Showdown at Suicide Slums

January 26, 2017:

A group of soldiers are attempting to capture a group of people affected by the Terrigen Mists. Tattoo thinks she's alone, but ends up with a couple of allies in the form of Witchdoctor and Flash.

Suicide Slums, Metropolis

"Slums may well be breeding grounds of crime, but the suburbs outside of here are incubators of apathy and delerium."

Welcome to the Suicide Slums, also known as Southside and The Simon Project. This area is the dark recess of Metropolis, where every corner you take can likely be your last, and the glimmer of hope that glistens off the skyscrapers ceases.

The high rises here are in shambles and disrepair, the markets seem shadier, pretty much verging on that of Black Markets, and the malice is a palpable feeling in the air, if not coming from the looks of the local residents.

Those that benefit from this neighborhood are the ones who can make money from nothing, or come from nothing and seek to have that glimmer on the other side of the pipe-lain wall. Prostitution, gambling, drug dealing, criminalizing - all of this is where most start and never find their way up and out, and if they do, it is likely running the business they started at or heading the gang they ran with, though tales are told of those that have
broken free.

Streets bear potholes, newspapers roll across the roads like tumbleweeds and an old lady dumps trash from the upper story of her flat to splash into the dark alley below where a stray cat growls and runs from it all, even the rapid fire of bullets.


NPCs: Terrigen Mists Affected, Unknown Soldiers

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Fade In…

Just days before Kida had helped a couple repair their vehicle and get out of the Slums. Tensions are always high there, but lately when some of their numbers died with the arrival of the Mists, and others rested in cocoons of white like hibernating butterflies, unease rose.

…Especially when the unmarked vehicles came in and would start taking the people in those cocoons, and they would fight, and it would not end well for the people in the Slums. They were underarmed, undermanned, and paniced.

Ever since Kida's arrival this was her home as it reminded her of her home even though worlds and worlds apart. Literally.

Terragenocide holds a new meaning depending on stance.

Mothers lost children, men lost partners, Kida was losing friends… new family… So her stance is one she held at home against Overlords.
Over her dead body.

Gunfire heralds heavily, smoke grenades go off, loud bangs with the flicker of flashes. A alley is blocked off by unmarked cars, men in uniform and tactical gear akin to SWAT line at the mouth of the alley and drop their shields that cover their crouched forms. In the alley?

People of the Slums stand there, some already fallen, others in the fire escapes aiming their guns down upon the unknown, all blocking a small cluster of cocoons. With them, Kida stands, and as the blockade of tactical armored 'officials' move in the people step forward and in Kida's hand a small engraved pommel bearing Ancient Haida and lined in feathers and beads extends, the scripts glowing to birth the spear'd head of her weapon.

Taking a knife to a gun fight? No one said anything about sane. "Saahlaangaan… " Stated lowly All together…

Displaced from his home, Barry Allen has really had no choice but to get used to this world that he's found himself in. Especially now that the Time Wraiths are making sure that any attempt for him to leave will only end with them seeking him out as he had learned when Miss America tried to punch him home.

It wasn't as bad as it sounds.

As part of his membership tio the Justice League that he's attempting to earn, Flash has taken on patrols of the tri-cities, though he tends to skirt around Gotham, since he doesn't want to have a Bat-Frown (tm) aimed at him. As he's on one of his patrols, cruising through Metropolis at just over 200 miles per hour as he takes in everything.

That is until smoke rising from Suicide Slums grabs his attention. He was just there with Stephanie a few days ago, and someone in that area helped with her car. Barry figures it's only fair to return the favor. In order to make sure that he gets there a little faster, he turns on the speed and cuts across, running straight up the side of a building as he leaps from rooftop to rooftop before he lands on the roof overlooking the sight of the 'battle' and he comes to a halt, kicking a few pebbles over the side of the building, raining down accidentally on the people below to give them an idea that there's someone above them.

As he vibrates quickly enough to be a rather human shaped scarlet blur, he looks down at the 'riot officers' and frowns. "That doesn't look like Metropolis Police. You got a warrant to be here?" he asks, glancing around at the destruction, and his lips pull into a thin line. "I'm going to take that as a no." he comments as he notices Kida amongst the protectors, and his frown tightens even more.

Another 'Stranger in a Strange world', Alyse had been growing more accustomed to her new home. Having battled alongside heroes and even stopped the entire world from being flooded with deadly mutagenic gas at the cost of almost killing herself, she'd even moved on from considering her attentions purely selfish.

The Witch herself had been enjoying some 'time off', making the most of her magics to tour some of the cities and pick up a few things; Alcohol in Gotham, Pizza in Metropolis… Then the smoke had caught her eye.

Appearing in a swirl of glowing 'butterfly lights' the Witch in her streetwear takes in the sight of the battle, eyes wide at the pitched gunfighting and these cocoons she'd never encountered. "What in the world is going on here?" she speaks up, a flicking gesture of her hand conjuring what appears to be an umbrella to her hand. Not exactly an intimidating weapon right there."

The falling pebbles do not get much regard by those below that are not under the direct light barrage, but those who are look up before the others who hear The Flash's voice.

No answer from the vested or plated men, they are under strict orders and they answer to no one but who barks into the comms, a relay fed through small implanted cameras on their helmets. "It's the Slums, no one will miss them. MOVE!"
"Sir, we have one.. addition."
"Doesn't matter. Move in!"

Witchdoctor had not been seen quite yet to be accounted for, but as one wall presses further, another line (akin to Roman tactics) turns in unison and lines the mouth of the alley in a tectical wall of shields and a canister rolls out to smokescreen.

Covering tracks and visuals.

Kida heard the voice of Flash, and her eyes shift upward, a small breeze bearing smoke whisps, dances along the feather-light black strands of hair. She did not know him, as even so much as TV was not a luxury she bore nor cared to, but the look lingered almost like slow motion (and likely to him) before a resonance comes to the air those of like would feel (Witchdoctor), and guns fired when the first shield slammed on a 'protestor' casting them into the air and back, skidding across the broken pavement.

In a quick motion that spear is thrown, embedded in a wall, enough to give leverage and Kida is taking the upper level and out of the gunfire that heralds, gripping the spear shaft and swinging in to kick booted foot at a helmeted head….

But if looking closely her skin is crawling

Back by Witchdoctor a van door rolls open and a large gun on a pivot mechanism is wheeled to the opening, the charge one ear piercing.

"Sorry, I don't think this a proper protest for you to be trying to quell, or that you're the people to stop it." Flash starts to say, when the sounds of the guns going off and the muzzle flashes are seen by the fastest man alive. And just like that, he's moving into action. Streaking down the side of the building, as the first shield is swung about, there's a flash of scarlet and gold as the figure grabs the shield from the soldier as Flash spins it around to start to use it deflect the bullets that are incoming as the red blur with a hint of gray is protecting the line from the bullets of the soliders.

He notices Kida on the attack, and gawps for a moment. This was the same girl that fixed a car? There's nothing to be said at the moment, before there's a sudden stream of bullets incoming from the van, the blur coming to a halt as he's pushed back against the barrage of bullets, his boots scraping against the concrete. "If someone could stop the brrrrt over there, I'd /really/ appreciate it!" the scarlet speedster offers as he tries to keep anyone else from getting killed while he's there.

That resonating, humming magic? It's probably what drew Alyse here. But she'd have time to investigate it later when people aren't firing guns in their direction. The blurring figure of Barry is one she recognizes, but now isn't the time for social discussion. Instead she turns, looking much like any civillian albiet an oddly dressed one when she steps towards the machinegun and opens her umbrella, a light crackle of gold-lights rippling across the surface before she puts it in front of the weapon and the bullets slam into the seemingly normal material, only to bounce of like they'd hit some sort of tank hull.

The witch herself isn't finished just yet however. Her free hand gestures and the mounted gun begins to glow red-hot, a sudden explosion swiftly following as the melted barrel ruptures.

Kida would gawp too, if she knew that was the same turtle-neck wearing student from the other day now, doing the Time Warp of a different manner. Her eyes cannot even follow, but as booted foot lands a helmet flies over the heads of others and rolls into the street opening, but between her teeth one of those gloves dangles, she had pulled it off in a swing that has her facing the brick wall, held aloft only by the single handed grip on her spear and the scrape of booted toes like a cat with no hold trying to stay aloft. A fancy move by she is not a cat and all she needed was a hold….

"We got a meta! Switch the fire carriage!" Nevermind the fact that he had deflected fire from both sides, even the Slummers from above step back, some on pause while others reload.
The charge from the van takes on a high pitch that could go unheard, but if you have heightened hearing its deafening as a glow starts to omit from the weapon in the van. One large blast and instead of the bark of bullet fire in rapidity it is a blast of energy, more like a laser as a call is barked from the lead and the wall parts, weapons right and the warning shot burns a hole into the ground, fragments of concrete flying up in shards like shrapnel and hard rains of heavy stone as it descends.

The second blast is blocked by Witchdoctor, not being bullets the powerful force backfires into the van, blasting the men behind it as well as the weapon itself out the other side of the van.

Along the wall Kida is clinging to, fingers warp, green vines seem to slide off her neck, the ink disappearing to spill down exposed hand and into the bricks, coating them in a green that descends, spreads and from that new crater the plants vines lash around legs, dragging a few surprised soldiers back into the way, closing their opening..

"Abort! Multiple metas. Heavy is down. Lay an exit!"
"No proof."
The lead of the 'officials' looks back and nods, a device slapped against the building wall just below Kida and lights go from red to yellow.

The people of the Slums find themselves once more under the blinding and deafening of flashbangs, smoke billowing out but now as a canister fired rebounds off a building ledge, breaks through glass and a fire begins.

Some run, others grab for their cocooned loved ones, friends…

Throwing the shield aside, Barry finds himself having to switch gears, though he's ending up on defense still. Except in this case.. it's mass transit. As the shield hits the ground, he's clearing out the civilians and the cocoons.. he'll be asking on that later. Back and forth he goes, faster and faster as he does so, depositing citizens and their loved ones from the battle on the other side of the Slums - trying his best to evacuate the vicinity and the building as he heads inside to start clearing it out as well.

Well, if they wanted to keep Barry busy so that he couldn't go on the attack, they picked a damn fine way to do it. The two women are left to handle the assault as he continues his clearing out efforts - this may take a few minutes.

The sudden burst of flashbang? Witchdoctor might have herself quite a bit of magic, but she can't quite move faster then the speed of light. The sudden explosion has her crying out in shock and pain. A bubble of light, an impulse-cast shield wrapped around her form as she wrenches her eyes shut and manages to stand upright. Today at least, she's not going to get her answers on the who and the whys today. Gritting her teeth she's forced to step back and give up the chase. The best she can do is try not to get hurt while blinded.

The people of the Slums do not know what to do as themselves and their loved ones are finding themselves transplanted in a movement so fast that they are left reeling. One woman screams, pauses, sees the small cocoon still beside her, clutches it and rocks….

Another fies his gun into the air with a haze over his eyes as he stares in circles and his with a blink it is a mass of 'W.T.F?'

But all eyes turn towards the billowing of dark grey. No sirens, though. Not here.

Inside the building only a few hiding from the chaos remain, not as many who had lumped into the alley to defend. Mainly children and elders staring through the smokescreen as Flash's speed splits it and removes them from the burning hovel.

Kida on the other hand is encasing two of the soldiers in the wrap of vines, her descent from the wall a drop in the sound of heavy leather soles, and her small form laden with a backpack, but the coat is open and those vines as they stretch and form a stranglehold while lifting grown men and pinning them beside the bomb on the wall…. "Undo it!" Kida demands as the heel of one hand claps on the chin of the man she had de-helmeted, all the while his breath is slowing as constricting vines squeeze tighter. Her spear pivots in hand and when the honed tip touches on his partner it emits a spark from the glyhs, jolting.

"You…lose!" The one man states as his partner convulses and glows in the arc of light.

….The yellow light begins to flicker and blink rapidly, matching that light left in the peeling departure of vehicles where Witchdoctor now is forced to regain her bearings.

"Ahh….ssshhhit." Hisses between clenched teeth, those vines suddenly dissipating, withdrawing in a manner that returns flesh to that crawling state the men dropping just before the discarded shield Flash left behind is slammed over the bomb and held in place by both hands, head lowering and a glow eminates then disappears….

When Witchdoctor can see and hear again, and Flash returns, Kida is still still standing there, with the shield in hand, but the wall is gone behind it, a large black perfect hole gaping in the side of the building as well as on the first floor leading direct view to the dank basement.

Witchdoctor officially can at least take a boon as a token from the malformed and metled gun she disabled, the massive hunk of partially warped and melted metal still nearby where the van and men blasted back with it are gone.

Flash really was in a Kobayashi Maru situation. The bomb could have been dragged out of the city and exploded, which would have left the men to open fire on the people. By evacuating the people, he left Tattoo alone with the bomb. He arrives just in time for the large explosion to encompass the area as he moves to come up beside the mechanic that helped him and leans over her. "…miss, are you alright? Do I need to call an ambulance?" And don't make him start dragging them here, he totally will kidnap a paramedic as he considers her and the others. "And who were the stormtroopers?"

(To be Continued)

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