X-Men and Inhumans

January 20, 2017:

Storm, Rogue, and Doug go back to where the recent rescue/massacre was of a cocooned NuHuman, and meet Reader the new Inhuman. They discover the Purifiers are taking a new approach with their lessened numbers, with a new name…

Flushing Meadows Park - New York City

Just outside of Flushing Meadows in a hidden route.


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Fade In…

After the rescue of the single survivor, Storm left him in extremely critical condition under the capable hands of Jean and Hank. The Inhuman trusted them, be it by coaxed means or not.

Drained by pulling elements and fighting Nancy's dampening field, Storm still rallies those left unencumbered and willing.

Doug, a.k.a Cypher who had aided her in the tech to find the Inhumans (Nutates), and aid them, dormant or not. Biologically they're genetic marks are alien and therefor easier to locate.

But as the male, 'Nix, lays attached to respirators, IV's, and kept in a near coma-like sleep post-op, Storm gathers the available X-Men to return to where she fond him, walking through a couple rows of cocoons that seem wilted and blackening due to the amount of bullets laden through the chrysalis'.

Upon the walls of the surrounding buildings the Revenants have painted their markers. Purifiers had been denounced, what remains has a new tag, and a new meaning.

And more then willing to protect humanity from the effacing designs of aliens, mutants, mutates, metas, and now…

Rogue was one of the X-Men rallied to assist Storm. She was at her side and was just quietly observing this area that she'd been lead to. She had on a brown leather trenchcoat and a dark green canvas hood was pulled up over her head, her two-toned hair sticking out of the hood on either sides of her face. With a dark green bodysuit on beneath the trenchcoat, Rogue's boots quietly impacted with the ground. She looked mildly disturbed by the cocoons and everything else in this immediate area. "Don't like…" The southern belle quietly said, mostly to herself.

What Doug Ramsey knew about the cocoons was limited. Bringing along a tablet sufficient enough to remote into the school mainframe, Doug's immediate focus was on digging up anything that might be of -some- use. Remainders. Revenants. In connection with Purifiers.

"Storm?" Doug asks softly. "I'm running a search for Remainders. Revenants. Inhumans. There's a lot of references, but narrowing them down to a common factor is going to be harder." He checks his tablet. "What can you tell us about where you found this… person?"

It didn't take too long for the word of what happened to reach Ennilux, so they sent Reader to look around and see what he can find. Why they send the blind guy to look around when they have a ton of other resources is a question for another day. Reader took the job though, cause hey he gets paid for doing stuff like this! So he made his way too New York, a few days travel of course from the headquarters in Italy.

Once in New York he made his way to the park that he heard about. Of course once there it's obvious that there are others in the area. "Forey, what do we think is going on here? They are not other Inhumans here, don't sound like it anyway." He mentions that to his four legged friend that is of course with him. "Should we introduce ourselves, or just wait for a moment?" Hmm that is a good question right now, of course the wait and see approach is the smart approach. Or well in Reader's case, wait and listen.

"I know, not a very welcoming scene…" Even though it was to herself, Storm heard the small protest from Rogue and only cast a small glance her way with crystal cerulean blue gaze, a woman supposedly on deaths door now refreshed and at her side, against what had supposedly brought the X-Men to their knees. Strong indeed…

Revenant Reign!!

Revenant Remain!!

Graffiti painted and scrawled was a multicolored arrow to the 'Nest' they came upon, and it is a massacre….

Doug's research led Storm here, sadly alone, and now with Rogue and him both to see what resulted. "Right here…."

All the while boots tread through puddles of pollutants and blood.

"We need to know more, Cypher. We are losing 'Nix with every breath he takes, and yet it is so… Unique. We started this way. With questions and unsurety. We cannot allow them to be gunned down like this." A glance to Rogue then as fingers dip into a trackmark, puling back to cusp an oily red hue in fingers surrounded by those half-gloves.

Lifting fingertips to nose and dark-stained lips, Storms nostrils flare. Not in her X-Man uniform as she is fully drained of abilities her attire is a corseted trench and low rise leather pants that are all held together by threads of silver. Gossamer….

Matching her hair hanging off a single shoulder from the mohawk.

"It matters not. This will not be tolerated." Stated as Storm rises and looks up in a slight sound of chains and metal cadencing from belts.

"So they managed to converge and strengthen, despite odds. So will they," A gesture to the fallen. "And us."

"Rogue? Anything you can gather without harm to yourself?"

"Cypher. Your intel lead me here, everything and all. We will know."

Rogue listened to what Storm said on all of this and she continued to follow along, letting her green pupil'd eyes roam over the graffitti and such. She shook her head again inside of her dark green canvas hood. "None'a this makes a lick'a sense t'me." She muttered. "I'd need t'get up close'n personal with someone to gain any furthe'ah insights, an' frankly… that don't sound all that appealin' to me." She said in her southern drawl, a voice toned with concern. Being on the verge of death as of a month ago, seemed to be no big deal to the Southern Belle. Maybe she snuck a smooch from Wolverine and borrowed some of that power of his to get back to be ing 'right as rain', as she'd say.

"Yes Storm," Doug responds, as he tinkers with the tablet. "Hold on, maybe I can tap into the Blackbird's system and do a scan around here, see if there's anything else we can turn up…"

Whether anything was found, a beep would go off, giving Doug a chance to look at the results and relay it on to Storm.

Reader himself kneels down next to his dog as he listens to the people, "It seems like they are trying to do the same thing that we were sent here to do. I guess it is time to introduce ourselves Forey." Of course he reaches down to his belt, just to make sure that his cards are there, just in case. He stands up and starts walking towards the other people.

"It seems that you are looking into something that you do not even understand. Perhaps I may be of assistance in this?" Well this doesn't seem good, but perhaps there is a Inhuman out there that Reader will be able to find.

"Hard to understand something this new to us…" Storm had paused and her arms bare sans the bands of leather pushed out in a gesture to ask for a pause from Rogue and Cypher once Reader made himself known.

"I am truly sorry to say the only thing new in this is the people, though." A gesture to the bullet laden cocoons which they had come back in order to see where to go from here to help.

Timing is everything.

"I am called Storm. How can you help us to help… Them?" But in the final influx of tone her brow rises and a single wisp of that white hair sweeps back off collar bone to rest with the rest along her back.

"We managed to help one, though his state of life is in danger. We need answers." As Storm speaks though her eyes shift between Doug and Rogue.

Rogue walked over to one of the bullet laden cocoons and she stared at it with dismay on her face. She'd turn then to look to Doug and then to Storm. There was no question what Rogue's role was in the X-Men, she was a tank… a bruiser… 'the muscle' and she'd fully accepted that, being as young as she was she didn't have aspirations any higher than that, at least not for now. Rogue moved back toward Storm, shadowing her, her eyes looking around and waiting for any trouble, should it poke its ugly head out.

The beep -does- indicate someone was around, but that it turns out to be the new arrival who introduces himself was something Doug confirms with a nod towards Storm. No other signs yet, which would have confirmed Doug's somewhat relaxed body language, though it's still wary enough of the new arrival. At least, though, it was this… person. "Probably a good idea. Who -are- these people?"

Reader doesn't say anything else at first, he just walks over to one of the cocoons and lays his hand on it. "They should have known things like this would happen. We have even feared ourselves for so long, they should have known that others would fear us as well." There is a sigh after that, "Well Forey it seems as if we have been sent into a mess, no wonder they decided to send us, huh?" Of course the dog doesn't talk, but well the way Reader treats the dog, it does seem if there is an understanding between the two of them.

After that he does look towards the others there and addresses them, "I am called Reader, and this is Forey. We are Inhumans. They would have been as well, have they been allowed to complete the transformation." Well that is that, "I do not know what I can do to help the one that you have. There is a possibility I can do something, but I am not sure." And well if he's hurt he would not be useful for Ennilux, so well who knows what they will do to him as well.

Storm watches the mans motions, and his beast while they walk through the cocoons. Lips draw an her spine slowly rights not only in the display but the remembrance of the one they held with a delicate balance in place.

But right at this moment as Reader approaches, Storm looks towards Doug and then Rogue in her withdrawal. Rightfully so…

A single step forward and her chin lifts despite the doubt pushed back. "We do not fear you. We seek to help." A few simple words borne upon the extension of the woman's hand towards Reader. But when she does it, her stance seems far more then that of the 'rebel' before him. The empty hand extends low to Forey, palm out for a scent with fingers splayed.

"You may not have known of our history or struggle here, but we want peace now." Pausing she looks towards Rogue.

"Used, manipulated.. Yet strong."

Then Doug. "A speaker for those without tongue, advanced beyond measure."

"A desire for equality and calm." A gesture to self and then the "battlefield" of the helpless.

"If you can do something… Then let's end this? Because we are not all there is… Right?" The query comes on a tilt of her head and a small knowing smile to Reader and his companion.

Rogue stood at Storm's side, her green eyes went to Doug and she watched him for a moment, taking a chance to memorize some of his features… or to at least try to. But when Reader came to them and said these things, Rogue's vision centered upon him.

"These people are all dead?" Rogue just blurted out then, she didn't like it, she didn't like being surrounded by, well, one body… let alone ten. Her green eyes glanced to Storm then and returned to Reader a moment later. "If there's -anything- you can do for the person back at our med lab… ya gotta. Cause this ain't right, none'a this." Rogue glanced back to Storm and then fell silent, almost a look of apology on her face for speaking boldly like that.

With Storm introducing him thusly, Doug greets Reader. "Well, not just those without tongue, really. Multiple tongues." He still wasn't quite -sure- whether that was a half-joking reference to being a cunning linguist, but he'd just go with it. "If you're more comfortable speaking in another language, go ahead and I'll translate."

The Blind man looks at Storm for a moment, "I can try and do something for him. But I am not sure how well it will work. Not without knowing what is wrong with him." He hand go towards his cards, and just starts to flip through them. If Doug is observant, well he will notice that the cards are Braille . "But if we can help one of them, it would be worth the try to help them."

"Your people or ours…." Storm pauses, watching motions with Reader and then looking to Doug and Rogue, her facade going somber.

"We need all the help we can get, as does he." But with Rogue's blurt, Storm turns to not show the /look/ let alone the small slip that made the winter air grow just a bit colder.

"Stop being so humble, Cypher. Your gift got us here." A glance back to Doug and Storm smiles lightly with a press of palm to his shoulder before she begins to walk, her other gloved palm gripping Rogue's loose attire.

"We got this." But in passing she takes quick image of the graffiti left by the reformed Puritans, now 'Revenants'.

"We cannot save them all, but we can keep this from happening again." Storm states to Rogue, but her voice carries to Reader, Forey, and Cypher.

"One at a time." A guiding path that would take them all back to the X-Bunker and the underlying med-bays, but 'Nix….

… Did not make it.

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