Zoidberg Attacks

January 22, 2017:

A beachcomber comes across a powerful, but depleted and broken Father Box - and bad things happen.

Long Island Beach

A stretch of beach in Long Island, NY.


NPCs: Lobster Monster

Mentions: Quicksilver


Mood Music: None.

Fade In…

During the summer, swimsuits flock to Long Island Beach to soak up the sun, to be seen and be seen. However, in the winter? Usually, the only things to be found are those combing the beach with metal detectors and carrying the tools of the trade. There are coins, rings, treasures untold to be found on the beach, left by the passing tourists as they move through, lost and forgotten about.

One of these beachcombers gets a loud /beep/ on his detector and his eyes brighten. Surely he's found some precious metal, according to the beeping of the device as he drops down to his knees to start digging it up. What he finds though, brings a disappointed look to his face. It's a metallic cube. Smashed in on one side, but covered in ornate technical designs.

Reaching down to take the cube, there's a sudden /blast/ of energy, detectable by any attuned to the power within the area. The box latches to the man, and shorts, the powers swirling out and about as it disperses the rest of it's energy and the poor man mutates, growing in size and shape to become a nine foot tall man shaped creature. Apparently there was a lobster nearby, because he has one massive claw for a hand, antennas growing from the sides of his head as he screams, a crackling gargling noise as he clacks his claws and snaps through the metal detector with ease. The other beach goers start to scream in terror and run off.

Beaches were…a luxury for Alyse. In the world the 'Witchdoctor' had come from? They were practically walled off or choked out by the progress of Megacities, true tropical 'postcard' types having been out of her reach by location or restriction. Now that she was here in this world? It was a luxury up there with real chocolate and coffee she was going to indulge in. Weather be damned.

Perhaps seen as mad, or someone trying to train up endurance for some event, the blonde woman had been out in the waves, wrapped in a deep blue one-piece swimsuit and simply floating there. A small spell had kept her at a comfortable temperature, none could see the lightly glowing glyph on the back of her hand from this distance. It's the screams that wake her from her comforts, leaving the woman to 'stand' in the water, blinking a little at the sight of the mutated man growing more monstrous by the second.

Thick winter clothes for the sane, swimsuits for the mad, and for the others… Further down the beach a glint of metal catches the light. A shining steel silhouette, the ornate plates paces absent-minded up and down the sand while scribbling busily into a notepad. Someone bought a whole suit of armor to the beach. Paying less attention as she remains buried in diagrams and free-hand figures, her careless steps are taking her in the opposite direction of the fleeing crowd and straight towards the growing shadow of the mutated crustacean.

Already, the calls have gone out to the police, they'll be a bit in replying, however, there is already one responder. A blur of red with yellow trim streaks down the beach, kicking up sand behind it as Barry comes to a stop, finding himself staring up at the large lobster monster. "Uh.. I didn't bring butter or lemon, so no offense?" he asks, as he looks around. There are still plenty of civilians that need evacuating, the people fleeing from the beach.

That is until the metal armor shows up. He blinks at the suit and rubs the back of his cowled head as Flash frowns. "Did I stumble onto the set of a kaiju film?" he asks in more than a little confusion. "I tell you what, you take on Mister Krabs over there.." he says towards the armor. "…and I'll be back to help after I evacuate the beach." With a winning smile offered, though tinged with concerned as he starts to pick up people, and zip off the beach. A couple of kids. An older man. A large woman.. that one comes with a slight frown. He might feel that later. And then he spies a spot of blue off the shore. "Hey, hey, didn't you see the lobster monster?!" he asks as he zips out on the water. Yes.. he's running on water, as he scoops up the swimsuit clad Witchdoctor. "I've heard of the idea of ice submerges and polar plunges being good for you, but I think you're taking it a bit far."

The Lobster Man growls as the speedster zips around, and takes a swing at him. It's clumsy and slow, and he can't quite touch the speedy red blur. But there's a large suit of armor! That makes a good target. Clacking it's claws, the creature moves forward, trundling the beach as it approaches the lady in armor, a massive claw swung out to try to knock it to the ground.

Yes, Witchdoctor did see the threat, infact she was already intending to act. The fact that she'd been out on the water and out of the sight of most would have offered her the privacy to change her attire to something more fitting to potential combat. Then suddenly, she's not floating in the water, she's being carried over it, her eyes wide for a moment. "Petro what th-" she begins, sounding mildly annoyed until she blinks at the speedster carrying her back towards shore. That wasn't Quicksilver! "Huh…you can put me down," she says rather calmly for someone on a beach filled with panic being transported at high-speed. "I will be fine."

"Huhwha-?" Kelly mumbles as the man in red spandex, not the giant lobster monster, finally pulls her from her notepad. "What are you… oh… uh… sure?" She offers in confusion as the crab's shadow passes over her. "Wow that's a big lobster-person-thing…" The smith stares up in awe at the mutated beachgoer for a moment too long as its claw rushes towards her.

"Oh scra—" *CLANK!*

Careening across the sand like a ragdoll, Kelly skids to a stop face-down in a new furrow and grunts as she pulls her helmet out of the beach. "Me-oww. Well that was a great way to say hello."

"Alright, you are being entirely too calm for a civilian…" Flash says to Alyse as he carries her. Once at the changing area, he sets her down. "If.. that's your costume.. you know it's cold outside, right?" Don't look at her chest, don't look at her chest. "Anyway, if you're going to help, it's appreciated!" he says, as he hears the crunch of the metal and sees Kelly go flying. "Like, soon." he says, as he takes off to continue with the remaining evacuations.

The lobster man trills in annoyance as the canned girl gets knocked to the sand, and he starts to storm towards the woman. The metallic item that he found is imdebbed in his back, between two of the 'plates' of his armor. He skreees again, and starts to try to open the young woman's armor.

Barry will have to remind himself later to ask the bathing suit girl who this 'Petro' is. There's a speedster named after gasoline? And he thought the Streak was corny.

Darcy was headed toward the Institute. Company car today! WOoo! She's jamming out when her alone time with Bon Jovi was interrupted by a call from HQ. There's an issue on the beach. She's the closest unit. Respond, secure, contain, wait for back up. The black government issue looking suburban parks at near the beach access as people are running from the beach.

Darcy steps out barefoot. Because who the hell DRIVES in five inch stilettos? Not this girl. She's crazy, not suicidal. The asphault is cold and she inhales at the temperature, glad for the thermal tights she has on under her Men-In-Black uniform.

Green eyes take in the sight of a giant angry Dr. Zoidberg …Mr. Krabby… something on the beach. And people running, and someone zipping around saving people. A heartbeat, a single heartbeat Darcy perks up. No. Color's wrong. That's red..gold. Her speedster-boy's blue. She'll have to text the BF after if he's not at the Institute. Provided she can't get her own intel. After all, why have a speedster if you're not going to abuse his powers for yourself?

From her vantage point, the SHIELD agent spots the metal glint in the lobster's back. She presses her red-framed glasses higher up on her nose as she squints at the thing.

"Shiny." is muttered to herself before she grabs her handgun and tazer from the passenger seat where her quick stop knocked her purse over and she's moving away from the car. Gun is tucked into the back of her waist band (the safety's on, chill!) so she can one touch dial HQ.

"Hey! Red Streak Guy. Zip up and grab me the shiny would ya?" she calls to Flash as the call connects.

"Dispatch, send WAND containment; code Zoidberg." Read: Giant lobster thing.

Too calm is about right, but at least Alyse gets her request. Gesturing with her hand, the Witches' form is suddenly wrapped in a flurry of little glowing gold lights shapped like butterflies, the swarm fading to show her in an outfit that perhaps looks a little more traditional…even if in truth she'd just coppied Wanda's figure-hugging number with her coat and swapped out the red for white and gold. She'd been told it was a better 'hero' look then the gown she generally prefers. "Please, that was hardly the least clothing someone has worn during th-…" she begins before shaking her head, gesturing with her fingers towards the lobster creature as the air ripples in a sudden shockwave burst towards the lobster, intent to throw him back and away from the fallen 'Knight'.

While the first hit knocked her for a loop, literally, Kelly has shaken the sand from her helmet by the time the lumbering monster reaches her. Small ears and a long, slender tail extend from her suit as hinges and levers adjust her shape to something more agile. Pneumatic pistons hiss as she springs backwards just out of reach of the monster's claw. "Sorry big guy, one's all you get!"

Skidding to a stop back on her feet, the cat-smith looks down in annoyance and shakes sand from her boot. "Guh, going to have beach in all kinds of places…" Looking back up, she quickly ducks and side-steps more of the lobster-man's unwanted attention, moving with a nimbleness that's wholly unnatural for someone in full plate.

"It's still the middle of winter!" Flash isn't protesting the decency, he's protesting the fact that it's frigging cold outside! When Darcy yells at him to grab the metal bit, he arches his brow and goes to try just that. However, this has a bad end as he touches it and the cube's remaining feedback suddenly sends him.. away. Blip. He's gone in the blink of an eye.

Sliding to a stop, the scarlet speedster looks around in confusion, trying to figure out where he is. Then he spies a sign. Running to it, it finally comes into view.

'Welcome to Perth'

It sent him to Perth, Australia. At least it's warm?

With a sigh, Barry starts to build up speed to start the run around the freaking world to get back to New York.

Back in Long Island, Alyse's blast shoves the lobster into the ground and kicks up sand and dirt as Kelly is able to move the armor quickly away. For a moment, the metal in the creatures 'armor' is obvious as Darcy had pointed out as he moves to rise from the dirt, angry trills and noises coming from him.

"Update: Magical Zoidberg," Darcy says into her phone before she pockets it, call still connected. Still at her vantage point, Darcy watches. The red blur runs up the lobster, just like Quicksilver would, and then vanishes. Her eyes narrow slightly. Then the lobster gets shoved to the side. A moment to track the blast back and she spies Witchdoctor. Darcy smiles.

"Hey! Small world. Shiny's not-normal. Teleported Quickcrimson somewhere. Can you tell if it's magic and can you neutralize?" Darcy calls out, trading tazer for handgun. Because tazers work on soft fleshy, not exoskeleton things. She's taking a few steady steps so she has a more clear shot at it.

POP POP POP Three shots fired at the lobster, seeking to draw it's attention from Ren Faire Ninja Chick.

"Evangalion, don't touch it's back. Leave it to White Mage."

There's quite a bit more magic out here then Witchdoctor expected when she went out to go for a swim…but sometimes the world throws some funny curveballs at you, right? Barry's sudden disappearance? She can 'feel' the magic enough to know he wasn't obliterated. That's a good start. Now she has to just deal with the actual artifact itself…preferably without killing the host.

Darcy's arrival? It has the witch smiling and nodding despite the danger. "Smaller every day," she comments as her hands pulse with that golden light and the sand around the creature begins to glow, gold lights pulsing through it as it begins to rise like a liquid, those glows converting it into some glass-like tendrils of surprising strength. "It might take me a moment to shove that back in its 'box' if you don't want him exploding. You'll have to keep him busy."

Her eyes move back towards the 'Knight' whom is radiating their own aura and the Witch nods her head. "Just try not to get yourself hurt doing so."

Kelly, or more appropriately now Anima looks back at the direction the lobster-man was sent flying from and offers white-and-gold mage a grateful wave. "Thanks for that, now I just have to…" The red-and-gold flash of Barry appears and then just as quickly vanishes from atop the creature's back. "Not touch whatever that is, got it."

Hoping to catch the monster while it's still down, Anima runs over and follows the witch's lead as steel cables extend from her wrists and try to lace themselves in knots around the lobster-man to bind it. "Don't worry about me. I can take a pounding."

Gunshots draw her attention momentarily inland. "What is Evangalion?!" She shouts back to Darcy.

Of course as Barry is currently traversing Australia to prepare to start island hopping across the Pacific in order to get back to New York, his phone goes off. A message from Stephanie Brown about their date tonight, and as he runs, he starts to message her back to make plans. He should make it back to Gotham with time to spare. If the Lobster is done by then.

Apparently the lobster isn't paying attention to the item in it's back as it flails about and skrees angrily as he finds himself wrapped up within the metal cabling of the female armor. It twists, the lobster creature stronger than it lets on as it tries to use the metal wrecking ball that Anima has made itself to try to smash Darcy - and her SHIELD issued vehicle. Didn't she just get her driving privlidges?

"Really? High Powered Mecha..? okay! Full Metal Alchemist? Look. I'm blaming Fred from Accounting for these bad references," Darcy retorts back at Kelly. Keep Zoidberg distracted. Darcy's watching the thing as it works to try to swing Anima toward her and the car. Oh no. The CAR. She so rarely gets to drive work vehicles that this stings. But, considering it means her own 1991 Toyota Corolla that's been with her since high school is kept safe, Darcy is willing to make that sacrifice.

Darcy's just not wiling to get crushed. So, the SHIELD agent dives for it, tuckign and rolling so once clear she's back on her feet in a low crouch.

"Sure! No problem. Take your time. Metal and I got this," Darcy says and she lines up for another shot. "Right, Metal? You good? Still with us?"

Far from the transpacific romance maintaining, Alyse is back on the sand. The 'knight-flail' that is Kelly earns a wince, but Witchdoctor has a job to do. Closing her eyes, she brings her hands together and that same glowing gold light turns white before seeping outwards, converging into a point around the 'box' imbedded in lobster-man.

After flailing around the metal woman, the Lobster creature continues to try to beat Anima against the SHIELD vehicle. She came in like a wrecking ball, after all. There's a scry of pain from the creature as Witchdoctor's powers start to converge around the metallic box, forcing the creature to loosen it's hold on Anima as it turns his attention on Darcy to start to rumble towards her, skreeing and trilling in anger.

Barry just island hopped through Hawaii, continuing across the water as he passes through a wedding reception, grabbing a slice of wedding cake, thanking the bride and groom, and even having a small sampler plate of appetizers on his way through. Popping a piece of coconut shrimp in his mouth, he races forth.

Anima finds her light-weight frame tugged free of the beach and slung through the air. "Did not think this through!" She shouts in alarm as she tries to contort and reel herself in on her lines, narrowly missing Darcy, less narrowly missing the car.

"Okay, that one left a dent," she whines as she works to tug herself free from the car's new crumple zone. "Goodness I've gotten rust—yYYY!"

Dragged more than climbing off of the vehicle, Anima quickly cuts the cables and tumbles through the air, depriving the monster of its wrecking ball. Naturally the cat-smith lands on her feet, but not without a nice set of dents on one side. "Oh no you don't!" She shouts, rushing back to interpose between the two - and if she just happens to jump-kick the lobster monster in its misaligned face… well that's just karma.

"Ok. I got Zoidberg's attention!" Darcy calls out, firing once more as she straightens up and then Zoidberg is rushing toward her. She's learned better than to turn her back on it and run. Doesn't mean she doesn't want to. It just means that she tries to lead the lobster away from her car and the sand and Witchdoctor.

Darcy's going to fail at ONE of these things. Or at least, she was gonig to until her knight in shining armor drop kicked its face. Now, Darcy fails at all of them, since really teh lobster hasn't be given a chance to move. Well, as long as the creature's not turning on Witchdoctor, it's mission still green. Darcy moves to flank the creture again so she can get a few more shots off, finishing her clip off.

"Hey! Ackbar! This is totally a trap."

One day, Witchdoctor was going to have to get Darcy to explain all her references. Perhaps, when she actually manages to spend time with Wanda, the four of them can make another attempt at pizza nights. Right now however? She has other things to focus on.

Drawing the magic out of the box isn't in itself too hard for the fae-blooded Witch. She was literally a conduit of magic herself after all. But doing so carefully, without harming herself or the host was tricky and it shows as Alyse remains motionless, that white-light aura continuing to seep into the object.

Flash hits the American Shoreline at San Franscico and hits the I-80 to traverse the rest of the country. He'll be a few more moments yet.

In the meantime, as the bullets ping off of the creature's carapace, it seems that Darcy is holding its attention. That is until Alyse's magic holds the box in place while Kelly lowers the creature with a blow from her mighty foot.

There's a loud skree of pain, as the box is ripped from the plates of carapace, falling to the ground, useless. The metal is blackened and smoking, the runs all over it are damaged and dark, half of the box is smashed in.

The old beachcomber falls to the ground. And the lobster he was bonded with temporarily? It skitters under the remains of the SHIELD vehicle.

Anima wipes a metal arm across her helmet as the monster turns back into a man, finally ending the fight. "Phew… that was sure something." Turning her head to check on Darcy and Alyse, her tail twitches behind her before folding itself back into the spine of her armor. Lowering her attention to the beachcomber again, she crouches down and offers him a hand. "Hey there, are you okay?"

Lets out a breath, visible in the air about her, as teh man and the lobster fall to the sand. The pistl hand comes up to her shoulder as shse surveys the area, damage, and personnel. Speedy McScarletpants is still missing. Green eyes lock on Alyse.

"Nice work. Can you tell what happened to Quickcrimson at all?" She needs to find another name for the guy. Unfortunately, that nickname's turned him from unknown to must-look-after by association. Stupid boyfriends. All this as she puts the gun away, retrieves her phone and moves to Kelly. Because the sand is slightly warmer than the concrete parking lot.

"Dispatch: Threat neutralized. Artifact on scene. Appears broken. I've got one civilian down, elderly, 60s, white male," Darcy's relaying into her phone. They'll send some cars. She'll take one of theirs…. "And I'm going to need a new car today. Zoidberg broken mine." Not her fault this time! She too kneels by the man, phone to her ear as she checks him over.

"He's alive," Alyse speaks, her voice still carrying a faint and somewhat eerie echo for a moment before the light fades and she's left looking relatively normal. "Blown 'to Oz' as you say, but otherwise alright I'm sure." Her attention shifts now, to the victims and the 'knight' before she frowns a little. There were a few things she needed to look into now…

Nodding at Darcy she gives a little 'salute-wave'. "Tell Wanda I'm looking for her, if you see her first. I just need to take a little stop 'back home'." With that, her form simply seems to 'explode' in a burst of those golden butterfly lights, teleporting her off to who-knows-where.

The old man turns over, staring at the women and starts screaming in terror. "Hell! I was in hell! And there was women there, and they started to rip into me, and demons, and I saw Satan himself!" He tries to claw at his own eyes, the effects of being exposed to the Father Box and spending just a few minutes in Apokolips, even by proxy, telling.

Finally, Flash returns to the scene, just as.. everything else seems to be done. An ambulance is arriving on scene. The police are there. The artifact is secured.

He blows out a breath. And sighs. "Oh come on." he mutters. "Sorry I couldn't do more." he says, as a small alarm inside one of his lightning bolts on his cowl and he ohs. Right, he has an afternoon matinee to get to. "See you around!" As much as he may have questions.. he just has to be human for a bit.

Anima acts to restrain the hysterical man as he comes to but is all too happy to hand him off to professionals when the ambulance arrives. Standing back up, she pops loose a couple joints and shakes sand out of her armor. One leg in particular seems to have picked up half the beach. "Oh god I'm all gritty!" She whines.

The trouble with speedsters is that unless you figured out how to get them to slow down for you, they are always in a rush to get everywhere. Darcy had just enough time to look up at Flash upon his return before he's off again. She's totally getting Pietro to help her find this guy. SHIELD has questions. Fuck SHIELD, Darcy has questions. She sighs and helps get the man transfers and the SHIELD agents in the area helping with clean up. With her reports are done, she collects her personal effects from the wrecked car and keys for a new ride.

Kelly Smith says, “There's a whole untapped market of fast people who run everywhere instead of doing the sensible thing and riding a bike.”

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