2017-01-20 - To Catch A Jason

January 20, 2017:

Roy Harper and Starfire try to talk to Jason…about something.

A Restaurant Somewhere


NPCs: Lian



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Fade In…

Alfred had missed Jason Todd, particularly for Christmas.

Kori wanted Alfred's cookies.

Truthfully, so did Roy.

Which meant tracking down Jason Todd through convoluted means into Little Italy, being turned down for steamed fish, directed to seek tiramisu instead, and then narrowing down the location of that non-talkative sourpuss to the cathedral (really, Jason, things would be -harder- without your winning personality…)

Long story short. Located, obligatory anti-hero fight, interruption by a phone call…

"Put Master Jason on, immediately."

"Hey, Jason, Alfred wants to talk to you… NOW."

Christmas came, Jason made merry with his Bat-family (insomuch as he possibly could…)

New Year went by, and then it was the obligatory monthly Cookie Delivery.

THIS time around, at least, Roy was able to talk Jason into doing something -non-combatory-…

And just to remind Jason that he didn't NEED to be a party pooper, there was Lian Harper, sitting across the diner table, staring frankly at him.

"Why do you have white hair?"

Red Hood didn't realize that he would be eating with a kid. He really only agreed to meet with Roy to try and figure out what the Hell he wants with him. Thing is, with the kid there, he can't just flat out ask. At least, not the way he wants to. Sitting across from Roy and the kid, he looks from one to the other before leaning forward conspiratorially, "Because, kiddo, someone cracked my head open with a crowbar and killed me. This is how my hair grew back."

He then leans back in his chair and looks to Roy with a smug smirk. He wanted this meeting, didn't he?

Keeping Jason behaved was going to be pretty hard to do, apparently, but he didn't think Jason would prove to be that bastardly in front of a kid.

Lesson learned.

Lian's reaction is to look closer at Jason's head, followed by a simple question:

"Are you Jesus?"

"… No, hell, no, honey… he's just being mean," Roy chimes in. "Look, every time Jason's mean, you can take one of the cookies Alfred gave us. That's -his- penalty, ok?"

"Really?" Lian's eyes descends towards the box of cookies, while Roy takes a moment to smirk back at Jason. Want to play it that way, do you?

Thing is, Jason can pop by Wayne Manor and get more cookies, so he merely arches his eyebrows at Roy. He's more than happy to play this game. "Yes, kiddo. Yes, I am." He crosses his arms at his chest and just watches Roy deal with the mess he started. "I'm not being mean. She asked, I told her the truth. Are you saying that didn't happen?" Does he know? He can always ask Dick.

"Well, I was referring to her thinking you're Jesus. Which you ain't, so don't give me that," Roy responds, shaking his head. "That -definitely- isn't the truth. Unless you plan on growing out a long beard… you really want to explain that to Alfie?"

Shaking his head, Roy ruffles Lian's hair. "Anyway, Kori's a bit stuck somewhere. Soon as she arrives, we'll have a little talk. Don't worry, I think she's probably shopping with K'tten, so Lian can go back with her. But your, uh… sprees? Kinda feel responsible for that since you're -here- and not -there-, right?"

Blue eyes narrow at Roy, "You're the one that brought the kid to this, not me. And he doesn't like being called that." Jason glances at the little girl again before he tilts his head, "So she's late because she's shopping. I'm so glad that I'm so important that she couldn't wait…or end her trip early. What the HELL do you want from me?" His voice might rise in volume at that last question.

"I haven't done anything in at least two months. I've been trying to keep to myself until you and Ms. CarrotTop decided that you needed to get up all in my business."

"Well, Kori -did- make a suggestion about channeling things into a particular path," Roy shrugs. "Particularly since G. Gordon Godfrey was running around shooting his mouth about aliens and everything. Y'probably haven't noticed, but there's this little tinpot talkshow host shooting his mouth off at things and stirring up trouble. MIght as well re-channel things that way."

Pause. "Not saying you should shoot him or something, but it might be good to have another eye investigate in New York."

"I'm not your stooge. I'm not her stooge. And I'm not Batman's stooge. If you ask me to do something, maybe I'll consider it. If you try to push me into doing something, it is damn certain that I will fight you. I'm not a Private Eye and I'm not going to snoop around doing your dirty work for you." Or even their clean work. "I don't care what some talkshow host is saying. Unless he's a rapist or a murderer I don't give a crap."

The shopping entailed groceries to feed extra mouths, and when you ask people not from Earth nor typically on its surface to do it, it ends in disaster of mainly Mellow Fluff and lettuce, because together and topped in straberry jam it looks pretty… But is disgusting.

Leaning against a nearby lip of wall, Kori sniffs and smiles while her head shakes and a foot drops from the leaned prop upon the wall just beneath derriere. Fur lined boot thuds down, topped in faux yak tufts to knees where jeans cover legs in a cling to hips. Abdomen is bare, showing tawny skin just before a matching 'bomber-like' jacket picks up, also rimmed at sleeves and hood with the yak-a-like.

Part and parcel with the Agents.

"Is carrot top all you got? Seriously?" A smile flashes from purple stained lips and she slides into a seat to join them, plucking up Lian and settling the girl in her lap for a hug!

Though a look of confusion does pass over Kori as she looks from Jason to Roy and back. Stooge? No. That word did not pass. But you are being," Hands clap over Lian's ears. "A hole in a butt."

Unclap, Kori leans back. "What is it you stand for then, Red Hood?"

"Well, that was -one- thought anyway…" Roy considers, before Kori arrives. Standing up to give her a kiss on the cheek briefly and avoid some -gagging- over PDA, Roy pulls out a chair for Kori, inviting her to sit, before nodding. "What she said. Might as well channel whatever you're doing into something that might actually satisfy you. I mean, it's not like you're going to turn into an -accountant-, are you?"

"That is none of your damn business," Jason answers Kori when she appears and asks her question. "And it's none of -your- damn business. What, are you proposing a team or something? Haven't you figured it out yet? I don't play well with others." He looks to the kid there, "Don't let them tell you otherwise. You don't -always- have to share. It's not a bad thing to keep some things to yourself."

A small smile comes with the kiss on the cheek. But it does not change her stance and the cuddling hold upon Lian, who is squeeing and nealy climbing the Alien Amazon and asking what all they got and if they got more to make cupcakes. "Frosting and all, I even found sprinkles that look like hearts for the up and coming heart day."

But when Todd speaks, Kori's smile fades only a bit and the look towards Lian's inquisitive stare is met with a cup of her cheeks. "Sweetie. You're a princess. You get what you want as long as you earn it. That makes it yours." A kiss to the childs brow the smiles grow as well as hugs ensue, but over Lian's shoulder Kori is narrowing emerald eyes upon Jason.

"I don't recall asking if you play weel with anyone, Mister Hood. We just want some like minds to fix damage that can become far larger then even your existence matters for. Hers," A nod down towrds Lian. "Or ours." A sweep of hand between Roy and herself.

"But we have to earn it, hmm?"

Fine. If they want to play that game, he can play along. Jason leans his chair back, balancing it on its two back legs, his arms still crossed. "What's in it for me?" He looks between the two, his eyebrows lifting as if that answer might change his mind.

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