Iron Flash

January 23, 2017:

Barry Allen's never been a patient man - so when Doctor Richards doesn't show up - he seeks out the help of one Tony Stark.

Stark Tower

Rising high into the skyline with the name of it's Lord and Master for all to see, the Stark Industries Tower is the most visible component of the Stark Industries complex centered in Midtown Manhattan. Manufacturing, office space, power generation and even some inventory is housed in the tower and its associated subelevels. It also contains guest housing and, at the top, the penthouse suite that is the domain of the Main Man himself, at
least, when he's not at his Malibu home.


NPCs: None.

Mentions: Pepper Potts, Captain Marvel, Reed Richards


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Fade In…

Stark Tower is a shining jewel of New York City. Massive. Powered entirely by the clean energy Arc Reactor. Hope of The Man himself, Iron Man that is. The lower parts of the building? Business business business.

And Business is fairly good. Its busy, and Pepper Potts has done a fine job sailing the company in its new direction.

The further up one travels in the tower? Well the place changes from business to technological marvel. Labs, storage facilities, testing bays. They dot the acension of the tower, which is crowned with a massive penthouse belonging to Tony Stark himself.

What super science is the man getting into? What brilliant plan is he concocting? What has the man with a mind as vast as Stark's come up with?

"No Rhodey, listen. This is going to be awesome. I think I've finally got it down…" Stark's rapid fire voice comes from outside on the veranda. Overlooking a glorious view of NYC. On the phone with a friend he is no doubt talking about technology of the highest quality. Cutting edge stuff.

"…I've finally developed…the perfect iced tea maker."

A pause as he listens to the voice on the other side of the line.

"No seriously, I can send a plane to get you. You have to come check this ou—what do you mean you're busy? Fine fine. You go do your hero thing, I'll get Jarvis to pencil you in…"

Thats right. Tony is…well…bored. Ish. Its very easy to get him bored. All it takes is to sit still for five minuites.

Since arriving on this Earth - this strange Eath that seems to have a superhero for every square mile - Barry's been trying to figure out how to ghet back to his Earth, his Central City. Carol Danvers suggested he wait for Reed Richards to contact him.

Barry's not a very patient man.

So when he was researching the internet, he learned of Tony Stark. And the more he read, the more he was convinced that he could help; especially when he came out as his own hero, Iron Man.

Surely one hero will help another?

Just ask Batman.

Arriving at Stark Tower, the Scarlet Speedster sees the security and frowns. He can't really walk in and say 'Hi, I'm Flash. Can I see Tony Stark?'. That'd go over about as well as telling them that he's Star-Lord. So. Outside he went. As he runs about, he considers, and then decides to check the bullding.

After gathering a bit of speed, he starts to run /up/ the side of the building, hit every floor on the way to take in who may be here. After a couple of floors, peeking in on a board meeting, and a few other activities, it dawns on Barry where Tony may be. Straight up.

It takes about a second and a half to run up the side of the building to end up at the edge of the veranda, the blur vibrating there for just a moment. "There's someone on the 75th floor looking at Reddit online." he offers, his voice masked by the constant vibrations. "Are you Tony Stark? I need your help."

Window Washers are going to wonder how bootprints got on the glass later.


Why does it always have to be Speedsters.

One other thing that Tony Stark has is a well developed sense of paranoia. Mostly because there totally are so many people out to get him. The approach of the Scarlet Speedster is observed by various forms of sensors that has been installed into the tower. Jarvis notes the strange anomonly and flags it as a possible danger. Calculates possibily trajecteries and points of entrence and exit. A billion computations are made in the course of a few seconds.

"Mister Stark," The english voice of his virtual assistant breaks into the tinkering he's doing. "I believe we are about to have a guest…"

And only heartbeats later the Flash is standing there.

And Tony is looking somewhere between suprised and amused. "My help?" A pause. "Is this a suit thing? Because if I'm going to need my suit you're going to have to give me at what…hundred twenty or so more seconds to get everything ready."

"A suit thing?" the scarlet blur asks, keeping his vibrations fast enough to try to foil any security cameras and the like on him - he's /read/ on JARVIS, even if he's not entirely sure exactly what it's capabilities are. And then it dawns on Barry and he ohs. "No, no, I need your help, not Iron Man's." he says, a hint of sheepishness in his voice as he reaches up to his chest to take off the small device attached there.

"The person that invinted this isn't on this Earth." Ergo, he's not of this Earth, either.

"It's a tachyon collector and enhancer. It shorted out and I ended up here." he explains as he sets down the bolt shaped chest caparace.

"I can't go home unless it's fixed. There's too many speedsters on this world, I can't gather the speed I'd need."

"Right so not here to try to kill me, blow up the tower, or do anything else. And I'm bored so!" Tony pushes himself to his feet. "Its your lucky day kid. JARVIS, open my lab, tell Pep that I'm busy. You know the drill…"

"Mister Stark," The modulated voice sounds somewhere between exasperated and worried. "This may not be the best idea, you don't know anything about this visitor." And yes, JARVIS is running a whole host of security sweeps. From traditional camras to biometric scanners on the blur in the living room. "Opening your lab may be a security bre—"

"Noted! Do it anyway!" Comes the almost careless reply from Stark as he ambles over to hold out his hand for the device. "So different Earth." He drawls. "They have iced tea there?" Though the other comments, that is an intresting little tidbit to file away.

Too many Speedsters mean not enough Speed?


"So kid, what brings you to me?" A pause again. "And do you have to do the whole buzzing thing? Totally giving me a headache."

His heartrate is crazy insane - like a hummingbird on speed. But at least he seems to be human. Barry considers for a moment, before he slows to normal speed, though that does nothing for his vital signs as the crimson clad speedster with gold trim. "Would it help if I said I liked the color scheme?" he asks with a hint of a charginned smile as the speedster takes up the tachyon device.

"I spoke to Captain Marvel when I showed up in the Hall of Justice. She recommended I wait for a Doctor Reed Richards. Since he hasn't contacted me, I decided to look to see who could help with his abscence. Your name came up." Barry offers as he follows after Tony. "And no, not to kill you, blow up the tower, or even ask for an autograph."

There's could be amusement in his voice. "Iced tea? Yes." comes the confused reply to the idea of it not existing on his home world. "But they don't have an Iron Man. Or a Tony Stark."

"Your world is a terribily boring place then," Stark replies as he peers at the little device. "And good good, have some. Just make it, filtered via arc reactor and brewed with my own propritary technologies that I'm keeping for myself because its just that good."

He waves lazily towards the bar area, where there is indeed a pitches of tea sitting there. "I'd tell ya where everything is but I think you can find it faster without me."

He turns back inside, raising one hand to activate the holocomputers fitted all over the suite. A small bench slides up from hidden pannels in the floor and he puts the tiny device down before his fingers fly over a virtual keyboard. The device appearing in larger projections above the table as the sensors break it down into component parts for Stark to see.

"Fair warning. Not-of-this-earth-tech has no guarentees on this Earth. Not sure why but…thought I'd tell ya. Richards is pretty good at this sort of thing."

Meanwhile a few keystrokes sends a querry to the Hall of Justice and Captain Marvel to verify just what the Speedster is saying.

Just to make sure.

It's verified. If Tony's able, he may even be able to pull up the security footage of Flash arriving via dimensional rip in the middle of the Hall of Justice, and the Time Wraith that nearly followed him through. The Speedster listens as he goes to start to sample all of the teas. Running builds up his hypoglacemia, and sweet tea is a good way to keep his sugar balanced.

"Arc reactor? Like a personal nuclear reactor?" he asks as he sips on one of the teas, and starts on another. "A little too much citrus in that one."

"How do you manage the heat dispersment? Is it cold fusion? Or is there another way to keep it in check? Particles moving that fast would need some type of conduit for the heat it generates, and I didn't see a river feeding the tower."

So it seems this guy knows a little about Physics.

"No heat involved, be a little problem for me since I have one in my chest and I'd rather not be cooked. I mean I'm hot, but I don't want to be that hot." Comes the reply from Stark as he starts to seperate the images of the tachyon device one from the other, pulling it apart in virtual space.

"You sure burned this thing up…JARVIS, make coppies of all this for later." He adds as he pulls out an image that shows the damage to the circuitry. "I can repair parts of it…the mechanical ones at least. I'm not even sure exactly what it did…so why don't you explain that one."

The barrage of questions about the Arc Reactor though does make Tony smirk. He does love talking about hismelf. "It converts energy directly into electricity, no heat needed. Got a full size one powering this building right now. You skip the middle man and you don't need a cooling system. At least not as much as one."

He does love talking about himself, even if he is standing in the middle of his own penthouse. Elbows deep in virtual plans for a device from another world, and chatting quite easily it seems with the Scarlet Speedster. Who just happened to suprise Stark in the middle of the Iron Man attempting to perfect an ice tea maker.

He was bored.

"Sir," JARVIS' voice cuts into Stark going on about himself. "Your appointment should be on his way up soon."

There is a pause from the man before he quirks an eyebrow. "I thought I said cancel my appointments…"

"You did, sir." JARVIS is unflappable as always. "However, its Mister Richards, and perhaps he may be of some assistance."

Again a pause from Tony. "That was today?" A pause. "I guess that was today! Well then that works, also note to tone down the citrus in that second batch." He will find the perfect mix one day. He will.

"Wait, you have one within you?" Barry asks, his curiosity completely piqued. "You would need something that isn't terribly reactive, and has a low half-life for it to work properly, especially if there's one /in/ you.." the speedster asks, and considers. "Maybe Palladium, it's silver cast off would explain.. oh!"

There's a moment's thought as he looks around. With all the computers and such, the speedster was hoping for a whiteboard. But as there's not one easily found, he takes out a napkin and a pen to start to make notes. "It's a Tachyon Collector and Enhancer." he explains as he starts to make a doodle of an all-encompassing item. "Einstein's special theory of speed and relativity states that everything moves at a constant speed and there is a definite speed limit, supposedly the speed of light. And that the law of physics is the same in all inertial systems. However, with speed, there is something of an aether.. without a better name for it, I call it the Speed Force. In some way, every speedster is somehow attached to this aether."

Drawing a large flowing river, multiple lines. "…it's what a speedster draws his abilities from. This speed force can actually be detected through minute tachyon patterns, and if you can gather enough of them, you can increase the speed of any object."

It's the same basic theory of warp speed on Star Trek, but that's just silly, right?

"However, with the Speed Force, the fewer people that have access to it, the faster that those people can go." he explains as he draws a few figures to show the lines flowing into them. "The Tachyon Processor actually pulled these particles into the human body, speeding further my abilities." he explains. "Here, on this Earth.. there are /several/ more speedsters." He draws more lines, lowering the size of the lines that are going to the few. Socialism in action!

"More Speedsters, less Tachyons to go around. So instead of being able to break time or dimensions with speed, a speedster may only able to get to hypersonic or subsonic speeds." he continues. "That device allowed me the speed I needed to keep up with a villain that called himself the Reverse Flash. During our battle, our speeds increased further and futher, and he was able to damage the device as the Time Wraiths arrived, and I tumbled.. here."

Nathaniel Richards is just in time. Never fashionably late because, really, as a time traveler that would a crime against… something. There are unspoken rules, okay? So the elevator door opens and the young man in the black suit steps out, glancing around and spotting Stark and his colorful visitor.

"Mr. Stark," he greets politely, heading the older man's way. "And you must be Flash, an honor to meet you, sir." He offers his hand, but lets Tony make the introductions.

The unfinished tea maker gets a cursory glance and a bemused snort. But Nathaniel gets serious when he glances at the tachyon device schematics, which look much more interesting and dangerous. He blink slowly and does some calculations. "You really should not…" wait, that is not something he can say Tony Stark. "I mean, drawing tachyons from another dimension to bend time. How interesting." Weak smile.

"JARVIS, digitize that napkin. Blow it up, and recalibrate the light sensors so the kid here can use them." Stark calls as he turns to look towards the larger depiction of what Barry is furiously writing. "And you're right its palladium. Well it was, but that started poisoning me so I created a new element. The bigger one still uses palladium. Still trying to figure out a name for the new one, it takes like coconut though." A pause. "Pepper said I couldn't call it Badassium, but a tried."

"Anyway you can write in the air now," A pause. "So basicly this thing is like a scoop for tachyons. Like on a jet, the faster you go the more tachyons you catch and then you can go even faster. Huh. Speedster supercharger. And it can rip though time/space…"

Oh the possibilties.

"Hey Nate!" Stark is never one for anything but the most informal of names. "Come on in, I'm just discussing science with…" A glance back towards Barry. "…Flash? Seriously your name is Flash?" A pause before he shrugs slightly. "Alright then, keep it simple works. Anyway Flash, you wanted Reed Richards, but you get a different Richards. Nathaniel Richards, the Flash. Flash, Nate." He makes a few vague pointing gestures between them, as his eyes are fixed on the tachyon device.

"And you're right, I shouldn't. But thats never stopped me before."

A longer pause.

"So basicly what you need is a condencer and enhancer for tachyons here, instead of just a collector. I mean you have to make the most with what you have rather than just gathering as many as you can."

Someone apparently did some research. "You.. have me at a loss." Flash admits as Nate offers his hand, but he accepts it and nods as Tony makes the introduction. "Related to Doctor Richards?" he asks curiously before he nods to Tony and smiles, apparently impressed. "Right, except of creating lift, we're enhancing motion." he explains as he nods. It was the same basic conclusion he had made, but.

"I've already tried." he admits as he makes himself another tea to try out. "When…. some lobster thing teleported me half way across the world. I was able to manage Mach 13, but that seems to be the cieling." At least for now as he drinks and draws in a breath. "And it's a better monicker than 'Streak'." he points out with a smirk as his hands fidget. "So, there's only a couple of options. We lose speedsters.." Which, yeah, that's not happening. "..or I try to piggy back off another speedster, like a slingshot. But even for that to happen, I would need.. at least 20 speedsters all at their top speeds, even to have a hope of making the max speed I'd need to break a dimensional gate. So for now.. it seems that I better start looking for a job, and a place to live."

Because from the sounds of it, he's going to be here a while.

Nathaniel sighs at Tony's words. "Hmm, give me a few seconds to think," and to reconfigure part of his suit into a scanner. Meanwhile he replies for Flash: "distant relatives, sort of. Time travel is involved."

A pause. Then continues, as he receives information through the brain-machine interface. "What is what you are trying to do? Your dimensional signature is strange, Flash. Are you displaced?" Because… if he is trying to return to another timeline loading up of tachyon is like trying to jump over a fence using dynamite. It will do the job, but you might need new shoes later, or new feet.

"If you named yourself Streak I'd have some serious doubts about your sanity." Stark replies with a smirk before he looks towards the plans again. "This…huh. It might be doable, like you said you'd need the power of a lot of speedsters, or at least the facsimilie of the power of a lot of speedsters. Let me work on it…I'll figure something out."

A flash of agrin.

"Or I'll just tangle things up, which is always fun."

A grin from the irrepressible man before he looks towards Barry. "Till then I can talk to Pepper, see if she has somewhere that you can get stuck. Stark Industries is always looking for someone who knows one end of a pysics problem from the other. If you want at least. Could…" He smirks again. "…can't wear that to work."

He draws a deep breath before glancing back towards Nate. "And he isn't time-displaced, he's Earth displaced. Trying to break dimentions to get home. You…might know how that is?" He's never delved into Nate's hopping time past. "Anyway! You two play nice. I'm going to warm up the lab and see if I can at least get this thing fixed…a little bit…"

He starts towards a back wall that slides open for him. "JARVIS! Warm up the lab! Its time to have some fun!"

"Pepper?" Barry asks as he moves to take a business card from the table.

Yes, Flash can't apply for a job here.

But Barry Allen, with his degrees in Forensics, Physics, and Chemistry, could definitely consider it. Tucking the card away, he takes back up his sigil to reattach it to his chest. "It was nice to meet you both, but I'm sure there's a kitten in a tree somewhere." he says with a self-depreciating smile - before he's gone, out the veranda and down the side of the building.

Just can't use the elevator like everyone else.

Flash is not that bad as a codename. What was Nathaniel thinking when he decided to call himself Iron Lad? Oh yeah, some famous 30th Century heroes. Still… not a very good career move!

"Actually, I know someone able to navigate between parallel timelines fairly well." Comments Nathaniel. "Funny thing, she has declared herself my arch-enemy, but I am quite sure she will want to help Flash. Unless some version of him is a world-conquering menace. In that case, run." Which is his thing, anyway. "I will get in touch with her. Maybe you can talk tomorrow?" And… Flash is gone.

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