Who Ate My Eggos??

February 01, 2017:

Rogue and Nancy find themselves meeting Bobby: Some strange questions arise there-after.

Xavier's School


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A fairly standard day at the Xavier Institude groudns today. Classes were out for the day, the sun was shining and the temperatures were cool in the 50s.

Rogue was outside enjoying the sunshine, as she'd never been one to sit inside on video game machines or televisions… She needed to get out and enjoy the outdoors ever since she was a kid. Today was no different.

AS of now, on the pathway between the school and the mansion, Rogue was… walking her horse by his reigns. Skyrider, a tall brown/black American Warmblood was happily walking along behind Rogue who was looking back at him and speaking in thick French to the animal.

"Voir que cest une belle journe pour une promenade, cheval doux. Vous sortir de cette curie bouch pendant un certain temps et profiter du soleil et lair frais."

Dressed in black slim-fit jeans, black leather boots that went went up to her knees, a red-wine colored tshirt, with black long gloves and a red scarf wrapped about her neck, her brown/white hair flowed in the breezes off to her right as she talked in a sweet voice to her horse.

Nancy sits on the fence along the path by the stable, watching Rogue and the horse. She's not a horse sorta girl, so she's just gonna watch.

Bobby Drake must have slept through his alarms…and the sounds of students moving about the Institute. One would hope that he didn't have class today for he doesn't seem to wake up until mid-afternoon. Maybe he was coming down with something? The flu -is- making its rounds! He's still a little bleary after showering and getting dressed as he makes his way down to the kitchen to get some breakfast…lunch…snack-before-dinner. It's there where he begins to frown, looking about the kitchen as if there's something odd about it. There's a move to the freezer to look inside and the frown deepens.

"Who took my Eggos!" is called before he goes to find a pantry and grab some chips from there since his waffles seem to be missing. Someone's going to pay for that.

Maybe it's the movement on the grounds that has him stepping out, just wearing jeans, a t-shirt, and a pair of flip-flop slippers despite the chill in the air. The bag of chips are opened as he looks around, noticing the horse and rider.

"Horses? Since when did we have horses?"

Rogue grinned at her horse when he shook his head at her and made a little huffing sound at her French spoken words. She went to turn around then and spied Nancy sitting on the stone wall along the pathway.

"Well heya there, Sunshine." Rogue said to Nancy upon approaching her, Skyrider coming to a halt behind Rogue… he spied a finely manicured hedge off the pathway and angled his big horsey head over to try and tug on the branches of it.

"Whats goin' on in Nancy's world?" The southern gal asked her friend, but she heard the voice from Bobby and it drew her green eyes over to him. "Since like, foreve'ah." She replied in her thick accent with a smirk at him. "I like your shoes, what is this? Casual Wednesdays?" She teased him lightly.

Watching Rogue with the horse is kinda cool. Not cool enough to try and get on the back of one of those things herself, but certainly cool enough to make her smile. She pulls out the lollipop from her mouth, gesturing with it as she talks as is her habit. "Not a lot. Just trying ta help Hank with the inoculations. He's at a point where he has hit a wall and he's getting kind of beastly. I needed some time away from Mr. Grumps-a-lot." And then Bobby comes around the corner and the look of shock on Nancy's face is almost comical. She even drops her lollipop.

"No…" Bobby offers before he looks down at his feet and back at Rogue. "Huh? I always wear these around the Mansion…" a hand reaches to run scratch at his scalp. "What's going on? The kitchen is all weird and someone stole my waffles and where did the horse come from?" Nancy then gets a blink and a nod of casual greeting, "Hey…" before he looks back to Rogue. Something's off about her as well. Maybe he's still half-asleep?

"Hank? What innoculations? Like, for the flu?" Maybe he already has it and that's why things are just weird?

The horse was feasting on the hedge bush now and Rogue had no idea because she was now distracted by the other too. He was just tugging on the hedge and spitting the needles out after rejecting their awful taste.

"So thats all comin' along then?" Rogue asked Nancy, reaching a gloved hand up to stroke the thick white bangs out of her face that the wind was blowing about. "I'm glad t'hear it… It'll mean a lot t'some'a the kids around here, I think." She said these words and punctuated them with a couple little nods.

Looking back toward Bobby, squinting her green eyes in the sunlight on her face. "I don't go near frozen waffles, Miste'ah." She told him with a smirk. "An' ya see… Bobby… when two horses love each othe'ah… sometimes, they spend 'special time' togethah an' a baby eventually comes, deliva'ed by the Horse Stork." She then flashed a big happy smile at him and fluttered her dark eyelashes at him.

Nancy slides off the fence, staring at Bobby and not even seeming to hear Marie at all any more. She walks towards the chilly man, reaching out to him. "Where have you been? I … I I'm sorry I ran. I got scared. But I came back and you were gone."

Bobby Drake just slides Rogue a baleful glance. "Really? I mean…really?" But there's a little quirk of a smile at the corner of his lips. That -was- kind of amusing. "But really, since when have we had horses here?" he does seem to be asking that in earnest.

When Nancy comes to him, he lets her hug him if that was the intention, but he does seem a bit confused. "Uhm, sure, hugs are awesome, but…who are you?"

Rogue watched Nancy get up and walk over toward Bobby. She wasn't too sure about any of that because she'd only kown Nancy herself for a month now, seemed like there was some sort of history there though… So that made Rogue feel the need, the need for speed (to get the heck out of here).

The southern belle went around to the side of her horse and she stopped to get the animal's attention off of the hedge bush and she lifted herself up to sit on his saddle quite easily.

"His old owne'ah was havin' t'ditch all his horses this past summe'ah. I sweet talked him and got a good deal." She said with a smile and leaned forward to wrap her arms around the horses's neck and hug him from above. "I cleaned out the ol' stables that are off'a the garage." She added, not sure if anyone was still listening to her anymore or not at this point.

Nancy hold Bobby close, just feeling his closeness, enjoying the warmth of him that only she ever got to feel. When he asks who she is though… The goth pulls back, looking like she was slapped on the face. "Why would you say that? You're not my Bobby." She looks over to Rogue then, confused, pulling away from Bobby with a distaste like he is somehow dirty or wrong. "Marie? When did Bobby come back?"

Bobby Drake is listening to Rogue as she offers the explanation, "A month ago? I don't remember that…" but maybe it was when he was home for the holidays? Maybe he's been so wrapped up with classes? "That's good of you, to take them in." Not like the Institute couldn't support it and it might be good for some of the younger students. Or something. The explanation seems to make enough sense to him, at least.

He blinks at the goth girl as she pulls away, "-Your-…I…what? Come back? From Christmas Break? A little after New Year's? What is going on?"

Rogue sat back up on the horse and watched the two of them have their little awkward moment. "I uh… don't know, Nance." The southern gal said back to her friend. "Seems like he's been here awhile… still got a bit'a bed-head goin' on too." She said with a sly grin.

"I'm gonna take Sky back t'the stables though and set him back up in his pen." She took the reigns once more and made a little 'click click' noise with her mouth, tapping the horse with the heels of her boots and he started trotting forward once again don the pathway.

Rogue glanced over at the two of them then. "I'll ask around about them Eggos though… I've been desperate for a new case t'work on with my brand new Detective Kit I bought off'a Amazon." She said with another teasing grin whilst continuing on down the pathway toward the western side of Xavier's fancy old mansion.

Nancy steps back, glancing over to Rogue as she starts heading away, watching Bobby carefully. "Remember how I told you how I was engaged, Marie? Ran off to space cause I got cold feet?" The goth chick gestures to Bobby. "Meet my fiance. Who doesn't remember me. And seems to think he's been here since the break." She has to smile as Rogue mentions her new Detective Kit. "Yeah, well, hurry up with that. I think we're gonna need it."

Bobby Drake reaches up to run a hand through his hair to try and tame it…darned wind! But then he looks quickly to Nancy, "Fiancee?" He lifts his hands and backs up a couple of steps, "Whoa…I mean…just…that's insane! I don't know you…why would I…I've never asked anyone…marriage?" His cheeks flush red, "I'm sure you're nice and all that, but…I am -so- not ready for marriage…" he's too young!

Rogue wasn't going that fast on the horse, so it was easy to walk alongside her. She glanced at the two of them, watched Nancy rush over and she just tilted her head. "Looks like the Bobby I've seen around before… But, uh… I don't know. Maybe somethin' happened? Maybe the Professah could figure it out, or Jean if ya can eve'ah get aholda her."

Rogue looked up and over to Bobby himself then. "Ya'll didn't get drunk one night and like… make promises t'one anothe'ah did ya?" She asked with a grin.

Nancy glowers at her closest friend. "We weren't drunk when we proposed." That angry look then turns to Bobby. "Yeah, I know we were young. That was my point when we agreed to it." She crosses her arms over her chest, shaking her head. "We need to call the Professor."

Bobby Drake's blue eyes widen at Rogue's question, "What? I don't even have a fake ID…" as if that would stop some of the underage people from partying, but that's not really been his thing. The grass might be getting a little frosty around his flip-flopped feet, "Uh. No offense, but…so not getting married, especially to someone I don't even know. You didn't even tell me your name? Like I said, I'm sure you're nice and all," but nope. NOPE.

Anna-Marie pulled back on the reigns and the horse came to a stop. She turned the animal around so that she was facing sideways which allowed her to look back at them both a bit more easily. From Nancy she looked… to Bobby she then looked… to Nancy she looked back again!

"This is gettin' weird, ya'll." The Southerner said to them both. "I don't think my Detective Kit was designed for this kinda case… unless the Waffles are some how involved in it all." She shoved her tongue at the side of her cheek causing it to dimple out on the right side a little, whilst she thought!

"It came with a magnifyin' glass, a finge'ah print kit an' a black light flashlight… but I'mma 'fraid t'use that around the school." She grinned then. "I don't wanna know what ya'll've been up to in my livin' areas. Not like that anyhow." She huffed out a heavy exhale then!

"And I swear t'god if this is some kind of 'space time continuum' bullshit… I'mma start lookin' inta apartments in Salem Cente'ah, cause I can't handle this Star Trek shit thats always goin' on around here."

"Why would you need fake ID? You're older then I am. By four years." Nancy takes a deep breath and massages her temples. "Okay, so definitely not my Bobby. Rogue, who is he?" She holds out her hands, trying to just stop things for a moment. "No offense, Bobby. It's not your fault. It's not like this is the weirdest thing we have ever dealt with." The look of pain on her face is obvious, but she's trying to be mature about the situation and not blame anyone.

"-You- think it's weird? I'm the one being told I have a fiancee!" Bobby looks to Nancy and offers another shrug, "No offense." But then he blinks at her, "Wait…are you telling me that you got engaged…that you're sixteen?" Because he can do arithmatic. "What the heck! I'm not -anyone's- Bobby but my own!" He then just holds up a hand as if to stop everyone. "Ok. I know what this is. I'm sick with the flu and this is my fever manifesting itself in my dreams." Aha! Mystery solved!

"I am going back to bed…without waffles…" but with chips, it seems, "And when I wake up and the fever is gone, everything will be just fine." There's a smile given as he goes to head back inside.

Rogue saw the discomfort growing in both of them and she was honestly relieved that Bobby decided to bail and go back inside. "He's… apparently young'ah than you, Nancy. Or uh… this… version'a him is?" She shook her head softly then and reached up to push the hair out of her face again. "This is above my paygrade though, sugah." She flashed a soft smile to Nancy and offered a hand down to her. "Wanna ride back t'the stables?" She asked then.

Nancy looks to Rogue and shakes her head. "No. I'm not getting on the back of that thing for love or money. The only beast I'm gonna ride is Hank." She grumpily keeps her arms crossed over her chest, glowering as she follows Rogue to the stable.

Rogue laughed softly at Nancy's reaction to the horse and she huffed out. "I'm sorry ya had to hear that, Sky… Don't take it personal!" She said out to her horse who snorted and wobbled his head around.

Rogue grinned back at Nancy then and turned the animal around to walk back toward the stables. "I'm kinda fraked out by this interaction I just witness though, ya know?" She told her friend. "If Bobby ain't the Bobby you knew… then who the hell is he? Where's the one you did know? Should I be worried about… bein' replaced? Is this some kinda damn weird joke?" She sighed while the horse trotted down the cobblestone pathway.

"We're gonna have to talk to Xavier. I'm worried too. Like you just said, where is the Bobby that was here? What's going to happen to us?" She walks along the side of the horse and its rider. "So, what do we do now?"

Rogue stared ahead toward the garage and the small side fence that lead to the barndoor that THEN lead into the stable. She listened to Nancy's words and gently shook her head. "I don't know… Get drunk?" She answered and then looked over and down at her with a grin. "No wait, that was teenage Marie's response t'stuff… College-grad Marie with a 'real job' has ta come up with a more mature answe'ah for problems than that." She sighed heavily then.

"I'mma go buy some Eggo waffles though, incase this 'new Bobby' is a psycho killah with a desire to slay us all for eatin' his shitty frozen treats."

Nancy O'Neal says, "No no, I like teenager Marie's idea. Let's get drunk. Cause frankly, I have been dreading meeting my ex and now that I have, it's even worse then I imagined." She grumbles and keeps walking beside the horse. She wrinkles her nose. "How can you stand the smell."

Rogue smirked at the drunk suggestion affirmation and she sighed softly. "Its not even the weekend…" She quietly said in response to that.

Rogue looked down to her horse when she commented on his smell. "Are youstanding down wind of his butt?" She asked and laughed outloud. "He doesn't smell otherwise… I mean… not bad. He's a horse. They smell like dogs… Only, ya know… large'ah."

Rogue sighed heavily. "So we're missin' a Bobby, who's been replaced by a Eggo Eating Bobby. He's potentially a robot. Sent here to spy on us. This is what my amateur detective skills tell me straight-off."

When they reached the barn door, Rogue dismounted the horse and lead him inside to start to take off his horsey-gear.

"No! I'm not by his butt! He just smells like … yeah, like a really big dog. He needs a bath." Nancy isn't happy. She's walking along, sneering angrily. "So might be a robot, or a dimension hopper. Can we just get the horse back and get to the drinking already."

"No! I'm not by his butt! He just smells like … yeah, like a really big dog. He needs a bath." Nancy isn't happy. She's walking along, sneering angrily. "So might be a robot, or a dimension hopper. Can we just get the horse back and get to the drinking already."

Rogue laughed at this and shook her head. "I'll look into 'horse bathin' on the internet then. See how that all works. Just gotta make sure t'have that 'Safe Search' enabled… boy did I see some stuff I didn't wanna see the othe'ah night while lookin' for a costum stick shifter-thing for my car." She grinned and put the horse back into his pen and shut the door up on it leaving him with food to enjoy.

"Alright. Since I probably smell like a dog… I'mma go clean up an' we can go out t'find some drinks if ya'd like. Devise a plan on how we deal with Kill'ah Robot Bobby. Maybe dump'a bucket'a wate'ah on him tomorrow, see what happens…."


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