A Temporary Solution

January 12, 2017:

Peter Quill visits an injured Hikari with a gift to help get her back on her feet.

Hikari's House


NPCs: Mirai Hataori

Mentions: Zatanna Zatara, Paint, Groot, Rocket Raccoon


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It's been a couple of days.

An ambulance arrived even though she didn't call for one, and it took her to the nearest hospital. Hikari's leg got sewn up. That will heal with time and care, and she's already walking on it (carefully). The problem, of course, is her eyes.

So, blinded and lamed, she'd been taken home. The other problem is that she lives with her parents. They don't know she's a mutant, but they're fairly sure that a mutant did this to her.

She'd called Quill and asked him to come over because she couldn't think of anybody else besides Caitlin that might possibly have access to some kind of crazy space future technology. Hikari can't stay blind forever, she's got a career to focus on. SHE HAS HOMEWORK TO DO!!


So Quill got a call from Ribbon. Cure for blindness? Someone hurt her? Where they heck was she doing that went and got her hurt?! What is even going on here?!?! Where did he put his scotch?!?!?!?!?!

…important questions are needing to be answered here.

What he /said/ was that he would help. And give him a bit to find something.

…then he of course called Zee.

Because he doesn't have anything to fix being blind /on/ him!!

But Zee's house is Zee's house as she might.

And she did.

It took him a bit to find, and most of that time was spent with the phone held at arm's length as Zee yelled at him. Him trying to explain that it wasn't /for/ him. And he didn't break anything. And he didn't hurt himself or anyone else.

She could yell really loud. Just so everyone knows.

Now though he had managed to aquire said object. He had managed to find Ribbon's place without significant mishap. And now…he could knock on the door. The wierd cosplay guy with the obviously fake ray guns at his side. He's strange. Don't mind him.


Someone did hurt her! She was in Mutant Town! There was a fight! He left his scotch in Zatanna's living room air conditioning vent for reasons best left unexplained (it was definitely Rocket's fault)!

It isn't Ribbon that answers the door. It's an older woman, Asian, looks a bit like Hikari but with normal, dark brown hair. And older, did we mention older? Like, at least forty. Mirai Hataori squints a bit at Quill's clothes, and his rayguns, and tries not to frown too hard. It's a cosplayer, clearly! "Ah, can I help you?"


She lives with her parents? OH YEAH SHE LIVES WITH HER PARENTS. She mentioned that. Didn't she? Maybe? Yeah. She totally did. "Er…sorry to bother ya. Just here to see Ribb—er…" Oh god what was her name. "…Hikari?" A pause. "I'm a friend and just wanted to come by and see how she was. Brought her a gift that might chear her up and all."

He is carrying an old wooden box. Not wrapped, but he only had a bit to prepare this! He wasn't expecting parent aggro!

…man he is missing that scotch right about now.


Rib? Mirai nearly asks what he's talking about before she remembers - it's Hikari's screenname, isn't it? Something like that. "Oh, that's so kind of you. I'm her mother, Mirai Hataori. She had said that company might be coming over, but she didn't tell me it was one of her clients." Because of course someone dressed like that must know her daughter through her side business!

"Come on inside." The woman invites him in, leading Quill through a well-appointed home. It's a nice house, though not too fancy… there are photos on the walls and comfortably broken-in furniture. Everything involving cloth or upholstery is of the highest quality, though not particularly flashy.

Mirai makes small talk as they go toward what must be Hikari's room, a door that leads up a narrow flight of stairs to the attic. "Sweetheart, you have company! A … oh, what did you say your name was?" she asks, opening the door.

"Mom, is that Peter?" Hikari's voice calls down the steps, and there's a quiet thump of shoes hitting the floor.


"Thats me," Comes the redy reply. "Peter Quill, friends call me Star-lord." Yup. Totally told that to her mom. "Sorry to bother you, Mirai. Should have introduced myself at the door. I guess I was just suprised. At first I thought Hikari there had a sister."

Yup. Thats right. Totally flattering her mom.

Because its him.

"Its me!" Comes the call. "You mind if I go on up?" This question to Mirai. "I don't think I'll be long, I just wanted to check on her and all."

…wait. Clients?



What's with young people and their strange internet names??? She's going to have to give Peter the benefit of the doubt. He's probably one of those young men that are 'on the spectrum'. That, or he's a superhero. Ha, wouldn't that be a laugh?

"Yeah, right," Mirai grins at him, and gives Peter a falsely stern look. "Behave yourself up there!" She'll be within shouting distance, because Hikari is her baby and Peter is a strange young man, but she's got to have trust. Right? Treating Hikari like an invalid will only upset her.

Upstairs, Hikari is sitting on the edge of her bed, shoes on the floor. She's staring expectantly at the head of the stairs, though she obviously can't make eye contact with Quill - she just sort of looks toward him instead. "Hey," she tries to smile, waving a bit weakly. "Thanks for coming over. Did you bring Rocket and Groot?" Because her mom needed MORE to worry about!


Peter just grins, he always behaves himself. He just doesn't always behave /well/. However he heads on up anyway and…

Woah. She wasn't kidding about the eyes. "Naw. Thought it best they didn't scare the locals any more than we already have. I'm guessing your parents don't quiet know about what you do for fun." He adds wryly as he moves towards the young mutant with a smirk crossing his face.

"How you feeling? Besides the whole…eye thing?" A longer pause. "And what happened to ya? You were fine last time I saw ya."


Too bad… once she got over the fact that her company included a talking raccoon and a sentient tree, her mom might eventually have been won over. If all else fails, Groot is polite and pleasant to be around!

Hikari makes a wry face at him. "Dunno if I'd call it fun, but they don't. Know, that is." She listens at the stairs, as if trying to judge whether or not Quill is alone. He wouldn't have asked that if her mom had been with them, but old habits die hard. "They don't know about any of it. I couldn't tell them, what if…" She trails off, looking away. There are just too many things that could go wrong. Everybody thinks their parents will forgive anything, until they're suddenly kicked out for being different.

"Oh sorry, where are my manners? There should be a chair by the sewing machine, have a seat." At least there always has been one, and SHE didn't move it. Hikari crosses her legs and rests her hands in her lap. "There were a bunch of guys on motorcycles roaring through the streets. They were all loud and wearing leather and carrying stuff, really raising a stink, so I kind of… put threads across the road and cut their tires up. But there was a girl with them, and she… she had these HUGE eyes, and she couldn't really speak, and she turned invisible. Then she reappeared out of nowhere, stabbed me really bad in the leg, and headbutted me. I … after that I just couldn't see anymore. The doctors at the emergency room said my corneas are just… opaque, like no light can get through. If it doesn't go away, I guess a cornea transplant, maybe…?" She's not very hopeful.

Hikari shakes her head, lavender hair rustling. "Sorry, sorry. I should be glad that there's hope, right? I'm not really badly hurt. This is just an… inconvenience."


"Mmmm. Well how bout this. Next time I'll bring Groot and Rocket with me. If they can handle that they might can handle just about anything. We Guardians are a pretty good test of things." Comes the smirk from Peter as he moves to the chair.

The description of what she was doing though draws a drin. "Bit off a bit mroe than you could…wait." A pause. "Girl. Having trouble speaking. Turned inv—-" Slowly he shakes his head. "Terra is a tiny farkin world! That sounds just like Paint. Groot and I met her the other day…" He'll have some words with her.

…but she did seem high strung enough to do just what he sees.

"Anyway, I don't come bearing hope. I come bearing…well…" A glance down at the box. "…I'm pretty sure its something to fix ya up. So don't worry about a transplant." He sets the box aside. "Can't do much about the leg, but I think I can do something about the eyes. Well not me, but Zee pointed out something that can help. So you'll have to thank her later."


Just the thought of her parents meeting a talking raccoon and a sentient tree makes Hikari chuckle softly. If only she could see the look on her dad's face! "Weeeeell… maybe," she relents. Nobody can be upset at Groot, right?

"Wha… what kind of name is Paint?" she asks dumbly. Like she's one to talk! "Did she hurt you? Are you guys okay?!" Hikari raises her hands towards Quill's voice, like she wants to pat him down for injuries or something, before lowering them again. He doesn't /sound/ hurt so it can't be that bad, right? But if she's still out there… Hikari lowers her face, staring at her lap. It's scary.

She doesn't move much when he speaks again. There's not much hope, huh? Maybe surgery is the only thing… "Huh?" She looks up at him, sightless eyes wide. "Don't worry about the leg, it's healing. What did you bring? Who is Zee?" unfolding her legs, Hikari starts to stand up, wincing when she puts weight on her bad leg.

Then she just kind of stands there, twisting her hands together, because she hadn't thought very far beyond that. "Er—"


"We're fine, don't worry. Paint is just…" Peter frowns in thought as he reaches out to open the wooden box with a bit of a click. "…I've known people like her. He's a gang leader. I'm guessing those bikers were her gang manybe? Took you as a challenge to her authority and well…" A twitch of a smirk. "…she's touchy. But naw, she didn't hurt anyone. Her and Groot get along pretty well. I talked to her about making my ship all camoflauged." A pause. "Well I talked, she used pictures. Dunno what happened to her, but the fact she can't talk quite right seems to make her a bit upset…"

Just. You know. A bit.

Out of the box he pulls what looks like a magician's blindfold. Its brightly colored instead of the standard black, and the stensil of a stylised eye is worked into the center of it. There is a whisper of silk as he lets it dance across his fingers. "As for Zee, she's letting the guys and I stay at her place. Big mansion thing. All sorts of weirdness there. Anyway, she's got powers so…I asked her if she had anything to help."

He takes a few steps over near her. "Just got something for you to put on."


"You know a—" Well, he is kind of a scoundrel. In the best Han Solo way, but still pretty scoundrel-ous! "Touchy doesn't begin to describe her," Hikari grumps a bit, but doesn't pursue it further. She can't see, but imagine not being able to even speak? And if she was using pictures to comunicate, can she not even write? "I wonder if she knows another language. Or reads it. It can be hard to learn to write a new one. Or maybe… she never learned to read or write at all?"

Hikari touches a thumbnail to the corner of her mouth, thoughtfully. "Or maybe she was hurt. I didn't see a scar on her throat but I wasn't really /looking/ for one…" She trails off; all the pondering in the world isn't going to give her the truth. And the soft whisper of fabric distracts her from such unhelpful thoughts, anyway. "…Silk?" Hikari murmurs, reaching out for it. "…It's not clothes?" It sounds too small for anything but… It had better not be magic underwear!! "What is it?" she asks warily.


"I was kinda raised by one," Comes the rueful reply. Yondu /is/ the closest thing to a dad that Peter has. …which could explain so many things. "Not sure, but she couldn't type either. Even if she could see the tablet I had. Maybe something to do with her powers? No idea." He adds with a shrug of his shoulders.

"As for this, its a blindfold…" A smirk. "…a magic blindfold. So you put it on, and give it a little bit and you should be able to see." A pause. "Man wizards like irony. Anyway…you want me to put this on or you want to tie it yourself?"


Huh. That… actually /does/ explain a couple of things.

A magic blindfold?? "…Wizards /do/ love irony," she repeats, a bit dumbstruck. For real?! Even if it sounds kind of dumb… well, it's not like she can see herself looking stupid, so there's that at least! "I can do it," Hikari nods. She leans in a little closer and whispers, "The last thing Mom needs is to see a strange man blindfolding me in my bedroom."

Hikari adjusts her ponytail to ride a little bit higher on her head, and takes the blindfold from him. She rubs it between her fingers. It /does/ feel old, the cloth fractionally thinner in some places than in others, and there's a barely-raised design of some sort in the center. "It /is/ silk," she smiles, as if that's all it took to make her happier. "It has a sound and feel all its own. Even the nicest synthetic blends can't perfectly mimic it." Does she… ever think about anything besides textiles??

Sure! Sometimes she thinks about art.

She raises the cloth to her face, centering it fairly well by touch alone, and ties it on. "Oh! I never said… thank you, Peter," she nods, that smile still curving her mouth.


"…oh man, yeah. When that happens its usually bad." Peter sounds like he is speaking from experiance about that fact. So its better to not question it. "There was one time on this little nebula station out near—" A pause. "…you know what. Nevermind. Better to just concentrate on putting that on. Making sure if it works at all."

A wave of his hand then. "And its not trouble, felt kinda bad after you got caught up with that mess with the Saskarians anyway."

Now the intresting thing happens as he's waving his hand. She can see it. Not as well as her normal vision. Colors are a bit dull, like someones applied a filter to the world, but it seems to be working. And there is a bit of a tingly sensation around her eyes.

Peter doesn't seem to notice.

"Woah, the eye thing just lit up like a rainbow."


With her eyes covered, the look on her face is only half-exposed, but it's pretty easy to interpret. "Y-yeah, that sounds… like a bad time," she finishes lamely. She watches the shadow of his hand cross her vision, trying desperately not to envision just what—

"Your hand," she realizes. "I can see it—"


Hikari rubs her eyes through the blindfold. "I, I guess that means it's working?" She gives a choked laugh. It's working. It's /working/! "Oh, I can't believe it, even after everything, it /works/!" Tottering forward, she wraps her arms around him in what would have been a bear hug if she wasn't so slender. "Thank you, thank you, thank you!"


"Easy there! Easy!" Peter laughs as he suddenly finds himself hugged. Its…a bit awkward. He's not really a hugger unless the hugging leads to other things. Since Hikari is more like the little sister he didn't know he had that is not the most likley thing to happen.

"Yeah, I guess so!" He replies as he pats her on the back gently. Obviously not used to getting thanked at all. Usually he's getting yelled or shot at. "You're welcome? I mean it'll take a couple days at least to fix em up right, but yeah. Should fix em up now." A pause. "You get to figure out what to tell your parents about that though cause I have no idea."


Hikari thankfully isn't thinking about what Quill's hugs usually lead to. Let's all be grateful.

She lets him go in short order, fidgeting with the silk a little bit. It's so weird!! "It's like… my eyes are closed, but I'm seeing stuff anyway. How does it… oh right, magic." Because she has no grounding in magical theory and it's probably very complicated, and Quill doesn't seem like the sort of person to stick around and listen to long-winded explanations anyway so he's probably going to be no help explaining.

"Uh…" And then he has to go and bring reason into this. "…" What is she going to tell them? It'd be one thing if she wasn't wearing a light-up headband over her eyes, but…!

"I'll tell them you're an neuro-engineering student," she decides with all the determination of someone who isn't going to let reality slow her down. Like the fact that Peter is clearly not college-aged and neuro-engineering may not be a real thing that you can really study.

Gotta think positive!


"…maybe we can tell them Zee is a neuro-engineering student and I'm just delivering it cause she's in class?" Peter replies with a quirked eyebrow. Mostly because he doesn't want to have to make up psychobabble to impress the parents. Because he is. At heart. Is extremely lazy.

He's a professional shiftless layabout and scoundrel after all.

"And yeah, don't even ask me to explain things. It works. Yo didn't turn into some sort of mollusc. I'm gonna go with a win on this one." He decides with a smirk as he leans back against the wall. "You gonna be ok though?"


"…That's a much better idea," she has to admit, because look at him. She knows just how important appearances can be.

Mollusc— Her mouth drops open. Wait, was there a chance she could've—?!

…Best not to dwell on it, probably…

"…Yeah," Hikari nods slowly. "I think I am. I need to tell this Zee thanks, as soon as possible though." And make sure she's not going to get the urge to… bury herself in the sand or something - she's not sure what molluscs do in their spare time, but it sounds unpleasant and time-consuming.

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