Flowers for a Flower

January 28, 2017:

Barry bumps into Lynette at a Florist. Flowers come into question for one Stephanie Brown.

New York

A Florist in New York.


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Fade In…

The rush was still going through the city. After lunch, but a Saturday, some people were still working, heading to and fro, creating hustle and bustle and traffic of both people and metal machines. One such figure striding down the street was a young girl, wearing a crimson jacket, with ratty jeans, and partially laced boots. Her flooftastic hair bouncing with each step, and turning off to the side, she pauses by a florist and offers them a smile. Flowers were a special thing, especially during the winter months, in the north.

At first, the shop keep gives the girl an odd glance, noting her serpent like eyes, but she's not causing trouble so…let the girl shop.

While Barry's world moves at the speed of a flash, honestly most of the time, the young man just wants to enjoy a 'normal' life to the fullest extent that it can be held at. One of those things is getting out and smelling the flowers, literally. He's approaching the shop, carrying a small bag of groceries in a canvas recyclable bag, mostly fruits, nuts, and other high energy snacks. And quite a few things that are empty calories.

As he approaches the flower shop, he pauses, taking in both the view of the flowers and the woman that's standing in front of it with flooftastic hair. "Afternoon." he greets, friendly as he seems to be with the idea of just greeting random people as he peers in on the flowers. While it seems he's conversing with the girl randomly, mainly he's talking to himself. "Nice blooms in the winter." he admits with a thoughtful pause as he window shops. "Now, if I was a flower, which one would I pick to go home with Stephanie.." he murmurs to himself. "..nothing too nerdy like I've been checking out the internet, but something that says 'hey, I like you'. But I think she already knows that. Roses are out. Too romantic. Lillies are too casual. Somewhere between?"

Stephanie is not used to taking the train from GOtham to Metropolis. In fact, Stephanie's not used to using mass public transit for any reason. She had for a very long moment seriously considered driving her bike. But that presented several problems. Chief among them that it was Spoiler's motorcycle, tricked out for being a batling and lacking plates and registration. Generally, not the thing you want to drive up in as your alter ego.

So, mass transit it was, and because Metropolis was just so much brighter and lighter than Gotham, she opted to walk from the train station toward the ice skating rink she was supposed to meet Barry in a few short hours. It was nice to take a leisurely tour of the area. And highly educational too.

There was a bank and a police station and a jewelry store, and a flower shop and a Barry.

Wait. What?

Stephanie watches him stop at the window next to Fluff Head. There's no jealousy. The blonde knows that it was happenstance. But that Barry is chattering, half talking to himself and half to the other girl makes her chuckle. She queues up at the crosswalk to make her way across the intersection so she can come up behind them. While she waits, and with a grin, Stephanie pulls out her phone and sends a text to Barry.

"Sorry?" Lynette questions, blinking a bit and looking toward the man as he chatters to himself. "Y'askin' me, chere?" The Creole inquires, glancing around and even spotting the clerk behind the counter. Shrugging, she looks back to Allen and gives him the once over with her slitted pupils. "If y'was a flowa, y'd be…hmm. I t'ink a cattail." Smirking, a dimple presses into her cheek as she turns her head and looks back toward the collection of blooms.

"Dunno, chere. M'not good at 'nyt'ing like dat. De whole…whateva. 'nyway, how 'bout tulips?" Pausing, she cants her head and eyes Allen once more. "Or, y'c'n ask de girl what she like de most, non? S'mor' pers'nal dat way."

As he's addressed in the heavily Creole French accent, Barry blinks a few times, trying to place it for a moment before he ohs, color rising in his cheeks as he realizes. "Was.. I talking aloud again? I'm sorry, I'm terrible about my internal monolgue escaping." There's a small little chuckle of chagrin as he considers. "Tulips? You don't think she'd take that as an innuendo, do you?" He starts to say more when he hears a tune coming from his pocket.

It's Frank and Moon Zappa's.. 'Valley Girl'

Anyway, he goes are you into S and M?
I go, oh RIGHT…
Could you like just picture me in like a LEATHER TEDDY
Yeah right, HURT ME. HURT ME…
I'm sure! NO WAY'

He probably didn't mean to choose that song for Stephanie's tone, and as it goes off, he looks properly chagrined. "Uh. One second." he says as he takes out the phone to look at it, his thumbs moving to make a response. There's a few moments of movement, backspacing, a few more moments of movement as his tongue sticks out of the corner of his mouth, eyes narrowing thoughtfully.

Lowering his phone, he's glacing around and rubs the back of his head as he considers the floof head Cajun. "Sorry, didn't mean to be all 'oh goodness, let me ask this random girl about flowers for my could be hopeful girlfriend' and uh.. yeah." Color touches his cheeks as he chuckles to himself. "Anyway. Barry. Barry Allen, hi." His hand is offered in greetings.

"Innuendo? Non, chere. If she assume dat, den she t'inkin' it, too. Don' let 'ny girl tell y'ny diff'rent." Then the music pops up, and her brow quirks. Shaking her head, she continues looking at the blooms until Allen finishes his 'conversation'. "Yeah, don' worry 'bout it." Looking to his hand, she offers once of her own. "S'nice meetin' y', Barry. M'Lynette." Shake made, she turns her head away and gives another pass through the shop. "Well, wish y'luck wit y'girl, Barry. Don' be 'fraid t'ask 'r de t'ings she likes." Another smile, she rolls her shoulders and reaches up, making sure her collar is up, protecting her neck from the chill outside.

Stephanie has her phone on vibrate, so when Barry's reply comes in it's silent enough that the traffic eats the sound. She reads it as she's steps onto the sidewalk with the florist, and a grin escapes her. Barry rubs the back of his head, too. Her head tilts faintly. A moent of thoughtful expression and she's up behind them, maybe visible in the reflection of the glass.

"Sound advice," Stephanie comments of Lynette's last words. It's all she heard of the converdation. There's a light smirk on her lips.

"Suppose you're right." Barry admits with a little laugh, seemingly caught off-guard by the idea that his mind leaped there as he releases Lyn's hand. "A pleasure to make your acquaintance, Lynette." he offers, until the familiar voice comes out from behind them and glancing into the reflection, he gives a small chuckle. "I thought I was the only one stalking in this relationship." he teases playfully.

Turning around to face Stephanie as Lynette makes her departure, he greets Stephanie with a quick kiss. "Hey you." he says with a smile as he turns to offer a wave after Lynette. "Ah.. see you later?" he asks as he looks back to Stephanie. "I guess that means we're freed up for our date?" he asks with a grin.

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