Twinkie Bound

January 21, 2017:

The X-Men have a long chat about twinkie boundaries.

Xavier Institute


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Nancy O'Neal sits at on of the couches in the lounge, texting on her phone while she waits for her toenails to dry.

Rogue flops down on to the sofa next to Nancy with a big exhale and a big smile. She looks over at the Nullifier and she smiles at her. "What ya doin'?" She asked the music teacher. She looked then to Nancy's toenails and grinned. "Ooo… pretty!" She clapped her gloved hands together several quick times!

Smiling to the French teacher as she sits down next to her, Nancy shrugs while her thumbs type a mile a minute. "Just working on my work schedule. Between here, the Nest and now the Philharmonic, I'm as busy as ever. Still… " And here the goth smiles softly. "Hank was right. I am happier playing my music then I would have been going to school for social work. Just don't tell him I said so."

Rogue laughed softly at hearing this and she dropped her gloved hands down to her jeans covered thighs. "I don't think I'm allowed in his lab anymore… thanks to Kurt." She said with a sly grin. Her eyes glanced at the computer Nance was typing on and then looked back to the musician. "I think its totally badass that you're doin' music rathe'ah that othe'ah B.S." She said with a grin. "Fuck the rest'af it all, do what makes ya feel the most alive. Thats what I say, anyhow."

Nancy has to laugh at Rogue's thoughts on her getting back into music as a career. "I'll talk to Hank. I'm sure he'll understand it was just a mistake. His feral side gets close to the surface when he's upset." The goth grins then, there clearly being more to that sentence that she's not finishing.

Rogue laughed a little and nodded. "He had every right t'be pissed at us, we were actin' like kids." She reached a hand up to pick at her hair and then tossed it over her shoulder. "So whats goin' on with you two? Has he done anythin' with your blood sample yet?" She was curious because well, Nancy's mutation was a hell of a thing and not just to a person like Rogue, it could mean a lot to a large percentage of mutants.

Sitting up straighter at the question, Nancy puts her phone away. "Nothing! Nothing's going on! Why? What have you heard?!" Then Marie asks about the blood. "Oh! Yeah! That. We've been working on that a lot. Just research, research, research. He should have his first attempt at an injection in a couple months at this rate, he says." Nancy's toes wiggle, painted a sultry red

Rogue grinned at Nancy's sudden reaction. "Woah now, settle down." She said with a nod of her head slowly. "I didn't say nothin' else happened…" She leaned toward the other and whispered. "Unless ya got any juicey details ya'd like to drop on me." Leaning back then Rogue got a text on her own phone and popped that bad boy out then took a glove off so she could actually use it. "I don't think I wanna have any injections t'remove my mutations… but I know othe'ahs who would."

Nancy grins almost shyly, though there is a bit too much mischeif in there for it to truly be shy. She leans in close. "Let's just say that he's not all that shy when the doors are closed and that I know the real reason he's called Beast." Nancy waggles her brows at her friend then, but says no more. As the topic comes back to the injection, Nancy shakes her head. "He doubts even the injections will make it permanent. Something about how it's my something code that activates it, so it will fade over time in another person as your white blood cells treat my… DNA! That's what it was. Anyway, it won't be permanent, cause your body will treat my dna like a virus and kill the invader."

Rogue grinned big at the rather obvious inuendo there about the 'good doctor' and she slowly nodded her chin up and down. "Some good ol' Hank-y Pank-y time. Right oooon." She said in a low, but teasing-laced voice. Listening to the rest though, Rogue finished texting and glanced over to Nancy again. "Jesus though… think if someone tries to get ahold'a that and turn it into some kinda money makin' machine. 'Get your month supply of Mutate-Away'. That could be pretty messed up, right?"

Nancy O'Neal says, "Someone already tried that a couple years back. Some drug called Smooth. Only problem was it was *really* addictive. And too much could kill ya." Nancy sighs heavily and looks down into her lap. "Yeah, having a power that can be turned into a weapon like that… it sucks. So, that's why Hank is being so careful with his research. He doesn't want to make the same mistake that whoever made that Smooth stuff did."

It was at that point that a certain canucklehead popped into the lounge, and plopped down onto a sofa, taking up one of the arms. "Careful 'bout who you talk about, ya never know when someone's in earshot." They weren't talking about him, but with his sense of smell, he know the subject of their discussion wasn't too far away. He kicked his feet up on the table, he wasn't supposed to, but it made it comfortable. Strangely, he was dressed unusually casually today, in shorts, sneakers, and an old t-shirt, which had frayed edges. It was almost as if he had come straight from the gym, though he didn't seem to sweat. Maybe he hadn't gone yet and was just stopping by.

Rogue is wearing a green tanktop with the word "SMARMY" on it in Army-font across her bust. She's got her phone in her lap, jeans and boots on her lower half, black gloves that go up to her mid biceps. She grins when Logan comes in and offers him a little waggle of her gloved fingers. But she looked back at Nancy. "I vaguely remembe'ah that drug name… It sounded like a shitty men's cologne that those club-goin' weirdos would use, like the type that uses spray-on-tans?" She grinned lightly.

Nancy is wearing her usual brand of clothing. Black, sexy, and with a dash of colour. How she manages to sit the way she is while wearing a corset is anyone's guess. She wiggles her bare toes and nods to Rogue. "I know, right? Seriously, you steal my blood, turn it into an addictive drug that turns off mutants for an hour or two, and then give it *that* name. I think I was *almost* more insulted by the name then anything else. Almost, though, since people dying cause of me was really not cool."

Logan's casual appearance gets an arch of a brow. Not that she hasn't seen him in old shirts before, but the shorts are a nice touch. "So, light workout? Or are you here to convince us we need to work out too?"

"Hey Nancy," Logan said to the woman in the corset. He was wondering that himself, how she managed that posture in that outfit. And he smiled to Rogue, a genuine, warm smile, "how's it goin', Rogue?" He listened to the conversation some more, and with him sitting so close to Nancy, he was curious if his powers were in effect. He tried to snikt his claws. This was such an odd experience for him. He then nodded to Nancy, "yep. I'd love to get you two in the gym. You both need to build up yer strength, in case you ever have to rely on natural abilities."

Beast while texting back to Nancy with one hand, is in the process of heading back to his lab from the kitchen with a perfectly balanced snack. That is to say that the hot pockets, twinkies, and mini pizzas area arranged on the plate in such a manner the it's centre of gravity is exactly in the centre. Nutritionally of course it is a mess. Still with his nose in his phone, and his mind somewhere else as usual, he is walking through the room without noting its inhabitants.

Rogue listened to them both and she laughed at what Nancy said about the drug's name and then made a little 'eeeh' sound about it. "Yeah… that'd be, bad." She sighed then and looked to Logan who got a smirk out of her. "If I end up in a fight where Nancy is deactivatin' my mutation, then my plan is simple. Curl up into a'ball and pray to our Lord an' Savior, Baby Jesus, that live t'see anothe'ah day." She smirked. "It sure as shit does not include actually hittin' up a 'gym' to do 'exercise'." She shorted at the very thought. "There's a reason nobody likes weights, ya know? Its cause they're so damn -heavy-."

Rogue waved her gloved right hand when Beast arrived. "Heya there… Hank-y Pank-y." The Southern Belle said with a sinister little knowing-grin.

And the answer is that her corsets are more for style then function. They are a little stiff, but she doesn't have them laced so tight that she can barely breathe while wearing them. She winks over at the history teacher in a rather lascivious fashion. Is she flirting with him? She looks over as Logan tries to push out his claws and grumbles. "Sorry. You would think I would know by now to keep my power to myself. I just get lazy and let it all hang out, yanno? It takes a little concentration to keep it in, like holding in your gut. Not that you would know anything about that, Mr. Chiselled out of stone."

As Beast walks into the room, Nancy notices the furry blue body as he enters. She grins and types 'Look up' on the phone. The way she looks at him… well, she always had a soft spot for the good doctor, but she's not bothering trying to hide it anymore. When Rogue greets Hank with that catch of phase, Nancy's glare at her friend is almost comical. She smacks Rogue in the arm. "Ixnay on the abbingblay!"

"See girls, Hank gets it. He loads up on the calories because he knows that he's gonna work it off." Logan could smell the hot pockets, twinkies, and mini pizzas long before the good Doctor entered the room. "Hey, don't knock it until you've tried it, Rogue. 'sides, you've seen just what weight training can do." He winked at her.

He was beginning to get used to Nancy's powers, and in fact, there were aspects of it that he rather enjoyed. It was kind of neat to be human again, for a change. "Don't retract it on my account. Plus, it's good fer Rogue… and," he eyed Beast, "I don't think I've ever seen Hank without the fur." As Hank approached, he assumed that Hank would begin to revert in some way.

Yes a walking Hank is a very good boarder test for Nancy's nullification bubble. As he passes through it, it is as though a different person was passing through the threshold. A Very large person of course, who still has very large hands and very large feet… but different none the less. Looking more like a gorilla like man then a man like Gorilla. He doesn't even seem to note the change himself, reading the text and immediately, in Hank like fashion looking at the ceiling… only after deciding that there is nothing of interest there does he look about the rest of the room and make note of its occupants. "Ahh, hello then."

Rogue recoiled when Nancy slapped her arm, mostly cause the girl hit bare flesh on her exposed shoulder and it just startled her because she still wasn't used to being able to touch people so willy-nilly. She then laughed a little at Nancy. "I can't help myself…" She told her with a grin before looking to Logan and blowing him a kiss. "Its all fine'n good on you, big guy. But I don't wanna have a bad like that. I like mine juuuust as it is."

Rogue looked to Hank then and wolf-whistled at him. "Hey, I got them replacement glass things that I broke the othe'ah day. I can put them in your lab if ya'd like!"

Nancy's phone rings, the ringtone being Mozart's Serenade No. 13. Nancy's reaction is to practically attack her phone to answer. "Yes? Now? No no! Of course it's not a problem. I'll be right there. Give me an hour? Of course, Maestro. Yes, Maestro. Right away." She hangs up the phone and stands on the couch, using Hank's head to balance as she takes out the spreaders between her toes as the nail polish dried. "Gotta go. That was the conductor of the Philharmonic. Third chair has just come free and we need to have it filled by Thursday's performance."

Hopping off of the couch by going over the back, Nancy gives Hank a quick kiss. "Sorry, hot stuff. Will tell you all about it when I get back." She then turns and runs, stops, runs back to grab a twinkie, and then heads off again.

"I can't argue with ya there, darlin'." Logan replied to Rogue after she blew him a kiss. "How're you doing Hank? Pull up a chair, it's been ages." He leaned forward from his spot on the couch, taking his feet off the table, and sat in a straight position. "So, how do you like being back to your old self?" He again tried to clench his wrists, sending the claws through, but they did not emerge. "Powers or no powers, I don't think I'm much different. Gotta watch out fer bullets and blades though. Without the healin' factor, that'd be… bad." He actually favoured the direct approach, going through the bullets and blades, as it was the quickest way to his adversary. But if he had to worry about getting shot, that'd change the dynamic entirely. He was surprised at Nancy's abruptness, "good luck, Nancy." He gave her a short wave, then patted the seat that she vacated, and as she left, he tried his claws, snikting the one on the arm of the sofa. "That's better." He liked knowing he had them, just in case. Even if it did hurt to bring them out. He retracted them on that hand, and then they healed. He rubbed the little bit of blood so that it'd be absorbed or evaporate on his skin.

Beast sort of has the look of someone who stepped on a rake. His powers get turned off; he is in a room with Nancy. Then Nancy gets a call, steals his twinkie, and he is blue and a walking fantasy of a shampoo manufacturer again. He blinks slightly as Logan speaks to him and nods, but says first to Rogue, "I think she stole my twinkie. I'm not certain I am ready to engage in that level of intimacy yet." He shakes his head though and smiles taking a seat.

Rogue watched Nancy leave her side on the sofa and she smiled at her and waved. She then grinned at what Logan said and went to glance down at her phone again. Her legs crossed at the knees and she wiggled her upraised right foot inside of that brown leather boot that was laced to said foot. AT Hank's reaction to his stolen twinkie, Rogue grinned nice and big. "Don't worry, Blue Buddy…" Rogue looked up at him and grinned. "She only wants the creamy fillin' on the inside." And that was said with a rather on-the-nose level of flirtation toward the Doctor-friend she'd known for several years now.

"Don't worry about it," Logan laughs, rising to his feet, "I'll get you another one." Besides, he wanted a beer, and it was a good excuse to slip out to the kitchen, where he had a hidden mini fridge in one of the cupboards. It was on his way out that he heard Rogue's remark about the cream filling, and he smirked, "damn Rogue, a bit on the nose?" It seemed that something had become an open secret. And that made him wonder if he was in the same boat. Either way, he disappeared for a while, returning a few minutes later with a box of twinkies under his arm, and a few beers clutched to his chest. He gave one to Rogue, set one down for himself, and offered the third beer, and the twinkies, to Hank, "they're all yours, bub." He then sat back down on the couch.

Beast takes the twinkies and the beer gratefully. "You are a saint and a gentleman my friend." He says to Wolverine, twisting off the cap of the beer and drinking deeply from the bottle. "So what may I ask is the current topic of conversation?"

Rogue shrugged her shoulders at Logan's words about her twinkie joke. "Subtlety ain't neve'ah been my strong suit." She grinned a little, but by the time Logan returned, Rogue was laying on her back on the sofa with her head on the arm of it. She had her phone out and was dinking around with it when he handed her the beer. "Oooo! Liquor up the French teache'ah time is it? I'm all for that!" She sat up and accepted it, laid her phone in her lap and went to take a drink from the tastey beverage.

Logan twisted off the top of his beer and lifted it towards Hank when his friend called him a gentleman and a saint. He had to lift Rogue's feet up a bit to get comfortable on his side, and let them drop into his lap. "Ya gotta share Rogue. This whole couch ain't just yers you know." He chided her, but playfully. "To be honest, you were, Hank. At least the part I heard. Sounds like Nancy likes you." Yeah, Logan can do subtly, but he usually ignores it. If two people like each other, best that they both know and move forward. If not, then that's that.

Beast offers, what for him is a bit of a devilish smile, "I have been made aware of our Ms. O'Neals affections for my fuzzy blue personage rather thoroughly by the lady in question." He says taking a sip. "I just am not sure we are on the twinkie theft level of our relationship. After all there must be boundaries." His smile is amused and a bit twitterpated.

Rogue laughed softly at what Logan said but she just put her feet up on them and crossed them at the ankles. A glance was given to Beasty and she smiled at him. "Don't fret on it too much, good Doctah. She just was showin' affection toward ya… Twinkies are freakin' disgustin' anyway, if she took a bite outta it… she probably is remindin' herself right about now t'neve'ah eve'ah try'n eat one again. I do that once every couple'a years."

Leaning back in his favourite seat and drinking a beer, Logan says, "Hank, if you want my advice, get over it." He pauses, to let it sink in, before adding, "you'll be much happier if you ease up, go with the flow, and let her have whatever she wants. It's called being in a relationship." He then had another chug of his beer, and was suddenly wondering why they didn't have a TV in here?

He didn't mind the feet on his lap, though he was careful not to let her bare skin touch him, especially with Nancy off somewhere else. "She likes ya, Hank. Embrace it, see what happens. You could use somethin' besides that lab o' yours, teaching, and X-Men work."

Beast raises an eyebrow and does look amused, "You do realise my friend that I was being sardonic. I was attempting to make a degree of levity in that while I was willing to purse a relationship with Nancy that includes coitial interludes her taking a particular confectionary from my person was some sort of relationship boundary."

Rogue listened to both of them and it just made her sigh and shake her head. "Not enough alcohol in the world to make any of this any easier on me." She said with a light huff and then smirked at them both. "I'm only playin' with ya, I think this whole entire thing is just as adorable as it could possibly get. I, personally, can't wait to see little Beastie Boys runnin' around this mansion, climbin' all up ma an' pa." She sipped from her beer again while waggling her feet side to side.

Logan understood all those words. He just didn't like to use them. All he says is, "was? It didn't pan out?" He didn't like the past tense, since he figured they would make a nice couple, but if it didn't work out, there was no use in forcing it. "Twinkies are a deal breaker with you, huh?"

At Rogue's suggestion, he grinned widely. "You'd make a great dad, Hank." Unlike Wolverine, who would probably be one of the worst fathers in the world. People would be out to kill him. They'd be exposed to violence, swears, plus, he was basically immortal. His children might never beat him at sports.

Beast is about to reply when his phone beeps at him. "Oh my stars and Garters. If you will excuse me I have to check the results of a test that just finished. I do appologise…" He says taking the box of twinkies and the beer, and otherwise forgetting his snack tray, in typical Beast fashion.

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