lockheed finally manages to right himself, looking much like a cat as he does so. His expression screams, 'I meant to do that!' Fluttering back up onto the kitchen table, he curls around the mugs, eyeing Peter warily.

"I'll be sure never to try and wake up Rocket," Kitty makes a note. While, as a general rule, she doesn't trust what Peter tells her, she's seen enough of Rocket in action to believe that statement. "I thought he was going to blow up this kitchen while he was trying to make pancakes the other night. What was that all about anyway?"

When he reaches right by her head to try and get the cabinet right behind her, she rolls her eyes and shifts. Ducking her head down, she moves out of the way for Peter to be able to open it without her being in the way. In an exasperated tone, she tells him, "There are a million cabinets in here. I'm sure they're all magic, too. I bet if you opened one and said 'glasses' it would be filled with glasses."

Sighing, she glances over at the table. "Do you want any tea? There should be enough water. Lockheed only really gets half a mugful, anyway."


He doesn't answer the first question right away, instead he smirks just slightly. "Where would the fun be in that?" He asks as he opens the cabinet to snag a glass, though athte offer he sets it back down and instead pulls out a mug.

"Sure, I mean if you're making and all." Since its less work for him and he is inherently lazy. Its a character trait. Its only after he has taken the mug, a dark ceramic one with what looks like an angry chibi-star emblazoned on it, and turned round to lean back against the counter top that he answers the first querry she put to him.

"Those were the 'no one died' pancackes, for when we all got back from that wierd Hydra base." A pause. "You know Captain America isn't that bad in a fight? For a guy that wears pajamas around at least."

…the No One Died pancakes. Which means there was the potentional for that.


Kitty returns to her tea pot vigil, leaning back against the cabinet and crossing her arms. When he answers for the tea, she nods, glancing over at Lockheed. He sighs and then flies over to grab another tea bag.

Then, though, her head tilts. "No one di—" her eyebrows knit as that sinks in. "Was that a distinct possibility?" It is a Hydra base they infiltrated, after all. "Why were you infiltrating a weird Hydra base? That doesn't really seem like your thing." She imagined him more involved with aliens.

She can't help but smirk a bit at the dig on Captain America. "I'd hope he was good in a fight, as he - you know - helped defeat Hitler in a World War and all. My dad used to read all those Captain America comics, he couldn't get enough of them. There was this radio show he loved as a kid: the Captain America Adventure Program."

As Peter talks, she watches him, too. It seems like the pair of them are trying to figure the other out.


"Eh Zee and that English guy was there, Constantine. I figured if either of them got offed than it would be harder to untangle what to do with that gem." He rattles back, though how truthful that is would be up to debate. He doesn't look towards the brunette as he says it, staring at some imagined spot on his mug instead with a frown.

There is a bit of a start however. "Wait wait, he's /that/ Captain America? I…" A pause. "…wait…" A longer pause. "…/how/. I mean…" A longer pause. "You know what. Doesn't matter. Fine. He's from the past and here now, thats cool. Good for him. I mean I thought he was way to much into the truth, justice, and all that."

He works at the spot on the mug with one hand, looking back up towards her every so often. Almost like he's waiting for a shoe to drop.

Or something to be thrown. Some kind of suprise attack when he least expects it.

When he is weaknest, then she shall strike. That must be it. Right? RIGHT?!

He should just meet this head on right? Easier to dodge that way.

"So…are you just some kind of ninja preparing to strike?"


Kitty smirks at his explanation of why he went into a place where 'nobody died pancakes' were necessary. "How responsible of you," she says. It's hard to tell if she's being serious or not. It's very likely that she is teasing him, but it's possible that she's sincere.

His surprise is met with a surprised, quick laugh of her own. "I mean, he looks exactly like the guy from all the cards and stuff. I have no idea how he's here now, but, I can't really talk about it. I was stuck in a magic gem for a couple of months. Who knows, maybe he was, too. Or they cloned him. I wouldn't complain if there were more exact copies of that guy's perfect figure out there." She grins and shrugs her shoulders. "I'm glad he lives up to his reputation, then. Dad would've been glad to hear that. He loved what he stood for." Mostly punching Nazis in the face and helping Jewish people during the Holocaust.

Confused, her brows lower and she looks at him, confused. "Is this a joke about how I know how to use a katana? I learned that in Japan. Lockheed was there, ask him. Otherwise, I have no idea what you're talking about."


"Ask him?" A glance at Lockheed a moment, then back towards Kitty. "That would be like asking Groot something. Sure you would get an answer but you would have to make up what it means." Which is what he doesn't with Groot. All the time. Not that he's going to tell anyone that. He is totally going to keep the fact that only Rocket understands the tree under wraps.

Or as under wraps as he can manage it.

"Anyway no that wasn't what I meant." He pauses again as he taps a fingernail against his mug. "I mean, its been what? A week or two since the attack on the Milano. I mean are you just waiting till I have some kind of false sense of security and then /wham/. I mean you hadn't said /anything/ about it!"


Kitty raises up a finger, counterpointing his statement that Lockheed is hard to understand. "Hey, Lockheed is more understandable than Groot. He uses hand gestures." Lockheed glances over at Peter and raises up a fist. "See? Plus, I can understand him. So can Groot! I bet Rocket can, too. I think you may just have translation problems."

Standing straighter, the mutant crosses her arms again and studies Peter. "About the fight? We won. You shouldn't have burned down a forest in a residential area. What's there to say?" Is she doing this to torture him? To make him squirm? Again, it's hard to tell. However, Kitty isn't smiling or seems to be enjoying the moment as Peter taps his mug and seems generally nervous to speak with her. That's something new. She raises an eyebrow. "I got to phase through an entire ship to shut it down. I thought you'd be pretty happy about the fact that you got to throw me off something at a high height."

This has to be deliberate right? She's completely skipped over what happened right before the toss.


"It wasn't the /whole/ forest!" He protests as he glowers across the kitchen at her. "Just a part of it, and it was /outside/ a residential area." He draws a deep breath. "Anyway we had to take that thing out anyway, they would have attacked! So good that its out of the way."

He pauses again, peering towards her. "…really?" A pause. "You're going to make me say i—" A longer pause and slowly a smirk starts to form. "Wait. Wait. You /liked/ it didn't you!"


"It was enough of a forest that other houses were on fire!" Kitty argues. "It was a big enough fire that it made me stop what I was doing and investigate. I mean, it's good that thing is gone, but what use is it if the houses are also gone?"

There's a raised eyebrow at Peter's new tactic - if that is a tactic. These two are somewhat impossible on that level. "Say what!" Then, the smirk. Ugh, she hates it when he smirks at her like that. "Liked what? If you're referring to the hasty peck on the lips before pushing me off a speeder, then the answer would be no. I didn't bring it up because I didn't think it was worth talking about."

At peck on the lips, Lockheed perks up, interested in the gossip. He's quite interested in this, glancing quickly between the pair with widened eyes.


"You totally liked it!" He exclaims as she starts to fume. Then he turns to Lockheed. "She /totally/ liked it." He imparts towards the little dragon in a stage whisper. "You are protesting way to much not to have liked it." This back towards Kitty as he crosses his arms and stands streight again. The mug dangling off one finger as he smirks towards her.

"And I /threw/ you at your target. It was a good throw too." A pause. "Come on though, it was more than just a /peck/." A pause. "I don't usually have complaints about that sort of thing you know."


The flush on Kitty's face does not make this situation any better. However, it is not a blush so much as annoyance. "I did not! There was nothing to like. It was a sloppy kiss that you clearly did without thinking." Frustrated, she tosses her crossed arms up, hands in the air to try and wash them of the situation. "You're the one that brought it up! I was perfectly happy to never speak of it! You clearly liked it and wanted me to be all," for this impression, she tilts a leg and waves a hand, impersonating a Southern lady - accent and all, "'I'm a changed woman now that Peter Quill's lips have touched my own!'"

Then, she waves a hand again to dismiss it and a smirk at his last sentence, unable to stop her retort: "I'm sure that's something you have to say pretty often."


"Yeah somethin, like that. Its always good to be appriciated and all." The man replies, not even giving an inch as he leans slightly forwards towards her. He finally snorts though as he quirks an eyebrow. "But it stands to reason that I couldn't give a /proper/ kiss in the middle of a fight! I mean come on!"

A pause, a raised eyebrow. "I could do it again, see if you complain that time." The man adds as he takes a half-step forwards.

A pause again. "And I totally thought about it! I thought it seemed like a good idea at the time!"


There's a loud snort from Kitty as she rolls her eyes. When he leans toward her, she doesn't give an inch. That would be proving that the kiss effected her in some way and she's not at all about to give up that point. Instead, she raises an eyebrow and smirks. "So, you admit it wasn't a proper kiss? Good to know."

His continued approach is met with rooted determination. "Ha, see, you were the one that liked it. I knew that's why you were acting so weird around me lately. You're never quiet."

Then, her eyebrows raise at that. It looks like she may be genuinely surprised at that. "So, you thought it was a good idea to kiss me? It wasn't a spur of the moment thing? You'd thought about it before?"


"It we were being shot and hanging off a skimmer that wasn't ment for human use, of course it wasn't a proper kiss!" Peter shoots back with a sniff. "You would /know/ if it had been a proper kiss!" He glowers towards her as he leans just a half-inch more towards her.

"And that wasn't why I was acting weird!" He shoots back, and the words faltering slightly. Some of the spit and vinager slideing out of his stance and his gaze. His eyes dart to one side, away from her. HIs aggressive stance falters just slightly. Bits of memory flitting past his minds eye of his time in the Hydra base. That perfect but wrong world shown to him by the magic of a driven madman.

Its distracting. Its unpleasent. Its intrusive in this kind of situation.

More importantly it ruins his balance.

To his credit he tries to recover. "Who would have…I mean you have the hot librarian thing going for you but…I mean. I woul—WOAH!"

This last comment comes as he finally overbalances entirely, his back foot catching on his balancing foot to throw him entirely off. His center of balance too far forwards and…

…over he goes.

Right towards her as his hands come up with some suprise to clutch at anything that might keep him from falling.

Including Kitty.


"Oh, would I? I have a feeling your idea of a proper kiss often ends in an apology like I heard earlier." Kitty rolls her eyes and waves her hands to dismiss Peter again. However, she has made her stand. She's not about to give up her ground. As he leans even closer toward her, she tilts her chin up defiantly.

"Wasn't it? I'm sure it was merely coincidence." He did try to arrange for 'no one died pancakes.' He may have actually been scared for his own safety and for others around him. Would she give him that? Certainly for the Guardians. For others? For others including her? It's hard to tell. It could go many ways.

"Hot librarian thing? I'm a computer science—ah!" As Peter overbalances, Kitty attempts to catch him. She's not a monster, her immediate instinct is to try and catch or stop someone from falling. That, unfortunately, doesn't quite go as she plans. While she manages to grab onto Peter as he reaches for the nearest stable surface - that happening to be Kitty - she also loses her balance. While holding onto him, mutant instinct then kicks in. They both tumble backward, through the cabinets and stove until they land on the ground in a tangle.

The physics of Kitty's powers are strange, however, the pair find themselves phased through furniture and wall fixtures, but stable and not falling through floors. Surprised and trying to make sure they don't fall through the floor, Kitty holds onto Peter tightly. If they lose contact, he'll be crushed and cut up in the solid wall and objects. "I hate myself for saying this, but don't let go of me." She pauses, looking directly at him. "I'm serious. You could get cut in half if you let go of me and return to solid mass." A pause. "You unbalanced jerk."


Well. This isn't what he was expecting.

Peter has never phased before. Never been phased before either. This is very strange. Very odd. Very dangerous if Kitty is to be believed. So he /does/ hold onto her. "Don't hate yourself too bad." He adds as he slides his arms around her. Not quite clinging. Well. Alright there may be a little bit of clinging.

"Well," He finally mutters as he glances towards her. This close she can see the imperfections marring that stubbly face of his. Old scars. A faint one over one eyebrow. A ghost of one across his jaw. He never lived an easy life but the laugh lines just starting to form around his eyes tell that it never got him down.

He smells faintly of something like ozone, likely from his tech stuff. And the leather of his favorite coat that he's still wearing. A slight curl of a smile starts to form along one corner of his mouth as he holds her there together. "You know," Comes the drawl. "/Computer/ nerd." At least he got that right. "I could prove you wrong on that proper kiss thing."

A beat pause.

"But if I tried, I think you'd phase again and I'd kiss the floor or something."

The drain on his good cheer she had seen earlier seems to be ebbing away at least a little bit. Though some of it remains hidden behind his smile. Whatever happened had stayed with him, which is odd for Peter Quill.

Finally however he sniffs. "Anyway, you just suprised me is all! I'm not unbalanced!" A pause as he wiggles a foot though the solid leg of the table. "…this is kinda different though."


There is concentration needed to keep the pair of them falling through the floor. Many think that mutant powers require no thought and some of them are like that. Kitty's, though, does require some continued though processes. For the most part, as she has had these powers for over a decade, they are instinctual. It still, though, requires brain power.

However, she has never actually been this close to Peter and actually studied his face: the scars, the laugh lines, the stubble, the green of his eyes. For a long moment there is silence as she looks up at him and tries to make sure they don't get cut in half by a wall. Then, of course, he ruins it by his comment. In response, she rolls her eyes. "Yeah, I doubt that. And you better not hope you kiss the floor. That means I let go of you and you're about to find out what it means to be split in two by a magic cabinet."

There's a snicker. "You are definitely unbalanced. You're a Coloradan Space Man who travels with a tree and a raccoon in space."

She pauses, still concentrating but not yet calculating how to move them so they can get off the floor and out of the cabinets in one piece. "Why were you acting weird?" It's a serious question, one she will hold him captive to answer.


That Peter. He's a ruiner.

"As much fun as that sounds, I think I'll skip it." He replies as she mentions him getting split in two my a piece of furniture. There is a smirk though returning as she snickers at him. "Yeah well. You're a phasing computer nerd that was stuck in a damn gem. You're one to talk." A pause. "And that tree and raccoon are better balanced than most terrans I met. Present company included."

The question though takes him by suprise. He wasn't expecting her to actually ask and his eyes shy away from hers as he focuses on a point over her shoulder for a moment. Then they snap back to the mutant. "Just…that Hydra place. It used some kind of wierd magic to…" He trails off again and shakes his head. "…look what do you care? I mean it doesn't matter right? Wasn't real, was just magic."

…a pause.

"Are you going to hold us here until I actually answer?!"


"You're the one who got stuck with the gem, I'd say you're more unstable. I was there by accident." As for being less balanced than Rocket, Kitty snorts and shakes her head. "That raccoon almost blew up this house by leaving grenades in a couch! I'm far more put together than that. I'm a teacher!"

As it seems that she may have actually hit some sort of emotional nerve with Peter, she catches his inability to look her in the eye. "It really does seem to matter," she tells him. "Like I said, you're not quiet about anything." While he may not be looking at her, she is intent on his face. "Whatever it was really rattled you." It's not exactly a question, but it's certainly something she's expecting an answer about.

"Yes, I definitely will. You can try and squirm out of this, but the minute you let go of me, you turn solid. Just a reminder." Kitty's head shifting against the ground that she is resting against but is not technically on top of.


"But he /didn't/ blow up the whole house. He knows what he's doing." A pause from Quill. "Mostly. He mostly knows what he's doing." He finally decides. "Sometimes he gets drunk, and then most bets are off." He adds after further thought. I mean when Rocket gets drunk, he gets…angry. And sad. Its kinda depressing really. Poor guy.

He frowns though at the words she tosses at him. Glares at his seeming captitivity. "God you are so annoying!" He finally bursts out with as he chuffs out a sigh. "Fine! Fine then. Its was a spell to show a perfect world. We all got hit by it. Tried to lull us into false sense of…I don't know. Security? Happiness? I don't know. Just so we would live in this perfect little hydra world." A pause. "And it sucked. I had to…" A longer pause. "…well it sucked. Just trust me. It sucked. I didn't like it. We all kinda rejected it and punched our way out."

Now he turns towards her, eyes looking back towards her. Locking with hers. "You happy now?" A pause before he twitches up into a smile. "And you know. I might not /want/ to squirm my way out. I'm starting to like it here."


With a disbelieving shake of her head, Kitty laughs. "When I get drunk, I accidentally phase through things and dance. Rocket causes mass destruction. I guess I shouldn't be too surprised, but we'll have to hide the liquor from him. I doubt Zatanna would like it if the people she's very nicely letting stay in her magical mystery house blew it up."

As Peter glares at her and calls her annoying, rolls her head about. "Yes yes, you say that a lot." Her being annoying to him is old news. Then, though, her expression softens when he haltingly and begrudgingly tells her about what has been bothering him: a perfect world. One that he had to realize was just an illusion and get out of it. She opens her mouth to make a joke about how his perfect world is probably just him surrounded by naked women and money, she stops herself. What she says instead is, "I definitely don't trust you, but I'm sorry." It's sincere, for once. "You're right, that would rattle anyone."

The smile is returned, but, she gives a good natured eye roll. "With the annoying, nagging librarian." After a pause, she shrugs - it's just a quick movement of her shoulders. "For once, you're not too horrible, either."


"Oh he can handle plenty of booze so you don't have to worry about him. Mostly when he gets /that/ bad though he just gets sad and mopey." Quill pauses a moment. "And he's still in posession of weapons that can blow up city blocks, so sad and mopey can get dangerous. He's never blown anything up he didn't mean to blow up so its fine."

'Its Fine' seems to be a mantra with Quill sometimes.

Man if it had been naked women and money Quill might /never/ have escaped. That was something easy to get lost in. He did it all the time out of a dream. No, that magic had to get down deep inside and punch him right in the gut though. Mess with his head in ways that he knew wern't real.

But ways he would have loved to have been real.

Part of him still hated the fact that he had to leave, and a different part of him hated that first part for being weak. It was all confusing and he was still sorting it all out.

Using silence and booze and comedy movies. Possibily ne night stands. Which is how he usually got over things like this.

"Yeah well, likely a good idea not to trust me. Hell most time I don't trust me." He finally replies as he refocuses his attention on the woman there. The memories are still there, potent and tempting but they are slowly fading with time and copious amounts of booze.

Really its a good thing he's half-alien or he might be dead by now.

"Ha!" A wicked smile. "You admit librarian!" Which means somehow he won. In his mind at least. Somehow. That last little comment of hers, that sharp movement. That takes him by somewhat suprise. "Yeah, well…maybe you're just getting used to me. Kitty."

A grudging point for her. Her actual name instead one of the dozens of nicknames he's used in the past.


The mental note to still try and keep Rocket from drinking too much remains. The last thing Kitty wants is a sad and mopey Rocket who has incendiary devices. Nobody makes good decisions while blackout drunk. And she, clearly, does not believe in Peter's flippant dismissal that 'it will be fine'.

The fact that the experience clearly affected him kept her from joking about it. She may not know what exactly he saw, but she's not the kind of person who would taunt someone with knowledge she knows to be painful. Instead, she realizes that this is the first time - excluding the talk at the table - that they've managed to have a conversation that didn't devolve into a fight after a few seconds.

Kitty smirks and shakes her head. Her tone is laughing, actually a bit amused for once. "I was quoting you! I wasn't admitting anything!" He's not going to win that fight that easily, it would seem.

There's a quick movement then and Kitty picks her head up off the floor at the same time she attempts to pull down at Peter's jacket and give him a kiss.


"You said it thats like admitting it…somewhere…" He pauses as she laughs. Its actually a good laugh. It might be the first time he's heard her laugh that was…well…somehow aimed at mocking him. "I'm sure there is some planet I can find thats true on!"

There are a lot of planets. He's sure theres one at least where thats true.

He would continue to crow about that admission. But suddenly he finds himself gripped by a pair of phasing swordswoman's hands. Leather jacket crinckles slightly under that grip as he is pulled down and…

Well its not like he is planning on dodging!!

Pulled into a kiss there is a moment of suprise, but that moment passes /very/ quickly. His arms curl tighter around her…totally just to protect himself from the phsasing dangers. Totally. He is all warmth as lips meet, slide against each other. Fire in his blood coming out. He was already running high on various kinds of emotion, all that pent up energy with no place to go. Well now it does have a place to go.

Right into proving to this computer science nerd that his kissing skills are not things to be mocked.

Since she totally mocked them.

He /has/ had a lot of experiance in this arena so he channels that energy into making sure that /this/ time there isn't room for her to mock afterwards. Or at least that she won't have the breath left to mock for a heartbeat or two.

Alright…maybe thats not the only reason. He might indeed be enjoying this…ok he's defintally enjoying this. She /does/ look good. And this is defintally better than a slap.


Kitty may at one point enjoy the fact the she surprised the Star-Lord by her pulling him into a kiss. Right now, though, that's not what she's thinking about. While she hasn't had Peter's experience - honestly, who else has other than maybe Tony Stark? - she's not a blushing newbie at kissing.

Her hands slide from grabbing the edges of his jacket upward to wrap around his neck as she also dives right into the kiss. While perhaps not as immediately traumatized as Peter, her own last couple of weeks has involved escaping a gem, feeling disconnected from the things she knows and cares about most, to being thrust into a world of dangerous magic she seemingly can't escape. It's been stressful and that energy gets redirected in the same direction as Peter.

Perhaps this is a test or her proving something, but it lasts a bit longer than that. If she wasn't so distracted, Kitty might notice that the floor is rising. Or, more accurately, she and Star-Lord are sinking. Without paying attention to making sure they are phased but not above the floor, the pair at first slowly and then more quickly phase right through the floor and then the ceiling of the room below them. And then fall straight down.


Kissing? Star-lord has a lot of experiance with. Kissing while phasing? Not so much. Not that he's paying that much attention to the position of the floor. No he has other things to deal with. Mostly the fact that Kitty is showing the same energy and spur-of-the-moment enthuaism for this that he is. No he's not going to give it up this moment. He's giving it his funn and undivided attention.

Right up until zero gravity kicks in.

Zero gravity and free fall? Totally other things that Peter is intimitately familiar with.

His eyes go wide as gravity reasserts its vice-like control over both of their destinies. Out of pure reflex he wraps his arms tight around Kitty and rolls so when they hit…well now he's on his back and she's on top.

The impact knocks the wind out of him, its not like he was expecting to fall like that. A few heartbeats he lies there, arms still around her.

"Well…" He finally drawls. "…that wasn't the worst kiss I've ever had." His voice still a bit harsh from slamming against the floor? Sofa? Bed?! What did they even land on? He's just glad it wasn't sharp.


There's a split second where Kitty realizes that they've phased through the floor. In a desperate attempt to keep from falling, she attempts to grab at the ceiling, but it's far too late for that. Down they go and she holds onto Peter just as tightly. With a squeak of surprise and the anticipation of them hitting the ground, she accepts the inevitable.


Star-Lord is able to flip their positions in the short period of time before they land right onto what looks like an old work table and then crash right through it. Now solid and at a complete stop, the pair lie on top of a splintered and broken table. A puff of wood dust and splinters float down to the ground around them and Kitty coughs a few times. For the moment, she doesn't try and extricate herself from their position, sprawled on top of Peter, arms still tight around his neck. She, instead, blinks a few times and then looks over at Peter.

After a second, she starts laughing. It's a bit gasping - though she had the extra cushion of Peter, that still hurt. "Oh God, are we going to have to explain how we broke one of Zatanna's tables? Can we somehow blame this on Rocket or Groot?"


"I think I have splinters in my ass," Peter groans as he lies there. Attempting to get his bearings. He's covered in wood dust and shards are spread over half the room, but he doesn't actually seem more than winded. He also doesn't seem inclined to get up either. Arms still around her waist and holding her close.

He might even be enjoying this.

Her laugh is quickly joined by his as it bubbles up in counterpoint. It feels…good really. He needed a good laugh after that attack. Just something stupid, silly, and entirely undexpected to happen to get him over the problem of what he saw in that dream.

He lives with Rocket and Groot in a magical house. He didn't expect that kinda thing to take too long to crop up.

However this angle that the unexpected appeared from? Well he totally didn't see it coming at all. Which he is greatful for.

…not that he would ever tell Kitty that of course.

"House will fix it, its magic." A pause. "Er…we should apologize though. We all kinda live here, don't wanna piss it off too much. I mean I don't wanna loose my free room and board!"

He's quiet though and one hand comes untwinned from her waist and reaches up to brush a bit of sawdust away from her cheek. "You're not bad you know." A pause. "For a librarian."


"Sorry about that," Kitty tells Peter, sounding both amused and sincere. Her hair is sprinkled with dust and splinters - the lighter wood standing out against her dark brown hair. "The floor thing can be a little tricky."

It takes a little while for the giggles to subside. Their situation is just ridiculously silly and she finds it way too amusing. Every time she thinks she's finished laughing, it sets her off again. Laying her head back down against Peter's chest, she takes a few breaths, feeling a bit breathless for many reasons.

"Sorry House!" Kitty calls out to the empty air, grinning. "This one's our bad." The last thing she wants is to be kicked out. After all, the wards on the house are some of the only things that are blocking those tracking magic monsters from finding the gem.

She lifts it again and looks over at Peter with a smile. Her fingers brush some of the gathered dust out of his hair before she rolls her eyes at him. "I'm a computer science teacher!" she tells him, though the fire of annoyance is mostly gone from her voice about that. She does, however, shove a a bit at his face for the librarian thing.


"I bet, but the falling thing was something I'm used too." Peter's reply is tinged with a generous helping of pure amusement as the pilot lies there. "Landing too. That one I've had plenty of experiance with. Not usually on tables…but…"

The laughter is entirely infectious and he can't help but join in. Just when he thinks that he's done, just when he thinks he can get his breath back under control. "Ok…ok…we sho—" And then he looks up and sees that look on Kitty's face and they both are off again.

His face gets shoved and he's still laughing from it. The smirk there wide as his eyes dance. "Fine! Computer nerd!" He fires back as he starts to prop himself slightly up on his elbows. "Happy now?" He asks, more teasing and less anger involved than normal.

And that shadow that had plagued him since helping Bucky is gone, banished right out from the spaces behind his eyes. Burned away but the feeling that no matter what that other world was like, this one was better.

Even if he did on occasion had to deal with people trying to kill him.

Thats what made it fun.
"…I think…this is the longest we've gone without shouting at each other." HE finally decides after a while to think, again that smirk creeps back to his features. Eyes bright with mischief as he adds. "Man, I must have felt /really/ bad."


From Kitty there's a snicker. "You seem the type that leaps without looking a lot. I'm not surprised." She has a feeling Star-Lord falls and crashes into things quite a bit. "Well, stellar job with this one. Thanks for, you know, taking the hit."

When he concedes to computer nerd, she laughs and shakes her head. "Fiiine. Though, I'm claiming victory on that." She's not sure if computer nerd is really better than librarian, but she does like the idea that she won an argument with Peter.

Though she doesn't exactly move, Kitty shifts just slightly, resting her chin on Peter's upper chest and looking at his face. He does look far cheerier than he did than he has for the past few days. She smirks at him. "You did look pretty pathetic. I almost felt bad for you."

As for how long they've gone without shouting at each other, she gives a soft laugh. "Yeah, I think this is a record. How long do you think it'll last?"


"Wasn't a victory, more like a tactical withdrawl." Star-lord corrects as he settles one arm back loosely over her. "I'll counterattack when you least expect it." He adds, even though he looks nothing at all like he's planning a counter attack. He leans back again, pillowing his head against a crooked arm that he folds behind him as he smirks down at her. "Almost? Urgh. I'll have to try harder next time. I was going for pitty sex. So close…"

His eyes are bright before he laughs, his own brighter and warm. "I'm guessing it'll last till the two of us come back to our senses. So maybe a day or two…" A pause. "…I should make the most of it while this lasts. So! Dinner?"


Kitty snorts and shakes her head. "If that's what you want to call it." She smirks. "You were nowhere at all close to pity sex. Just so we're clear." As Star-Lord pillows his head on a crooked arm, she winds her arms from around his shoulders and pushes herself up a little.

The question about dinner is met with a shift in her expression. There's surprise there, she didn't take him for the taking girls out to dinner type. Instead of answering right away, her head turns, finally taking in the room other than the mess that they made when they fell through the ceiling. Eyes locate the door which should presumably take them back upstairs. "The water is probably boiling upstairs," she says. "Lockheed will probably be worried."

After a moment, she starts to try and push herself up and off of Quill without hurting him. "And…maybe. To the dinner."


"Oh yeah, tea. And your scaly buddy…" He starts to shift as he notes that door. Its just a crack open. Which means of course Lockheed could have seen this whole mess. Gossip that he is.

The horror.

She starts to move and that mischivious look returns to Quill's features. He moves as she does, pushing himself with his hands in a sudden burst of movement to press his lips to hers in a second kiss. This one not nearly as long as the last, but the fire is still there behind it. The warmth and the confidence still radiating from that once action as it usually does from Peter Quill.

He would be the first be break it, a lopsided smirk on his face as he eyes the brunette. "I'm gonna take that as a yes." He says after a few heartbeats worth of watching her. "And this time, you totally liked it."


It's quite possible. The dragon and Kitty don't have any sort of telepathic link, but they've been together for long enough now that he would be able to guess what might have happened and then where she might have gone. She'll know later - he tends to have trouble keeping his opinions to himself.

This time it's Kitty's turn to be surprised by his actions. Maybe she should have guessed his intentions by that look on his face. She's still in the process of trying to push herself up when he lifts his head for the second kiss. The woman pauses in her own movement, eyes closing as she returns it. There's not quite the same urgency as before they fell through the floor, but her hands - at first flush against his chest - softly grab the material of his shirt before he pulls back.

Her eyes remain closed for a few moments before she opens them, looking right into his. There's a hard to read expression on her face as she studies him, one that easily and quickly shifts to a smirk. "Are you?" This time, she does start to stand, but she holds out a hand to also help him up. Teasing, she says, "I liked maybe half of it."


The man just grins as he reaches out to take her hand. As he heaves himself to his feet he seems…lighter. That misasma that clung to him after the hydra base gone almost entirely. Or at least repressed via the impressive repression skills he's learned over the years.

Either way, its not darkening his eyes or his manner anymore. Kitty Pryde got him over it.

For good or for ill.

"You keep telling yourself that," He drals, back in his own fine form once more as he dusts off his jacket. "…or if you only liked half of it, I suppose I'll have to do it twice as often. To make up for it."

The grin gets wider before he finally angles his head towards the door. "Come on then, lets go get your tea."


Kitty can certainly tell the change in his demeanor between now and when he first entered the kitchen. Unable to help herself, she smiles back. His own energy can be a bit infectious, she has to admit. She may regret this later, but for now it's something she enjoys. Maybe. Maybe just a little.

Bracing herself, she pulls and helps Peter his feet. For a moment, she keeps a hold on his hand before letting it slip out of hers. She smiles. "Looks like you'll have to find out either way."

Making her way for the door, she says over her shoulder, "Yours, too. You asked for a mug." It may take them a little while to find their way back upstairs to the kitchen. By then, they'll see the tea already poured and steeping. Lockheed took care of it. By the way he keeps looking between Peter and Kitty, she's guessing he knows exactly what happened. That might a bit of gossip that's hard to put back in the bottle.

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