Coordinates Found

January 31, 2017:

Laura finds a clue that will hopefully lead her to the new leadership that now runs The Facility.


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The demon that has been plaguing Illyana, Nate and X-23 has been silent. This is either a good thing, or bad, but most likely it's a bad thing. For now, however, the demon is quiet.

As such, life has moved on for the trio. Nate is doing what Nate does, Illy likewise and X-23 as well. This means dipping her toes back into the classrooms of Xavier's and trying to be a normal 'girl'. Even with that, that doesn't mean X-23's search for the new leadership behind The Facility is forgotten. It's not. It's just hit a wall. It's why she's gone back to what little information she brought with her from her time of captivity. One of those items happens to be a journal; not hers, but a journal her 'mother' wrote in. She's gone back to it and started to read it again and this time, instead of feeling overwhelming emotion from the words, she can now see it in a more clinical light.

And because of that, Laura found a clue. A hidden message within the stories her mother told. Various letters and numbers written upon the margins of specific pages and while it seemed like gibberish at first, Laura finally cracked the pattern.

Once cracked, a location was found within those coordinates and now, this afternoon, Laura is packing her to-go bag. This time though she's not leaving by herself. Instead, a text, or e-mail, or even a loud thought is sent to Nate.

"I have found something. Come to the Mansion."

Nate does what Nate does, which usually involves helping around Mutant Town, a little crime-fighting and working on theatre plays with his troupe, or stage magician stuff (dragging Laura out almost every Friday evening). He also pays occasional attention to emails, which is why he came back to the school after classes to look for Laura.

He is heading for her bedroom, since he assumes she is lurking there, but he contacts her telepathically the second he enters the building. « I got your message. What did you find, Mouse? »

The packing continues even as Laura waits for Nate to show up, or contact her back. A small bundle of clothes compactly folded will be slid into her pack, as well as a small (very small) wad of bills. Her movements pause then, as that telepathic touch is felt upon her mind.

Even though Laura knows Nate isn't near her, she can't help but automatically look upward, when he speaks within her mind. There's a slight furrow of her dark eyebrows, as she considers that nickname of his, but, nothing is said to that. Instead, Laura will think -

« I have found a possible location for The Facility. I intend to investigate.»

And while she doesn't ask for Nate to come with her, the sentiment is there, just completely unspoken.

For those that haven't been in her room they'll find a very spartan area. Just bed, small dresser, closet with a few outfits within and her ever present go bag. The only personal touch within this room is the one wall. Upon that wall are various pictures, news clippings and bits of paper tacked to it. The center of the wall is a small post-it note with Laura's codename upon it. X-23. From that centralized post-it note a spiderweb of red yarn can be seen circling outwards, connecting various pieces together.

Nate opens the door of the bedroom and looks around briefly, studying what he sees. Or not sees. No junk around. Pretty much the same as his place, which says much about their worldview. Wait… that is probably not a good thing. He frowns faintly and goes to check the posts on the wall. "Good job. Lets gather a strike team and raze the place to the ground."

Indeed. What does it say.

Combined with her little wall of connect-the-dots.

Not that she seems to mind when Nate stares at that wall for a few minutes. She's stared at it long enough, after all. Either way, when the last bit of gear is stowed, X-23 will rise upward and turn to face Nate.

"No." Is the first words out of her mouth. "That is not tactically sound. We go with a small stealthy strike force." Her voice is quite monotone, as always, but there's an undercurrent of something there. Finality, perhaps?

An ends to a means, possibly. But, whatever that emotion is, it stays quietly cloaked thanks to the deadness of her voice. "There are likely traps in place. Better if only a few of us die versus all."

"You gotta learn to trust your peers, Laura," Nate turns to look at her. "Some of the X-Men here have been in the business for ten, fifteen years, and are powerful enough they will steamroll over traps that would be a major problem for you."

Some of the X-Men are kind of clueless, but Nate is not thinking about them. "If you think we can infiltrate alone better, that is okay. But having backup you can trust nearby is useful. Hey, if you are taking me you know this."

That hardly heavy to-go bag is hefted upwards and then slid over one of X's slim shoulders. Nate's words are heard and even considered (briefly) by X, before she turns her flat gaze to the lanky man.

The slightest of head tilts might be seen as she now considers her own response. "I trust you." She states, her flat tones giving very little away now. "But, I do not wish to be responsible for their death."

Or be the one that signs that death certificate, should the trigger center lay in wait for her at this particular location. That's what she's really worried about. Stepping away from Nate, X will turn towards her bed where a small leather bound journal can be seen. It's torn and bloodstained, but with the way Laura gently cradles it, might reveal its preciousness to her. "I believe there is a lab within the Mojave Desert. A place called Leadfield."

Nate smiles briefly when Laura says she trust him. That means a lot, he figures. She is also making plans and talking about them. Much progress with regards a year ago, when she earned the 'Mouse' nickname by being so quiet and sneaky she was a shadow.

When the girl mentions the Mojave Desert, Nate hrms. "Middle of nowhere, of course, but the Blackbird could be there in an hour. You are packing for a field trip. I can fly you there in a couple hours." Instead of packing he should send some messages. But not from a regular cellphone. Maybe he can do it telepathically, he considers.

Yes, Laura has definitely made advancements with her socialization skills; but she still has some ways to go.

His mention of using the blackbird is considered, but after a second of thought she shakes her head. "I do not wish to risk the blackbird." However, at the mention of Nate flying them there, that's considered more in depth. "Possibly." Is her final answer to that, even as she tucks the journal carefully into a pocket of her back-pack.

"I wish to gather a map of the area." Are her final words as she now steps towards the door, pausing only long enough to make sure Nate is following.

"You are still stubborn as hell," grumbles Nate. But he follows the short girl nevertheless. "Lets hit the X-Bunker first. We can upload detailed maps on a tablet and pick some useful gear. You could use some armor. And energy bars, and coffee." Flying all the way to Colorado at high speed is going to make him hungry. The coffee needs no explanation.

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