Follow Up in Suicide Slums

January 27, 2017:

After the events in Showdown in Suicide Slums, Flash invites Spoiler to follow up. More revelations than expected are made.

Suicide Slums

"Slums may well be breeding grounds of crime, but the suburbs outside of here are incubators of apathy and delerium."

Welcome to the Suicide Slums, also known as Southside and The Simon Project. This area is the dark recess of Metropolis, where every corner you take can likely be your last, and the glimmer of hope that glistens off the skyscrapers ceases.

The high rises here are in shambles and disrepair, the markets seem shadier, pretty much verging on that of Black Markets, and the malice is a palpable feeling in the air, if not coming from the looks of the local residents.

Those that benefit from this neighborhood are the ones who can make money from nothing, or come from nothing and seek to have that glimmer on the other side of the pipe-lain wall. Prostitution, gambling, drug dealing, criminalizing - all of this is where most start and never find their way up and out, and if they do, it is likely running the business they started at or heading the gang they ran with, though tales are told of those that have
broken free.

Streets bear potholes, newspapers roll across the roads like tumbleweeds and an old lady dumps trash from the upper story of her flat to splash into the dark alley below where a stray cat growls and runs from it all, even the rapid fire of bullets.


NPCs: Damage Control, Inc., Dizidens of the Slums

Mentions: Batman, Storm


Mood Music: None.

Fade In…

1/27 Fri 2130 Spoiler: give me the address to the body snatchers.

When Spoiler's text came in, Barry was actually asleep. Unlike her, he's not a nocturnal creature. He hasn't decided on a message tone for her yet, but surely he'll find one for her soon enough. Glancing at the phone blearily, he groaned a little and pushed himself out of the bed, dressed only in his boxers.

1/27 Fri 2145 Flash: You're up late. *google map attached of Suicide Slums* I was going to head in for another look myself. Mind company?
1/27 Fri 2147 Spoiler: This is early! I wouldnt mind and eyewitness. I will let you know when Im getting into met.
1/27 Fri 2149 Flash: BTW, Russell Cavanaugh's family is with him now. They're going to take him back to St. Louis for treatment.

In the Batcave, still getting dressed for the night, Flash's text cathes Stephanie by surprise. The pang and the happiness swirls about. She takes a few breaths to steady herself, before replying.

1/27 Fri 2153 Spoiler: Good.

Spoiler had a short patrol on her way out. She was scheduled for the last shift since it was Friday and there was no school in the morning. She took two hours to sweep the trouble spots and to make sure things were still alright for the moment before she turned her boke toward Metropolis.

It was the text Flash had been waiting for. In moments, he's in costume and racing towards the scene, a red and yellow blur that comes out of the dead of night and is a bright blur against the nightscape as he arrives at the spot of the attack a few nights ago in Suicide Slums.

The lower half of the building has been blown out, the glass shattered, debris on the street. The bodies have been removed, but there's hundred of little number cones marking where shell casings were found. However, it seems in the middle of the night, there's spotlights on the area as there's already a massive cleanup of the area going on. "…they get started quick around here."

If this was another area of Metropolis, this might be normal. For the Slums? It's very out of place.

Spoiler saw the lights, the clean up crew, and turned off to zip her black motorcycle up into a parking garage from where she can overlook the scene. She reaches up to tug the helmet off when he zips up next to her and makes his comment.

"Isn't that normal for this place?" she asks. Her hair is in a simple french braid down her back, the ties of a black and purple domino mask disappearing beneath gold strands at her temples. She doesn't appear to be wearing her usual hooded cloak. Instead, the fitted black biker jacket appears to have a purple hood. Her pants seem like her usual purple and black Nomex outfit. Face only half hidden, Spoiler's got deep plum lipstick on lips that barely move as she speaks. She's still used to the full face mask which restricted her lower jaw's movement and so she learned that in work mode, she doesn't make big motions to talk.

There's a little frown that pulls on Flash's face as he turns his attention to the figure in purple and black next to him. "Usually. But considering that there was nearly a standing army down here the night before and there wasn't a badge among them." he offers as he draws in a breath and shakes his head. "I'm not sure they expect help. Or if this was something that was set up to.. well. One way to find out."

With that, he starts to move towards the trailer, considering it where the foreman is leaving. A large sign that is hanging on the side of the trailer reads:

Damage Control Inc.
"We're Supers at Fixing It."

But as he gets close, he pauses, and kneels down. The lithe speedster gives a frown as he moves to study something on the ground, and glances up as he turns his attention to Spoiler. With that he moves back towards her. "Are cleanups always this fast in Metropolis?" he asks, apparently new to town himself so doesn't know all the odds and ends of things like this.

One way to find out… Spoiler inhales to speak, but Flash is gone. She barely spots the red blur, her eyes following it toward that truck and then losing it for a heartbeat. A heartbeat just long enogh for him to be once more at her side. She blinks her surprise, then shrugs.

"I have no idea. I'm from Gotham," is quipped, a hint of frustration in her voice. She looks back at the truck.

"Looks like this gets added to my homework pile," is commented as she pulls her black and purple phone to snap pics of the truck and the scene. Pictures taken she looks over at Flash.

"Well… that was a short trip."

"Didn't realize this was going to happen, Spoiler." Flash comments gently as he looks over at Spoiler. The plum lipstick is a new look as he rubs the back of his head with a sigh as he considers her and turns his attention back to the scene. "Wasn't looking to waste your time." he admits, before he adds. "I like the mask. Didn't know you were a blonde."

Sure, it's a lie, he already knew. But it's an attempt at least.

"Maybe I can find the girl I saw at the fight that seemed to be powered and talk to her and figure out.. oh!" Reaching into a pocket of his suit, he pulls out a small baggie. Inside there's a little bit of goop. "This is from one of the cocoons. I was thinking maybe Batman could run it through his lab. Not that I wouldn't mind helping, but I guess if we both work on it, we can compare results?" he offers hopefully.

His gentle comment and Spoiler grins, noting how he rubs at the back of his neck. Tim does that too. It's adorable.

"These things do happen," Spoiler replies with a rueful lopsided grin, quoting a musical. "This wasn't a waste at all. It just means we'll have to investigate it more patiently." Pause. "Thanks. The other one does fit under a helmet. I really shouldn't be riding around without wearing one."

Ignoring the commenting about the blonde, she refrains from commenting about him finding anyone, reaching out to take the evidence bag.

"Peer review is always a good idea. I'll take it in, see what we can find," states the batling, blue eyes on the goop a moment before she tucks it into a pouch and looks back up at Flash.

Considering Spoiler for a moment, Flash looks over the motorcycle. "It's true huh, a vehicle for every occassion?" he asks with a little grin. "I thought about getting a vehicle once - decided it would be a little redundant. Except when it's raining. Have to shake like a dog to get dry." Not that he gets that wet. He turns his attention back to the destruction from the night before.

"Something like that," Spoiler replies of Flash's comment about her bike, one corner of her lips curling upward into a faint smirk. She chuckles at the dog comment, eyes closing and head shaking lightly before she too goes back to regarding the destruction.

The night after the invasion of the body snatchers, in the parking garage with a view of the damage from the explosion the night before are too costumed vigilantes. One is stradling a black motorcycle. She's blonde, long hair in a french briad to her waist, in a blck fitted motorcycle jacket and black and purple Nomex tights pants. A domino mask covers the top part of her face and her lips are a dark plum color. Next to her, standing, is a lean runner's figure in bright red, a gold lightning bolt on his chest.

The engine of a classic car roars into the parking garage, not going very fast… just loud and rumbly.

It pulls into view of those already in the garage, its a 1970 Dodge Charger, green w/black racing stripes. The vehicle pulls over to a parked VW Bug that appears to be on its last leg, rusted-out and beat-up. The far nicer Charger parks next to the bug and a moment later the front doors open up. Rogue gets out of the driver's seta…

"Not my damn fault ya lost all your money, Stilts." She says in her thick southern accent. "So stop jawin' at me already, okay?" She's wearing her brown leather trenchcoat, a black tanktop beneath that, some dark green denim short-shorts and black fishnetsnets tucked into tall brown leather boots that go up past her knees.

'Stilts' gets out of her passenger door and slams it shut. He's a Little Person, probably half the height of Rogue or less. "Not your fault?!" He shouts at her. "Not your fault?!" His hands are flailing around. "Look, Skunk. You told me it was a 'sure bet' and look where that got me!? How am I supposed to go home to my wife tonight and tell her ethat I lost all of our Vegas trip money!"

Rogue snorted as she popped the trunk on her car, listening to Stilts rant. "Hell if I care what ya tell her. She's a crazy bitch anyway… don't matte'ah what ya say t'her, she's gonna take yer kneecaps eithe'ah way."

Near where the explosion occured, there's also signs of construction activity. Several heavy vehciles and workers from Damage Control, Inc. are about, cleaning up the mess from the battle as they were paid to do. As Flash looks over the scene, he seems to be talking idly with Spoiler, the lithe runner offering a grin towards the woman on the motorcycle. Then he turns his experession thoughtful. "We can always head to where I took the people I evacuated, maybe we can find one of the pod people?"

He was about to say more when there's the rumbling of the vehicles and the argument breaking out between the two. Arching his brow beneath his cowl, he notices the girl with the fishnets and skunk hair and ohs, right, she's the one that gets people to lick her so that she can steal their abilities. Would she get short is Stilts licked her? Inquiring minds are inquiring, but he doesn't give voice to it as he's still considering the explosion.

Head tilted thoughtfully, Spoiler draws in a breath just as the classic car rumbles onto the scene. She turns to look, the motorcycle helmet in her hands turned so it can be yanked on quickly or flung in some direction.

"Might not be a bad idea," she murmurs softly as Skunk and Stilts argue. The get her attention. She'd rather avoid trouble, but if it comes for her, Spoiler would like to be ready.

The shadows shift, a cat growls in protest, a sound that shrieks high and sounds futile, feral, and with a clatter trash blows onto thealready trash-laden streets and from the alley a massive 'dog' emerges. The one that looks nearly like a malamute German Shephard mix… But as it shakes off as if shedding its own feel of trash in the street lights it is evident that is not what it is. At all.

Gold eyes look upon the gathering of Spoiler and Flash, then a snap of neck to crane with a flick of ear towards Skunk and Biggy Smalls(?), and it lopes away, towards an adjascent set of dilapidated bungalows where Kida stands in a doorway seemingly non-plussed by the quick attempt and removal of proof on the streets.

Rogue held the trunk of her car open as she leaned on it with her arms up in the air and she stared at the Little Man beside her while he ranted and raved onward about his wife and how she was going to 'flay him' and put him on a spit to 'roast him' like a pig. It all just seemed to amuse Rogue though, she had a big smile on her face and she even just laughed a little. "Come off it, ya o'l blowhardt. You'll be fine. You'n Sarah fight like dogs'n cats every damn night… but ya still stick togethe'ah."

A second later and Rogue went to dig some stuff out of her car's trunk and then handed it to him. "Here, your fireworks and your costumes." She told Stilts as he accepted the box that was almost as big as he was.

"This is the last time I go gamblin' with ya, Marie… I swear it. Used t'be you'd distract everyone at the table with that flirty way of yours, and I could properly cheat. Now its like… like you're out to get me!"

The little man said all of this while walking to his VW Bug and opened the door put the box inside.

"Yeah yeah…" Rogue muttered, closing the trunk. "I'll see ya next weekend. We'll win big, its a sure bet!" She shouted back at him, hopping up onto her car to sit her but down on the closed trunk now. She went to light a cigarette… completely not-caring about other people being around…. because she's like that.

The Scarlet Speedster is torn. Between Rogue and Stilts seemingly carrying out an arms deal for cash, and the large dog… Flash ends up having his eyes following the dog, and that's when he notices the other woman out of the corner of his eye. Part of him almost nudges Spoiler to point her out, the two of them having run across her before..

…but Flash happens to remember that he was Barry for that, not in costume. However. He did come across he woman again. During the same battle that damaged this building. Eyes widening in recognition, he turns his attention momentarily to Spoiler and comments, "Be right back."

With that, he doesn't quite run. He just moves quickly enough to end over by Tattoo. "I'm glad to see you made it through the other night." he offers to her quietly, speaking of the attack. "Do you mind coming to talk to myself and a friend about what happened?" he asks curiously. "I.. have a lot of questions." he admits to Tattoo, looking her over for a moment and glancing about for the dog.

Hopefully the CARE package he dropped off was well-received.

That 'crate' catches Spoiler's attention. Her eyes skim over the cars, their make, their model, their plates. She memorizes quickly, seeking to hold the information in her mind until she's clear and can use her phone without needing the night vision that the soft glow of her phone will kill. Flash's comment has Spoiler almost turning her face toward him. He'll be gone before she turns her head, she knows, so she doesn't take her eyes from the cars. So focused was she that she didn't see what had caught his attention, the Grim that spoked the cat. This is Gotham Lite. Cats freaking out are like a Tuesday in Gotham.

Kida is watching the exchange between Skunk and Willow?? But it does not detract from the 'crusaders' here. One a woman, the other recognized easily even as he zig-zag-zips his way over and draws the attention of hazel eyes to him. The coat is open, bearing an old tattered button up to knot at her sternum, leaving abdomen bare, exposing the wrap of different inkwork set upon tanned skin.

Baggy pants are belted on by wiring criss crossing where a buckle lacks for the black cracked leather that keeps the fit upon hips. Boots scuffed and worn shift when she rights her lean against the doorway, bending down to pick up her heavy backpack and heft it over a shoulder, tilting her head towards where Flash had gestured.

"I owe you." The few spoken words enough to display that this was not easily given, or often. But as she walked into the open, that canine comes forth to the north, another to the east, then west as she rested south, their silhouettes remaining lingering things along the open streets where it seems silent save for Damage Control.

The Slummers always watching.

"Kil-'laa." Kida states, though a different language the /thank you/ is evident.

The VW Bug that Stilts climbed into eventually rumbles on after a bit of fighting with it and then it rolls back out of its spot, shooting exhaust everhwere. Some Frank Sinatra starts to blare inside of the VW, the christmas lights inside it all come on lighting the interior up and the Little Man driving it drives right past Rogue and flips her off with a pudgey little finger.

Rogue, meanwhile, was waving her hand back and forth in front of her face at his exhaust put out into the garage. "Yeah yeah…" She muttered around her cigarette and blew him a kiss.

Once he was gone, she glanced over to finally look toward where she 'felt' others nearby.

While the VW sputters and clangs, Flash knows he could keep up with it at a leisurely jog if the need arose, but for now, his attention returns to Tattoo and he shakes his head a little, a quirk of a smile. "Just help me figure out what's going on, and we'll call it square. Is everyone alright?" he asks in concern as he leads the Slums Protector back to where Spoiler is on her motorcycle.

"Who was attacking you last night? I didn't see any patches or anything that gave an identity. I should have tried to get one of their uniforms. Anyway.. who? And why? What was with those pods you were proecting? They were people.. weren't they? What happened to them?"

Once Flash gets started, it's hard to get him to slow down. Hopefully someone will get his mouth back in neutral so that the young woman can get in a word edgewise.

As they approach closer and the 'Skunk' also redirects attention, Kida slows, no hesitation, but she is inspecting as well, her eyes leaving Flash briefly to go from one point to another, not always ones manned by them.

"I do not know them until after the Green Mists and the attacks. They come and take things, people, bodies…" A slow scrape of boot sole and she stops when he does by Spoiler, but still watching the departing VW and then Rogue.

"They are people, just…" A pause and she scans. "Ilaa…" A breath out and she looks at Flash, the shoulder that rises and falls bearing the inkwork of vines that stretch up her neck… "Unique. After their New Birth, they are just different. But them."

Rogue finished her cigarette then and she stepped off of her car and just gently 'floated' down to the concrete, though it might be hard to tell that she used her flight power there just a little bit.

The southern belle had learned a long time ago to stay the hell out of other people's business, so yeah, she saw the others in the garage but she wasn't the type to just wander up to them and ask them all what they were up to. Plus, she had no reason care.

Humming a little tune, she walked back around to the driver's door of her car and went to get inside.

"Green mists.. they're bing mutated by them?" Flash asks. Something else he's going to have to research it seems. "And these people arrive right after the green mists to collect the cocoons?" A frown pulls across the speedster's face as he turns his attention back to where Rogue's about to get in the car. "Second.." he says to Tattoo before he turns and sprints. A red blur, it might remind Rogue of Pietro before he arrives at her car.

"In Mutant Town, was anyone ever hatched from a coccoon? Or have you seen any strange mists there that might be causing the people to develop mutations?" Hey, the name's Mutant Town, he's still got a lot to learn. "And has a shady organization with big guns tried to collect them? Oh wait, I forgot a question." he pauses for a second, and adds, "Wheels in the Sky is an awesome song, by the way."

And with that, he's gone, back to Tattoo.

"So you have had this happen here before? How often? Was the other woman involved here before?" he asks curiously. "Perhaps I should keep a closer eye out.." to see if the mists return again, if this has happened before or often. "Uh, sorry, I didn't give you my name earlier. It's Flash. This is Spoiler. She knows Batman."

Spoiler watches the VW kicking out smoke. She notes the Christmas light interior. The vehicle doesn't make anything immediately jump into mind from her current 'watch out for this and report in' list, so Spoiler makes no move to give chase or impede the vehicle's departure. Blue eyes skim over Rogue's vehicle, watching the skunk haired woman move toward the driver-side while Flash returns with a Tattoo'd woman in tow. Spoiler recalls the woman. She fixed her sedate and middle class looking Toyta Corolla when she was out with her friend (boyfriend?), Barry, as her not quite mild-mannered alter-ego Stephanie Brown. Spoiler inclines her chin in wha tmight read as a neutral greeting, before she inhales to ask some questions. Flash, to no one's surprise, beats her to it. Plum-painted lips pres together lightly, and Spoiler seems to sigh as Flash zips off.

Blueeyes watch as Flash talks at Rogue, involing a complete stranger in something that's just them, revealing himself to this unknown. It's sheer will power that keep Stephanie from faceplaming and pinching the bridge of her nose. She'll talk to him later… maybe when she says thank you for staying out of Gotham.

"If I can help get to the bottom of what's going on and prevent it from continuing," - so it doesn't have a chance to spread to Gotham - ", I'm willing to lend what assistance I can," says the blonde Gothamite vigilante in a black motorcycle jacket that has a purple hood. Her blue eyes flick to Flash when he zips back to them.

"You really need to slow down so the rest of us can get a word in. Maybe answer a question or twenty of yours," she quips at him.

All his questions, all his movements….

Kida has issues keeping up, parsing, translating. Much slower to his superspeed. Diligent, attuned, and deliberate. Nothing is without reason to Kida, but his franticness makes her lower to a crouch and grip her pack, a hand on the inscribed handle laden in worn feathers and beads.

"Kida." Her name spoke upon an exhale as one of those massive "dogs" comes in and presses a nose to her neck while warily watching as well.

"You got it. They try to take the cocoons, but they are people's people. And they will stay home." Kida states.

"Many things happen here. We are used to it." But she pauses as Spoiler speaks up, tilting her head the woman's way, but it seems more curious as this plague is being said as Worldwide, so how it is unknown only is backed by Kida's own belief that they have better cover whre she's from and less care enough to…

… Blow up buildings for their people.

All of this is making Kida have to wrap a firm grip upon her pack and do something akin to 'Yoga-breathing'.

Flash showed up Rogue's car door before she could shut it, and he blabbered out all those questions so quickly that by the time he was gone again, the Southern Belle was just sitting there… not sure what she thought just happened… actually happened.

"Pietro?" She quietly muttered to herself in confusion." Rogue looked out her car door then and she went to rise up and exit the vehicle again to see where the man had run off to…

And when Spoiler chides him, Flash will remind her of two things:

1) A stranger is an ally you just haven't made yet. He's met Rogue before and knows she's a meta.
2) If it wasn't for him, /Spoiler/ wouldn't be involved in this.

That'll go over well, surely!

Listening to the conversation, Flash's brows furrow gently in confusion. "So, noone's offered to help since this started happening?" Barry asks, a hint of disbelief slipping into his voice. "To investigate who is kidnapping these cocoons and what's being done with them?" His eyes cut over to Spoiler, but he knows better after a moment to say something on the matter as his attention moves back to Kida and her dogs. "Well, that's going to change. I'm going to give you my number. If you ever see these things, mist, people, whatever.. you call, and I'll come running. Like really fast." he says with a nod of his head as he looks around for something and adds sheepishly. "I don't have a pen and pad on this suit.. uh, do you mind?" he asks Kida and Spoiler sheepishly.

Kida's unease with Flash's speed is taken in, but not commented on past what she had already said to him. Something about beating horses. It was just cruel. Instead, Spoiler noted the Grim that joins Kida, offering canine comfort as the woman begins sama vritti, a calming breathing technique. Stephanie does yoga.

"How long has it been happening?" Spoiler asks, keeping her words slow and calm and dilebrate for Kida. Her eyes flick away just once, as Rogue stands up from her car to look over in their general direction. Then Flash is going on about calling, and Spoiler reaches out to put a small hand on his upper arm, as if she thinks that a single touch will slow him down enough for the rest of the world to catch up. She glances at him. It's a brief glance. Really, hardly more than more tuning her head, making eye contact for a second and then looking away again. Spoiler is counting on the Speedster to pick up on everything in that brief moment, that tiny blink and accompanying dip of her chin: I'll help find a way for her to contact you, give me a moment, please? And then she's got her attention - most of it - on Kida.

After all, Spoiler needs to keep tabs of Rogue now.

Rogue turned to look over at them again. It definitely wasn't Pietro. She sighed and shook her head. "Whatevs." She muttered then and got back inside her car. She had heard some of what the fast man had said though and some of it actually had struck a chord in her as it was stuff that Storm and the X-Men had been dealing with of-late, but she'd been out of the loop on it for the most part… so she didn't have a lot of info on any of it.

She went to shut the car door and then turn her car back on with a twist of the keys, the troll-doll keychain with the bright yellow/green hair swinging around beneath her hand.

When Rogue decides to leave, Flash frowns. He knows of her abilities and that she could have helped with this, but instead.. however, before he can complain. Say anything else, there comes the touch of Spoiler's hand to his arm. That cut of her eyes, the gentle chiding there. He blinks a few times, confused, but his own right hand comes up to cover hers.

And he seems to fall completely silent. Mark this down, for there will be several seconds of silence while the Fastest Man Alive is too gobsmocked to speak.

"Long time." Kida responds to Spoiler.

People here have seen hell and havoc and yet gotten no reprieve. But they also prefer it that way and will protect as best they can, as shown the other night that leads to the 'Cleanup' Crew. Leave it to the fact that it 'is what it is' in the Slums, and blind eyes turn sight.

"This? Recent." A flippant wave of hand. "The rest…" A shrug…

But the mother with the cocooned cradle in her hands comes up, watching between them all with worried and pleading eyes. "Please help." A new happening not even those of the Slums can handle alone.

As Rogue's car starts that woman's eyes as well as Kida's turn towards. "That's how it goes." A thumb over and Kida rises as Spoiler brings Flash to a slow.

The "mother" slowly steps back as Kida speaks. "Apathy was comfort." Stated as her hand extends, fingers unfurling and revealing a pen so Flash can write his info down on her palm.

Rogue returns to OOC Land.

Her hand on his arm worked far better than she was expecting it to. Spoiler flicks a glance over again just as his right hand covers her hand on his arm. What she feels through the back of her thin Nomex gloves draws a flicker of curiosity. That's something she'll investigate shortly. Her gaze returns to Kida now that the car's engine turns on in preparation to leave. Her blue gaze flicks to the mother and the 'cradle', and Stephanie heart twists at the sight.

"I've got some items from the scene down there. I'll be trying to use it to get more information. Please contact Flash, and if you're okay with it, I'll get your contact information from him. For the moment, I don't know what we're facing, so I can't say what can be done. But something," Spoiler replies, removing her right hand from Flash's left arm slowly so he use his right hand to take the pen.

"I'm glad you're okay.." Flash says to the mother and her 'child' as he frowns. "I'm going to see if there's a doctor or something I can use to help. I collected some of the material the cocoons are made from to try to counteract it." he admits as he looks to Spoiler and takes the pen to write down his number.

With Spoiler's offer, Flash nods his head. "As she said, she has some better contacts than I do, and could possibly help more than I could dream of." he offers quietly, honestly as he draws in a breath. "And Kida, if you have any trouble, call." he offers earnestly.

Rogue arrives from OOC Land.

Kida's hand closes around he contact info, giving it a glance before she shoves her hand in her pocket. "I am here." Kida simply states in regards to her own contact info. No cell phone, or 'address' to speak of, the only thing she has is…well…

One of her large canines begins to wretch, fur left in a pile beneath its fang-laden maw. That's what happens to cats in the Slums, afterall!

A disgusted sound comes from Kida and the canine only looks and gives a wag of tail to follow with the other two. Totalling three following in her shadow.

A pause as Kida shoulders her pack. "Good luck." A glimpse back to them both and she walks with the mother who pauses as well and looks back to the two.

"Thank you. The food. Everything." Nothing kind goes unnoticed.

Kida is just a bitch. Maybe?

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