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January 06, 2017:

Steve Rogers visits Hikari Hataori's design studio to have some properly-fitting clothes made. Hikari shares her experiences as a mutant, and Steve tells her a little about his reasons for joining the army.

Mutant Town - Hikari's Studio


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Hikari Hataori doesn't have a huuuuge reputation yet. In fact, she's still in design school! But she's been sewing clothes since she was twelve, and designing them since she was fifteen, and designing with an eye for 'unusual physical requirements' since she was sixteen and her X-gene manifested.

That last part is a secret, but it's Mutant Town. Practically everybody living here is special or weird in some way, or just wants to be '1980s Lower East Side' cool. She advertises her services through word of mouth (and occasionally by taking out small ads in special interest newspapers).

Her workshop doesn't have a name, but it's located on the third floor of a mixed-use building, a medium-sized room with two large windows and someone else's computer engineering stuff on the opposite side of her tables and materials. Inside, she's sewing the hem of a black dress with a double needled machine.


There are some issues that Captain America really doesn't care that much about. Finding out what twerking is, why people are singing Let It Go, and discovering Who Let the Dogs Out? (woof woof) are things that don't really matter, flashes in the pan that by the time he finds out, he will likely have to learn something new in their place. But there are definitely things that are vital, things that stay.

The X-Gene is definitely one of them.

After learning enough to avoid being horribly insensitive (as opposed to his accidental well-meaning sort), Steve Rogers has ditched the usual SHIELD operatives and dressed in causal attire, clearly seeking a low profile. He dresses in his usual 'every man' attire, a brown leather jacket, a button down or t-shirt of some sort (this time, it's a dark blue button down with occasional black stripes), jeans, and some lace up leather loafers. To help keep himself under wraps, the public hero walks instead of rides his motorcycle, and wears a blue hat and sunglasses.

The man moves down the sidewalk, looking at some of the mutants. He's seen the more…. visible ones on TV, such as the one known as Beast. But to witness them in person? It takes all of Cap's discipline to avoid staring overtly. Thankfully, the sunglasses help with that. From time to time, he pulls out a simple business card, using it as his guide before finally he makes his way toward the building, making his way in.

There is a set of loud knocks on the door. "Hello?" the man calls out before he realizes he could and should likely just enter. Slowly, Steve enters in, taking off his sunglasses as he looks around with a hint of caution, not sure exactly what he'll find when he moves in. Seeing a thin woman working, he gives a small wave. "Hey?" he states in a half-greet, half-question.


Fortunately, someone with Captain America's physique can easily pass as one of the 'lucky few' that got powers and good looks without also gaining buttwings or something. Or, you know, a buff human. Either or.

There's a radio set on the windowsill (a real one! even if it is /terribly futuristic and made of plastic/) playing some upbeat bubblegum pop song; the young woman at the sewing machine seems to be bopping along to it subconsciously, her ponytail swaying gently as she rocks from side to side.

"Oh! Hello!" she greets him, beckoning him inside with the hand not feeding material under the needles. "Come on in, I'm almost done with this seam. You /are/ looking for clothes, right? I'm Hikari." There's a little table in the corner with an electric kettle, some clean mugs on a mug tree, and a box of tea bags; she waves him toward it. "Help yourself!"


"Yeah" comes the simple reply. Blue eyes flicker about, taking in the details. The soldier in him notes windows, doors, exits and all that important information that is useful only in very dire situations. The more human side merely flashes a warm smile at the offer of tea. "Thank you. I didn't mean to interrupt your work."

The super soldier moves toward the mug tree, glancing over the mugs until he takes the plainest one available before getting a simple black tea. He pours himself something and then realizes he forgot something after he does, his manners. "Um, you want anything while I'm here?"


She nods at him, one eye still on her work. "It's fine~ usually people do it because they want to give me /more/ work, so it's all good." She seems to have a real work ethic, or is at least pretty good at faking one…! She reaches the end of the seam and reverses the machine for just a half-inch - vrrr-wrrr-vrrr! before lifting the presser foot and sliding the dress out from beneath it. Hikari stands up and cuts the thread in the same motion, carrying the garment over to her pressing table to lay it out flat.

"Is there any of the Peach Passion left?" she asks him, picking up a large sketchbook and pencil before joining him at the small table. "More importantly, what were you hoping to have? Something new, or something altered…?"


A nod is given at the simple request. "You got it," he says with a calm cheer, getting the upcoming femme of fashion her drink before moving over. The two drinks are set down before Cap reaches out his hand.

"Steve Rogers, a pleasure to meet you."

The man takes a seat as he continues, not really interested if he is recognized or not. Instead, he just focuses on respecting the woman's time. "Just looking for something new, I think. I've been told I'm a little dated, and figure to some degree, I could try and update my everyday wear. I heard from a co-worker that her son loved the suit you made with the blue…" He pauses to attempt to recall, but it doesn't come up and just settles with a couple futile hand gestures to motion toward where lapels would be. "Somethings. Either way, figured I could come down and just see what was possible. I used to get my stuff just second hand, so not sure what people do when they get custom clothes. I guess measured?" He rubs the back of his neck at the awkwardness of the fact he just shared.


She doesn't hesitate, just reaches out and shakes his hand. There's a sort of blink and headtilt reaction to his name, but there are a LOT of Steve Rogerses out there, and probably a lot of them are tall and blond and 'dated' and… oh. "Oh! You're that Steve Rogers, from the war?" Hadn't they found him frozen in ice, or time, or time-ice, or something? Hikari isn't too good with history (except, obviously, the history of textiles). She's not too good with anything that isn't art (or language arts, kinda). "Pleasure to meet you. Uh, welcome to the future, I guess?" she laughs, because it's so weird.

"Oh! I think I know. Mike Sikowski, right, with the blazer?" Hikari has a seat and opens her sketchbook, paging past dozens of drawings until she finds blank paper and writes 'S. Rogers' in small print on one corner. "It's not unusual to buy secondhand clothes even now, but your proportions are pretty unusual compared to what off-the-rack items are tailored for. Let me guess, most of your shirts are kind of tight across your shoulders or under the arms?"

Tapping her pencil against the page, she nods at him. "First we figure out what you want to wear, what you're comfortable in, what you look good in. After we have some ideas, we measure you. I assure you, it's strictly professional!" And who wouldn't believe such an honest face??


A simple nod is given when he is revealed, but Steve smiles when the reaction is subdued. "Yeah that's me. Thanks, still getting used to things." Eyes moves toward the radio, a far different beat than the baseball game that was playing when he woke up after the long freeze.

A half beat later, Rogers draws himself from whatever thought he was about to lose himself into and the smile continues on. "Yeah, Sikowski," he confirms. Cap rubs his right shoulder. "Yeah, it tends to be a bit tight around here." And a short pause later, he confides as he rubs his left breast. "And sometimes around too."

Then it comes time for Rogers to say what he likes for attire. After giving a nod of agreement to the order of clothes making and how measurements are a part of that, he thinks. A solid ten seconds of thought are given and then he states a profound statement of "I like pants and shirts. And my leather jacket."

This might be awhile.


Yesterday, she saw a woman with butterfly wings get on the M-Town bus. Just when Hikari thought they were going to be crushed or damaged by the crowded conditions, they just sort of… phased right through the seat. You learn to be chill about weird things in M-Town or you tend to get aggro'd right out.

"That's what I thought," she nods sagely, not checking out Captain America feeling himself up. Because that would be extra weird. "Well, I know a little bit about stuff from the forties. If you wanted, I could probably work up something that you'd really feel at home in! But I'm guessing that you could use more modern pieces." What would look good on Steve Rogers?

She gazes thoughtfully at him from underneath her colorful hair, pencil lead doodling a smooth, even circle on the paper, before she looks down and begins to sketch. "Let's try a casual shirt first. Something with a little give to it… maybe a Henley?" She's sketching something he's doubtless seen on other men. "You probably want to be able to open the collar a little bit, right…?"

With her foot, Hikari drags over a small tub full of magazines. What's a GQ? "See if there's anything in these that you like while I work on concept, okay?"


"That's an undershirt though. But I guess it's better to wear an undershirt for people to see than other undergarments. It would be nice to be able to open the collar when it gets warmer."

That said, Captain America looks at the cover of one. "Do I need to the take Metrosexual quiz?" he asks with a mixture of confusion and horror. Tabling that magazine, he picks up another one. Which appears to have Rihanna in nothing by a leather jacket. He just puts that one down since he has no idea what is actually going to be in it. He finally finds one that doesn't have the word 'sex' in any way shape or form on it and begins to look through. "I like suits," he adds helpfully as Hikari does her thing. At least he's cheerful and friendly as he offers absolutely no help.


Metro— Hikari looks up, a mounting look of concern on her face. "No, it's okay, don't worry about the articles." Please don't make her be the person who has to tell Captain America about the 'well-groomed, well-dressed man' hate around here! It's a crime!!

"They're not underwear, like long johns— er, union suits," she corrects herself. "Modern undershirts are made of thinner material, though otherwise they look a lot like this." She wants to tell him that nobody is going to be able to see his nipples through a real shirt, and chokes at the very thought of saying nipple in front of Captain America. Is, is he putting out some kind of good manners field?!

"Suits… I can do suits," Hikari says instead, which seems much safer. "How about a shirt like this, a more modern dress shirt, or a lightweight jacket? Once you've got the basics down, you can think about whether you want to move on to extras like suits - oh, unless you wear a suit very often?"


Cap is very worried about his nipples leading women to improper things, it's happened before. Heck, if he was told no one wears them, he'd be tempted to try and wear those one-piece men's swimsuits, but well, such is life. "Well, if you say so, trust your judgment on the issue," he points out as he rubs the back of his neck.

As Rogers looks over to what Hikari discusses. He's still a little uncomfortable with everything, but he understands to adapt is part of what he needs to do to not be outdated and in touch with the America he now finds himself. "I wear a suit a bit. When people don't want me in my 'official' attire or my dress uniform, I go with suits. I figure it's nice to have one or two at least. The ones I have now… Kinda don't fit." Mostly since most of them were purchased before Operation Rebirth and thus are made for a scrawny Steve.


"Let's do one suit, and if you like it, we can do another one?" Hikari may have once had a part time job at a movie theater, where every. single. day. she got reminded to 'upsell'. Perhaps she was even so scarred by the experience that she's swung 180 degrees… now she can't help but DOWNsell, even though of course she could use the work (and the exposure). She's really got to work on that…

She beams winningly at him, ponytail tumbling as she nods. "I promise I won't steer you wrong. I want my clients to look good, of course, but if they aren't comfortable and /happy/ with what I make for them, I've failed in my job." She says it so earnestly, too… "Oh, I have an idea! Let's do a business suit with a 1940s fit but some more modern detailing. That might help you feel comfortable, even though it'll be different from what you're used to. Luckily, business suits haven't really changed /that/ much over time." She's not going to mention the leisure suit. It's a travesty, is what that is!

Hikari natters on about jacket length for a bit, sketching out different lapel types and cuffs. "A suit, two button-up shirts, two casual henleys, and two pairs of slacks. Do you think that's too much…?" she hesitates, the first time she's actually shown anything but utter confidence about anything related to her work. "I know you came to me for some clothes, but I don't want you to feel like I'm pushing more stuff than you wanted onto you. Sorry!" she laughs, suddenly aware of how silly it must sound. "I think this will start a good, basic wardrobe for you, but if you want more or less, please don't hesitate to tell me, okay?"


"That's good," Rogers replies, deciding to put his trust in Hikari as she talks of her commitment to fashion and making her customers look and feel good. It's clear he has no idea what he wants. He's used to being told what's fashionable, wearing it, and offering commentary for important matters like 'a codpiece makes my crotch look too big and that doesn't seem that heroic'.

Now that the order it seemingly decided for now, Cap gets up… Perhaps remember that there are measurements to be done. He moves toward a window, however, looking outside as he seems slightly pensive. "What's it like, in Mutant Town?" He pauses for a second, glancing back toward Hikari. "I mean, we had places like Little Chinatown, which people liked and preferred, but I wanted to make sure it was that and not people feeling pressured to make their home here against their will or something." Despite how someone might take Cap's words for something judgment, his tone is soft and gentle, clearly concerned about something else he is still trying his best to understand fully.


Worry not - Hikari will get his numbers before the appointment is through! The tape measure hanging over her shoulders is a ticklish reminder.

If anybody ever asks her for a codpiece she is going to politely but firmly send them elsewhere. Hikari wants to make her clients happy… but there are just some things that she doesn't want associated with her label. Those, and maybe those big popped disco collars. SHE SAW FOOTAGE FROM THE SEVENTIES OKAY, IT WAS BAD.

Resting an elbow on the table, she doodles a twisting, curly line around the edge of her paper. It's strange… lots of people that ask about M-Town have that sort of gummy, oily tone beneath that means they want to know about the 'freak show' - especially the older ones. Here he is, possibly the very embodiment of 'a different time', and he just seems… concerned.

Hikari blinks. Of course. He would remember the internment camps.

Her smile is small, sort of shy?, but genuine. "I was nervous, before I first came here. I'd heard so many things… my family doesn't live here. I grew up in a suburb!" she laughs, setting her pencil down and getting up to stand next to him at the windows.

"It started as another community, like Little Chinatown. A place where we could be safer among our own kind. Hate crimes were really kicking up back then, because they'd just managed to isolate the gene that made us different." She looks out across the street as a woman with four arms carries grocery bags out of a bodega. "It's not perfect. There's crime, and drug use, and all the other stuff that happens when so many desperate people are crammed into too little space. But I came here to run my business because there's a bleeding edge art scene. Some people are here because they can't blend in anywhere else, but some of us are here because we believe in what M-Town /can/ be."


The man seems to listen, his attention rapt on the bright haired woman's every word. While some might think that Captain America is the sort that commands respect, it's clear he doesn't feel such is due to his station. Rather, he is one to /give/ respect, understanding that if there wasn't such a thing as vita-rays and super serum he'd be someone most would consider 'nothing special' too. The only time he looks away from Hikari is when she looks toward the woman with the four arms. The gaze soon shifts back when it's appropriate, quietly noting the use of the word 'us' when speaking of mutants, but he doesn't say anything on that.

The wheels are definitely turning in Captain America's mind even after Ribbon finishes speaking. There is a short silence, perhaps Rogers making sure that there isn't anything else to add. Once he's sure that is the case, Steve speaks, his tone carrying the gentle confidence that comes naturally. As if he can just pluck a small speech as easily from thin air as others would an insult.

"Well, I understand that no community is perfect. When you have something you can't control in your blood…. It's hard. It's not like a gun or a car. It's not something you can have, get, or easily take away. It's a part of you, like good looks or bad looks. It just is. Sometimes a person gets the ability to fly, other times they have green skin and smell like bile through no fault of their own. I can't imagine how difficult or scary it must feel at times, but I'm sure that there are a lot of brave people here like yourself."


She'd known a liiiiiiittle bit about Steve Rogers, from school. He'd been said to be the embodiment of American ideals. Bravery, patriotism, sure… but humbleness, community, and generosity too. He really seems to care about the people here. Like… that they /are/ people. She's starting to see that it wasn't all overblown nostalgia.

Is this what 'true heroes' are like?

"You understand," is all she can say, a new sort of warmth blooming into her smile. "…It was scary at first. My parents… I still haven't told them. They think I'm /only/ here because of the market and the environment." Though sometimes, she wonders. She's not /that/ good of an actress…! "And sometimes it's still frightening. But there are so many good things about it too… the things I can do that other people can't, the way that I came to understand a new concept because of it. The friends I made because of what makes me different." Hikari looks… happy. Beyond the smile for him, beyond the excitement of a young woman trying to make her own place in the world. She's one of the lucky ones, for sure.

Mostly because she didn't end up like Billy Joe Bile.

"I read in history class that you started out normal. Or… well, not totally normal. That you were sick. And that you wanted to serve your country, but nobody would let you for the longest time." She looks up at him, brown eyes suddenly more serious. "You let them do an experiment on you, just for that chance. /That's/ bravery."


A smile is given as Hikari seems pleased, though Steve doesn't really say anything on keeping the secret from her family. After all, while she says he understands, he knows he really doesn't. But sometimes, that's okay as long as you are willing to respect and try. At least, that's how he views things in his 'true hero' logic. But the topic changes to him and 'bravery'. He squirms slightly, oddly uncomfortable by the idea she presents. That it was all because he wanted to sacrifice, that there wasn't a selfish bone in his body. Rogers' integrity doesn't let it stand, not letting a lie stand, even one that improves his self-image.

"I'm not sure I was really brave, looking back on it all." The war hero's brow furs as he looks toward the window again. His hands clasp behind him in an 'at ease' stance, as if the military posture is comforting. "You're right, I was born weak. My mom said it was a miracle I lived past ten. I didn't always see it that way, more so when I got older. My friend, Bucky… He always said I had something to prove. I guess I did. I didn't want to be weak. I hated it. I hated that people pushed me around so I didn't, even when it cost me more than I had."

There is a brief pause as Cap thinks about the diners, the theaters, the streets, and the baseball fields of his youth. He made them all his hill that he was willing to fight and fall over. Oftentimes, he did.

A soft swallow is given, the American Icon choosing his next words carefully. "I don't pretend to say I 'understand' the mutant situation. Until you are one, you can't. But I /empathize/ with it: Wanting to be something different, wanting to have the same chance as everyone else. I just wanted to prove I could be a better person. God blessed me with just that, despite the fact I lamented to Him the cruelty of my situation years prior. I'm glad I was given that chance and one day, I hope to be the person that everyone thinks I am. But that's what every day is: a chance for something better. Even when you're cursing the powers that be, even when it seems to always be raining."

Slowly, after his length amount of words, Rogers unclasps his hands and moves toward his cup. Taking a small sip, he gives a brief chuckle with a faint but warm smile. "Sorry, I tend to talk a lot sometimes. Sure you don't need a rant from an old man like myself."


Empathy, huh? Empathy can beget understanding in time, Hikari thinks. She wants to believe it. That if people really could understand one another… Maybe even if it is a pipe dream, it's a comforting one.

Of course, people all do see things differently. A person knows more about themselves than anybody else could, right? Except maybe their mother. It strikes her, suddenly, that his mother must be dead now. Maybe even 'Bucky'. (She reeeeeaally didn't pay that much attention in class.) His friends, his family, his coworkers. Everybody he knew.

Hikari had known before, because there's logic. It had been so long since his plane went down. But there's knowing, and there's /knowing/. Again, empathy - because Hikari still has her parents, she doesn't know how it feels. But to think of going home to an empty house. To be on her own. A hollow chill flickers in her stomach. How terrible must it be for him? And he still takes the time to speak kindly to people. To try to understand them. To tell his truth of what happened back then, and why.

"…Is there anybody left over, from back then?" she finds herself asking. "Bucky? The children of your friends? Is there anybody left who can… who knows the you that you were?" She shouldn't, she knows, but Hikari wants just a little bit of hope. Just a little bit of something nice for him. Some good news. "I'm sorry, of course you don't need to answer, I just hoped— well, that after all of it, that good things happen to people," she finishes lamely. Her eyes are moist.


"Good things always happen to people," Steve replies, lifting one hand to gently rest on Hikari's shoulder, doing all he can to avoid his burdens from impacting others. It's clear while he's a little distant in his thoughts, it's clear he's been down this road enough to not let the dust sting his eyes. "Just takes some time to see it, sometimes."

Rogers take a seat at that, considering what to say. "Well, it's hard to say, to be honest. A lot of the Howling Commandos had children, but it's hard. I wasn't exactly there to hang out after the war was over. Agent Carter somehow made it to this time through a different way than my own, so I have at least one person." Bucky isn't exactly someone he wants to talk about at the moment, mostly because Hikari is currently a civilian who doesn't have a clearance. The only people who he's talked to about the Winter Soldier are those that have already dealt with him personally.

There is a short bit of silence that follows, but then Steve perhaps deliberately changes gears, perhaps having spent too much time talking about himself. "Speaking of that, I was hoping you could do a favor for me. I wanted her to have something… But I don't know what to do. I want to get a dress for her. A dress she had a long time ago. But I know I can't just buy it. But to have it made would be hard because I don't have her measurements and getting them could be…" There is the thought of Rogers get measurements for her leg, her arm length, her bust. Yeeeah, there is some full on blush going. "If you could figure out a way, that would be great, I have the picture right here."

And with that, Steve reaches into his pocket, pulling out a picture. It's not a photo or a clip of something. It's a hand drawn picture. It might not be enough to be a perfect pic, but it definitely seems like he took the time to get all the details right. Likely isn't enough to make an outfit from, but perhaps enough to get the general idea.


She rubs her eyes with a quick movement, like she's just brushing a stray hair out of her face. It isn't perfect, and won't fool him, but it's the least she can do for him - pretending not to be a total marshmellow in the face of so many feels. But he's got one person. 'Agent Carter.' That's a wonderful start. And someone like Steve Rogers will surely make more and more friends. It won't replace the ones he lost, but it might ease the ache. Hikari manages a smile for him when he puts his hand on her shoulder. "I'm glad that you aren't alone here."

The silence isn't terrible. It feels respectful. But she looks up again when he mentions a special request. This /is/ special. This is more than a man buying clothes because he needs them - when a man buys a dress for a woman, it means more. And it's much more tasteful than buying her candy or frilly things! She gently takes the picture from him, staring down at it. She's committing the details to memory, and takes it over to her table, flipping to a new page in her sketchbook. "This is a beautiful dress. It would've been made of the new rayon, probably, since silk was rationed and precious. Cotton would be too casual…" Hikari mumbles to herself as she reproduces the sketch, a blown-out version next to it made of what she thinks must be the different panels. "Would you like it made of silk?" she asks suddenly, looking up at him. Her ponytail swings over one shoulder. "It's not rationed anymore." She points to a series of bolts on a low shelf, in a rainbow of colors. "Silk is such a wonderful fabric. It's not used for everyday clothes, so there's luxury associated with it. Nothing else feels quite like it."

She's so into the dream of making the dress that she's almost forgotten the important part. Agent Carter's measurements. That kind of thing isn't going to be in any public files! It had BETTER not be!! Hikari stares down at the table, mind clocking along at sixty miles per hour. A photograph? No, it won't show her Peggy's current measurements. She has to know those.

Hikari blinks once, and slowly lifts her head to look Steve Rogers in the eyes with a determination usually seen in men about to do something incredibly reckless and important. "…Can you introduce me to her?"


The Star Spangled Man with a Plan gives a nervous laugh. "I could try. She is a rather busy woman. Almost as busy as me. But it should be doable." A bare chin is also rubbed, giving in careful consideration, he nods. "Silk should be fine. The finer, the better. I can provide some money now to help with the cost." With that, Rogers pulls out a wallet to put down… five hundred dollars. "I hope that's enough for the fabric," he concludes, clearly not as wordy now that things are out of ideologies and to more concrete matter. While Cap might make an insane amount from being a professional hero, it's easy to keep expenses down when SHIELD pays for many of Rogers' living expenses.


Of course she would be busy, if she's fresh from… well, probably the 1940s? "If you can introduce us, I'll have plenty of time to at least guess her measurements." And Hikari knows that she's more accurate than some. She's absolutely confident!

Even when Steven Grant Rogers unfolds five hundred dollars like he's about to pay for someone's lunch. "Ah… one-fifty is /more/ than enough," she manages, grinning like a dope. "Five hundred would cover Shantung silk for Agent Carter's dress /and/ everything needed for your own clothes."

"Aaaaah, this is so exciting!" she laughs, mood completely reversed from just a minute ago. Is… are all modern teenagers like this?!


A smile and a nod is given before Rogers slowly gets up. "Sounds great," he states, content with how this all is turning out. "If you need anything else, just let me know. Hopefully, it will be a good surprise and she'll like it. I'm not used to doing to-" Captain America pauses, not sure what it is he is 'not used to' so he just concludes it's "Stuff."

Clearing his throat, Steve offers out a final handshake for Ribbon. "Either way, it was great meeting with you and hopefully we'll be in contact soon."


"If she doesn't like it, I'll make her a brand new one, no charge. I guarantee my work for everything except Acts of God! So like… tornadoes, or alien death rays and stuff." And besides, how often do you get the chance to help Captain America (even if he's not as legendary as school books had made him out to be) do something nice for a friend? A /lady/ friend?

She's about to shake his hand - because of course - when the tape measure brushes against her neck. "Oh-tto," she murmurs, and wags a finger. "Not quite - I still need your measurements. Do you want to do this the old fashioned way," she fingers the line of her measuring tape, "or the quick and fun way?" That wagging finger turns into a circle motion, and a … a /line/ follows her fingertip like a ribbon of light. Hikari grins - she's teasing him!


A nod of approval is given toward the new dress, no charge deal. Because well, Rogers is clearly doubting his ability to impress this 'lady friend'. "Oh, sorry, I forgot," Steve admits sheepishly. Slowly, he puts himself out in a way that he's seen in the tv shows and movies. "Well, as has been the case for most of this, leave it up to you," he concedes.


The good thing is that the movies and TV shows didn't get it all that wrong! "Hmm. We'll do it the quick and fun way, then. Because I never get to use my powers with people who aren't mutants," is the only explanation she gives. In a way, this is her attempt to share something fun with him after she went and brought up something sad. Flick! One movement of her fingertip, and threads unwind from nothing. They wrap around his limbs at the important points, without the sensation of anything more than gossamer draping over him. Another one stretches to measure his height. All of these at once as Hikari plays cat's cradle with one hand - and jots down a set of numbers with her other.

And just like that, it's over. The lines disappear, and Steve is just as he had been - though maybe a little more thoroughly quantified. "Tada! /Now/ we can shake hands." And she holds her hand out to do just that.


At first, Cap keeps his muscles rather tense as the thread does its thing. He's used to acting on split second impulses on feelings he doesn't understand or sensations that aren't familiar. So he has to suppress his urges flinch or flee and just waits. Time passes and finally, the thread is removed. "That is… an interesting gift. We should talk about it more sometime," he concludes. After all, it might be something that could be useful for her if the right fabrics or uses were made known.

Either way, the handshake is given, firm but far from overpowering. "Sounds good. Good luck in your business and may you be safe until next time." With a final warm smile, Steve Rogers makes his way out of the door.

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