Sleep When You're Dead

January 22, 2017:

Cutscene. Takes place after Saudade

New York City


NPCs: None.



Mood Music: [*\# None.]

Fade In…


It was late, he was pretty sure. Or maybe it counted as early, by now. The sun was a late riser this time of the year, and the sky was still dark, the city's lights brilliant outside of the large windows of the penthouse Tim Drake had acquired for his operations in the city.

He had to stay /somewhere/, after all.

He lay on the bed, on top of the covers, his costume half-removed and his dark blue eyes fixed on the ceiling without seeing it; on the end table there was a glass of water, half empty, an open package of aspirin. It deadened the pain of his headache, mostly. After the past several days, he wasn't sure what it would be like to not have the headache anymore. He might miss it.

Not far away, a cluster of computers whirred and beeped. Nowhere near as advanced as what he had access to back in Gotham, but for this they didn't need to be. Sifting through data, collating and copying. Searching for a few more nuggets of gold in what he'd been able to recover before the lab computer bricked itself. He felt about the same, exhaustion both physical and emotional having worn him down until all he could feel was leaden numbness, his eyes slowly drifting shut.

He should get some sleep. Maybe the nightmares wouldn't be waiting for him, after the good work they'd done tonight, the soul they'd saved.

One of the computers beeped, its work done.

Slowly, ponderously, Tim sat up on the bed, cracking his eyes open to fix the device with a glower. If only it had waited a few more seconds before finishing, he would've lapsed into the sleep he'd mostly been denying himself lately… But the computer's work being done meant that his own was just beginning. So he rose from the bed, the covers barely ruffled by his brief presence, and headed towards the bathroom to take a shower at least.

One more stop, then back to Gotham.

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