Not Awkward At All Pt 2

January 26, 2017:

Continuation from Part 1

Xavier's School foyer


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"That's true." Carol offers with a shrug of her shoulders. "We do have to do what we have to do." That's a defining element of Carol's life, so obviously she would respect that philosophy. Carol stops outside the classroom and watches while Charles continues teaching, but she does not interrupt. She doesn't even let herself become visible through the door's window, as that might prompt a distraction amongst the students. She can wait.

"Believe me, Rogue. You're not the only one." Carol answers. "Hell, most of the people this is happening to don't like it. They hate it. But they're stuck with it." Thankfully, the mists that were released were not as strong as those in native Attilan; they don't kill non-Inhumans who are exposed. That would be awful, so Carol is relieved. But still, hundreds if not thousands of new metahumans in the world, all of a sudden with no prep or experience? Big mess.

Rogue gently nodded her head to what Carol was saying. She leaned back against the wall beside the door to Charles' classroom and she took a second to think about it all. "Ya gonna speak t'Stormy while you're here too about it? She seems pretty invested in the whole ordeal. Hank is too now that he's had t'operate on one'a them recovered from it." She told this to Carol, wondering if someitmes her mouth ran a little too easily with potential secrets…

"I figure they'd all be supe'ah happy t'have the mighty Carol Danve'ahs here t'help out." This was said, and followed up with a little grin. "For real though… people treat ya like you're a celeb. Means you're doin' the right things out there. Way bette'ah at it than I am…"

There's the sound of scratching coming down the hallway. Mostly, it's going to be yet more expensive woodwork repair in the mansion, courtesy of one of the newest inhabitants of the school, Penance. She's heard the others about, and her curiosity brings her down that way, moving in her typical low crouch.

Carol smirks a little and shrugs her shoulders. "I've never done it for the fame or celebrity. I just always figured I had these abilities, I should use them to help as many people as possible, especially against threats the regular authorities are ill equipped to handle." Like aliens. Carol's big on dealing with aliens. "I would be happy to talk with Henry and Ororo, if they've time to see me. The more folks, the better, I imagine."

Carol pauses at the scratching sound and turns watching as Penance comes lurching through. Ow. That looks like a rough mutation to her. She feels bad, but there's not a lot she can do to help. But she does offer a slight smile and a wave; no need to be less than welcoming or friendly to the kid, right? "Hi."

Rogue nodded softly to Carol's words and folded her arms across her stomach. "I'll see if I can't rustle them up for ya. They're two'a the hardest ones t'get ahold'a around here though, ya know?" She smiled faintly then. "I dealt with some… nerds from outte'ah space the othe'ah day… near here, just south'a the school a handful'a miles. That 'Star-Lord' fella was fightin' with some of'em." Rogue shook her head softly then. "Not my kinda thing. I hate that shit… t'be honest."

She took looked over to Penance and offered a smile to her, though Rogue wasn't that knowledged on Penance's situation. Why? Because nobody ever told Rogue nothin' around here!

Penance tilts her head as the other two figures make words happen. Her head-spines rustle as her solid blue eyes look at the two women, with no real sense of comprehension there. She takes a few steps closer, experimentally, as she looks the both of them over. First Carol, then Rogue.

Carol's not one much for judging based on appearances, having dealt with aliens and other such creatures so often, so she doesn't assume Penance can or cannot understand her or Rogue. She just nods. "Hello, there." She doesn't offer a hand, just yet, but she acknowledges the spiny young woman. "I'm Carol Danvers. Captain Marvel. Nice to meet you." Politeness counts.

Carol eyes Rogue for a moment, consideringly. "Star-Lord? Great. Just great." She barely manages not to groan aloud; clearly Peter Quill is not on her list of favorite people. "Well, I didn't hear of any nuclear strikes in the region, so I'm assuming he didn't screw things up too badly." She can't blame Rogue for not being comfortable dealing with aliens; it's tough stuff.

Nancy heads down the halls. She holds her arms about herself, looking distant. If any of the psychics could get into her head, they would likely want to talk with her, but her walls keep her insides all to herself.

Rogue clucked her tongue a couple times inside of her mouth and she smiled at Carol and then looked to Penance again. "Howdy." She told the new arrival. "If ya need anythin' just let me know. I'm like the official hall monitor around this place, or some such. Door guard maybe even? Seems like I should be gettin' a bigge'ah paycheck though…"

Rogue smiled over at Carol. "He lit the woods on fire… but… I put it all out with snow'n such. So crisis averted."

Rogue's eyes caught Nancy's arrival in her peripheral and she nodded at her. "Yo, Nance! Whats shakin', hot stuff?!" She called out to the distracted woman.

Penance doesn't seem to reply to Carol's greeting in any way, nor to Rogue's howdy. She doesn't seem aware of Nancy's presence till the others talk to her. She turns her head quickly, her hair-spines slicing neatly through the wall near where she stands.

Nancy is keeping her power to herself. It's not Saturday Movie night, after all, where she lets her nullification all hang out for everyone to enjoy. Nancy leans on the wall and offers Rogue a wan smile. "Hey babe. Nothin' shaking. Just … bein'" She looks to Penance as she cuts into the wall. WIth an unimpressed sigh, Nancy pushes her power over to the woman to try and take her pointy bits away.

Carol Danvers winces at the slice through the wall. Cripes, this kid is expensive. Chuck has to be going crazy. But, such is life. "Thanks for putting out the fire, Rogue. I appreciate it." Because that's a good thing and worth being applauded. Since Penny isn't being terribly responsive, Carol doesn't try again right now. But she does offer a nod to Nancy, wondering at her pensive expression. Darned teenagers. So moody!

Rogue watched as Penance's hair treated the walls of the hallway like they were soft butter and it made the southern belle wince much like Carol had. "Ouch… We're gonna have t'get a… house, repairman?" She looked at everyone with an expression of 'is that a thing?' on her face. "around here like on… a perma basis." She flashed a small grin then and nodded at Carol. "Weren't no thing… I can't have a forest fire startin' up around my home afte'all, can I?"

Rogue leaned over to her friend Nancy and put a hand up to pet the top of her head gently, her hand was gloved even if Nancy's powers were active or not. "Whats got ya so glum, Chum?" She asked Nance in a cutesy-little voice.

When Nancy's power hits, that will certainly cause some decided and dramatic changes in Penance. Her finger-knives and sharpened claw-toes retract back, her limbs shifting to normal proportions as her skin loses its red hue. Between one blink and the next, the solid blue eyes turn into normal brown eyes, as the red settles into a tanned hue. The hair-spines there seem to crack and break away from her hair, revealing normal dark hair under them, as she looks over to the three people there with really nothing less than an expression of shock.

Nancy looks to Rogue and smiles. She leans against her hand and takes a deep breath. "The Philharmonic. Been keeping me busy. Can't sugar up while working. So, I keep falling into my Hydra warrior state. Gotta find a way to keep my blood sugar up while in rehearsal." She looks to Penance with a shrug of apology. "I normally ask first, but you were butchering the fine woodgrain walls." Even when she's at her low sugar self, her sense of humor is still as snarky as ever.

Hydra? Carol's blonde eyebrows start creeping towards her hairline as she regards all of this. If she notices how much un-spined Penance looks like Monet St. Clair, she says nothing, just smiles and nods at the young woman. "There. Nice trick, Nancy. Much less brutal on the woodgrain. Nice trick." Then she glances at Rogue and shrugs. "Carpenter, general contractor, or maintenance specialist. All could be valid."

Rogue straightened up a bit when Penance began to shift forms. She wasn't expecting that really, and she was't sure how Penance was going to -react- to it either… a physical mutation like the one Penny was suffering from was a huge mental burden and Rogue had seen it bring mutants to tears in the past… let alone to be relieved from it so suddenly.

She glanced at Nancy though and smirked at her. "Here.. I keep these to bribe students." And she reached into her leather trenchcoat and pulled out a Snickers bar. "Its just like one'a them tv ads, Robin Williams." She said with a small smirk at Nancy and gave her the candy bar.

Rogue heard the carpenter bit from Carol and flashed a smile. "Ah, so its Logan's line'a work. Hah. I can't wait t'tell'im then!"

Penance gasps. "I understood you." she says, those three words coming with a shocked, revelatory tone. "My—" Yep. Tears are right; Rogue made the guess. She starts bawling, patting at her arms and her hair.

Nancy takes the offered Snickers bar and tears into it. She notices the arch of brow at mentioning Hydra. "Yeah, I know what yer thinking. TRust me, knowing Nazis basically made me me is not of the happy. I've dealt with it. They may have made me, but they don't own me." She finishes off the choclate bar in quick order. She sees the girl start to cry. "Ah shit. I broke her." She looks to the pair and shrugs apologetically. "My bad."

Gah! Crap! Tears! If Carol had to pick something to be her Kryptonite, it might be tears. But she just grits her teeth, walks up and hugs the kid. "Apparently Nancy here can neutralize powers, at least temporarily." she explains to the young woman who now can understand what is said around her. What a Hell it must be, to be cured only to know that as soon as that person walks away the cure is gone and one has to revert back to that Hell. Much worse.

Rogue was the exact same as Carol in this regard (maybe because she stole part of Carol's persoanlity once upon a time?). So with Danvers on one side, Rogue went to the other and they both seemed to be consoling the young Penny in the same fashion. "Yeah… I'd offe'ah a candy bar, but that might seem a bit crass in this particular situation." She said with a light smirk before glancing up to Nancy. "Nancy's ability is pretty wild though… she's already allowed me t'actually touch folk without makin' turn all dead'n such." Maybe sharing soem of her own side effects of it would help? Though Rogue certainly didn't have to deal with anywhere near as severe of a mutation as Penance was…

"I'm not broken. I just…I can /understand/ you." Penance says, staring, eyes wide as she looks at the other three. "How??"

Carol Danvers just points at Nancy. "She turned 'you' off. So right now, you're you as if you without ever having had your powers and the changes they wrought."

Nancy winces softly. "Hey, if it helps, we do a movie night here every Saturday. I neutralize everyone in the room so they can have a place to be just regular joes." She looks apologetically over to the other two women. "Should have mentioned it was coming. Sorry guys." She walks over to Penance and shrugs her shoulders. "Sorry kid. You okay?" She crouches down to look Pennance in her big brown eyes. "I'm a null, kiddo. I turn off powers. They call me Deadzone, cause around me that's what I got, a big dead zone. Right now, you're you if you never had your genes go funny. You're just… a person."

Rogue listened to the others and she patted Penny on the shoulder with a gloved hand (Not that it would matter right now with Nancy's power going).

"Its wild yeah, but… with Nance around ya can go back t'just bein' yourself'n worryin' about pretty much just that." She wasn't entirely sure if Penance was relieved to be reverted to 'human form' or not. It was kind of hard to tell by the girl's reactions thus far.

Penance seems pretty thrilled. Right up until she gets the intent that this /isn't/ permanent. She looks to each of the women there with something approaching panic in her expression. "Oh, no. No, please. I can't go back. I don't want to go back!!"

And all Carol can do is hug and hold Penance. What more can she say? She gets that it must be untold horror to face that she will have to go back, that Nancy can't just make this permanent. Carol can't take that sting away. But at least she can be here right now. For whatever little that may be worth.

Nancy sighs softly and frowns. She is used to this reaction on Saturday nights at the end of movie night. "I know, kiddo. Dr. McCoy is working with my blood, to find something that can do what I do on a short term basis."

Rogue frowned intensely at this. She looked between the others and then back to Penny… This was a tough case for her and she wasn't really prepared to handle it. It actually made the southern girl's eyes tear up and she had to try not to allow it to get her any further in that direction.

Rogue looked to Penny and nodded her head. "Its true, yeah. Hank's gonna figure somethin' out for ya." She muttered, her voice was quiet.

Penance gets hugged. Which is good, because her gut reaction is to try to run and cry. Thankfully, she has as much ability to get out of a superstrength hug as she does to optic-blast her way out. "I don't want to go back." she repeats, her voice choked up with tears. "Can't you keep it going?" She looks to Nancy, desperately.

Nancy reaches to Penance and brushes her hair out of her face. "I can't exactly have you with me all the time, but if you like, you can sleep with me tonight. And if you take my music classes on the weekends, I can help you there too. That's the best I can do." Nancy tries to smile, but it's hard.

Penny is distraught, and mostly unconsolable. She twists loose and takes off at a run, sprinting towards the place that she feels safe; the woods out back.

Nancy watches the girl run and looks to Rogue. "I'm gonna go follow her, see if I can't get her to sleep with me tonight. It's the least I can do." She offers a tip of an invisible hat to Carol. "Ummm, hi. I'm Nancy. Nice to meet you. Maybe we can talk later?"

Carol Danvers extends a hand to Nancy. "Carol Danvers, Captain Marvel. Good to meet you. Go after her, do what you can for her. I'm sorry. I wish there was something more I could do to help."

Rogue's arms crossed over her stomach and she went to move after Penance as well, but she stopped when Nancy said she would do it. It was probably best not to rush the girl. Rogue nodded her head a couple times to Nancy and then cleared her throat. She glanced back to Carol then. "Welcome to Mutant High, right?" She said quietly to the woman she once assaulted and threw off a bridge.

Shaking Carol's hand, Nancy shrugs. "I'm used to this. My power either is super awesome or super sucky. I've been getting so much of the super awesome lately, I almost forgot about this part." She turns and heads towards the backyard and the woods found there

"I feel bad for the girl. I wish I could help her. But … it's out of my talents." Carol admits to Rogue. She knows how extra-awkward this all is because of their history together. But that's just the way things are. Nothing either of them can do about that. Ain't life grand?

Charles' class seems to be ending as the students are filtering out of the doorway now and filling up the hallway, having no idea what had just gone on out here.

Rogue looked to Carol and smiled softly. "Guess your audience awaits." She said, motioning to the Professor's classroom then. "It was good seein' ya again. If ya eve'ah need any help punchin' stuff… I might be the last person ya call, but yeah… ya can still dial me anyway."

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