Pho King is Great Pt 2

January 23, 2017:

The rest of the walk to the restaurant and more chatting between the three gals.


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June is getting fidgety. Her inner passenger is scrabbling at her walls, scratching and clawing, pushing. Her heart rate is elevated, and she's not sure what to do about it other than get away. Enchantress getting out is bad. Enchantress getting out within SHIELD probably means a lot of dead SHIELD agents, and that's not what she wants.

Darcy holds the door for June, smiling warmly at the woman. She's got herself all bundled up for the weather outside.

"You guys are going to love Pho King. I love Pho King. I'd get some Pho King daily if I could," she's saying, grining hugely as a few agents double take at her language. A wink is given to June.

Lara smirked at Darcy's words. "You know…" She said softly. "At first I thought you were simply referening the soup. But now… I'm getting the sneaking suspicion that you're referring to something else entirely." This made her shake her head lightly and she stepped out into the hallway and glanced to June.

"Are you okay?" She asked her friend quietly, she could see something wasn't entirely great within the woman's eyes… they looked, distracted or freaked out even.

The non-sensical discussion and getting out of the Triskelion are both things that are helping June. With Enchantress feeling less threatened, the pushing is lessened. The archaeologist takes a deep breath. "Trying to get there. Not easy, sometimes. Agent Lewis's demeanor is…helping." Because honestly, how do you take that as a threat?

Darcy graces Lara with a 'who me?' over-exaggerated look of hurt and offended innocence that she is clearly anything but; hurt, offended, or innocent. This as she turns to walk in front of the pair while still facing them. Which has her movnig backward. So much like how her and Lara first met. Only this time there are no stairs involved.

"I am certain I have no idea to what you are referring that I might be referring." Pause as Darcy resays that in her head, like she's trying to make sense of it, before she nods. Yes, that totally made sense. (No, it probably didn't.) So much sense.
Huh? (Type "help" for help.)

Lara listened to June's response and she gently nodded her head a singular time to it. "She has a comforting way about her, doesn't she…" Lara then looked up and over to Darcy with a smile, until she saw the woman walking backwards again. "Oh god…" Lara started in a dire-tone to her voice. "You're going to make me uncomfortable doing that again. I nearly died just -watching- you fall over on those stairs outside of the library." She grinned lightly to the Agent and released a light sigh. "I'll do my best to not let you fall this time though, if you insist on walking that way."

With Enchantress retreating, June is starting to relax. Enough to make a quip "I'd imagine the both of you must know all about balance problems." she says, dryly, as she starts to walk more normally; less clinging near Lara.

"what?" was the retort to Lara's dire quip, and Darcy looks behind her, almost trips and gets herself back to rights by interjecting herself bewteen the friends and collecting each by an elbow.

"Yeah. I'll got backwards when I'm on skates," she says, glancing at June, grinning, and winking at her.

"Ohmygod, you have no idea. Some days, I just want to fling them over my shoulders."

Lara looked over at June and flashed her a wider grin. "I do a lot better than Backward Woman here." She replied to the balance quip before seeing Darcy nearly topple over and she reached out to grab her hand and help right her when the woman returned to take an elbow. "Oh god." She said again at hearing the shouldering comment. "If this is common conversational topics here in the United States, I'm not entirely sure I'm going to be able to keep up…"

June looks amused. "I was only seizing the opportunity. Agent Lewis started us down the trend of innuendo. Besides, at least both of you /have/ enough to have balance issues." June isn't completely lacking, but in comparison to these two…yeah.

"It might be. It's common for me when I'm in a mood. Which I am, because I'm goin for some Pho King with two chicks right now," Darcy replies, grinning hugely between the two. "Oh, June. How I love you following my innuendo… Let me count the ways!"

Lara heard them both and she sighed again and shook her head. "Yeah well… its more trouble than its worth, to be entirely frank." She replied specifically to June before looking to Darcy and smirking at her. Lara was a British woman raised (mostly in isolation) to be 'proper', even if she'd shucked the training most of her life… when it WAS your life, it was hard to get away from it entirely.

"Do you think June can receive a safe place to reside within SHIELD… domain?" She asked, trying to change the subject all sly-like, lest be forced to feel anymore shy-like. "I mean, I'd be more comfortable knowing that she had a safe haven to rest in, rather than something that this… awful… agency may be monitoring."

"Honestly, Agent Lewis, you're sort of a breath of fresh air. The other government types I've been dealing with lately have been…not the most social of people." She thinks about the situation. "I see two problems there. This other agency coming at SHIELD…and the ramifications if the Evil Aztec Slut Queen gets out inside."

"Which is why, until I can chat with a friend, you're crashing on my sofa," Darcy says, like the subject is not getting June away from crazy government people, but rather avoiding a crzy ex-boyfriend. And really, with the tone of her voice, how could anything think she was talkin gabout anything else if they were eavesdropping and catching only her words?

Lara looked over to June and she could admit that that would be a bad thing, for the Witch to come out within SHIELD, let alone the agency starting some kind of 'secret agent war'. "Right." She quietly said with a little nod.

Lara's eyes then went to Darcy and she smiled at her. "You're the best. The sofa will work, I think…" She said with a sly smile then toward June. "And here I was going to set you up with that bungalow on a remote tropical planet. I guess Darcy's place is superior though. She seems to be Witch-repellant afterall."

"Err…not that I'm trying to argue…but is that a good idea? I mean, you seem like a great person, Agent Lewis…but that's why I'm all the more worried. Witch Bitch might do horrible things to you if she thinks it furthers her goals. Or if she just thinks it's entertaining."

"Please. My boyfriend's a supersonic mutant, my best friends are Norse Gods, and a Gotham baddie's psycho-school girl clown girlfriend has dropped by for wardrobe destruction and beer. Queen Wee can join the list of crazy in my life and we'll take in some Supernatural on Netflix," Darcy quips, completely unphased by the idea of an Aztec Princess withc goddess appearing. "Think she'll like popcorn? I'm bpretty sure I have tequila. We can do shots."

Lara smiled faintly at the two of them. "I would offer my apartment, but I'm sharing it with a large Hawaiian man who is terrified of the spiritual world… and my best friend who has already been the subject of an attempted possession… I don't think it would end very well there." She said in a hopefully soothing and understanding tone of voice. She smiled at Darcy's rundown. "Your place admittedly sounds more chaotic, but perhaps its also better equipment to handle her if the Witch does return… If you're referring to the Norse Gods that I think you are…" It still boggles Lara's mind that Thor has a cell phone.

"Well…Norse Gods certainly sound like a good counter to an Aztec Goddess." June says, considering. "If you're willing to put me up on your couch, I'm more than willing to accept. And thank you!" She comments, pleased but concerned. "So where's your place?"

"Duh. It's not like I know any of the others. Though Baldur sounds like he'd but one of those pretty playboys. No, thank you," Darcy says to Lara as she detaches from elbows to get the door to the pho king noodle shop.

"It's a few blocks from here. Close enough that I don't have to take my car to work everyday, far enough away that I don't have work ni my face 24-7, ya know?"

Lara's attention went up then to the building as she saw them approach and Darcy going for the door. She eyed the sign of it specifically. "Its actually named that…" She said, sounding as though she was in severe disbelief that the restaurant would call itself the 'Pho King'.

With a sudden bit of renewed interest, the young archeologist rushed in through the opened doorway to look around inside… "I've always wanted to go to Vietnam." She quietly muttered. "I've yet to do it though…" She was kind of talking to herself as she eyed the restaurant's interior decor.

June moves to follow the other two into the restaurant. "Good pho is really tasty. Let me at least get the lunch; it's the least I can do after nearly unleashing hell on you guys."

Darcy giggles at Lara as she nerds out over the name of the place. Filing in last, Darcy smiles at June. "Done deal."

Lara turned toward June then protest the idea of the troubled fellow archaeologist having to pay… but she figured it might make her feel good. "I… should maybe get something for Logan." She said, suddenly smiling. "He said he was going to bring us something in the conference room and I entirely forgot until now."

Lara glanced toward the front windows, wondering if there was a confused Logan in the conference room holding pizza boxes or chinese food boxes. "Oh… bother… Now I feel bad." She muttered quietly.

"I can get him something to go." June offers. "After all, she teleported him into the river. Again, it's the least I can do." She smiles a little sheepishly. "Sorry. I really don't mean to be evil bitch."

"That is a fucking funny ass visual," Darcy quips as they are led to their table and given menus. She glances, but knows what she wants. Pho King Noodles, MAN!


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