Theft of the Golden Throne

January 24, 2017:

At an event at the Guggenheim Museum, Mirror Master attempts to steal an 18k Gold Toilet. He's thwarted by a paid of femme fatales.

Guggenheim Museum, New York City

A museum in New York City


NPCs: Mirror Master



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Evening is coming to the Guggenheim Museum. Most of the tours are finishing for the night, leaving a few that paid for the earphones and player to tour the museum on their own. There's also a small patrons meeting to welcome back one of their own, Lady Lara Croft is visiting surely.

A few people are left to linger around the Maurizio Cattelan.

After some snickers and selfies, they leave, exposing what exactly the display piece is. It's in the unisex family restroom, a piece called 'America'.

A fully functioning, solid 18K gold…


It weighs well over one thousand pounds. It would take an incredible feat of strength to steal the item.

Or an ingenious plan.

Elinor is fond of the selftour and showing up later in the evening when there are less people. The woman is dressed in all black and there is a parasol hooked over her arm as she strolls along listening to the pre-recorded messages on the i-Pod. At least, that's what it looks like she's doing, what's actually going on is that she's getting her own private tour from a lond dead curator who dedicated his life to the musesum as well as his unlife. There is a faint smile on her dark lips, as she exists the area with the main exhibits and toward this infamous toliet. The crowd around it causes her to pause, so for now she simply waits until they've left to veiw it for herself.

Lara Croft had recently become… Junior Agent Croft, with SHIELD? It was definitely a new direction for her in life, but it was one that was going to give her a larger wingspan to explorer the planet and avoid using her family's wealth (which she believed to be something she had not earned).

Lara had established enough contacts with the Museum to be invited to this gala event… She'd been told about the gold toilet shortly after arriving and had already had a look at it. It had made her smile, even laugh a little when one of the men from the Museum made a few jokes about it in her ear, but overall it wasn't really… the thing in the Museum that intrigued her the most.

Currently, Lara was standing off to the side a little ways away from the 'America' display. She was wearing a long black dress that was backless, but one couldn't really tell because she had a black leather jacket on… It was still winter afterall and since she was dressed nicely, it showed she'd made the effort, but the black leather jacket was worn to show that she didn't really feel like being cold!

The crowd disperses soon enough as the loudspeaker announces, 'The Guggenheim Museum will be closing in ten minutes for a pirvate event. Please make your way to the exits at the gift shop at this time'.

A girl that stops to take a selfie at the display takes out her compact to check her makeup before she takes her picture to put on instagram. But it's not her reflection that comes up when she opens the compact. Instead, a figure in orange and green is looking at her. "Thanks for the lift, lovely." he offers, before switching places with her, sending the girl screaming into the Mirrorverse as Mirror Master steps through, his boots settle on the floor.

Pulling up his pistol, he looks around. "Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. As it seems I have your attention, I need you all to put your valuables with one of my copies, or even my original, and then calmly sit on the floor!" he says.

As he says this, from the bathroom mirrors and other reflective services, six other 'Mirror Masters' show up, carrying bags and pistols.

In the meantime, the first Mirror Master through is looking at the golden throne and considers. "Let's get the mirror set up after we take care of sheering the sheep!"

This is not at all the direction Ella thought this evening was going to go! She had a cup of ramen waiting for her! She can't afford to get robbed right now! When the commotion starts she presses herself against the wall, looking for a shadowy spot to blend into, she finds the perfect corner and slowly lets the shadow slide over her body like a cloak, hiding her from view. There is a streak of self preservation that is kicking in, but part of her is weary to leave all of these innocents alone. Perhaps it is because of the ghost of the former curator buzzing in her ear, asking her not to abandon all of his hard work. Still she slowly starts to look around, and begins to form a plan.

Lara had not dealt with super powered people in her life quite so much as those in the United States had. Sure England had its fair share of them, but they were so much more… reserved there and often kept to themselves or out-right hid… mutants specifically. Plus, Lady Croft didn't grow up with a television ever at her disposal, so she'd remained even more cutoff from Super Powered stories… at least until she'd gone to college and gotten out on her own.

But still, her experience with them ahd been limited… though now that she was State-side, it was growing ever-more-deeper…

Lara watched the MIrrored Men appear, encircling the whole place. "Shit." She muttered softly under her breath. She was wearing jewelry, but none of it was that expensive— it was merely just trinkets she'd bought while working and going to school. She started to pull them off and prepare them to give away (afterall, she needed to bide her time / or give in to these demands all together)

Her eyes started to scan the room, waiting to see if there were any counter-parts to these Villains… perhaps powered 'heroes'? Holstered inside of her leather jacket was a handgun, but she really didn't think that'd serve her much good in this scenario… not yet anyway.

Barry Allen rolls 21 on a percentile die.

It doesn't seem that there's any 'heroes' amongst the bunch, as there's some panicked screams and crying, as the ladies are giving up their jewels, and the men their cash and wallets. None of the Mirror Masters seem to notice the young woman skulking into the shadows making her own play. One of the Mirror Masters comes to towards Lara. "Well, what a lovely dish we have on display here." he says to the young woman as he takes out the bag to collect her items. "Thank you for the baubles.. if you're not doing anything later.."

"Focus!" snaps one of the Mirror Masters - presumably the real one, and not one of his holograms. While two of the Mirror Masters are focusing on collecting the goods, the other two are moving a large mirror into position in front of the 'America' exhibit.

Elinor would not call herself a hero. She watches from her hidden spot, listening to the curator and finally nodding at him, afraid to speak lest she give herself away. She carefully slides along the wall, letting the shadow stick to her like glue as she heads toward the lightswitches in the room. If she gets the lights off, she'll be able to move around easier and perhaps keep herself from being noticed. Finally she turns toward the Curator and puts her finger on her lips, mostly for her own benfit than a worry over someone hearing the ghost. Once she's at the light switch she waits, perhaps wanting to make sure that the ringleader is distracted before she moves.

Lara had had plenty of foul comments from men over the years. They'd stated in her late teens and have kept going ever since. So the little remark from the man relieving her of belongings didn't seem to even really register with her.

"Usually a man -gives- a woman jewelry in order to score a date." She said softly, with a fair amount of annoyance on her voice. She turned the small rings and ear-rings over to the man and then just exhaled and shook her head as his ringleader called him off. Which was nice.

Lara's eyes were now looking around the room, watching what the others were doing… she wanted to do something, but the odds were not in her favor in this particular situation.

Just as they set up the mirror, Mirror Master starts to prepare to pull it into the mirrorverse to make it alot easier to move. That is, until the lights suddenly go out and Mirror Master is looking around. No lights, no reflections. That makes things difficult, especially as without the reflection of the mirrors, his clones are starting to vanish.

"Whoever did that has approximately two seconds before I start shooting." he says, lifting his pistol to aim towards a heavset man who sobs openly. "Please don't kill me!"

"I won't kill you, old man. Just trap you forever." he sneers.

The darkness gets thicker, as if the light pouring in from outside just isn't enough to cut through it anymore. It's hard to tell where Elinor's voice is coming from, but it fills the room. "Aww, are you afraid of the dark? Or perhaps what lurks with in it?" She moves closer, and brings her hands up, causing tendrils of dark energy to slowly wrap themselves around Mirror Master's legs, bidning them to the floor. Lara will feel something brush up against her arm, but it's hard to see who it is in this dark room.

Lara wasn't too surprised when the lights went out, afterall how could this night get any stranger? She could hear the frustration in the Mirror Man's voice, which means he certainly didn't intend for it to happen either… So she took her chance.

Stepping out of her high heeled shoes, she went barefoot onto the marble floor and then reached into her jacket to draw her gun out into both of her hands. Lara did indeed feel that gentle brush to her arm, but she just wrote it off as a person moving past her…

Lara started to move, her bare feet nearly silent on the museum's floor and she went to a stone pillar that had been just a feet steps away. She pressed herself up against it and lifted her gun up to the direction of Mirror Man's voice… but it was just too damn DARK now to see him…

"Damnit.." Lara quietly muttered in a soft whisper.

Oh, but it's really easy to find him. Because yes, the lack of light is bad for the Mirror Master. As the tendrils wrap around him, he lets out a scream of panic, struggling and firing wildly towards the source of the voice. "You stay away from me!" he yelps, trying to get away. To get a light on. Something, anything.

He's not the only one. A few patrons have taken out their cellphones to start to turn on their small, but harsh LED lights to take in the scene and try to figure out what's happening, because when the bad guy screams, shouldn't they be doing their own version of panicked screams?

Yes, yes they should.

Elinor steps closer to Mirror Master, and smirks, even if no one else can see it. The light from the cellphones cuts through darkness light a knife through butter, though Elinor does her best to stay away from it. Feeling that the situation is escalating, she sighs and pulls tighter on the shadowy tendrils that surround her foe, and he suddenly begins to feel very tired. It's as if he has stayed up for days, and the lure of sleep pulls at him. She can't help but laugh as she taunts him. "Stay away? We're just getting started."

Elinor rolls 3 on a percentile die.

Lara could see the cell phone lights coming on here and there, casting beams of pale white light across the hard surfaces of the museum. She could focus on the noises that the Mirror Man was making, but she wasn't anywhere near confident enough to take a clean shot in a situation like this…

So with her gun gripped in her hands, she remained pressed up against the pillar to her right, breathing calmly and evenly she just listened to what was going on. SOMEone was here trying to help and it seemed as though they were empowered, so thats good, right?

One of the cell phone lights finds the large mirror that Mirror Master was setting up to steal the golden throne.

That harsh light was suddenly blasted about the whole room as it focuses like a laser, cutting through Elinor's body like so many beams. And hopefully with her weakened, Mirror Master will be quick to jump back into his mirror and retreat from the museum.

"Fuck." Elinor says as that light is refracted over the room, and it beams right on her, causing the delicate shadows she formed around herself to disappate, leaving the pale goth to fail about and dash for somewhere darker. Her concentration on Mirror Master is gone, he is freed from the tendrils she wrapped around him, and the exhaustion fades. Now she's looking for an exit, obviously bitten off far more than she can chew.

Fortunately, however, Elinor's efforts got Lara into a position where she could at least try to foil this strange powered Man's heist. So when the lights came upon that large mirror, she acted and she listed her handgun up… aimed down sights….


Lara cracked off two shots at the giant Mirror. "Good luck getting your golden shitter out of here now." Lara quietly quipped there-after, her gun still raised for the time being.

Mirror Master is barely able to retreat through the mirror before Lara's pistol shots shatter the glass, leaving it there. If it was fully light in there, Lara may have just created /hundreds/ of Mirror Masters, but in this case, he was fleeing, so yes, there will be no stealing the the golden toilet today as a security guard moves to turn on the lights.

The bags of goods are still on the floor, as the clones lost them when they dissipated. It seems the two women saved the day!

Somewhere, Barry Allen looks up from his studies and huhs. "…that was weird." He checks his phone. No news alerts. "Guess I'm not needed after all." With that, he returns to his studies.

"This is why I don't get involved Albert." Elinor says to the Ghost who urged her to get involved. "Now get me out of here before the police show up." Her voice is hushed, but it wouldn't be hard to overhear. "Honestly, who steals a toliet." She says with some disbelief as she slips off down a side hallway, doing her best to avoid the growing crowd of recently robbed victims.

Thankfull Lara didn't make the situation far worse by creating many many more of the fleeing strange man. Her gunshots, however, did make those gathered in here scream even more… but hell, at least the man had fled and perhaps wouldn't return.

Lara went to step aside from the pillar she was using as cover and grab that bag that her jewelry had been put in when she caught sight of Elinor fleeing. "Hey, wait!" Lara called out, standing up again sheput her handgun back into her jacket, carried her hheels and ran toward Elinor to try to garner her attention…

Elinor is used to errant voices calling out for her, but rarely does it come from the living. Were she not so tired, she would have hidden herself agian, but alas, there is no escaping Lara. "What?" She hisses out in a whisper. "Can't you see I am trying to leave before people start asking questions?" She replies with a sigh, but her fleeing has slowed down enough for Lara to catch up.

Lara approached her, a look of concern on her face. "Yes, of course." She told replied to her in a very-British-accent. "I just wanted to say Thanks… For helping with that." she told the other. "I don't know what we would've done without your help." She could tell that Elinor wanted to get the heck out of here, and that that situation had startled her quite a bit. "So thank you… truly." She shook her head side to side gently then. "I won't keep you any longer though."

"Yes well." Elinor begins as she looks over her shoulder at the English woman. "Had I done it properly he might have been locked away to never bother anyone again." Though she sighs, recognizing that this woman is trying to show her appriciation, Elinor's shoulders untense just a touch. "You're welcome." She says polietly. "Just… stay away from golden toliets, in the future." With that Elinor turns away from Lara, letting the Ghost lead her out of the building.

Lara listened to the response from the woman and she glanced back toward the chaos that was slowly calming down near the toilet exhibit. She then looked back to Elinor and heard her advice. This actually got a short and small huff of a laugh out of the Brit. "Right." She replied. "No qualms with that… Good luck out there." She told the young girl who appeared to be similar in age to herself and when she left, Lara turned back to go and help those remaining in the museum now that the police were arriving also.

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