Central Park Chat

January 30, 2017:

Lara Croft and June Moone meet at the Bethesda Fountain in CP to chat.

Central Park

Bethesda Fountain


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Lara had sent a text to June to meet her at the Bethesda Fountain in Central Park. A wide open park space that featured a rather large fountain of notorious touristy fame.

Lara, was seated at a table outside on the pavement around the park. It was a nice sunny day and wasn't that cold outside. She had her black leather jacket on, blue jeans and black leather boots.

Lara was holding a tablet computer with a black leather case folded behind it, she was tapping the screen on the computer and idly sipping at a bottle of tea.

June shows up to meet with Lara, after getting the text. She's in normal civilian attire; jeans, boots, sweatshirt against the cold. "Hi there, Lara. Good to see you again."

Lara's eyes looked up from the tablet when she heard the voice and she smiled at seeing her friend. "Hey." She told her, setting the computer down and sitting forward in her chair. "How are you feeling?" She asked. "How is it at Darcy's home?"

"She's…strange. I have to admit. I mean, you've got the British reserve thing, but I look like the queen mum next to Darcy."

Lara laughed very lightly and nodded her head once. "She's very… easy going, I think is the term. By the sound of the stories she'd shared, she has experienced a lot of wild things so far in her life… I think she's responding to them with humor. Which is refreshing, and I think its quite rare even."

"Something like that. Her first topic was whether or not I had a problem with her running around naked in the apartment." June shakes her head. "What have you been doing?"

Lara laughed softly and shortly once again this revelation. "Oh no…" She said in a near-whisper voice. She smiled then and considered the latter question. "Well as it turns out, SHIELD is in need of people with skills like ours. They've been eagerly appreciative of my assistance with training some of their newest members. Rock climbing, for instance. Weapons and such as well… Thankfully all the wild gun training that Roth insisted I learn learned has truly paid off more than I ever could have imagined."

"Which means we both may end up making it into SHIELD." June says. "Darcy was recommending me, for general skills and arcane knowledge. And I suspect they want the witch under observation."

Lara looked to June when she said these things and it made her smile a little. "Honestly it might be a wise idea for you. It could be a big benefit for you to have your mind on other subjects beyond… everything that has happened recently. A distraction is something we often all need to stay mentally sound. I've enjoyed my time with SHIELD so far as well. They've all been very welcoming."

That gets a chuckle. "Then you're doing better than I am. I haven't been able to find anyone to meet with. Well, other than Darcy." June nods. "Distraction is definitely welcome. Such as coffee out with a good friend."

Lara smiled warmly at June then and was silent for a few seconds of thought. "I feel terrible about all of this that you've been going through." She said to her friend then. "I've lost sleep over it… which… admittedly is something I often do, but still. I can't imagine what you've been feeling and I just want to help fix it." Another short pause but she exhaled and sat up a little straighter. "I hope you can soon speak to May about a more level position within their ranks. Perhaps doing as I have, training people with climbing and such."

"I think you're more the athlete than I am. And I'm glad to know I have a good friend through all this." She squeezes Lara's hand. "I can't say I haven't lost more than a little sleep. Nights can be some of the worst."

Lara smiled at the hand squeeze and sighed softly at the sleeping part. "I hate to even recommend it, but this might be the most ultimate example of sleeping medication being a necessary measure. I have to imagine that being well rested helps you feel more in control of all of this. Do you need things to help you?" She motioned to the tablet pc that was resting on the table in front of her. "Something like this? Play… I don't know, games on it?" She asked, having not ever played a video game in her life, but she knew they often helped people distract themselves.

"I play phone games sometimes. I don't know what sleeping pills would do. I know she influences my dreams. I don't know if it would help or hurt. All it takes is one wrong word and that's it." June says, worriedly. "Hell, I almost said it yesterday in a normal conversation."

Lara lightly frowned at hearing both of these later statements. "What kind of dreams do you have then?" She asked, curious as to how the Witch influences them. She lifted her bottle of tea up for a drink while watching June.

"Dark. Troubling. And full of far more Aztec imagery than I'd like." June sips her coffee. "It's like trying to make your way around mousetraps in the dark. Try not to find the spots where she decides she's going to push."

Lara gently nodded her head once to the other's words. "Fascinating… in a, morbid, sort of way." She frowned again then. "I wonder if there are any clues as to what her ultimate desire is within those dreams. But, as dreams are… they're rather hard to control. Though I know there are ways to gain control of your sleep, it just supposedly takes quite a lot of practice. Have you ever kept a sleep journal?"

"I rarely remember them when I awake. Just disturbing imagery. The only way we're likely to get more information about her is FROM her. And you've been the /only/ person so far she's been anything other than completely predatory towards." June says.

Lara gently nodded her head to this. "I'd be willing to speak to her… but… I hate the thoguht of making you suffer. Plus, I am not entirely sure how long she'd care to listen to me." Lara showed a faint smirk. "I'd like to think she could be reasoned with though. Obviously she comes from a different world… but she has to have dealt with compromises before in her life. She likely lived a harder life than any of us could imagine."

"Only one way to test it. And I'd feel a whole lot safer if you had some extra protection around." June says. "Doing it with just you and her in the open like this risks a whole lot of people."

Lara gently nodded her head and glanced around at all the people populating this busy park. "I wouldn't dream of having it happen here. Honestly, it may have been irresponsible for me to even…" She sighed. "Well, I just thought this place would be relaxing for you." She sipped her tea again then. "Perhaps this is one of the topics we should bring up with May. She might want me to try to communicate with her. Under observation."

"It's relaxing." June says, sipping her coffee again. "Believe me, it is. This is just about as relaxed as I get these days."

Lara nodded her head gently a single time and offered a smile toward her friend. "Well that is a start." She replied, and then exhaled sharply. "I'll stop pestering you then as well." She showed a light grin. "Sometimes I get out of hand with asking questions. My father used to try and point that out to me in hopes of squishing that personality trait, but clearly it didn't work."

"You're not pestering! Lara, you're my lifeline through all this. I don't know what I'd be if it wasn't for you. Hell, if you hadn't talked her into changing back the other day, I still might be the Wicked Bitch of the West."

Lara dipped her chin in a small nod and smiled a little. She sipped her tea while glancing away for a moment. "What is the longest she has been in control?" She asked then, voice soft as she didn't really want her odd questions to be overheard by anyone who may wander to near to their table.

"I want to say two days. But I can't be sure. She was doing something for the agency…and I only have vague recollections of what happens when she's in control." June sighs. "I could easily be off on that."

More gentle nodding as Lara heard this response and considered it for a handful of silent seconds. She looked out ward the water of the large fountain's pool and then spoke again. "Have they been in contact with you since I first met you in that cafe?" She asked, her brown eyes looking back to June.

"The agency? Thank god, no. I think they're saving the witch mostly as their trump card. They don't trust her any more than I do." June sips her coffee again, looking out the window before looking back. "It's like playing with fire."

"Good." Lara quietly said upon hearing this. "Perhaps they're aware of SHIELD and its enough to make them worry about approaching you…" A little shake of her head then. "So they're wise enough to fear the Spirit, but too dumb to realize what they're doing is horribly immoral and unethical… if not straight-up illegal." Lara greatly wished to have a word with whomever was in charge of this mysterious agency.

"I don't think they /care/, Lara. I know they've had her doing things that are all of the above." June shakes her head. "It's not as if she's going to argue."

"Well no." Lara responded. "She's biding her time. I believe. Waiting for an opportunity to catch them with their guard down. Thats when she'll strike back. She told me…. to recover the heart for her, and she'd set you free. Sadly though, I'm unsure of where to begin to find them. Its like tracking the Illuminati…"

"I know. I'm an archaeologist, not a secret agent." She pauses and sips her drink, then in an amused tone adds "Though it seems like we might soon both be both."

Lara laughed a little at this and she shook her head once. "That is certainly not what I signed up to become. Secret Agents… are notoriously geared toward the politicians, and spending my life in the pocket of a politician sounds horribly unappealing to me."

"Well, so far it seems pretty secret-agenty to me. Or at least government-agenty." June shakes her head. "For the good old days when all I had to worry about was who was going to finance my next dig."

Lara nodded emphatically then after sipping her drink again. "Thats precisely what encouraged me to join up with them. Both Darcy and May I just happened to stumble into, quite literally, outside of the Public Library steps… I guess I said all the right things, and then they offered to take the burden off of my shoulders of worrying about dipping into my parents legacy." Lara shook her head then. "Which I have no interest in doing… I did not earn their money, why should I spend it?"

"Because that's how inheritances WORK, Lara. Believe me, if I had your kind of money I wouldn't be staying on Darcy's couch." June seems to be a little amused at the concept. "Be glad at your luck and roll with it."

Poor rich girl, lamenting her family's wealth… its like she learned from Bruce Wayne or something.

"Perhaps." Lara replied softly. Her right hand went up and back to rest beneath her chin. "I just… It feels like disturbing the dead, which usually is more exhilerating than it is disheartening, as you know. But, part of me feels as though I should just donate it all to a charity for children." She shrugged her shoulders and smiled softly at June.

"Well, if the crushing pressure gets to be too much for you, I know a starving archaeologist who takes donations." She reaches up and touches her chest with her fingertips, and then looks amused. "Maybe I'll use some of it to go see a plastic surgeon and keep up with you and Darcy." she quips dryly.

Lara, with hand still under her chin, readjusted her eyes over to June and she parted her lips and laughed a little. "I'm all for helping you eat, June… But I'm not entirely sure I'd fund any cosmetic proceedures. And once we get this Spirit out of you, you will be wholely invited to accompany me on future expeditions… sounds like we could use one another watching each other's backs. I can't trust in my luck to keep me safe for forever."

"I was just being sarcastic. Darcy isn't shy about showing off her…endowments. And between you and her, a girl's feeling a little self-conscious, that's all." June says, having a rare smile.

Lara laughed again and she lowered her hand down to the table once more and looked down toher tea bottle. "Darcy is a very free-spirit, to be sure. But you have nothing to be self conscious of. You're a striking beauty, June Moone. You probably have ten men on the side waiting for you to ring their phones." She grinned up at her. "Though I certainly understand why you're not diving into that pool as of right now."

June laughs. "Says the British supermodel/heiress/adventuress. And good god, no. Men already think their girlfriends are crazy. I already am!"
You paged Sif with 'No, it'll be okay.'

Lara laughed lightly and seemed to grow a bit red in the cheeks from the various labels placed upon her. "I don't know about any of that…" She said back to her friend and went to sip her tea. "Except that you truly are not crazy… but you might be a difficult girlfriend, at least for now… But we're going to fix that. I promise!"


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