It's Not Easy Being Blue

January 28, 2017:

Hank and Lyn chat about drinks, girls, and being who you are.

A Cafe in NYC


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Fade In…

Cold, bustling, human traffic, as well as machine, moves to and fro as the world goes round. Nothing stops people from behing people. No attacks, shows of super-amazing actions; nothing. No gods, nor giants, beasts, or aliens make this city's heart stop pumping.

Ducking away from the main flow of citizens is a dark skinned girl wearing a red coat. Shivering, shuddering, she stalls by a window of a cafe, not entering the shop itself, but she's ordering the biggiest drink she can afford. At first, the teller stares her way, noting her odd eyes, but with a bit of hesitation, they continue their job, requesting payment, receiving it, and then tossing the order back.

Her back presses against a side wall, hands shoved into her pockets, as the girl with large hair watches the passage of people still on their way to all the places they'll go.

"Experiment log #703F, So far all readings are nominal with the converter. Battery life still at Sixy-seven percent after one hour and fourteen minutes, an improvement of eighteen percfent over Experiment #703E. At current rate of battery consumption, Emitter is likely to exceed expected four hour limitation." The massive man is talking into some sort of digital recorder, keeping some sort of mental log as he too gets in line to order. He pauses and smiles at the barista and says "Grande Caramel Frappuccino, 2 Pumps Caramel Syrup, 2 Pumps Hazelnut Syrup, Java Chips, Caramel & Mocha Drizzle if you would be so kind." He then smiles at the nearest patron and adds "Tastes just like a Twix bar." Neither person returns the smile…

"Does it?" Lyn questions softly, her own coffee given to her, and through gloved hands, she grips the hot, take-away vessel, drinking in as much of its warmth through her palms as possible. "Taste like dat, I mean. De drink y'gettin'?" The Creole explains, her lips curling up into a smile and pressing dimples into each cheek. "Sorry, don' mean t'int'rupt, jus' sounded nice. Ain't neva heard dat type 'f drink b'fore."

Beast smiles at the woman at her question and replies "Indubitibly, there is of course some minor variation, but the flavors combine to form something entirely reminisant." He takes a second straw and offers it to her. "Put it in and place your thumb over the top, that way you can have a taste without risk of any sort of comunicable virus transferance." He holds his drink out to her. "That is a charming accent if you do not mind my observing such. Lousiana?"

"I ain't 'fraid." The snake-eyed girl beams up toward the man's features. Accepting the straw, she presses her lips around it and sucks, once. Leaning back, she licks any residue away and nods. "V'ry nice. T'ink y'on t's'mt'ing dere." Not taking another sample, she holds to her own drink still and finally pulls it closer to her lips, blowing in the drinking slit of its lid before taking a cautious sip. "Mmmhmm. Good hearin'. 'n t'anks f'de compl'ment, chere." Finally, a hand out, she grins all the more warmly. "M'Lynette. Pleasure t'meet y', Mr….?"

Beast takes the hand and shakes it gently. His hand of course completely envelops hers but he is remarkably gentle with his grip. "Doctor, actully. Dr. Hank McCoy. It's nice to meet you Lynette." He says gesturing as if to say 'I have no where to be and am hapy to walk and talk.' "And I confess to a mild unfair advantage, I am personally aquainted to a gentleman who hails originally from New Orleans."

"Ah! Doct'r den. Fancy, but, y'do sound mighty smart." She chides gently, giving a tap at her temple before giggling. It was warm inside, thankfully, and taking a break from the cold, she motions toward a table and takes a seat, inviting McCoy to join her should he wish. "Nawlins? Really? I was jus' visitin' dere wit a mentor 'f mine. M'fr'm outside 'f Baton Rouge, m'self." Another blow, she sips from her cup before pulling at its lid and removing it, now that she wasn't going to be walking with it down the sidewalk. "Where y'fr'm, Doc? Y'native t'here?"

Beast smiles a bit and follows her, trying to take a seat that his massive frame wil not obstruct too much traffic. "New York, mercy no. I was born and raised in a small town in Illinois that you very likely never heard of. I came to New York after high school to further my education however and it has become home as it were. I still go back for the occasional holiday naturally. And what of you, what brings you this far away from the land of jumbilia and crawfish?"

"Try me. Been all 'bout." She winks, nursing from her cup idly all the while. "Yeah? What'd y'study, 'f y'don' mind me askin'." Another sip, she sits back in her seat, and crosses her legs under the table. The question causes her to soften in expression. Her teeth nibble at her lower lip, and those eyes of jade glance away. Watching people as they move outside the store front window, she then looks back, settling those slits on the man across from her. "S'vival."

Beast sips his drink with obvious relish and shrugs slightly. "Medicine, Biology, Genetics.." He says casually. "I actully hold multiple doctorates." He notes that she didn't exactlly answer his own question, but does not press. It is after all just a casual meeting between strangers.

"Y'fam'ly mus' be proud." She smiles once more, allowing warmth to touch her features again. "Dat y'dream growin' up? Learnin' all dat stuff?" Giving him the once over, she chuckles and chants her head to the side, those curls giving a soft bob as her head moves. "Y'de biggest doct'r I eva seen. Did y'play sports 'r 'nyt'ing while attendin'?"

Beast smiles pleasently and nods, "It was. I've always had a ravenious appitite for knowledge, It's been one of my formost passions since as early as I can remember. According to my mother, while other children were reading the Suessian MAsterpiece "The Cat in the hat", i was involving my mind with the Unexpected Journey of Bilbo Baggins." He shrugs and actully blushes when she mentions his size. "I played football in highschool, but went to collage completely on an academic scholorship… I did manage to stop an armed robbery once, while simultaniously scoring a game winning touchdown however."

Lyn blinks. Her eyes widen at the story before a bubbly, melodic giggle escapes her lips. "Y'sure y' ain't Supaman, Doct'r M'Coy?" Smirking, she playfully winks his way, another giggling muffling into her cup as she drinks another mouthful. "Bet de lady in y'life's very lucky t'have y'." A pause, "If…y'got a lady, dat is. Shame if y'don'."

Beast smiles and blushes rather brightly. "Well they had decided to try and attempt to make their escape by traversing across the football field mid game, so it was not /that/ impressive." He says with a grin, and blushes harder at the mention of a lady. "I would hope that she entertains much the same sentiment."

"'mpressive 'nough, beau." She assures him, falling silent as she finishes off her cup and then sets it aside. Watching him blush, she can't keep the smile off her face; both adoring and impish. Arm on the table, the other resting on its elbow, her cheek then settles into the warm cradle of her palm. Giving a low whistle, she continues. "Look at y'. Smart, hands'me, strong, good natured, n'wit a spec'al lady? Y'de 'meric'n dream, Doct'r M'Coy. Y'know dat, right? T'ink m'a lil jealous of y'."

Some believe that fate, or chance, or irony just sits and waits, listening to the pulse of the world for someone to say something like that. Hank would call such ideas nonsense normally however… "Crittical batery overheat." Comes a voice from his watch. "Battery failure imminent." Haqnk just stares at the device for a moment agast, and then mutters "Oh my stars and garters…" At which moint his whole image digitizes for a moment, then vanishes… revealing something close to a blue gorilla holding his twix coffee. Silence for a moment… then the baresta screams.

Lyn blinks, glancing at that voice that speaks from the man's wrist. She understand his concern, hearing it in his voice, but curious to its meaning. Then, she sees it. Her vision settles on his features, and that fur, and without hesitation, she reaches out a hand and gives a sweep of azure a soft brush. The scream, however, gets to hear ears. Shaking her head, curls sent swaying, she glares over toward the high-pitched noise and its origin point. "Jesus, girl. Calm down. Y'act like y'ain't neva seen pe'ple diff'rent den y'b'fore. Y'live in New York, calm y'tits. Sheesh." Rubbing at her ear, she then looks back to Hank and returns the smile to her features. "Ain't y'jus' full 'f su'prises? Dat t'ing." She points to his 'watch'. "What's dat? Was dat d't'ing dat was talkin'?"

Beast smiles and looks around at the shocked faces and looks like he is about to bolt… but tries to relax, and most of the other patrons seem more warry then terrified…. Even the Baresta's scream was more one of shock then anything… Hank tries to resettle himself into his seat without looking to uncomfortable. "Ahh… umm yes it is a hard light image inducer…" He says not looking her in the eyes now. "It produces what is effectively a holographic progection with tactile responce…"

"What's wrong?" She questions him gently, directly, and moves a hand out, resting it atop the man's own, should he allow her to. "Dis you, right?" Apparently, it wasn't something offensive to the snake-eyed Creole. She notices his stance, how he sits, and that tense aura around him. Frowning, she glances around the cafe and then leans a bit closer over the table, whispering. "If y'wanna get outta here, we c'n. If y'wanna stay, we stay. Don' be 'fraid, Hank. We ain't doin' n't'ing wrong, non?"

Beast is still blushing, though it's now almost impossible to tell under the thick, yet kitten soft fur that covers his body. "I normally do not object to people seeing me, I was simply mentally unprepared for the rather abrupt shift." He says, his voice considerably softer and more subdued.

"S'life, chere. S'mtimes, de best t'ings are de ones we don't 'xpect." She offers, still speaking gently, and giving his massive hand another assuring squeeze. "Don' worry 'bout it. Dey calmin' down n'I ain't runnin'." She explains, sitting back in her seat and breaking contact. "Tell y'what," she begins. "Y'look m'way 'gain, I get us s'm cheescake. How 'bout dat?"

Beast looks up with his eyes, and there is just the faintest grin on his now almost feral face, and yet he says in an almost hopeful tone "Cheesecake?"

Lyn giggles. Her eyes squinting shut as her face scrunches a bit. "Y'darlin'. I be back." He did what she asked, after all, so the girl stands and moves back into the que, waiting for her turn at the counter. Placing an order, she glances back to her shared table, and then pays before returning, offering him a plate of his own cheesecake. Plopping back down into her chair, she starts poking at her own dessert with a plastic fork, and sampling a bite.

Beast takes the cheesecake from her with a soft "Thank you," And takes a bit. The rich, heavenly desert making the massive mutant almost moan in euphoric pleasure. He then takes off his "watch" and begins to examine it. "Ther must be some sort of power short I am not detecting…"

"Y't'ink y'need it?" She questions after the comment. Sampling bite by bite. "Mean, if y'like it, do what y'like, I jus'…I dunno. Use t'be 'fraid of m'looks, too. M'eyes, n'de scales I got, too. Just, afta 'while, got t't'inkin'…why? Why be 'fraid? S'me, n'I like me. T'hell wit ev'rybody else."

Beast shrugs a bit, "The image of the person you met before… That is what I was born to look like." He says simply, trying to assert his calm and for the most part succeeding at this point. "How I appear now was an accident of science and my own hubris.."

"Hank," the girl begins, setting her fork down. "If we s'ppose t'be what we was born t'be, den I'd be dead right now." She explains, her head resting to the side as she studies the big blue fuzz-ball across from her. "S'mtimes, t'ings happ'n, 'n dey happ'n f'reasons. I had dark eyes growin' up. N'no scales, neitha. I t'ink dey more me den I was b'fore, dough. Whose t'say y'ain't lookin' like y'was meant to, too?"

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