Job Interview

January 30, 2017:

Some new 'recruits' and consultants meet some of the team at SHIELD

The Triskelion

The Headquarters, Armory and Fortress of the Strategic Homeland
Intervention Enforcement and Logistics division is, for the most part, an
unassailable tower in the midst of the diplomatic sprawl that is Midtown
East. The primary intelligence clearing houses and most of SHIELD's senior
leadership are all housed hear, along with a veritable army of agents and
staff to keep the place running, the world spinning and the weirdness at


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As nice as the Justice League is to feed Barry Allen since he arrived in this world, the man does need his own spending money. After all, he wants to buy his own stuff have his own place, and you know, he wants that new Nintendo Switch when it comes out. He's so going to kick Stephanie's butt in Mario Kart.

Arriving at the SHIELD Headquarters for an interview as a scientist, Barry has dressed the part. A tweed jacket is matched with dark trousers. A white shirt and a pasley tie. It's a retro look, at least that's what he was told. Somewhere, someone is probably laughing their ass off at him. Adjusting the the thick black frame of his glasses, the slim speedster is in his complete nerd persona as he comes up to the receptionist's desk. "Ah.. I have an appointment with Miss May.. Agent May? I'm Barry. Barry Allen. It's about the position open in the lab?"

He's pointed to sit in the waiting area where he flips through a three year old magazine, hey, history lesson time.

Portals opening in the middle of the Triskelion would likely draw far too much unwanted attention — such as numerous guns pointed in one's direction — therefore, Hector Hall tries the old-fashioned approach.

The door.

For someone his age (he looks about 60) he is very fit, walks with a spring his in step, and is dressed as though he'd been working on a farm somewhere: rough pants, boots, long-sleeved shirt and coat; there is even a bit of mud on his heels.

The white-haired man spots Barry Allen and heads in the lad's direction. "You're looking for May, son? Me too." And he offers Allen a hand. "Hall, Hector Hall."

Darcy makes her way toward the lobby, green eyes on her tablet. She uses her left hand to push her glasses up her nose a bit further, brown hair twisted up in a bun. She's got red chopsticks holding the brown mass of tresses up. Her crisp black business suit doesn't exactly fit like a glove, but she doesn't care. Undersized in places is just fine by her. In the looby, Darcy looks up and at Barry and Hector.

"Mr. Allen? Mr. Hall?" Darcy waits just long enough for them both to look up and over before stepping closer to offer a hand to each. There is absolutely no hint that she knows either man save what she's got on her tablet.

"I'm Agent Lewis. Agent May will meet you both in a conference room. if you'll be follow me," she says. Good little administrative assistant agent.

"Can I get either of you a drink? Tea? Coffee? Soda?" she's asking as she gets them their visitor passes so they can be lead about ht Triskelion without security getting in their grills. As IDs are processed, she sends messages to Logan and Croft, asking that they meet May in Conference Room 7. The note on the interview prep Darcy has on her tablet made it clear that may wanted them there for the conversations.

Hers is not to ask why. Hers is but to do and…. yeah, not finishing that.

With IDs secured, Darcy leads the rest of the way, holding the door to the conference room open.

"Right in here, please."

Instead of May, who was running a bit late, it was Logan who met them in the conference room. He didn't have the look of an Agent. He was dressed about as casually as one could be, in his faded blue jeans, white crew neck t-shirt, and yellow and black chequered flannel shirt over it. The top few buttons were left undone, and it was tucked into his jeans. His boots, not quite cowboy boots, but certainly towards that style, made little noise against the floor when he got up to shake both Allen and Hall's hands. Either he had a light touch, or maybe there was some kind of special undercoating on the boots. "May's running a bit late. My name's Logan. Welcome, gentleman, if you'd please have a seat." He may not have looked like Agent material — he'd look better as a lumberjack or sheriff — but he did have a badge clipped to his belt.

Lara Croft was in the training area, specifically at a rock climbing wall, and she was assisting with the usual trainer who'd been impressed with her abilities and asked her to help him teach some courses.

Lara was dressed in all black, with straps and hooks hanging off of her person when she received the text… she was also about 50 feet up off of the ground and hanging from a rope. Swaying there, she looked at the text and released an exhale…

It took a little while to get down, but she of course did and she made her way toward the conference room, though she still had all her gear on when she arrived, little metal buckles and straps clinking together as she moved.

Lara stepped into the room, eyed the others and stayed back for now near a corner.

As the older gentleman comes into the facility, Barry smiles congenially and rises to his feet to accept Hector's greetings. "Barry Allen." he greets with a smile to shake Fate's hand. "Are you interviewing for the lab position as well?" he asks. Barry can't help to size up the thought. He's older and more experienced - that means that Barry will just have to be more impressive in his own interview - that is until the woman with the too tight top and full lips makes her entrance. "Uh.. sure. That'd be great." he says as he pushes to his feet, picking up his small briefcase as he moves to take in the conference room where he's met by first a cowboy, and then the Lady in Black. Well, isn't this just professionally peachy. Though the idea reminds him a lot of his own home team.

A home he may never see again if he doesn't figure things out quick. "Thanks." the young scientist offers, moving to take a seat as he opens the briefcase and starts to take out a small stack of paperwork. Degrees, reference letters - the Barry of this world had his affairs in order, at least. And what he didn't have - a little work on the Justice League computers took care of.

"Mr. Logan, Agent Lewis, good to meet you," says the old man, greeting each in turn before taking a seat. He glances over at Croft before shifting his attention back to Allen. Given the young man's question, Hall smiles a bit, gives a bit of a wry snort and shakes his head.

"Lab? No, not the lab, I'm afraid — your job's in no danger from me, son. I'm just… touching base, nothing exciting." His eyes gleam a bit and he takes a seat. "Quite the team May has here…oh, Agent Lewis — coffee, please. Black. No sugar." There's a faint pause and he glances aside at… air. "It's how I like it," says he, quite possibly to no one.

No drink order for the young Mr. Allen? Darcy jst grins faintly and nods to Hector's order. In the conference room, Darcy moves to a counter off to one side. Her tablet's set aside so she can fix all the various drinks. Water is set to heat for tea while she gets out too mugs for coffee. Two black coffees. One for Hector and one for Logan. She collects this and heads over to set them in front of their respective drinkers.

"Not judging you for that, Mr. Hall," Darcy quips with a wink as she sets his drink down. She had flagged May that her interviews were here. Not to rush her, but because sometimes one gets caught up with these aruond here. She looks over at Lara as she heads back to the drink station.

"Hey, Croft. Sorry for pulling you off the wall. Hey. After, help me climb it? Gotta be my personal record," Darcy says, casual since May's not here yet.

Lara looked at all the others in the room and then her eyes went specifically to Darcy when she spoke to her. A grin showed on Lara's face, she reached her hand up to stroke the black wool cap off of the top of her head, while her other hand ran through her brown hair to try to straighten it.

"I would be happy to, Darcy… I'll teach you all the tricks." She said in a soft voice and went then to find a place to sit, tucking her black wool cap into the back of her belt.

"Agent Croft," Logan says, "please, take a seat," and he gestures with his eyes for her to sit on his side of the table, suggesting that she should take a position of some authority. Even though she was new, she had handled herself extremely well in the field, in training, and she was a no nonsense kind of girl. Logan liked that about her.

He leaned over to take a look at Barry's files. Of course, S.H.I.E.L.D. probably had more on him than he knew about himself. And to be honest, Logan was no judge of scientific achievement. He was all about the person. "This place, is about more than just knowing the difference between hydrogen peroxide and hydrofluoric acid. Tell me about you. Who are you, Barry Allen?" And he made direct eye contact, holding it. He wasn't trying to scare the kid, but he did want to get down to business. Was Barry S.H.I.E.L.D. material or not?

He did quietly thank Darcy when she brought him coffee, and didn't have much to say to Hall for the moment. But he would be next. Unless of course, May finally finished up with her… business.

Abruptly and without warning, Agent May bursts into the confrence room, still wearing mission tac gear that has clearly seen VERY recent use. The black vest that protects her torso is dirtied and slashed along one side, the dark blue sleeves that cover her arms torn in at least two places, revealing untreated scrapes and cuts and bruises. Even her hair is in complete disarray.

Looking around the room, May's eyes land briefly on each person, then she does a doubletake and stares at Barry. Well, shit. At leat now he no longer has to wonder which of the alphabet soup agencies she works for. Right?

'Who are you, Barry Allen?'

'The Fastest Man Alive.'

That wouldn't go over too well though, would it. As Logan holds his gaze, Barry considers for a moment and pushes his glasses up on his nose. "Water, if you do not mind, Agent Lewis?" he asks Darcy as he starts to turn his attention back to Logan. The young man draws in a solid breath, taking it in and as he considers the question.

"When I was eight years old, my mother was killed in my home. The police were convinced my father did it. I know he didn't do it because I was there." the young man says. "While I may never be able to clear his name because everyone assumes I didn't know what I was talking about because I wanted to be with my father."

"It's not just about that anymore. That would be a jealous, petty reason to go into this field. I became a forensic scientist because I wanted to make sure that the facts are right, and if there were something more to what met the eye, I would be able to bring it to the light." he continues. "I added physics and chemistry, because I wanted to make sure I could find every piece, every shred of evidence that can prove guilt.. or innocence."

"This world is full of things that can be misunderstood, confused, and the easy answer is not always the obvious answer. I went into this field of study to make sure that just because someone may look like a monster.. it's not automatically assumed he is a monster. I became a scientist to discover the truth. I joined the police to make sure that the turth is shared. I became what I am, because I wanted to make sure that justice knows all the facts.."

And that's when May comes busting into the room, and Barry finds himself looking at the woman and his lips pull into a thin line. It could be a smirk. But really, he's holding it in, after all, he remembers Agent Busty from Lobster Man, as well. Good thing she didn't hear his voice before he ended up on the other side of the world and had to run back.

Hall listens to Allen talk without interrupting. Lewis is given a nod of thanks as Hall reaches for his coffee and has a sip. "Do all the kids these days talk this much?" he inquires with a wry gleam in his eye, followed by a benign grin. Only teasing. "Can't say I was ever that young…" and the smile turns a bit cryptic.

At May's sudden entrance, Hall lifts his eyebrows and the smile widens a little. "Agent May, we're pleased to see you again." Apparently these two have met before. The man frowns a bit, glances aside at nothing again, and amends: "I'm pleased."

"Oooh baby. Boyfriend'll want video. Pictures at the very least," quips Darcy at Lara, winking. Then Logan's taking charge of the meeting and Darcy goes quiet and finishes with the two cups of tea. Hearing Barry ask for water, Darcy brings a fresh bottle to him, setting it at his elbow before taking one cup of tea to Lara. Darcy listens to the sorty as she moves back to the counter to begin steeping the other cup of tea for May. And just in time too, for May's bursts in looking…

"Holy fuck, May! What the hell happened to you?" Darcy blurts out, eyes wide and hand already moving for the cupboard with the first aid kit in it.

Lara smiled softly at Logan. "Thank you, Logan." She said in a quiet voice as she sat between he and Darcy. She looked to Darce and accepted the tea from her with another smile at her friend's quip. "Such a goof." She said in a near-whisper to Darce. When May entered though, Lara's eyes went to their fearless leader and she seemed surprised to see May in this condition, but she'd let the others inquire about the causes-and-reasons for it.

Lara sipped her tea and gave a glance to Hector and Barry then… she wasn't familiar with either of them.

Logan rises from his own seat, offering it up to May, as this was his show, and he was just filling in for the moment. He had quickly become one of her top lieutenants, perhaps because he didn't give a rat's ass about protocol or anything. He put his trust in people, and trusted them to handle the idiosyncrasies that were beyond him. Looking at her attire, and state, he decided to make light of it, for the other people's benefit, more than anything. "I told ya the Jersey turnpike was murder this time o' day."

May knows that neither Logan nor Lewis are going to let her just continue with this meeting as is, so as much as she wants to just pace back and forth until the post-mission jitters settle down, she instead accepts the seat that Logan vacates and doesn't argue if Darcy comes at her with that first aid kit. Lara gets a brief nod hello, as she seems to be less likely to get all up in May's face about showing up liek this. And, May chooses to completely ignore Logan's comment about the Jersey turnpike. For now.

"Hall. Allen. Good to see you both again. Do you have any questions for us?"

There's a confused look from Barry, because something just happened so fast that he didn't even process it at the speed that he moves at. And that's pretty darn fast. The young man looks from the wounded Melinda to Logan, and then Darcy, who's moving towads May with a first aid kit and then looks to Hall, and then back to the others.

"Uh. When do I start?"

"SHIELD's changed since I last had much to do with it," says Hall as he sips more of his coffee. "As has my… situation. My number's the same — I assume you still have it, Agent May. The residential address, however… how do I put it?" the old man smiles.

"I've moved. I suppose I'd like to know where things stand at the moment." He would say more, but a distraction off to his right causes him to frown in that direction, and then murmur very softly: "It never hurts to be polite. Different world now." When he turns away, the expression on his face is clear: 'I'm ignoring you.' The intended recipient of the expression, however, is somewhat vague.

Damn straight May's going to let Darcy at her with the first aid kit! A look of concerned annoyance on her face, Darcy sets May's tea down for her and then starts clean up. Her eyes flick to Barry.

"Good place is when do I start and how much am I getting paid? Maybe also, where's my lab?" Darcy quips as she works on May.

Lara didn't have a lot to verbalize here. So she just sat quietly, listened, learned and sipped her tea while holding it between either of her hands that were encased inside of black leather fingerless gloves. The archaeologist honestly had quite a lot on her mind the past week as well, and in this new situation she was eager to just… watch all of you, like a giant creepy (but completely awesome) British gal.

For his part, Logan took himself out of the situation. He didn't seem to be paying much attention to the people at work, to Darcy as she gave some basic medical attention to May, to Barry, who seemed to be having trouble processing things, to Hall, and his current residence, to Lara, and how she was coolly observing everyone. Nope, Logan turned his back, looking at a glass shelf built into the wall. There was a mirror in the case, and he could see everyone, but he didn't seem to care. Instead, he ran his finger along the glass, found a lot of dust on it, and brushed it between his thumb and forefinger. Sometimes, he could be intimidating, and all he had to do was pretend to be disinterested. But he heard and saw everything, much like the creepy British gal and the creepy Asian gal. Maybe that's why they got along so well. He was the creepy Canadian guy.

May replies to Barry first. "Do you need to put in your two week notice with the police department? If so, then after you've officially resigned from the NYPD. HR will go over all of the remaining details with you as you fill out the application paperwork." This IS an official agency, after all. They exist on paperwork.

Then she looks at Hall, managing to NOT wince at something Darcy is doing to the cut on her left arm. She watches him speak in a distracted manner, her eyes flicking over to where he looks, trying to figure out what he's looking at. His behavior is … certainly different. "Are you offering to reinstate your consulting contract with SHIELD in general, or perhaps a more specific division?" She reaches for her tea finally and takes a sip. Well, not the perfect cup of tea, but Lewis is learning fast. At least she's no longer trying to brew it like coffee.

As much as Barry seems distracted, really he's more observant than he lets on. He's already realized that May's recent injuries may have comes from an explosion, judging from the dishevelled appearance, the blow back of a weapon would call for it - there could be something with the glass or shrapnel. Lara's British, the accent gives that away, but she's apparently a gifted asset, considering the attention that Darcy paid her at the suggestion of helping her with climbing. Clearly an agent or advisor. Darcy? Maybe an agent in training. Obviously witty, the cut of her clothes was purposeful, to keep one off guard.

Logan? Probably freelance. But considering the amount of leeway and friendly banter between him and Melinda May? A trusted asset. Harold? Harold's the hard one to figure out - until Melinda herself fills in that piece. Another advisor. But an advisor of what? Not etiquette or foreign relations.. something for him to consider later.

"I just moved from Central City, so I don't have to worry about the notice. I'll make sure to get started on the paperwork in the moring."

Hall frowns while looking at May.

Her injuries have him intrigued too, as have her other comrades, fellow agents. "I… think it best if we stick with something 'general' for the moment," he replies to May's question, sitting forward and rubbing his chin with one finger. Then he clears his throat. "Pardon me, but I can help with that," says he, motioning to May's injuries. "A simple healing spell should do the trick — It's only polite." That last sentence was clearly not said to May. "It's not a 'waste' either; look, whatever else I've given up, my manners were not part of it. They're very much my own."

He grunts, and glances back at May and the group. "Sorry. This probably looks very strange…the offer still stands, Agent May." There's an angry flash of what appear to be red-gold eyes just over the old man's shoulder, and then… nothing.

Darcy hisses lightly as May winces. "Sorry," she whispers, her hands steady though as she cleans her mentor's cuts and scrapes. At mention of a healing spell, Dracy glances up at May. "Might be a good idea."

Lara sipped her tea while the others talked and she seemed particularly interested in what Hector was offering, healing spells? Magic? That didn't involve rabbits out of hats? She'd want to learn more about that.

Croft glanced to Logan and watched him dusting the shelves with a finger which made her smirk. "Focus, Logan." She chided him quietly.

Logan turned towards Croft, smirking back at her at his supposed lack of focus. He had heard everything in the room. But he moved back, taking an empty seat near Lara as he had given his seat between Darcy and Lara to Melinda. He didn't say anything, but he was curious about the magic too.

May, strangely enough, seems completely unperturbed by the man's offer of magic. "Maybe next time, Hall." She finally gets fed up with Darcy's fussing, and sends her off with Hall to HR to get the consultant paperwork out of the way. She needs to prep for the man's return, because those eyes for a brief moment, are the kind of thing WAND was created to deal with.

In the meantime, she looks at Barry. "Croft, how about we show Allen here where the lab spaces are?" It sounds like a good reason, right? Whatever the case, May needs to get up and walk around.

Magic? There's an arch of Barry's eye, before he nods. "Sure, sounds good." he says as he moves to get to his feet so he can head off on the tour with the two lovely ladies. There are worse ways to spend an evening, really.

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