Not Awkward At All

January 25, 2017:

Carol stops by the Xavier School and bumps into Rogue (the door guard?)

Xavier's School


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Moving like she is, Captain Marvel isn't going to show up on approach radar, but the Mansion is well equipped with sensors for all sorts of things, including people with powers. So those sensors beep and squeal, letting everyone know that apparently there's someone flying towards the Mansion at moderately high speed - but not transsonic. No radio transmissions, no other communications. Just the beep warning of the incoming. And then the red, gold and midnight blue figure landing on the edge of the front porch, which sets off the pressure sensors there. Cameras zoom in. And then the doorbell rings.

Ding dong!

So naturally the call had gone to Rogue, one of the school's 'flyers' to answer the security risk…

When Carol touched down on the porch, another touchdown happened a second later… behind the woman in blue/gold/red…. Rogue was dressed in a brown leather trenchcoat that swayed around her body. Beneath that she wore a dark green/black bodysuit that clung to her form. She had matching tall boots that went up past her knees and a dark-silver belt strapped around her waist.

Rogue eyed the woman when she landed… her white/brown hair all loose and wild about her head and shoulders…

"Oh… uh… Hey." Rogue said to Carol, probably the only woman on the world that made Anna-Marie THIS uncomfortable, and she looked very uncomfortably once she realized who this 'threat' was.

"We're not buyin' any girl scout cookies t'day!" Rogue threw in an awkward joke too. "Uh… unless ya got Thin Mints… thsoe damn things are good!"

Carol saw Rogue flying up and over, but she didn't react, didn't respond. But when Rogue lands behind her, she can't help tensing up. It's visible in her shoulders and neck. The accent runs like razor blades over her nerves, and the blonde woman stops with her hand raised towards the doorbell, then turns around, pivoting on her toes like on a parade ground to face the skunk-striped brunette, her face an impassive mask.

No smile for Rogue, at least Carol isn't grimacing or snarling. Right? "'Lo, Rogue." Beat. Another beat. "No thin mints. I have some tagalongs, but they're back at my apartment." Weaksauce on the humor thing. "Honestly, I came by hoping to talk to Chuck, if he's around. We're trying to figure some things out, with the League, thought it would be good to touch base with him. He around? Or did he go join Hair Club for Men or something?"

Rogue cringed a bit on the inside when she saw the woman's reaction to her presence… but she'd seen it before. They'd seen each other around the mansion a couple of times over the past five years… but they hadn't spoken a lot. The guilt was tremendous within Marie, she hated it, but there was nothing she could do about it. Whats done was done. What she'd done all those years ago had changed both of their lives.

Rogue grinned a little at the Bald Guy joke and she softly shook her head. "I don't figure he believes in that sorta witchdoctorin'." She replied to Carol. "An' which League are ya talkin' about? The bowlin' league?" Her grin grew a little larger then. "I've asked repeatedly t'join that… but they always tell me that I throw the ball 'too damn hard'." She sighed dramatically then and put her gloved hands onto her hips. "Whatevs tho… Jean uses her 'mind' to roll her ball, how is that any bette'ah? I usually jsut hang out in the arcade anyway…" Sometimes Rogue rambled, its true.

Carol smirks a little at the other woman's sense of humor, forced as it is for both of them. Still, she does what she can not to be a cringing automaton. "Justice League." she amends, with a shrug. Could anyone really think she meant anything or anyone else? "I imagine you guys would have a bowling league in the Danger Room. Then you can throw the ball as fast as you want without endangering anyone." Yes. She's being a smart alek.

"We've been having a lot of issues with the terrigen mist situation." Carol explains. "A lot of people suddenly coming to with powers and no idea what to do with them. Not too unlike a teenaged mutant hitting puberty. I thought we'd talk it over with Chuck, see what suggestions he could offer about psychological counseling, and initial training. Since he's one of the experts." She also had hoped to talk to him about accepting some of these folks as students, but she doesn't bring that up to Rogue. Not yet, at least.

Rogue's hands slipped off of her hips while she listened to Carol say all of this… she slide them into the side handwarmers of her brown leather trench and she gently nodded her head to the woman's words… She had a great respect for Carol… she looked up at her like she was an idol even really, and that was probably partly due to the fact that she didn't just take powers from her… she took her personality traits and memories as well. Carol's life had been a wild one, but it was a paragon of 'good', more 'good' than Rogue could ever match up too. Hero worship? Maybe…

Anna-marie grinned at her and she swayed her shoulders back and forth a little. "Tuuurrigan? Mists?" Yeah, she said terrigan like Charles Barkley says 'terrible'. "Neve'ah heard'a it. Sounds like its a big deal though… Come on. I'll take ya inside. I think the Professah is teachin' a class, but it should probably wrap up pretty soon an' I bet he'd be all smiles t'see your pretty face, Miss Carol." And with that, Rogue walked up to the doorways that Carol had landed in front of and she popped the handle and went inside, leaving the door open for the other.

"Dange'ah room bowlin'?" Rogue spoke while moving inside, going down the small few steps into the main foyer. "I'd suggest it… but all these lame'os would prolly turn it inta a 'trainin exercise' or some junk." She paused in the center of the foyer and grinned back at Carol. "They'd have us throwin' bowlin balls at space aliens or somethin'. So I'll pass on makin' that suggestion."

"Terrigen mists. In the news. Stuff activates people with Inhuman genes. They end up in cocoons, and come out with powers." Carol offers with a shrug.

That said, explanation offered, Carol nods to Rogue and follows her as she leads the way inside. "Pretty face? Me? See the mirror much?" Or any of the other gorgeous women around the mansion. Carol's figuring she's nothing special in the face of all that.

Carol smirks at the danger room discussion and shrugs. "Your choice. I think it could work out just great. But what do I know?" After all, Carol never got a school time with a Danger Room. She was a grown woman, ex-Air Force pilot, ex special forces, ex-CIA when she finally got her powers. "Each gotta do what we gotta do."

Rogue grinned back at her about the mirror-bit. She just liked complimenting people in hopes of making them feel better. About five years ago, Rogue used to insult people a lot… and along the way she'd decided that that was just creating far too many problems than it was helping. So once she got here? Started getting her mind sorted out? She became happier, decided she'd like to spread some of that happiness, or try to anyway.

"Gotta do what we gotta do." She grinned faintly and moved toward the east wing hallway, Xavier's Office and Classroom was literally right there, and the door was open. She motioned inside to the students all gathered at their chairs listening to the Professor talking about his favorite things, the kind of things that made Marie's mind glaze over.

"The cocoons… right… yeah." She gently nodded her head then and exhaled. "Seen that stuff some. Do. Not. Like." She grimly added with a little shake of her head.


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