Something Wrong at Hellgate

January 24, 2017:

Strange meets Kida, an alien magic-user with a problem with missing friends

Suicide Slum, Metropolis


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Fade In…

Kida had hid and used silent tactics to eliminate Apokoliptian issues in Suicide Slums where she has resided since her arrival from Earth 81. Now, she finds her fellow Slummers either dead or in a mesh coating of white, and their responses to her are limited at best. And ultimately she blames what she stares across the bridge at…

DEO Headquarters nestled into a land wiped clean but left in as much ruin as her slums. It reminds her of her old home anymore in paving and creating, then They came and took over, like Overlords, wiping out everyone and anything "unfitting". Now Kida just braces herself for a war unspoken but whispered through the breeze…

A thing that sweeps the featherlight strands of raven's-wing hair along her jaw.

A spear rests angled across her back, just under her pack, bearing the decor of feathers and beads that hang above from the spears honed tip like mistletoe, but less romantic.

Did this DEO hold the key behind prison-like walls? As she watched her hand burrowed into the earth, digging more dirt beneath nails, tipping fingers in a muddy darkness, her eyes closing…

The world around her wavered, or at least its essence.

Strange setup mystic wards and alarms here after the invasion, and although most of them are faded and gone, he still comes to Hell’s Gate to renew a few remaining ones. He doesn’t bother telling the DEO because they don’t seem to appreciate him much. The one that agent he liked is back to Canada. Besides, he did those before they built their fancy base.

So far they hadn’t detected anything Apokoloptian, although plenty of magic types came and go during the weeks following the invasion. Then the area became quiet, at least until today, when he feels a mystical presence he doesn’t know lurking around the area. It doesn’t feel Apokoloptian, but the sorcerer goes to take a look just in case.

Tattoo is not concerned with setting off alarms, as at this point this world almost feels like home anymore, despite it lacking her family….

Eyes Close:

Flames burn, people scream, armored Followers light flame throwers, unleash nets, and she is shoved beneath her shanty-style home while her lineage utters chants… And she spills through… Here, despite eyes seeing her world go up in flames overhead.

… Then she spilled out here and had a battle on these grounds with help. But all her help had left her it seems, and alone she stopped caring, she wants family.

Even across a bridge, the gap means nothing while hazel eyes flicke and the compound seems so much closer, even as the unmarked SUV's suddenly become manned by kevlar coated people with "official" lettering over straps.

Strange is felt before seen. Closed eyes do not open upon the woman as fingers suck free of the now mired earth and the vining tattoo leaves her body, the ink seeping from skin and going to earth in preparation….

Strange approaches the tattooed woman without hurry, wearing a grey suit and a darker coat. He studies her for a minute, waiting for her eyes to open. And since they do not, he clears his throat. “Good afternoon. Are you looking for anything? I might be able to help… and this place is not safe for you.”

Fuck the Rules, I Got Nothing to Lose…

"What is safe anymore?" Then her eyes open and there seems to be another life thee for a ment until she looks at the man with a near avian tilt of her head that casts beads over her shoulder in a clatter of beads that meet in the spill.

Strange gets a slow sweep of her eyes, one that sees more, and with a slow blink it is evident she did not find the fight she desires, despite the hand resting upon the hilt of her spear. "I just want to go home…" Tattoo whispers, an with the final word a mist upon cold air emits, borne on crystalline tears that roll down defined cheeks.

"Safe is not an option, is it?" And when she looks at him those hazel eyes reset to a pale blue. "Who. Are. You?"

“Doctor Stephen Strange,” replies the man, replying to her last question first. “I am a sorcerer, this is my home, and it is my task to make it safe. You won’t be needing your weapon.” He glances at her spear, with mild curiosity. “Where are you from?” He asks, looking at her eyes.

When he addresses her, Kida's head tilts his way albeit her hand does not leave her spear while the other already left the earth it had burrowed in, sudden plants sprouting where there had been none, even wrapping over the toes of his footwear.

"Not here. Doctor." Kida does not trust easily and with a swift jerk back of her hand that had burrowed the vines grip. Snap. A seek to sweep Strange off his feet!

If successful or not either way he finds himself at the reckoning side of quickly drawn spear.

Well, now. Strange feels the magic come, but vines grabbing his feet are a surprise anyway. He activates the Cloak almost without thinking, keeping his balance while glancing down. And that almost get him skewed when she brings up the spear. A quick gesture brings up a small shield of light a couple inches from his chest. “This… is not necessary,” he mutters, trying to pull free and levitate a few inches.

Strange…. Strange.

Those eyes blink at him as he moves away and without a reciprocation of ethereal violence. The point of the spear aimed for him wavers as well as the stoicism of her eyes, all the while a crouched posture rights and the piece-meal jacket half bearing burnt and marred fur ruffs falls into the wind, swept away to show the rags beneath the cover. Hiding, no lies though.

"I wouldn't know…" The voice remains strong even as her stance shifts and the spear is spun away from the man, the vines slipping slowly away.

"Who rules here, now? Truly? Will I burn?" Her voice is accented, although intricate.

"They took the desecrated land like our Overlords." A gesture towards the DEO HQ as the unmarked SUV's finally peel off and out, heading for the bridge they stand at the other end of…

"But my friends suffer…" A look then to Strange, and it is more a plea for help…

Strange takes a step back and uffs, straightening. He looks a momentarily annoyed, but looking at Kida, his expression relaxes. “Overlords, hmm? I see you are a foreigner. Those,” he gestures to the DEO base. “Are soldiers. They don’t rule this country, although they do have a degree of power and influence. As do many others. This nation is a republic. Imperfect, perhaps, but the will of the common people is generally respected.” He glances at the base, “are your friends imprisoned there or are you talking of a problem existing in your home?”

"Soldier's do not express the rule?" A brief tilt of Kida's head and the spear sweeps in a circular motion to return to the rest across her back beneath the heavy-laden pack.

"They have a say? It does not seem so…" A glance from one area to the horizon of the next with a dip of brow, narrowing her eyes upo the SUV's. "Both there and not…. Do you know of these Butterflies?" A tilt of her head and Kida watches Strange with an inquisitveness.

"My home is in the place called Slums here, and many have died." A fidgit of hands and she looks from stained fingers to him as his cloak lifts him….

“Others are not. But they act a lot like my Overlords…. Bit by bit they disappear." A straightening of posture and a sweep of her hand has dirt-streak across her cheek in the gesture, like war…

"Can you help us, Strange?"

“People disappearing?” And he should have heard something in the news about it, perhaps. A few years ago he wouldn’t have need the news to know, but it has been a few bad years and doubly so for the supernatural side of Metropolis. “Hmm, walk with me, I’d like to know all about these disappearances.” He heads away from the DEO base, casting a couple minor spells to ensure privacy and stealth.

"Was I sent here to help the unnoticed…" A pause and slowly the scars of departed tattoos become filled by the vines that had reached for Strange before, swarming over her skin in a serpentine manner that fills holes and leaves things "seemingly" flawless.

"The people of the slums…" Kida states lowly, looking sidelong to Strange, a curiousity there, an awe, and yet apprehension.

"The people either die, and if they're encased like Butteflies and found…. The Overlords take them. Or your soldiers? Is that what you call them?" A look back and whee they had stood the SUV's circle, people emerge and yet no one seems to *see* them.

"You can help!" Kida states, all the while from the shadows surrounding them a couple wolves (who will appear ghostly to Strange) pace outside their spell, loping along with a wary gaze cast.

Strange blinks, understanding. “Inhuman chrysalis. Oh… I see,” and it is not something he -should- get involved. But it is not something he can ignore either. “I will help, yes. I know some people that will help, also. Come with me.” To the Hall of Justice.

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