January 21, 2017:

The Snarts attempt to steal a shipment from Wakandia. Spoiler and Flash intervene. A battle is won, and awkward flirting and banter follow.

Midtown - Gotham

Midtown was initially a neighborhood along the edges of Robinson Park but post-Cataclysm (09' quake) it is considered the entire Robinson Park area and surrounding burroughs and neighborhoods. Along the southwestern shores of Midtown lies Miller Harbor and north of that are scattered homes and businesses in equal trade off. The southern edge of Midtown is one of the oldest portions of Gotham, the bluebloods simply call, "The City".

Miller Harbor itself spills off in to Bob Kane Sound and is fed in to from the east by the Finger River. Midtown also hosts the Upper East Side where embassies from around the world are located. Wakanda, Latveria, Themscyria, Atlantis, all of those can be found here. Across the Sprang River to the north is Uptown and East End by way of the Sprang Bridge.


NPCs: Captain Cold, Glider

Mentions: Batman


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Fade In…

Late evening at the docks. While most of the workers have gone home, amongst the containers, there's one area that's still lit up. A few dockworkers are off-loading several items from one of the ships at Miller Harbor. The ship flies a Wakandian flag, and the crane is moving to lower a large container. As it touches the ground, however, there's a sudden chill in the air as the crane starts to ice over. The worker screams and tries to flee from his ice prison, but it's too late, he's trapped within.

The cold extends, forming a layer of ice along the ground. Coming out of the ice is a graceful figure, a female dressed in gold with a mask, however as she gets close to one of the workers, she pirouettes on the ice, and a boot comes around to kick him in the side of the head. "It's clear!" she calls out in a sing-song voice.

Joining the girl on skates is a figure dressed in a blue covercoat in white trim. Captain Cold holds his cold blaster to the side and glances at the girl. "Let's make this quick, Glider. Never know where's a do-gooder when he you don't want one." With that, he's moving to blast the lock off of the container, opening it up. Inside? A new prototype car - driverless, automated, and made with Wakandian metal so that it's almost dent-proof.

It was a normal patrol. Gotham had been quiet lately. Emphasis on HAD. Spoiler had paused near to the off loading crane to peer at the cargo, checking if it was anything the Bats had to take an interest in. It didn't seem like it and the numbers on the side of the crate didn't ping anything when she checked the read out on her phone. The purple and black one. Because the Hello Kitty one was for personal use only and stayed home when she was working nights.

Thankful, again, for the upgraded utility belt and the pocket just the right size for her phone, Spoiler pulls her very own grapple gun to rappel away when suddenly there's a scream. Beneath the purple painted Hobby Lobby plastic mask, blue-green eyes snap back to the scene, spotting the ice.

"Fantastic. Someone let Freeze out," she quips to herself, taking quick stock as she repositions herself so that she can drop down behind the pair and hopefully close enough that she can smack Glider on the back of the head with the bo staff that telescoped out as she was making her entrance. It was clear before she landed that this was NOT Mr. Freeze. Which kinda bugged Stephanie on principal. Wasn't he a doctor? Shouldn't he be DR. Freeze? Regardless…

"Hi. Discount Freeze. Hashtag Spoiler Alert: I'm still melting your sorry butt," Spoiler says as she takes her swing, hoping to elimante Cold's accomplance and even the numbers for herself. Also, freeze ray. Be reaady to move again, Steph. The new suit's plenty warm for the cave but being encased in ice sounds like asking for hypothermia. Bruce would be unhappy and Alfred would fret.

And make soup. So, consoldation prize. But still. Unhappy Bruce. Must avoid.

"Speaking of the so-called devil. It's one of the Batbrats." Captain Cold says as Spoiler comes swinging in. "Glider, heads up!" he calls out as he brings around his cold ray to prepare to blast away at the woman. But that shot is not taken as Spoiler close the distance on the Golden Glider. Glider is knocked aside, and slides across the ice as she gets to her feet. "That was a cheap shot!" she calls out to Spoiler as she starts to skate across the ice as Captain Cold fires his blast against the cable that Spoiler flew in on to keep her using it for an easy escape and possibly freezing the heroine's hand as well.

It seems for a moment that Spoiler is outnumbered two to one. That is until as someone was running along the beltway between Metropolis and Gotham, Barry Allen overheard on the police radio built into his headset of the disturbance on the docks. Pulling off on the harbor exit, he takes off in a blur, streaking past several vehicles and weaving out of traffic until he arrives at the harbor, and the ground starts to turn to ice. Dammit! Barry chastizes himself, but he's ready, he uses the slide and his own momentum to propel him to the other side of the ice and he hits the other side running. "I didn't know there was a Snart on this world!" he calls out as he looks around. "And a Glider. Who's the new girl?" Flash asks as he's making his way around the edge of the ice. "Got to say, they're getting better looking." he offers about Spoiler.

"That's /Captain Cold/, Flash. But I had heard you vanished. It's a good thing you're here, means I get to kill you myself." Cold sneers as he swings around his pistol to try to fire at the speedster, his blast just behind the scarlet blur.

"Yeah? Well… your boots are impractical without Zamboni," Spoiler retorts at Glider. It's just distraction enough that the blast hits her cable, starting down toward her fingers. The cold is felt and Steph lets go a heartbeat before it would have frozen her hand. Egress blocked, Spoiler squares herself up, noting that her boots don't have the traction she's like, so she'll have to play this carefully. it's not like she's got ice skating blades that can pop out of the bottoms. Can you imagine how stupid THAT woould be? She's backing away, searchign for a way to get the terrain to work for her when a red blur skids across the ice and all eyes turn toward .. Flash? Thank you for the introduction, Captaino Frio.

"Introductions after, maybe?" she quips at Flash, glad the full face mask hides the blush. Then Cold turns from her to attack Flash while Glider's skates for her.

Okay. Let's try something here.

Hand dips into a pouch to pull out some of her sling shot bullets. These she flings in Glider's general direction while Stephanie pushes herself at Cold, dropping to a baseball slide in hpoes she'll be able to slam into Cold's legs with her body or her legs or her bo staff but hopefully her legs. At the very least it might keep Codl from freeze cold raying this Flash dude in the face. Right? Right! That's the plan. Let's hit go and see what happens.

"Sounds like a plan!" Flash calls out. Since it seems that Hobby Lobby is on the side of the do-gooders, the scarlet speedster is moving to cut to the side in order to keep Cold on him while Spoiler is doing her thing. Glider snorts. "Ice is my thing, sweetheart, too bad you don't have skates!" That is until her ice pick smacks into one of the ball-bearings and it stops her leg cold, sending her sprawling across the ice and smacks into the container, momentarily dizzy as Spoiler goes sliding into Captain Cold, the bo staff sending him sprawling.

"You're in the big leagues now, girlie." he says as he turns the weapon on poor Stephanie, preparing to blast her at point blank range.

If there wasn't an intervening angel, as the Scarlet Speedster runs vertically up one of the containers, jumping from it to grab the grappling cable that Spoiler abandoned. Ripping it down, he runs down, wrapping Glider up into the cabling and races towards Snart. "Hey, Captain Otter Pop, catch!" he says, flinging a snowball at the Captain and hitting him in the face.

Captain Cold doesn't look amused. "Really, Flash? You're attacking Cold.. with cold?" he asks, almost incrediously at the speedster's apparent stupidity, but really, what he should be paying attention to is the fact that he was freeing up Spoiler so that she may go on the attack again, as the speedster continues his blurry evasive pattern until the freeze ray clips him in the knee, sending the speedster tumbling end over end as he slides to a halt. "Ow!" he calls out.

"Uh-huh," Spoiler is saying to Glider as the figure skater goes down and Spoiler topples Captain Cold.

This the point in the show where we freezeframe and Stephanie voiced over recalling something Batman had said about always going into a fight knowing how you are planning on getting out of it. Yeah. Forgot that one this time. Sorry, Batdad. #Don'tBeDisappointed

On the ice, Spoiler inhales as the freeze ray is trained on her. Blue eyes widen visibly. Beucase this mask doesn't have cool eye covers. it's just a plastic mask.

And then snowball.

Spoiler snickers once. Because that was funny. Almost like that comic strip with the boy and the tiger. Still grinning, Spoiler knows an opening when she sees one. She's just not fast enough on the ice to prevent Flash from getting tagged. That makes the smile fade and her eyes harden unhappily.

"Oh. Bad move, Olaf." Spoilers says as she goes on the offensive again, seeking to end the engagement quickly as the sound of sirens can be heard. "Let ms spoil it for you: Summer's not so good for snowmen. Lucky for you, Arkham's got a meat locker," Spoiler is saying as she attacks with bo staff, hoping to get Cold subdued enough so she can slide in, flip him over, and zip tie his wrists.

"Red! You okay over there?" Because it pays to be nice.

"And now, Flash, it's time to put you on ice." Cold starts to say, before Spoiler's suddenly upon him, and the man turns to fire, but she's too quick as he finds himself bound and held with zipties. What, no batcuffs? The man growls as he tries to get himself free. "You're going to pay for this." he sneers at Spoiler.

Over on the side, Flash nods. "One moment!" he says, as he moves to vibrate his hands over his knee quickly, warming it and the joint back up. And he's back and running again. "Sounds like it's time to go and leave the late Christmas gifts for the local authroities, huh?" he says with a glance towards the woman. He's no stranger to a semi-hostile, anti-vigilante police force after all.

There's a gesture towards a nearby rooftop. "Introductions?" he asks, taking off to literally run up the side of the building. The view will be great to watch the police haul in the two would be criminals, after all. And the moonlight is just right. Too bad the harbor smells of fish. Unless you know, you're into that type of thing.

Flash pauses, and runs back quickly, and looks between the two criminal. "Right. Forgot the theme it seems we have. Spoilers: Food in prison is terrible. But you already know that. Hashtag busted, hastag three strikes." And then he's gone again. Way to make an impression on the shapely figure in purple.

Spoiler pats Cold on the head gently after securing his ankles, also with zipties. And no. She hasn't graduated to batcuffs yet. Maybe for her birthday if she's a good little battling.

"Your puns are terrible. You should work on them while your in lock up," she tells him as she stands and turns to look at the red clad figure. She's just starting to nod, grapple gun being pulled out, when Flash is running UP the wall. Under her mask, her jaw drops a bit.

Dude. That's cool.

She's aiming for the best place so get her onto the roof when Flash is back and… She bites her lower lip to keep from giggling out loud, but her shoulders are shaking.

n the roof, Spoiler lands down and turns to make sure hte police are collecting their presents before turning to face the Flash. One gloved hand is held out.


Taking the hand, Flash grins. Seem half mask - much better, you can see the smile, and the blue eyes that are definetly checking her out for a moment. "Flash, but that's been spoiled." He couldn't help it, it shows in a corner of his mouth as he takes a seat and pulls out a power bar to devour quickly. Letting out a breath, he watches the police arrive. "You've been doing this for a while?" he asks curiously, leaving room for her to join him on the edge of the rooftop if she wants.

The giggles are at least a bit audible this time, and visible in her shoulders and blue eyes as she moves over to the edge to join Flash in watching the pretty lights of the cop cars.

"Stupid, Coldman, taking my schtik," she quips, trying not to let the sound of the blush at being checked out leak into her voice.

"On and off for a few years. You?" She notes teh power bar, the way he eats so quiclky. She's aware of the type. Super high calorie, ultra dense, protein bar. Batman uses some. Usually one bar is meant for them to use as a full day's worth of in take. That Flash eats one quickly and still has the phsyique he does (not that Stephanie leered! She looked… to…size up.. to check out.. to… Dammit. Stephanie looked) means he burns through calories with all the running and/or has a super fast metabolism. She pulls an energy drink from the thigh pouch and offers it over.

"Couple of years now." Flash admits as he takes the drink, and makes sure the seal is good before downing it. Not that he doesn't trust Spoiler, but you can never be too careful. Not that he couldn't expel any toxins fast enough as he chases the first energy bar and starts on a second. Yes, he's probably an expensive date.

Or all you can eat buffet, just saying.

"So, Spoiler. I guess I shouldn't try to catch up on my Netflix around you, huh?" he asks with a playful lift of his brow, and yes there was a glance at that shapely thigh. What, it's a body suit, why wouldn't he look. Just not leering. But looking? Definetly the option chosen here as he kicks his feet idly, watching as the police collect the goods. "Better than some gangbangers licking some girl that sucked up their powers." he says with a little shudder as he tries to hide his own blush as with his perceptions it gives him a moment to watch her breath, and notice the paint on the mask, the few strands of blonde hair that don't get completely hidden. The mask does a good job of masking most of her expression, but he has other things he can look and pay attention to, the way she walks, the sound of her voice. Not that he's masking his at the moment as well.

The seal is good. She hadn't drink fro mthat one yet. If she's lucky, she can very sweetly get him to give her the trash to throw away… cap the bottle all neat like, and then use her cloak to hide that fact that she puts it BACK in the thigh holder. When he's done drinking, that is.. and only if when she holds her hand out for it, he relinquishes the bottle.

Definitely all you can eat chinese or brazilian grill date.

"You really shouldn't. I talk during movies," she adds, a chuckle in the tone of her voice as she too steals looks at the man in the tight fitting red suit sitting next to her. What? Body suit! At least she can laugh at her own name, huh?

His comment about gangbangers has Stephanie shuddering. Beneath the make, her eyes close, revealing blonde eyelashes a few shades darker than the errant strands that escaped the french braid hidden under the hood. The painted mask, it's DIY feel is completely at odds with the very high end Nomex suit and polyfiber cloak and custom made utility pouch belt. Even her gloves and boots are high end. The mask? The mask is clearly a high-schooler's attempt at a super hero mask.

"God. Flash. That was horrible," she's saying, hand coming up to her forehead.

"Couldn't resist." Flash says with a little laugh. Though, as she wants the trash, it seems that he sticks it all together and holds onto it. Something probably suggests that he knows not to leave forensic evidence behind. "Well, if I can't take you to the movies, what would I take you to?" he asks playfully, a lift of his smile as his own brows and eye lashes are revealed to be brown. His own costume is an advance tri-polymer synthetic. Similar to hers, but definetly made to protect against friction and environment as he nods his head in a little agreement at her shudder.

"I guess this means there /is/ a Flash on this Earth." he says finally. "I just haven't come across him yet." Wait, what? That may help Spoiler in her search, even if the Barry Allen of this world was a blonde, not a brunette. His suit appears to be custom made, definetly not an amaetuer effort, with the stylized lightning bolts on his chest and at his ears, along with the yellow at his hips. There's only a few pouches to be found, and definetly no utility belt.

He kept the trash. Clever little yellow red blur. Stephanie lowers her hand turning to face him fully now that she's content the police definitely have the frosty duo.

"You can take me to the movies, you just have to keep my mouth busy."

There's a few heartbeats of weighted silence as it's clear that Spoiler's brain is catching up to what her mouth just said. No one needs xray vision to tell that under her mask she's blushing redder than Flash's suit.

"I mean… with popcorn," she tries to clarify. It's so easy to get foot into mouth. Near impossible to remove it. She licks her lips, clears her throat, and switches topics with him smoothly. Lets not take dates right now, okay? okay.

"Yes. Wait. You're.. not from ..THIS.. Earth? There's another one? Ohmygod, this is going to get sci-fi on me, isn't it?" Stephanie babbles even as she's filing the information down for later to research. Maybe using the Bat Computer. Because… oh damn! She forgot to Tweet! #NoSpoilersForYou D:

"I'll have to make sure it's a purely terrible movie to make sure we can keep your mouth occupied." Flash offers, she opened that door, he made himself at home as he smiles playfull at her and taps a finger on her mask. "With popcorn. And maybe sugar babies." So, that might make it worse as he laughs, his own blush showing on the corner of his cheeks as he turns his attention back to the couple being driven off.

"They're the Snarts, Leonard and Lisa. He calls himself Captain Cold, she's the Glider. Didn't expect them to be working together." he admits as he considers and then he chews on his bottom lip, catching it in white straight teeth. "Spolier: There's way more than one Earth." he teases her, before he chuckles. "No, not from around here, so.. if that puts a dampner on that movie." he offers, a hint of disappointment offered.

And now it's hits turn for the awkward silence as he considers, and glances askew towards her. And then he turns to face her as well, studying that featureless mask and chuckles. "I suppose this is unfair, because the definite spoiler for the night lies under your mask." he teases her finally. He considers, and gives the side of her mask a quick touch and winks at her. "Perhaps we'll run into each other again."

And he jumps off the side of the building, and is in a blur, running away before they get any further.

However, on her phone? There's a new entry - his JL phone number.

How long did it take him to do that?

He didn't hack it, it's on a small sticky attached to the back of it.


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