January 31, 2017:

Logan meets Mariko, just not his Mariko

Xavier Institute


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It's late, and most of the students are enjoying their downtime. Some of the older ones have gone into town, the younger ones are probably playing video games, or, you know, crazy things like doing their homework. But Logan, as a history teacher, doesn't have a lot of marking to do, at least not the way he teaches, and so he can afford the free time.

And for once, he's not off with one of the other organisations he's made commitments to. He wears so many hats these days that sometimes he forgets who he's working with unless he has a look at the uniform, when he wears one, which isn't often. Still, tonight he can find himself out in the greenhouse, where he's tending to his banzai tree. He doesn't like people to see him with it, so he does it later at night. But it's something that has helped to bring him peace, ever since his time in Japan.

He's currently standing in the greenhouse, looking at the tree, clippers in hand, and waiting for inspiration to strike him; where to trim, how to trim, to help it grow. He wore his simple blue jeans, what looked like cowboy boots, and a tank top. His yellow and black chequered flannel shirt was sitting on a stool, having taken it off to enjoy the heat of the greenhouse.

Except that when you're used to being up late, you're not necessarily either playing games or (when you're old enough) not doing your homework. She hasn't been assigned any classes to teach, so she's been in the city. New York, of course. But right now, her home is here at the mansion.

Sadly, she's one of the flashier fliers. Something about being basically a rocket and on fire. So the fiery form sears through the sky, before dropping down onto the grounds to land, visible easily through the greenhouse windows.

The noise and the light of the rocket woman nearly made Logan cut a branch that he didn't intend to, but he was fortunate. He just nicked it. A little bit of twine, water, and time, and it would be fine. But these trees were delicate. He sighed, so much for his inner peace. He did what he could for the tree, then turned around and headed out of the greenhouse to see who had just arrived. He was fairly certain that it wasn't an attack.

And then, he smelt her. She was different than he remembered. But he'd know that scent anywhere. "Mariko?" He called out, still not having seen her face, "Yashida Mariko? What are you doing in New York?" He was speaking Japanese, fluently, with a Kyoto Ben accent. He sounded like a native speaker. It was amusing to hear him speak with that accent, as it was typically regarded as feminine and elegant due to its politeness. It did not mesh with his warrior appearance.

That gets a surprised look, as Mariko turns her head to look. She, of course, speaks it fluently and natively as well. She looks over to Logan, and her expression breaks into a smile. "Logan!" She moves closer, which is where the differences will start to be noticed… this Mariko has her hair in pigtails, and is dressed more western than she ever would have been in Japan. "It's good to see you!"

Logan knew Yashida Mariko well, and he was so pleased to see her here in New York that he let his emotions get the better of him. He rushed forward, his arms going around her waist, pulling her too him as he lifted the lighter woman with ease and twirled, "Oh, Mariko, it is so good to see you again." He still spoke flawless Japanese. "I missed you." He noticed the attire, and the pigtails, but he didn't for one moment think that she was a different Mariko than he had known when he was in Japan.

Mariko, on the other hand, DOES know she's from another world. "Err… it's AMAZING to see you, Logan. But I have to let you know, I'm probably not the same Mariko you know. I'm from another dimension."

He had already let her down and pulled her into a warm embrace, so pleased was he to see her, that it surprises him when she informs him that she's from another dimension. It wasn't the first time he had heard such a story, but it was the first time he'd met someone, like her, from his past, in that situation. "You're not my Mariko?" He replied, looking her over, and trying to see if he noticed anything different about her scent. Now that he examined her more thoroughly, there was a different smell on her, a very different one.

"Not exactly. I know a Logan, and you know a Mariko. But you're probably not the Logan I know, and I'm not the Mariko you know."

He finally let go of her, "were you and this, other Logan… together? And what're you doing here?" He was taking it quite well. Very little fazed him.

"Together?" Mariko says, looking back with her eyes wide. "Uh… no. We're good friends, but—" She clears her throat. "Are… you and this Mariko here together?"

Logan shakes his head in the negative, "not anymore. Her, your, er, the Yashida Clan didn't take too kindly to a Gaijin, and…" he looked sad as he admitted, "I gave my word of honour." He didn't seem like he was in the mood to explain who he gave his word of honour to, or why, but there was more at play. It was clear to see. "What brought you to this world then?"

"Yeah, the Yashida Clan doesn't take kindly to a lot of things. Including when their daughter turned up a mutant. They preeeetty much kicked me out." Mariko sighs a little. "Sounds like my family is pretty good at ruining people's lives no matter the world." She shakes her head. "I'd been doing some work, travelling the dimensions, helping people. Last trip there was an explosion as we were transporting out, and I ended up separated from the others, and here."

"We got a guy, Hank McCoy, who might be able to help, or know someone who can help. Time travel, dimension hopping, none o' that makes any sense to me, but he seems to know what he's talking about." Though he did wonder, how would anyone be able to know which dimension was home? It's not like they were numbered in the phone book, if phone books still existed anyway. He was pleased to see her, even if she wasn't his Mariko. It was hard to reconcile that.

Mariko says "If they can get me home, that would be great. But if not… honestly, this dimension seems a lot better than some I've been to. So you and I are… were… dating here?"

He nodded his head, "yeah, probably be married by now if not fer… complications. Sounds like the family you knew wasn't much different from the one she does." It was clear that he still held a torch for the girl. Though he was treating this Mariko as a different woman. He had enough respect to do that, and probably had some experience dealing with people from alternate realities. He understood that she wasn't his Mariko, probably never would be, so, it was more like meeting a twin he just never knew anything about.

Mariko nods. "Yeah, probably pretty different from my world, though." She smiles. "But it's good to see that you're still here." She'll step up and unless prevented, will give a hug.

"Don't worry about me, Mariko. I'll be here for the long haul." It was one of the sadder parts of his life. He loved his Mariko, wanted to marry her, to grow old with her, and die with her. But that would never happen. Oh, he could be with her until the end, but he couldn't grow old with her. He could just be with her. He hugged her when she stepped forward. "If there's anything I can do to make this place, more like home, just ask. I even have a bonsai tree in the greenhouse. Yours if ya want it."

Mariko smiles. "Maybe you can show me what you've done with it. But not tonight. It's been a VERY long night… and I'm going to need to get some sleep."

Logan smiles to her and bows his head ever so slightly in respect. He then offers her his elbow, suggesting with body language that he would like to escort her back to her room, assuming of course she has one here. He will make sure that she is seen off to bed, giving her another hug, before he heads somewhere else in the mansion. She may tire, but he's still alert as ever.

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