January 31, 2017:

Spoiler asks Flash to come meet her at a Metropolis parking garage to discuss the Terrigen Mists. They do a bit more.

Hell's Gate - Metropolis

Hell's Gate is now an area walled off and heavily secured by
military officials. The DEO and CADMUS Labs both bear their hands on these
grounds and behind the walls, along with an outpost from SHIELD make the
area practically impregnable. The only thing that surrounds the walls that
keep inner Hell's Gate sealed is a wasteland where factories and docks were
once the lifeblood of this island as well as collapsed apartment rises,
leaving it desolate and unwelcoming.

If that does not do it the armed military forces and high tech protection
once you get too close, will. Hell's Gate is officially the newly proclaimed
Area 81.


NPCs: None.

Mentions: Wonder Woman, Tattoo, Batman


Mood Music: None.

Fade In…

Spoiler made the drive from Gotham on her bike, cape hidden in her biker jacket. She didn't send the text until she got into position on the upper deck of a different parking garage than she had met Flash at the last time. There were no cameras here; she looked. Message sent, the batling peered over the wall, bike off and restnig on its kick stand. She leaned lightly on it, arms folded over her chest. Her helemt hung from a handle bar and the hood of her cloak drawn up to hide her blonde hair.

Yes, she's counting.

He had been in bed, asleep, when his phone went off. There's a bleary glance at it, but there's time. Up. Bathroom. Pee break. Sink, teeth brushed - hair - under a cowl, don't sweat it. Armput sniff. Showered before bed, should be good.

On his way out the door, his night clothes fall to the floor, bed made and into the red tri-polymer suit. Out the door, away from the Hall of Justice, to Hell's Gate. Race through the subdivision, stop by a late night shop, up to the roof, where he meets Spoiler, holding a couple of foiled wrapped packets in his hand.


Elapsed time: 25 seconds.

Spoiler's phone had just buzzed in her hand and she had just finished reading the message when Flash arrived, gyro's in hand. Blue eyes blink twice and Spoiler looks up. Her face turns to Flash.

One second.

Spoiler looks down at her phone's clock. Another second.

Spoiler pushes up from the bike to step toward the speedster with the gyro as she tucks her phone away in one of the pouches on her utility belt. (It was a Christmas gift!! SQUEE! #SempaiNoticedMe)

"That was pretty quick," she comments, trying to sound ….chill. She reaches for one of the foil things, and her lips turn up faintly.

"Thanks. It was getting about time for a snack."
"Would have been quicker, but had to wait on the gyros." Flash responds. The fun of a half mask? He can eat without showing his mouth. "So, what's up?" he asks between bites of yummy yummy lamb as he considers her. She does looks really good in that nomex.

It helps to know it's one's girlfriend in that gear.

"Figured I'd work out your schedule in your head, to work in time for you to sleep. If you're getting at least 6 hours of a sleep for a class at 11, you need to be in bed by 4, it's almost two, so I figured this is dinner time.. or breakfast? Fourth meal? Not sure which."

Spoiler's starting to learn the benefits of a half mask. The drawback: She's not used to controlling her grins. One is visible as Flash mentions waiting for the gyros. Spoiler unwraps hers, moving to sit on the edge of the roof.

"I've got some premlinary information from my analysis of…" She pauses as Flash just rushes righ tinto her schedule. She hadn't even gotten to take a bite before she's looking up at him.

"… Class at 8 and 11, Monday Wednesday Friday. Nine and one Tuesday Thursdays. DA's office three to six Monday through Friday. Patrols as early as ten." Spoiler pauses, taking her first small bite.

"I nap alot." Which explains some of the time delays.

Half of his gyro is already gone by the time she takes a bite. Admittedly, Flash is trying to eat slow in this case to carry out the conversation with Stephanie as he hmms. "Sounds like a decent idea, though the naps will eventually need to be sleep sometime, or they'll catch up to you." he points out as he takes another bite.

"Not that I'm an example of that." he adds thoughtfully and finishes off his gyro.

"Analysis of?" he asks, prompting her back into the conversation. "Also, found out that we can squeeze in to meet Wonder Woman on the mists, if you're interested."

Flash… is chiding her… on her sleep schedule? Stephanie quirks a brow under her domino mask, finding the irony in it since usually she's on the Alfred bandwagon of 'everyone needs to get eight hours a sleep a night!!!' It's how she keeps Alfred mostly off her case about it.

Also, he eats insanely fast.

"Of the goop you gave me… Wonder …Woman? LIke.. The Wonder.." Stephanie falls silent, like the idea is bigger than her. The gyro is lowered, the small bite finished and swallowed. Her lips part, like she's trying to figure out what to say.
He totally chided her! Suffer! Flash glances over at her gyro and gestures. "You going to finish that?" he asks, as he gives her a little smile. He just got up, he's hungry. And still a little on the poor side.

And poor Carol Danvers has gotten questions on her possibly being pregnant seeing as he's eating on her meal card.

"Yeah the coccoon stuff. It seems that they've been looking into it already, so after speaking to Ozymandias and Batman, I dropped a line to Wonder Woman. By the way, Batman? So not a team player, is he?" he asks as he swings his feet idly to keep the energy from building up. "So she has an opening on Thursday. Want to come with? Figrued she coule meet one of the Bat.. well, what do they call you? Batfamily?" he asks as he considers her. She has such kissable lips. Sigh.

Spoiler was going to keep eating, but when asked, she shakes her head and offers it up, with only a small bite taken out of it. It was so tasty! She notes how much he eats, recalls how much she's seen him eat, and he's comment about the all you an eat pancakes.

Mental note: Barry needs lots of calories.

WHen the gyro is taken, Spoiler takes out a high calorie protein bar and offers that out as well.

"I'm called Spoiler, and sure. I'll take the meeting," she says, moving to stand up. She can hear Batman already. That silence is so telling. He'll eithe rbe annoyed that she's taking initiative or chide her for being reckless about it. She lifts her chin, defiant to her inner-Bat: I will not disappoint!

"I'll save the information until then, I suppose? Or.. do I give it to you now so that you can work on it tomorrow sometime?" Must stay in business mode.
"Save it for Thursday.." Flash says as he finishes off the other gyro, but pockets the energy bar. He may want that later as he considers her and then he gets a little grin, perhaps misreading the lift of her chin as he steps closer to her.

"As much as I don't mind being spoilered… something you shouldn't have to repeat twice." he says as he looks down at her with a playful grin as he reaches up to wipe away a little tzatziki sauce from the corner of her mouth.

There's confusion in her eyes: Spoilered? What?

Of course, any further consideration is halted when he wipes the corner of her mouth with a thumb.

Another thing Stephanie misses about the full face mask: Hides the blush.

Domino masks: not so much. THe color rises high on her cheekbones.

She's adorable when she blushes. It doesn't help that his own cheeks are nearly as red as his costume.

There's only a moment's pause before he leans in and claims her lips with his own in a sweet but somewhat short kiss. Wouldn't want to have her uncomfortable after all.

And the earlier conversation where she went silent on him is still on his mind.

There has always been something exhilerating about kissing on rooftops in full Batling get up. Stephanie has NO idea what it is. Maybe it's the harlequin romance novel of the moment. But as Flash's lips touch hers, Spoiler's eyes flutter closed. She presses up to her toes, arms wrapping about his neck to pull herself up closer, refusing to let the kiss end so quickly nor so sweetly. Her hood falls back in the forward motion, the wild abandon that is lacking in the day-time persona of the composed, over-driven, highly focused Stephanie Brown is here in the mostly composed, over-driven, almost usually highly focused Spoiler.

Flash is caught off-guard by the kiss - nevermind that this is his first kiss in costume, it's not something he had ever considered. But Stephanie's insistance that he not retreat catches him flatfooted, and he doesn't retreat as he his own arms slide around the sides of her waist, the kiss quickly joined in the lack of abandoned as he eagerly tastes her and pulls her closer. Just don't mention harlequin - she may show up. Parting from her mouth for a moment, Barry's blush is even more obvious, as is the new hunger introduced in his eyes. "…goodness." he murmurs against her neck, not sure what else to say as his lips tease her jawline.

There, in his ear, is Spoiler's faint gasp of an inaudible moan. Her frame shudders lightly in his grasp, caught between pulling closer and shoving away, terrified of hearing Batman's voice in her earpiece telling her to get back to 'work', thrilled that she's out of Gotham for this. It's a mere three seconds that she waits before she gathers herself enough to push back, getting her neck and jawline away from those tempting caresses.

Three seconds that even to Spoiler feels dragging out and racing past far too quickly.

"I…should get…" Spoiler stammers on a horse whisper. The blush rises high on her cheeks. Someone's always listening. She forces more distance, signing a quick sign that time with Tim taught her. Thumb and index in the shape of an L, twisted away from her chest so her index points downward: Later.

"Thursday," Spoiler says as crispy as she can manage, turning awya without looking back, without letting herself look back, and heads to her bike. Helmer grabbed and shoved into place, she kicks the kickstand up, revs the engine, and speeds away.

Her heart's racing like…. a scarlet speedster.

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