Pho King Great

January 27, 2017:

Stop us if you've heard this one, but the Cavalry, Tomb Raider, and Wolverine walk into a mess hall…

The Triskelion


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It had been a beautiful suit, once. It was some of Savile Row's finest. It was of a dark blue-grey. He had a light blue shirt on underneath it, and a darker blue grey tie in a bit of a satin. It really suited him, even if it looked unusual on him. There were also a few bullet holes. He'd been shot in the left arm, right leg, several in the chest, and there was some blood on his collar. It was beyond salvaging.

He sat in the mess hall of the Triskelion, eating what looked like Chinese food. There was some chicken fried rice, some sweet and sour chicken balls, and some deep fried wantons on his plate. He was using chopsticks, and there was a glass of some kind of ale to go with it. In front of him, there were several papers with something in Spanish.

It made sense. He had brought in almost two dozen Peruvian terrorists who had planned on blowing up the Pentagon. All in all, it was a slow day. Oh, and that was yesterday. Logan hadn't slept. But he somehow looked well rested. Probably down to that healing factor of his.

He was one of the few people enjoying a meal, leaving the mess largely empty.

Lara Croft entered the mess hall…

She was wearing her black leather jacket and it was zipped up to mid-chest level, her dark hoodie was on beneath it and some dark blue jeans and black leather boots.

Beside Lara was a male agent who had gladly volunteered to help the lost British woman when she'd asked him if he'd seen Logan anywhere… Lara thanked him after he pointed to the man in the ruffled/bloodied suit.

Croft started toward him, to-go bags in her hands as she approached his table and sat them down. She sat across from him. "My god… Logan, what have you gotten yourself into?" She asked. "Are you alright?" Her brown eyes were scanning him over in that suit, concern all over her face as she had no idea about his mutation or how it worked.

May arrives a few moments after Lara does, pausing only to get a bottle of water before making a beeline toward Logan. She looks at Lara momentarily, and then stares at Logan for a moment before nodding to herself. He's fine.

"Logan, go change clothes before you make another admin faint in the lobby." While the delivery is completely deadpan, Logan should at least recognise it as her version of a joke.

Looking up from his plate, Logan replied, "just a little bit of Chinese food." He had actually forgotten that he was wearing a bullet ridden suit. "You want some?" There was a set of cutlery, knife, fork, and spoon, near him, which he slid across the table, and moved his plate so that they could share. "It's good." He was an easy man to please when it came to cooking, but it was actually pretty good.

Despite the bullet holes, the blood, he looked like there wasn't a scratch on him. The skin in those holes looked perfectly normal. If he had changed his clothes, she would have had no way of knowing that he had been in a fire fight last night.

He looks up to May as she takes in his situation. He smirked, "And put on one of those uniforms, thanks, but no thanks. I'll stick with my suit." And he actually adjusted the tie, taking the mickey out of the situation. "'Course, I could take off the jacket an' shirt, though, that might lead to faintin' fer a different reason." Yep, he's fine.

Lara's eyes went up to May and she got a bit of an anxious expression. "Agent May…" Lara said with relief. "If you have a moment I would be thrilled to speak with you…" She was completely unaware, or unresponsive, toward Logan and May's humorous words.

Lara's eyes went back to Logan and his offered food. She shook her head. "I just ate." She said quietly. "That's why I have these bags of food… June bought it all, for you. She felt terrible about… dumping you in the river." Lara exhaled softly then. "Darcy and she have gone back to Darcy's place. June's going to be staying there for awhile… It would seem that Darcy's way of, well, everything, helps make June feel comfortable and relaxed. Which keeps the Witch at-bay."

May looks at Lara and nods. She is completely unsurprised by Darcy's unique way of handling even the most difficult people. If she didn't already know that Lewis is about as Joe average human as she could get, she would have the woman tested for a mutant gene or similar. She then eyes the bags of food briefly.

"I haven't eaten yet. Let's see what you've got there."

She's now waiting for Logan to start pouting because she completely ignored his return attempts at joking. Because he's fun to mess with that way.

"Tell her not ta worry 'bout it," Logan said after first chewing, and then swallowing some of his food. He had enough manners not to speak with his mouth full. "'sides, because o' her, I got to see May in a swimsuit. Never thought I'd see that." He grinned at May, clearly having enjoyed their water escapes far more than she had.

"Darcy's like that." He added in agreement. "Just one o' those people who can make almost anyone at home. Nice kid." He liked her. But he did worry that one of these days, Darcy was going to be killed by some maniac, or worse, just in a random human robbery.

Logan looks at May, not saying a word, but the way he looks at her, the smile on his face, suggests that he's seen a side of her that she doesn't like to show. He knows it, she knows it, and he was messing with her, right back.

Lara relinquished the bags to Melinda. "Its Logan's food, so I guess it's up to him." She said to May. "There's soup and quite a lot of other delicious things in there." Lara sighed then and added in a defeated-tone-of-voice. "It's all… Pho King Great…" Her right hand goes up to her face and she slides her bare fingertips across her own forehead, seemingly in pain for having said that out loud, but she owed it to Darcy who was somewhere out there, gleefully happy.

Lara's hand went back down to the table then. "June is a kind woman at heart. We have to find a way to get this Witch out of her. I… want to go to the Yucatan, to find this place where she was possessed." She told this to Logan.

Her eyes then went to May. "And we -have- to find this government agency that is holding the Witch's 'heart'. I think it's the only true way to add finality to all of this." Once the archaeologist's mind was on a subject, it was almost impossible for her to change it. And right now that subject was saving her friend from this malevolent spirit.

May raises an eyebrow at Logan, accepting that look for the challenge that it is, then she accepts the bags from Lara and sets them on the table next to Logan. She'll never admit it out loud where the mess hall staff could possibly hear, but she is VERY picky about her Asian food. There's a reason why she cooks for herself occasionally, or only goes to particular places.

"We're going to get June straightened out, I have W.A.N.D. resources already looking into ways to exorcise the Witch and either permanently banish her or contain her non-corporeal form in something so she can't get back out again." She starts removing the various containers.

"Lara, if you ask at the counter, they'll give you some of my tea." And they'll only do that because May is here and asking the British woman to go request the stuff.

"May, if you want what's in my Pho King Great bags, then it's all yours." He takes the bait, because he thought it was funny too, but he delivered it expertly in a deadpan voice, as if there were nothing unusual about that statement. Like May, he's also quite picky about his Asian food. Having sampled the best, it's hard to deal with what most Americans would eat. It's just not the same, even if he were currently eating some fairly plain choices right now, they were expertly prepared.

"Fine by me," he replied to Lara. He had just flown from Peru only a few hours ago. He probably should have stopped off in Mexico, but he did have prisoners to return. Well, his team did. He did get a little bit of sleep on the flight back, which is probably why he doesn't seem tired. It's either that or the healing factor.

Lara seemed to be on-edge about all of this, but when May said that they were already 'on it' and reassured her that things would be taken care of… it did seem to release some steam from within the British woman's mind. She even sighed a little and her right hand went up to rub at the back of her neck. "Okay." She said quietly. Lara looked over to where May had indicated the tea was served…

She looked back to Logan. "I'm going to go home tonight to my apartment, I will figure out where this Witch's resting spot was in the Yucatan. If you're willing to accompany me. I would appreciate it." And with that said, Lara rose up to go get two cups of tea for both she and for May.

Melinda May nods her thanks to Lara while she looks at the various offerings of Vietnamese. It's not quite up to her usual level of preference, but it's not bad considering.

"So I'm guessing the Peru mission went like usual?" Meaning Logan got himself shot up but the mission was an overall success.

"I'm ready, willing, and able. Could go tonight if ya wanted. Whenever yer ready Lara, I'm yer man." He said that, and went back to eating, since she had tea to gather, and he enjoyed some of his alcoholic beverage. It looked like a beer, though it was impossible to tell from colour alone, as it was in a glass.

"23 terrorists locked up, only two in severe condition, and no damage to their target," he added to May as he offered her the surplus cutlery, since wasn't partaking.

Lara paced back and forth at the counter for a moment. She grabbed a few extra items from their storage bins on the counter and eyed them, reading their labels perhaps. A moment later and the man behind the counter gave her two cups stacked together and the entire tea pot. Lara accepts them with a faint smile and a gracious response.

She took a second longer to look at something else at the counter before she turned then and started back toward the table.

Once returned, Lara exhaled and she laughed just a little. "I brought more tea than expected." She told them both, going to pour her and May both a drink. Lara sat back down then and she sighed contentedly. "I could leave tonight, Logan… I would just need to call Darcy to tell her… But… everything we say to June, the witch can hear her. That much is quite clear now…"

That's actually better than Logan's usual track record. With a nod to him, May accepts the utensils being passed across then stops. Seriously? She frowns faintly and then looks in the bag again… aha. Chopsticks.

Then Lara returns with the tea and May nods to her. "Good. Thank you. And Lewis is good at gleaning subtle meanings if you're worried about saying anything in June's presence."

"Under the circumstances, it might be best to keep June completely out of the loop until we know more." She was their best source of Intel, but what she knew, the Witch knew, and anything they told her would just be feeding their adversary. It was a difficult proposition.

He imagined chopsticks would be in the bag, but he didn't know that for certain, and so he was just being kind by offering her the utensils. He was using his own chopsticks for his food, otherwise he would have given her them too. "I don't believe Croft or I know much about magic. It might help to take along a mystic, shaman, or other magic user. Got anyone in mind, Mel?"

Lara gently nodded to what both of them said. "I can always just send a text to Darcy. Hopefully this Witch is as incapable of understanding how cell phones work as much my mentor was." She said this with a small smirk before lifting her cup of tea up for a sip. She heard Logan's question for May then.

"I have a friend, one of my roommates, actually… He has a sixth sense for the paranormal. He loathes it to no end that he has the power, but it's definitely there. He's no 'mage' by any means, unless you count his ability to cook. He's a wonderful chef. But anyway, his paranormal sense is useful."

Starting in on a dish of thin noodles, grilled meat, and vegetables, May points her chopsticks at Logan, naming one of the W.A.N.D. staff mages. "Also helps that he's fluent in Spanish." The advantage of hiring from all over NYC. Lots of ethnicities around to choose from.

Being fluent in Spanish was hardly something that Logan needed, and he would have guessed that Croft would know something of it to. But it was good that the one May recommended was fluent in the language as well. It helped. And Croft seemed to know someone too. "Either works for me. Just make sure they can do their job, and we'll be fine." Then, he looks directly at May, "by the way, Croft here probably had some of the highest scores in S.H.I.E.L.D. She's a better shot than I am."

Lara already had pulled her phone out before the two of them had finished speaking, she was texting Jonah. "The 'Enchantress' speaks an ancient form of Nahuatl." She tells them both. "It's older than any other variation that I have ever heard of before… but it shares enough similarities with modern day Spanish that I can draw from it and mostly understand. Infact." She put her phone back into her pocket then. "The Witch almost seemed… pleased with me when she realised that I could understand her, let alone speak back to her in her own tongue."

Lara then overheard what Logan said and it made her smile faintly. "Thank you, Logan. But you're talking me up." Lara had never used a gun for more than practice shooting, until Yamatai… now she felt naked without one.

May raises her eyebrows at Logan's unusual praise of Lara. He's usually VERY difficult to impress. "I'll have to see this for myself at some point, then." She's by no means the best shot in S.H.I.E.L.D., but she's no slouch either. "Maybe once everything is settled."

"I don't talk anyone up. I just call it like I see it. Yer a natural." And he had a fairly good command of the Spanish language, having spent a significant amount of time in Spain, and their former colonies. It wasn't his favourite language, but he even fought in the Spanish civil war, just before the Second World War. "Once everything is set, we'll fly out. And when we get back, we can spend some time on the practice range."

Lara sipped at her tea, listened to them both and she smiled softly. With a nod she went to stand up again, still holding her tea cup in both of her hands. "Okay." She said. "I'm going to go and prepare. I will call you when I'm ready." She told Logan, her eyes then went to May. "Thank you, Agent May." She told the woman, a short pause following her as she thought of more to expound upon. "June is a dear friend… this would be a lot more, hectic, if I didn't have your support on this, let alone S.H.I.E.L.D.'s." Lara nodded her head gently once more and turned to go.

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