Flash Joy And the League

January 28, 2017:

Flash shares information with Ozymandias and Batman. Starfire meets the Batman.

Hall of Justice

Built in the same architectural Art Deco style of buildings such as the
Empire State Building and Union Terminal in Cincinnati, it harkens back to a
simpler time. With its wide open rotunda as the lobby and carpeting gracing
the marble and granite floors, the Hall of Justice seems to embrace the
concepts of Liberty, Freedom and the Rights of all Humanity.

It is a practical building; a front desk is manned 24/7 with a
less-than-obvious security force, ready and able to help any who may seek
aid from those within. Beyond, down massive lines of corridors, lies the
inner workings of the JL. High tech labs that mix both alien and earth
technologies can be found there, conference rooms, and even some living


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Fade In…

Still on probation means that Barry has to limit himself to 'public' searches in the library. Sure, he could try to hack the computers, but that may not be the best idea in the world full of superheroes. With a cup of coffee that's nearly empty set next to him, Barry's currently wearing the scarlet colors of his tri-polymer speed suit with his hood pulled back as he runs a hand through his brunette hair and blows out a sigh as he pushes his glasses up on his nose. "Nothing. It's all deadends. Pod people, body snatchers, all of it. It's like it doesn't even exist." he mutters to himself, as he leans back in the chair to stare the cieling.

Ozymandias is finally feeling back to his old self after his battle with Apep; in fact, he is feeling a lot better. Ozymandias leaves his duty at the Watch Tower and arrives at the Hall of Justice. He offers a nod to one of the security people before his gaze turns his attention to the new person in the Hall of Justice.

"What are you looking for, Flash? I think we met before. Well, I never introduce myself to you. I think we were in the same area at the same time, but I guess for a speedster you are probably in a lot of people's area at the same time."

Ozymandias dips his head, "Is there a way I can be of service to you?"

Batman is not far behind Ozymandias— the two echoes of a shadowy thought are moving in parallel, though to what end is anyone's guess. Woe betide the person who has aroused their interest, as it's unlikely that anyone could withstand their scrutiny.

Clad in cloak and shadow, Batman is a creature of the night unwillingly required to join the day. Little of him is visible beyond the point of his jaw and angry, thin press of lips, as if perpetually on the edge of irritated fury.

"Flash," Batman says, in his low, monotonous rasp. The eyeless lenses of his mask flicker towards the computers, back again. "What's your interest in the Terrigen Mists?"

"Maybe it was the other Flash? Seems to have been one before I got here." Flash admits with a hint of chagrin as he considers the options and folds his hands behind his head. "Strange green mists, puts people in cocoons, then some strange group with heavy firepower comes to collect them?" he asks casually, as he laces his fingers together. "I mean, like, collecting eggs. Except with guns. And the people that are being affected by them are seemingly being ignored…" he starts to say, as the red clad speedster hears the new voice and glances up.

"Oh hey, it's the Border Patrol. No habla Ingles?" he asks Batman with a lift of one of his brows before the Bat speaks up and gives a name to what he's looking up. "Oh, so that's what the stuff's called. Terrigen Mists. Fingers wiggle and he moves back to the keyboard, a blur of motion as he pulls up the new information and feels his stomach growl. "Hang on."

And he's gone, back a couple of seconds later with a sandwich. He doesn't hunch back over the computer as he starts to scarf down the sandwich at a record pace, licking on his fingers a moment later. "Needed a snack break." he comments before he looks between the two. "Do you know who's kidnapping these people? Tattoo said that they're being made into metas or something - I'm sure that's not something that you'd pleased with, Batman." comes the comment, as he draws in a breath. "I know I'm new to this world, and there's all these /rules/ that need to be followed. But isn't being a hero helping each other. So if you know about these mists and who may be behind them still being released? That'd be a huge help."

"You are from other…" Ozymandias shakes his head and decides to dwell on that issue another time. "I am not sure who Tattoo is, but you stated that you encountered people that are collecting people that are in cocoons? Ozymandias clasps his hands together, "I had been wondering if the rumors were true about the abductions were true. I think I have a pretty good idea on who is behind the abductions.

Ozymands taps his left foot a few times, "How many people did they abduct?" Ozymandias looks over his shoulder at Batman and says, "Have you run into information on the Terrigen Mists? I know who is behind it, and I have been working on a way to track their operations with the help of Oracle.

Batman just…. stares at Barry at the 'Border Patrol' comment. Otherwise, he seems to not acknowledge it, and looks at Ozymandius instead at the termination of Barry's prattling discourse.

"Diana is directing that operation," Batman reminds Ozy. "It'd be prudent to direct questions and operational planning to her." He focuses those eyeless white lenses back on Barry— unlike most of the League members, he wears his heavy half-cowl even in the League's building.

"I don't care what happens outside of Gotham," he growls at Barry.

"So until the Terrigen Mists show up in Gotham, you're not going to care. How Switzerland of you." Barry retorts with a shake of his head and glances towards Ozymandius. "They were down in the Suicide Slums with heavy firepower, looking to kidnap the pods." he responds as he frowns. "With the help of both Tattoo.." he plugs his phone up to the computer to download the pictures, bringing up a pair of women. "..she's the one with the ink, obviously. And this other girl.." A picture of Witchdoctor. "They were turned away."

"When I went back with some help to try to find some clues to figure out where the attackers came from and what they were doing, the damage was already being repaired - they blew out the bottom floor of a building, and were trying to kill everyone in it." he comments as he looks back to Batman. "You'd like Suicide Slums, it's like Gotham, except smaller." he says with a little smirk before he sighs. "Diana. Someone else I'm waiting on."

Ozymandias chuckles a bit at the Gotham Suicide Slum comparison. Ozymandias furrows his brow slightly behind his mask. "I really do not need lectures on prudence or procedures of the Justice League. I gathered intelligence, and I come up with plans of actions, and will provide them to Diana. It is how all great strategies have been develop. Leaders seek their subordinates for advice.

Ozymandias raises his arms in shrugs. "Why should I seek to tie Diana's hands from reaching a decision?

Ozymandias raises his arms in a shrug, "If you wish to keep any intelligence to yourself that is fine. I only ask did you find out any information. I did not ask you to share it with me here obviously, and obviously not in front our new Flash?"

Ozymandias turns his attention to Flash, "No offense, I am not sure about the Flash from the other world thing. Honestly, I am over cautious among all the Leaguers. I haven't take my mask off yet in front of them, and I have been here for awhile.

"Diana is helping." Passing through the entry of the Hall, Starfire's image inducer sheds the falsity of being. Auburn hair braided down her back looses. Skin of a tanned caucasian becomes tawny. Attire of an Esquire Eskimo digitallizes away to leave her simply in straps of purple strips of metallic armor - bikini style save for the boots that rise high upon thighs, rimmed in silver and tipped in a red gem of alien origin.

Tamaranean to be exact.

"This is not just in your Slums. It is in The Land of Metro-Queens." Stated by starfire as green eyes become a pupiless emerald, the small comet's trail of heat following behind the flame hue of hair that hovers just above the floor of the place.

A look to Ozy and Starfire smiles, though when it come to Batman the look is…puzzled. Paused.

But Flash gets a stiff extension of arm and hand to shake. "Starfire of Earth-Now!" Utterly non-plussed! (Not to mention in midway)

"I'm disinclined to interceded in a relatively internal matter," Batman corrects Barry, in that same low growl. "Humans have been killing each other all over the world for a long time. They'll keep doing it long after I'm gone. If you're that concerned about human rights violations, there's a genocide in Eretria that could use attention."

He focuses those eyeless, unfathomable lenses on Ozymandias. "I have. And Diana has that information. Compartmentalization is an essential component of any operation," he says, in that same growling voice. It is clearly his default tone of voice. "If you want access to it, then talk to Diana. She'll decide if it's operationally advantageous for you to be informed."

The Tamaranean's entrance evokes no surprise nor discourtesy from Batman as he focuses on the towering redhead. "Princess Koriand'r," Batman rasps at the woman. Wrapped and hunched in his cloak, there's little humane or approachable in his posture. No explicit welcome is offered other than that relatively neutral greeting.

For a moment, Barry's thoughts drift back as he considers Batman. A conversation he had at another time, another Earth. Harrison Wells, the man who would eventually betray him, speaking on one Green Arrow.

'You offer protection, hope, light. What that man does is carry out a dark reckoning for his city. It is a brutal, violent vision of justice, one we do not share. You truly think he's a hero? Fine, so be it, but he's not the kind you should be looking up to.'

That little snippet of conversation settles tightly in his mind as Ozymandias speaks up and the speedster offers up a smile. "It's fine. I know how a mask and a secret identity is empowering. I usually have my cowl up, but since it seems that some people are all curious about me, I wouldn't bother hiding it in these Halls - after all, at some point, you have to share a measure of trust with those that you may need to rely on the most, right?"

He wants to say more, but then Starfire is making her grand entrance, and Barry's jaw may need a little help slipping back into place. Not because she's an utter dark-skinned beauty that's impossibly tall and would make a supermodel binge eat on Ben and Jerry's Chubby Hubby until they died, but.. "She's an alien. You're an alien. I've never met a friendly alien before!" the speedster immediately nerds as he's up from his seat and is a blur of motion to meet the tall woman. "Uh. Flash. I mean.. that's my name, not you know.. that other thing." he says as he takes the hand. "Not from this Earth, but liking it a little more every day." he offers as he turns his attention back to the others.

"And there's thirteen million people starving in America every day, I get it, Batman. You compartimentalize your way, I'll figure out my way to help." he offers with a thin lipped frown. Then the Bat speaks..

"Wait, you're a Princess? And an Alien? Okay, that's totally cool." he says to the young woman before he turns his attention momentarily back to the others. "Look, if you need a private pow-wow without me around? I can be in California in two minutes."

"No, you really do not have to trust anyone. You really have to think hard about sanity of people that dress in costumes." Ozymandias smirks behinds his masks. "He is dress like a Batman, but he is not a vampire. That is a bit odd." Ozymandias continues with a slight glee in his voice. "Since I am really one he that is qualified to give history lessons, and lessons about conflict.

"Since Justice League was not created to unilaterally invade countries, I think that Eretria reference is probably beyond our concern at the moment. Ozymandias folds his arms across his chest,"If you wish to go dark, and actually do something about Eretria, instead of use it an example in a speech, please let me know. As far the Terrigen Mists situation, this is something that it seems that the Justice League is design for, and we are actually helping.

Ozymandias turns away from Batman, anddips his head to Flash. "Thank you, Flash for bringing this new piece of the puzzle to the League. I am glad that we have you as a new member

Flash's words bring further furrow to Starfire's brow, a glance that reflects between every one of the trio before her. The extended hand withdrawn in the confuion as Flash states a possible departure.

"But you seek what we all do. Answers. Justice. And Home. Why go so far west of Earth?" Starfire tilts her head slightly and shifts her gaze from Flash to Batman, narrowing slightly, and then Ozy with that leer lingering. Until they speak and she relaxes a bit.

"Helping with the results of the Mists?? Good! There are apartments to be built!" A clasp of hands at chest and then Star pauses, looking back at Batman, a feline curiousity akin to her lineage moving her closer. If she had a tail it would flick with mischief… Maybe.

He doesn't have to be approachable//. Kori just does.

"You wont just stand there… Will you?" Not accusational at all, as a matter of fact it has hope, and has a level of knowing despite the question.

"That's why I'm disinclined to bandy around sensitive information," Batman rebuts of Ozymandias, at the mention of relative sanity. His tone is so dry that it almost precludes any suggestion of humor. "And why I keep my operations compartmentalized. Particularly if I'm inclined to trespass into religiously significant archaeological sites."

The Batman watches Barry leaping over himself to make introductions to Kori, but whereas the speedster is moving almost fast enough to trip himself with polite introductions, Batman returns Koriandr's curious peer with a literally blank and unreadable stare of white, featureless eyes. A trick of his cowl, certainly, but it gives him an uncannily inhuman look— triggering that instinct that keeps people from travelling down the Uncanny Valley too far, a black-swathed blind fortuneteller who sees twice what he offers and offers only half of what he means. And as Koriand'r draws closer, he remains as immobile as a gothic gargoyle.

"Oh, they were talking about how all secretive they are and since I'm not part of the secret handshake club yet." Barry shrugs his shoulders with a casualness that belies his frustration as he considers Kori and nods. "See, she has the right idea. We find out who's doing this, stop them, and then we can work on finding out what to do to help them." the young man offers as he looks between Batman and Ozymandias and tries to strike one of their imposing looks.

It's severely lacking.

Reaching up to rub the back of his head, Flash considers, a bundle of nervous energy that moves back and forth on his heels as he considers the others. "I already posted a report to the board about the whole thing that I came across the other day, so if you want to help, we can start with the building they destroyed and the evacuees from it that don't have a place to stay currently. And are trying to care for these cocoon things that supposedly hatch into metahumans." he offers with a tight lipped smile before his attention turns to Ozymandias. "If I can contact this girl.." a gesture to Tattoo. "Akin.. may I set up a meeting so maybe you can get the right information from her?"
It takes Ozymandias a bit of time for him to get Batman's joke. One would be amazed how many things people have found funny in through out the centuries. Ozymandias laughs loudly and unfolds his arms, "That was funny, and people say that only the clowns in Gotham can get laughs."

Ozymandias turns away from to tarfire and dips his head to her. "I am glad to see you, again. I did not know that you had decided to join us fully. I was hoping so. A small appears behind his mask as he says, "I would like to know about these other worlds. You have know idea how this knowledge fascinates me.

Ozymandias turns to Batman and says, "Can you give the information to Batman as well? I know he is probably better at finding clues, especially if you have already checked and the police have combed and found nothing. I know a CEO that enjoys getting his company in the paper for good deeds, and he owes me a favor. I can get them a place to stay for a couple of months, until they get help from other agencies."

Ozymandias nods, "Sure, let Diana know about Tattoo and the other lady too."

"One of you has been on my ship." Poke to Batman's chest, whether touch is made or not, Kori stands there with Flash just beside her and Ozy present. "You. Don't. Scare. Me!" A trip of fingers along Batman and seeking to end-point at his nose.

But just as quickly as the touch down is attempted it is withdrawn with a light flick/shake as if he left a residual feel upon her that gave unease. Or she just did not like the reminder…

"You do not need a secret shake. You just need to embrace it all." A gesture to them, the Hall, the statues straddling along the walls of the Sentinel Heroes… Flash gets a smile and a wink as Starfire passes him to lean against the desk.

Ozy gets a return cant of head, the smile not fading, but wavering as she listens, holding back the typical jovial accent to posture while they speak more forward. She took the edge off (kinda, Batfail!), and secretly that is all she hoped to do.

"I would be lying if I said no. Wonder Woman asked for my aid and my ships tech as well. I agreed in part. I think that counts." Looking then to Flash. "You fit fine here." Althgh the look back to Batman finally gets Kori more placid.

"X'Hal! You need to smile." A pinch gesture. "A bit?"

"You're assuming I want to help," Batman rasps at Barry. "I'm lending my expertise and resources to the League. That's all."

He stares at Ozymandias, as if trying to gauge whether the other cowled fellow is being flip, facetious, or is merely unhinged to some degree. Whatever his ultimate conclusion, it's not voice aloud, and he look at Starfire as she brushes up against his person, neither shifting nor recoiling as she wiggles her fingers tantalizingly close. There is a sense about him of a snake coiling into itself, something inhuman and animal. Those with instincts keyed to survival would likely find themselves twigging to the sure hazard around Koriand'r's fingers, like seeing someone plying the tines of a fork too near an electrical outlet.

How he does this is anyone's guess— he is, after all, just a man.

"I have work to do." And with no more excuse than that, Batman turns on his heel and moves back towards the heart of the Hall of Justice, cloak dragging around him.
Nodding to Starfire, Flash is mainly listening to the ongoing conversation around him. "Well if you and Diana are helping out with it, I'll be more than willing to get any information that Kida can provide to you." he offers as he watches Batman skulk off. He frowns a little. "I bet he's great at charades." he offers off-hand before his attention turns to the others and stretches out.

"I should see about getting some rest, not much of a night owl myself." he admits before he blinks at Ozymandias. "Was it Mister Stark? I met him, he's helping me with the temporal device that trapped me here - but he doesn't think it can be fixed. Uh, anyway, he said I could talk to Pepper Potts about a job.. just not sure. I want to still help the police, you know? I used to do that before I ended up here."

Ozymandias watches Batman depart, and turns his attention back to Barry. "I do know Mr. Stark or Ms. Potts, but I do know a CEO who can help, and has a security division. Ozymandias nods to himself, "It is not the police, but the do offer a lot of things besides the typical security force does. He can also make some phone calls for you to get you a job here at the local police department.

Ozymandias chuckles softly, "You would be costing me a lot of favors with him, but this seems like good intelligence on the Mists. Let me know about this, Tattoo."

Star just watches Flash dart off while Bats skulks away. Arms fold across her chest, the purple vambraces tapped upon, althugh a single finger remains on the red gem upon the peak.

"I already joined and was in when you asked without press. Then Diana came to me as a fellow Princess with similar views." A look towards the masked man and Starfire smiles despite the large variables that just left them with their irratic denominators.

"They are also a confirmartion of why. We are." Nothing alike in appearance, but in goals and heart.

"He spoke of what I see on the Land of Queens below my ship. The pod-people??" Pause, thought… That doesnt seem right at all!

" Though no one tries for them." Bet. "Let them try." Her words level on the latter, an idle inspection comes to her nails.

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