Horse Racing

January 29, 2017:


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Rogue is outside this afternoon actually, she was bundled up in a jacket, scarf, wool cap, long jeans and some riding boots… because she's mounted on her brown horse 'Skyrider' and is out in the horsefields near the woods.

Rogue and Horse are trotting along a pathway emerging from the woods… She'd eagerly wanted to get Skyrider outside today and go down the pathways since it wasn't too cold out and the poor thing needed some time to get out and stretch her horsey legs.

Anna-Marie's eyes went upward, she was wearing some aviator sunglasses, but she could still see the super-powered girl flying and leaving that 'trail' in the sky behind…

"Huh." Rogue said quietly, observing while Skyrider continued to trot down the pathway.

Blue eyes see the pair as she turns her direction to head for the horse and redhead. She always is liked by animals as a rule and she is pretty sure she know its rider. The blonde comes to a soft landing near them. "Hello!" Her voice bright and happy as Meggan's accent comes through loud and clear.

Rogue pulled back on her horse's reigns to get the animal to stop and she looked up to the flyer and offered a faint smile. "Well hey there." She said to Meggan. "Out for a… fly around t'day?" The southern gal asked in her own heavily accented tones. The horse she was on was eyeing the flyer cause it made him kind of uncomfortable… he was stepping about wanting to keep moving but he stayed mostly in one place.

"Just crossed the ocean actually." She really shuold have thouht ahead and packed more clothes or things to bring with herself. Meggan reachs a hand out toward the horse, letting him sniff over her and brush along the muzzle, "Hello handsome. I think he's eager for a bit of a run." She observes. "I wouldn't want to keep you two. I just was arriving and thought I see how everyone is doing here. Long as it is not much a bother?"

The horse happily sniffed at the woman's hand and then turned himself (and his rider) toward a tall green bush that he started to yank the leaves off of. Rogue smirked softly at her horse and then smiled at Meggan. "Ain't no bothe'ah at all." She told the other. "Happy t'have ya, so long as you're here to be a benefit an' not a bothe'ah…" Rogue then flashed the woman a little grin. "Its been kinda crazy around here of late, so we could always use more friends, ya know?"

Meggan watches what the horse is eatting before looking up at Rogue. "Don't think I tend to bother people. I try not to be at least." Her face turns worried as she wonders if she has in the past. "I'm happy to help out either way. I's been a long time, and we never really spent much time together. I'm Meggan."

Rogue laughed a little at the girl's words. "You won't be a bothe'ah, I'm sure'a it." She smiled at her and then turned the horse's attention away from the foilage and aimed him back toward the stamped-dirt-pathway. "Come on." She said, getting the horse to start walking again… he happily complied.

The southern gal's eyes then looked back to Meggan. "Float along with us if ya'd like, Strange'ah." She told the other. "Were you a student here then?" She asked her further.

Megan walks along the side of the horse along the pathway happy to keep pace with the pair moving up to eye level with Rogue as she air walks along beside her. "No. I never been a student before, actually. What about you, were you a student here?"

Rogue dipped her head in a pair of small nods to the woman's question. "Yep." She replied. "Got here when I was just a wee lil eighteen year ol' pup. Got through the highschool courses'n then moved on to a college nearby. Came back with a teachin' degree'n been enjoyin' my first semeste'ah as the French Teache'ah." She smiled at the girl Air Walking beside her and Skyrider. "Its been a real good time so far too… aside from all the weird shit thats always tryin' t'creep up on us. But we deal with that stuff too… we find ways'a makin' it all work, ya know?"

Meggan continues to walk along. She smiles to hear a bit of Rogue's past. "I do know. I remember when my life was like that a bit. But I need a change of scenery and more people in my life. I don't have any um… paperwork to say I have a teacher's degree. But I like to think I have a few talents."

Rogue nodded her head gently to what the other was saying as her horse trotted his way up a hill onto the main bulk of the horse fields that were clearly apart of Xavier's land, the school building a ways down the field.

"Well… I hope ya find what you've been lookin' for…" She tells the other, glancing her way and smiling. "Name's Marie by the by, though most just call me Rogue." She reached her right gloved hand over to Meggan. "Happy t'have a new friendly face around, all things considered."

Meggan continues her pace beside the horse, doing her best to be keep things calm for the aimal. "Good to meet you. Which name do you perfere the most?" The hand is taken and given a soft shake. "I am good at helping keep a place clean and don't take lots of space."

Rogue grinned at the girl and shook her head after shaking her hand. "Rogue's fine. Not many call me Marie, when they do I feel like I'm about t'get a lexture or somethin'." She showed a playful smirk/grin and then laughed a little. "IF you're good at cleanin' ya might be regrettin' tellin' folks around here that, cause this place is always fallin' apart around our heads." She glanced at Meggan and leaned toward her a few inches. "Someone might put ya t'work." She said in a lower tone of her southern dripped words.

"Rogue it will be then," says Meggan echoing the grin at Rogue at the laugh. "The life of a mutant seems a bit more exciting in America then back in the U.K." She leans in at the whisper, "I am used to being the one cleaning up. I got a lot of experience. Besides it's easy to reach the high and low places with my gift. Are there alot at the school right now?"

Rogue smiled at her and nodded once or twice. "Yeah, its kind of a packed hose at the moment." She told her with a soft sigh. "Christmas was nuts this year… and yeah… if you think its weird already, wait till ya get south'a here an' inta the big cities. Those places are likd madhouses. Why like, a week or two back? I ran inta this nerd who claimed t'be from space, an' he was stuffin' this huge blue-skinned monste'ah guy inta a dumpste'ah!" Rogue smirked lightly then. "He was kinda cute though, I mean, for an old guy… so I didn't question him much on it."

Meggan pauses after listening to Rogue. "I think I understood all of that. I admit I'm bad sometimes about slang, but that sounded like something I can imagine happening. I've had a few weird things happen on the few pubs I ahve gone to. Having a madhouse sounds good to me." She reaches out to touch the horse's shoulder. "Think your friend is happy to get his legs stretched."

Rogue put her left gloved hand forward and she too pet the back of her horse's head over his black haired mane that was recently brushed. She grinned. "Yeah, he's a good horse… still young too, so he's got all that 'I need t'get out an do stuff' anxiousness. The kids at the school like havin' these fellas around too. Anythin' that makes bein' a mutant in this world a little bit easie'ah, right?" Rogue grinned at Meggan. "An' if you're goin' t'bars, you're definitely lookin' for the wildest shit t'happen. I know, cause thats pretty much how I spend my weekends."

Meggan offers, "If he and you want to run I can keep up. Get the wind in his mane some." She looks over at Rogue and then gets a sense Rogue is speakig from experience about the past. "I wish I able to have as much support as these kids have." She laughs some about the bars part. "We were at a pub for…. it's a complicated bit and I don't understand it to this day. So do you have someone to to the pub with?"

Rogue shook her head at the girl's later question. "Nah. Not really…" She told her. "Most people around here that are my age are with their boyfriends or girlfriends or whatevs… I'm the mutant that can't touch nobody, so people mostly just treat me with surface level kindness, then peace the fuck out once they get the first chance possible." She grinned at this and then adjusted herself on the saddle. "We'll race ya back to the stable then. Okay?" She said to Meggan, before starting her horse up, getting the young beastly animal to go full speed along the grassy field!

A shadow passes over Meggan's face but she shakes it off visibly, "Well I can go with you." Course she owns one outfit right now. "We touched and nothing happened. So don't worry about it. Though I admit I am a bit of a lightweigh most times and so don't drink all that often." She gets ready to fly off faster, "Race on!" She moves to fly off fast to keep up with the horse, but doesn't want to scare it by flying beyond it.

The horse was more used to flying than she might realize at first though, since Rogue too could fly… but it probably was fairly wise of her to be careful since she was new and obviously not the horse's owner.

The race down to the area outside the tables went by fairly fast and Skyrider was a very quick horse! (though it probably helped that Rogue could make herself weigh little more than a feather).

Once back at the area in front of the stable entrances, Rogue dismounted the horse and she reached up to pit the animal's face and lead him over to the trough of water where he happily parked himself.

With a grin, Rogue turned to Meggan. "You can touch me cause'a these." She said, wiggling her fingers inside of her gloves. "Without'em, skin on skin? I'd drop ya like a bag'a wet potatoes. Right inta a deep slumbe'ah." Rogue walked over to get a few things for Skyrider while he drank.

Meggan also has that trail of fire behind her hair. As they get to the stables she slows down and lands. "He's got a good gate to him. I'm sure he's grateful for the sprint, Rogue." She looks at the gloves and shrugs. "I was oftering to be a friend while you drink. And I am a bit tougher then I look." She moves to help get the horse's gear off if Rogue looks to not mind.

Rogue flashed the girl a grin. "I know that… I just am explainin' why othe'ahs always bail out on me. Thats all." She said to the girl before going to help her with the horse's stuff. She carried it over to the storage area. "Thanks." She said with a soft smile. "So you're welcome t'go on inside if ya want… I mean… If you're wantin' t'meet with the Professah you'll have t'probably make an appointment though… Guy is busy like crazy."

"I am happy to meet anyone! Especially new people. It should be nice to see if anyone else I know is still here. My trip was sort of spur of the moment…. well after my episode finished." While Rogue gets some of the horse stuff, Meggan finishes with the rest to help get the horse into his stable. "I am in no rush to bother the Professor if he is busy. So what kind of pub do tend to visit?" The pair are near the stable finishing up putting Rogue's horse into the stables.

Rogue finished storing the horse's gear in the stable storeroom and then came out and shut the door. She took her horse by his lead and walked him over to his stall while glancing back to Meggan. "Oh. There's a bar called Harry's just down the road on the highway. Its a pretty friendly place t'mutants. They got a pool hall and a room for card games, so I try'n hit that place up most weekends. Unless I'm feelin' real adventurous… then I head in t'Manhattan… But those nights usually end weird, so I am tryin' t'get outta that habbit now that I'm a Teache'ah."

Penance has been out in the woods for the last day, but hearing the signs of people outside, she's willing to go that far to check it out. The red girl approaches, low to the ground, as she follows the voices, and looks to see who's out there.

"Well that's good to hear, but sad you have to mention it being okay for mutants. You think it be better by now." She gets a shudder, "Happy to go to that city just not near one building. Not the best memories." She pauses as she senses something and starts to turn toward the door. "So do you like being a teacher?" Doing her best to not scare off whoever is drawing closer.

Rogue nodded her head softly to the question and she shot a smile to Meggan. "Yeah, I love it." She said in response. "I mean, its not easy at times. But othe'ah times it feels like the most rewardin' thing I could possibly be spendin' my time doin'. So yeah, its great." Rogue shuts the door to her horses pen and then starts back outside. "Every day is a new challenge, I guess. Especially in this school."

The red girl makes her way into the stable, curiously. She looks at the two inside. Rogue she's seen, the other woman is a new factor. She cautiously makes her way into the stable, trying not to touch anything.

"Sounds like you are a very happy to be here and teaching. I hope I can find a place here as well. How are thie kids here, how young are they?" Meggan slowly looks over to where she senses curiosity. "Hello?" Trying to see if she can see who it is that is around here. "I won't hurt you," says the british woman.

Rogue notices Penance's approach, she'd remembered the last time she'd seen the mutant. She looked at her and offered a small smile and a little wave… but the last time they'd met had been a pretty big dramatic event.

Marie looked back to Meggan. "They're down to age 12 and up to around 18." She tells her. "Its middle school grades an' Higschool levels." She smiled faintly at her. "If ya hang around for awhile I'm sure they'd find a way for ya to fit in."

Meggan must be wrong as it seems the 'other' is gone before she could see her. "Well I'm looking forward to what may happen here. Care to show me to the front main door? I wouldn't mind doing some exploring."

Rogue smiled at her and nodded her head. "Sure thing." She exhaled then and motioned her to follow. "Can ente'ah the garage here through the stables an' you'll be able t'head inta the west wing from the garage… main foyer is just around a couple turns from there." She lead Meggan into the garage then, it was a big room with lots of fancy cars lined up in their own individual berths.

Meggan is glad to follow along into the mansion. "I am sure I will know my wa around here in no time. Thank you for everythign Rogue." She makes sure to wipe her feet beore going into the home since she knows that going barefoot can not always be as clean. "So weird to see where American cars are driven."

Rogue laughed softly at the car comment and she shook her head. "I've been told that this place is very heavily inspired by homes'n castles from England, so maybe bein' here will be even less of a culture shock… until ya go out inta the rest the surroundin' 'dirty American' places at least." She flashed a grin at the other.

Rogue laughed softly at her. "No. I was just teasin'." She told her back. "Out here on the East Coast'a the States there's a lotta old world designs still… stuff from way back when… ya know, tea partys'n all that." She grinned a little as they went inside the school building itself. Classic designs of big windows, dark hardwood floors and tall ceilings with stone archways.

"But wheneve'ah ya wanna go outta this stuffy ol' place'n get your drink on, you just track me down an' well hit the road."

"I love tea! Who is throwing a tea party?" American history is far from her strong point of conversation. Once inside Meggan feels a bit like she is almost back in England. "Sounds good Rogue. Anytime you don't want to be alone just let me know. I'll gladly keep you company.

Rogue lead Meggan into the main foyer then where there were some tables setup off the sides of the main staircase that students were seated at and doing studies/schook work, while some older students were walking through the hallways carrying books and backpacks over their shoulders.

Marie smiled at Meggan. "Sounds like a plan, Stan!" She said at her and gave her a double finger-gun-motion, a grin and then turned to move toward the main staircase. "I'mma go grab a showe'ah, get the smell'a horse off'a me."

One of the Senior Classmen chimed in then from where he was seated next to his girlfriend on the main stairs. "You always smell like that, Rogue."

"Ha ha…" Rogue replied to the Senior. "Keep it up'n I'll have ya out'n the stables shovelin' the pens." And with that said the Southern Belle went on upstairs!

Meggan waves to the students that she sees being friendly. Not seeming to think it weird to be barefoot or in 'uniform' in front of everyone. She's an open book most times. "You don't smell that badly of horse, besides there are much worse smells, Rogue." She looks over at the senior classman and smiles as she pretty quickly gets an idea that here is no malice in his words. "Thank you again Rogue, enjoy your shower."


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