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January 23, 2017:

June and Lara speak in a SHIELD Conference Room. Darcy Lewis eventually comes in and makes it more great!

SHIELD Conference Room


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Lara and Logan had brought June to a fairly non-descript looking building that Logan had selected, he'd ushered both of the women into a conference room that had one wall overlooking a coutyard where fountains were spewing water into a reflection pool. Logan hadn't hung around long though, he said he was going to go talk to the 'Boss' while also hoping to scrounge up food to bring back.

Lara had gotten them both some drinks and she was bringing them back into the room and offering June a cup that was heated with some minty flavored tea inside. With an exhale, Lara took her leather jacket off and laid it on the table and then sat down beside June and lifted her drink up for a sip. It had been quite a day so far…

"I believe the people here can help you. They seem to care, and are motivated to solving these kinds of things. Its why they brought me aboard… though I've literally only been involved for a handful of hours now." She told June with a soft voice and a small smile.

June hasn't been resisting in any way. She's clearly freaked out enough by the situation that she's just going through the motions. She smiles gratefully at the tea, and will take it and sip. "You trust them? I admit I'm getting a strong distrust of anything connected to the government."

"I…" Lara started, an exhale escaping her as she considered the question. "Have liked what I have seen so far… And from what I can tell, they seem to be operating aside of the US government. Though I can't imagine how they can do that, but it seems to be the case… Of course I need to learn a great deal more before I can truly make a judgement call." She shook her head just a little. "Either way, I do like the concept of a unified group trying to solve these issues. Rather than pretend they do not exist, like so many others seem content in doing…"

June nods. "So…" she takes a deep sip of the tea. "Where do we go from here? It's not like they can even just lock me up. That…she can come out at any time."

Lara's head shook a bit more definitively upon hearing this. "No." She said to it. "My recommendation is certainly not to 'lock you up'. If anything you need to have the opposite of that." She smirked softly. "If you can control this… spirit… in greater capacity, through being relaxed…" She gently shook her head and looked across the room in-thought. "Then I guess we set you up woth a bungalow on a beach somewhere." She huffed out a little short breathy-laugh and then sipped her tea.

June frowns. "I don't think that they're going to want me to wander around with any kind of greater capacity." She laughs. "Though the notion of a bungalow on a beach does sound fabulous right now. Honestly, anything that doesn't involve constantly looking over my shoulder does."

Lara smiled a little and sipped her tea, glancing back over to her friend. "They may want you to stay close, due to the nature of the situation. But I know you… you probably want to get back to your work, because that is what I would want to do. So ultimately we just have to solve this, somehow. I can find the place where this all happened to you, maybe dig in to it and find, something, there to aid us."

"Honestly, I'd give nothing so much as to get back to my normal life." She sighs. "I didn't hurt you, did I? I don't remember much that happens when I'm like that." June sighs. "If you get me a map, some paper, writing implements, I can jot down my original notes on this."

Lara gently nodded her head twice to these words. "I'll see to it that you have them, the notes would be a great help… though, she gave me quite a lot to go off of." Lara glanced back to June then and smiled, a small shake of her head given. "And no, she didn't hurt me. And if she ever does, I won't hold it against you. I know that that is not you…" Lara looked down at her cup of tea and sighed softly. "These damn dieties from the past need to learn to let go of their lives." A rare little joke from the young Miss Croft.

June laughs a little at the joke. "I'd be happy if this one would let go of /mine/. If she were to hurt you, I'd never forgive myself, though." She shakes her head. "I'm not sure if not remembering what she does is a blessing or a curse."

Lara sipped at her tea and listened to her friend. She smiled a little and tried to put herself in June's position, at least mentally anyway. "It very well might be a blessing then." The cup was set back down then and she reached a hand up to shove aside of her hair that was hanging in front of her eyes. "And trust me, I'll do everything in my power to avoid being hurt by her. But… she seemed rather pleased with me, in that I could understand her language. Even if barely… Its the oldest version of that language I have ever run across. I have studying to do on that, hopefully tonight."

June nods. "I had to do a lot of research on Mayan, Incan, and Aztec civilizations to find it. It was in a temple, supposedly a gateway to Xibalba." She gives a deep sigh. "I should have been more careful." She looks around the room. "Here's hoping I don't end up in jail."

"'I should've been more careful' is a line I have said to myself more times than I can even wager a guess at in the recent past." Lara replied to the other explorer. She looked to June and nodded once. "I wish I had been there to help you. The same… variety… of spirit attempted to do this to Sam, but I was there to stop it. I would've liked to have done the same for you. This is why I'll go to where it happened, maybe find a solution at the source." She exhaled a little. "These people already have an assignment for me to return to Yamatai, where my trouble all started… I will have to try and postpone that."

"You just be careful. I don't think she's going to be very sanguine about people poking around her origins. And for all I know, she's not the only dangerous thing out there."

Lara showed a warm smile then and she nodded a little. "Yes." She said barely above a whisper. A moment later though and she looked back to June. "She mentioned a 'heart' that was in the posession of others? I assumed she meant the people who you said were to be monitoring you?" Lara fished around for some more information on that. "She wants it, whatever it is… She claimed to release you if I got it for her, but I'm inclined to believe she'd say anything to get what she wanted."

"Yes." June sighs. "Apparently the government folks who have been monitoring me went out to get her heart. They've been helping me deal with all this…in exchange for calling her out when they need her. And then they use the heart to blackmail her into doing what they want."

This made Lara shift uncomfortably in the chair she was sitting in and her right hand went back to rub at the back of her neck… a look of disappointment on her face now. "Jesus…" She muttered. "What kind of wretched people would ever even consider such a thing…" She sighed with a heavy heart. "We need to get it from them, and anything else they may ahve taken from this site. If they've already been to it, then its likely they've picked it clean."

"That's dangerous. They clearly aren't burdened with an overabundance of morals. And they have what she wants. It's likely to set her directly loose on whoever's involved." June shakes her head. "I know she can push to get out. I'm not sure how hard. But I worry the answer may be "hard enough"."

Lara gently dipped her chin in understanding of what June was explaining. "There has to be an answer though… maybe we can retrieve the Heart, return it to her… but force her to somehow stay in a specific location. Her time on this Earth has passed, this is what she has to come to realize." Lara's hand dropped back down from her neck then to palce her fingers around her cup once more. "You said she can hear everything we say right now too? So the barrier of not knowing what was happening when the other is in control… does't work both ways?"

"I don't know." June admits. "I think she knows…that she can see what I see; hear what I hear. But I've no proof of that. She doesn't give me any answers. If anything, she's working hard to keep me from any answers."

Lara was taking note of all of this, she had to explain it all to Melinda May when she had the opportunity to do so. "She's a powerful spirit… but she's desperate. I understand what she wants, but what she wants most likely isn't what will work for the rest of us. So a deal is going to have to be made… unless we can somehow figure out how she was originally put inside that statue that you mentioned… and some how, jam her back into it." Lara smirked faintly. "She may not like that, but I don't really like her possessing my friend."

"Well, I'm not a fan of her possessing me either, believe it or not!" June laughs a little, even if it's a touch forced. "Besides, I've seen videos of her. I don't enjoy being the Amazing Aztec Skank Girl." She quips.

Lara released a light little airy laugh and she nodded in agreement. "Her appearance was a bit fascinating, if not… a little over the top. Honestly, what she looked like to me was the wall of a cave where a drawing of her might have been etched at some point. But I don't know… its too early to really make any guesses. I really do want to see this place you found this statue though, so that is ultimately going to be what I request to do next."

June looks unsettled, but nods. "You think they'll let us take that trip? Or are you planning to do it without me?"

June and I. Last night, Logan and I brought her back to the 'shield base' but I don't OOCly know much about it.'

Lara considered that scenario, well… several of them really. "I'd honestly like you to be there, if possible… but I'd also fear the Spirit's surfacing to attempt to stop any investigating and research on the site. So at the same time, its a bit of a toss up, but it might lean more toward you needing to not be there." She glanced to June to see her reaction to that. "If she can teleport us away with the simplest of thoughts, it could be problematic toward a good investigation."

Darcy Lewis pages: I can, I shouldn't but I will. Just know that I'll be slow and likely distracted.

June frowns a little. "I don't like the idea of you going alone, Lara. You need to bring someone, at the very least."

Lara and June were occupying a rather plain conference room that had a large oval table with black leather chairs surrounding it. They were seated beside one another with cups of hot tea in front of them, Lara's black leather jacket was laying on the table on her other side from where June sat.

"I… work better alone, but in this situation I would honestly prefer to have more sets of eyes with me." She tells Junes. "Logan, would be a likely candidate to accompany me. He's to go with me back to Yamatai… I can maybe convince him to go on this trip as well." A small pause. "At least I hope…"

"He seems nice enough. I'm glad that she didn't hurt him. I just hope they don't decide to throw me into the bottom of a deep dark hole and forget the key." June answers, and looks to Lara. "Hopefully we get someone who isn't all "we have to respond to the threat".

Cue the doorknob twisting.

The door cracks ajar half an inch.

Voices. A minute passes. The door opens fully.

A modelesquely tall agent walks in. Black pencil skirt with a black blazer. Lara would be able to pick out that none of it is tailored. It's off the rack. And a bit small in the bust, but fits reasonably well at the shoulders. The white blouse underneath is a buttonless white tank. Dark brown hair is coiled up into an almost messy bun, held up by chopsticks that are as red as her fireengine colored lips and the frames of her glasses. The name badge reads: Lewis, Darcy. Level 5.

"Good afternoon. Sorry to keep you waiting," Darcy states as she walks in on her 'Don't judge me. I'm short and need the silts' five inch high heels. Her voice it pleasant, as is the smile that curves her painted lips. She looks up from the tablet to offer a hand.

"I'm Darcy."

Lara didn't actually have any idea just how capable Logan actually was. She smiled faintly at June's words and was about to reply when the door opened and Darcy entered. She adjusted her gaze over to Darcy, rose to stand up (because it was the proper thing to d0) and she smiled at her.

"Darcy… you've barely even known me more than a minute and I'm already coming to you with favors." She told the SHIELD agent, voice soft and hopeful.

Lara looked to the other she was with. "This is June… a friend from my days at University. She's a fellow archaeologist… She's run into, a rather large problem, to say the least."

June looks over as Darcy comes in. The fact that it's a woman seems to put her at a bit of ease, as does her makeup. People who are severe and austere do not wear makeup like that. "Agent Lewis?" June asks. Not sure if "agent" is the right title. "Thank you for coming." She's not sure where to go with it from there, and looks a bit awkward. How do you thank people for possibly making you a prisoner. DO you?

"Yeah? Well, you'll be paying me back. Thursday. Don't forget. It's going to get so messy," Darcy retorts to Lara, smile turning a touch wicked. Because calling her older supervisor, Melinda May, her SO was't suggestive enough. The agent shakes hands then settles herself into a chair near enough to be friendly, far enough away not to seem imposing. A softer smile is turned to June.

"Darcy's fine. It was no trouble. How can I help?"

Lara glanced between the two of them and then she looked to Darcy specifically and grinned at her words. She gently dipped her chin toward her. "Taco… truck, was it?" She asked. Lara had never eaten a taco out of a truck before, she wasn't… entirely sure if she was excited about the prospect of it either, but she considered herself a good sport, for most things.

When they all sat again, Lara remained on the edge of her chair, hands and elbows on the table, fingers around her cup of hot tea.

A light exhale later and the young Brit tried to start. "June has managed to discover something remarkable, the kind of thing that I first talked to you and Agent May about in the library." She told Darcy. "Unfortuantely, the discovery has come at a cost. A dire cost, in fact." Lara's eyes glanced to June and then back to Darcy.

"She's being possessed by an ancient spirit, a female spirit of a Central American deity, specifically originating from the Yucatan. I haven't had an opportunity to look into more details as of yet, but I have some guesses on where to start. However… speaking her name aloud, is… not something we should. Not with June here at least."

June looks to Darcy. "Pretty much, what she said. There's some government agency that's using her…me…right now. I'm afraid of what they might do with her. And I'm just as afraid of what I might do with her here." She looks over to Darcy, who if nothing else puts her much more at ease than Logan did.

"And names have power and unless you're actively looking to catch a god's attention, you shouldn't go speaking their real name out loud," Darcy replies to Lara with a nod of 'been there, done that. Mine landed down on a tarmac in Mexico City. Can you believe it? And then followed me home with his girlfriend. At least they have their own apartment, and I swear to Jesus I will teach them to put a sock on the doorknob!' fellow-felling. Her green eyes turn to June, head tilting.

"Can you tell me the name of this agency?" she asks, face growing a bit more serious. Clearly more concerned about this agency than of June going on an Aztec Princess Killing Spree… in that she'll be kiling people as an Aztec Princes.. not that she would be out killing Aztec princesses… you know what, just go with the analogy, okay?

All three of the women in this room now have had their fair shares of dealing with overly powerful 'gods' altering their lives, its a wonderful feeling! Right?

Lara exhaled and nodded her head to Darcy's initial words. "She revealed herself to Logan and I in a park in the upper east side. The deity had the power to simply send Logan away with the twitch of a finger. I fear what other powers she might hold. And she asked me to retrieve an item dear to her, from this shady Agency that is controlling June and blackmailing the Spirit. She called it a 'Heart'." Lara shook her head.

"I'd like to go to the Yucatan, find the site where June was possessed by this Spirit and perhaps retrieve anything… we could potentially use to put this 'goddess' back where she was found."

"No." June says, sadly. "And it's not that I wouldn't tell you, but they've been careful not to let me know it. I can tell you they're American…or every one of them that I've seen have been American. And I think they're an American governmental agency." She looks concerned. "She's getting…agitated. Pushing." June warns, looking over at the other two women. Her passenger does NOT like this plan they're discussing.

Though listening to Lara, Darcy notes June's reactions to Lara's words, the look of concern.

"Okay. Well, it's not soemthing I think we need to really worry about right now, getitng her 'back' or whatever. I mean, we don't know enough about where she was to begin with. If she's aggitated, then it clearly wasn't a nice place. I for one, don't like sticking people in not nice places unless there really wasn't any other option, ya know?" Darcy pauses, regarding June again, smiling sweetly.

"Okay. Do you know anyone's names?" because SHIELD.

Lara was completely out of the loop when it came to this shadowy agency that was watching over June and the Enchantress, but she was happy to see that it was't in-fact SHIELD. Lara watched her friend while Darcy asked her for additional names and information. She was worried that the witch inside might try to come out again…

Lara reached out to put a comforting hand upon June's shoulder. "If its too much, we can stop. Just say the world." She told the other in as calm a voice as she could muster.

"One's a woman, named Waller." June offers. She knows little in the way of details; they try hard NOT to let her know any of that. "It may be a good idea if we start having this conversation mobile. In the general direction of "out". She suggests.

"Sure," Darcy agrees, so easily, so brightly, so much as if June had asked for mojitos and they were all heading out for a drink and dacning and maybe picking up boys or girls or both. She stands, not having even taken a single note on her tablet.

"I could go for some pho. You like pho. I nkow the best pho shop a block from here. It's Pho King Great. Ever heard of it?" Of course, she pronounced the pho like 'fu' so.. there's that. And there's her moving to the door to open it.

Lara gave June's shoulder a soft squeeze and then stood up and grabbed her jacket and tea. "Lets go then." She told her.

Turning to leave, the Brit looked across the distance between her and Darcy… she didn't have the best sense of humor so at this question Lara just looked confused at her. "What is 'Pho'?" She asked, entirely missing the joke there and assuming that this was some kind of American culinary cuisine that she wasn't privvy toward.

June looks at Darcy, relieved. Thank God for someone with some brains. She looks to Lara. "Vietnamese soup." But she moves at a healthy clip, as she starts trying to get out, in case things get out and about. "Are you armed, agent?" she asks.

"Of course I am! What kind of question is that?" Darcy quips as June ansers the pho-king question for her. With a mischevious smirk, Darcy holds up her arms for June to see.

"See? Two of them. And they work pretty good. Got a coat? It's cold out. I need to get mine, if you don't mind a quick detour? Like, for reals, i need my coat. I spent WAY too fucking long in New Mexico. Manhattan is cold as jotun-dick for me."

Yellow Alert: Darcy's misplaced her brain-to-mouth filter again.

Lara had a hoodie on so she offered her coat to June. "Here, she's right its freezing out." She knew all too well that this woman needed to be as not-upset as possible, or that horribly unsettling Spirit would return.

Lara would then look to Darcy, able to pick up on that humor at least, it made her grin lightly. "Intimidating." She told the other with a simple soft nod. "What do you think May will say to all of this?" Lara asked then to Darcy. "Can we protect June and get her away from this… horrible agency thats trying to lord over her?"

"You're from England, Lara. You really shouldn't be having trouble in this kind of weather." She likes the options about getting away from the other agency, but the notion of dealing with the Yucatan is a bad idea. "Yes, by all means. Are we going to be able to do anything about that?" she asks Darcy.

"Psst! Done deal," promises Darcy off-handly, waving it off like it's just another Tuesday morning. Horrible store, by the way. Never shop there EVER. The detour is the reception guard station on this floor.

"Hey, Jerry? Canya page Taylor and ask him to meet me in the lobby with my purse and my boots and my jacket? Thanks, babe," Darcy says before moving on toward the elevator and then the lobby where Taylor has her things.

"Oh yeah. Sure. No problem. We'll figure a thing out," she's saying, so calm so confident.


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