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January 20, 2017:

Wanda, Rogue, and Logan have an evening at Xavier's

Xavier Institute


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Wanda has spent most of her time avoiding the Mansion. Mainly because her brother was here and they were trying to stay separate to avoid being captured together - long story. But now she is an X-Man (X-Person?) and it seems they all have to live here now. She isn't happy about it but she will see what they have to offer at least.

Standing in the lobby, Wanda is dressed casual - black dress to mid-thigh, stockings, knee-high boots, scarlet jacket - and peers at some of the artwork on the wall. They probably cost more than her family ever made in their lives.

Rogue appears from the western side of the main staircase; she'd just showered and cleaned herself up after an interesting experience in M-Town a few hours ago. She was wearing a volumous dark green sweater, some black gloves, dark blue jeans and some leather boots. She started down the stairs.

Humming a little tune she spotted the woman in the black dress, she looked familiar but Rogue wasn't able to place her. "Well hey there, pretty lady." Rogue said with a friendly smile once at the top of the main staircase.

She started down them and reached the main floor where Wanda was. "You waitin' on somebody? Needin' some help with anything?" Rogue looked around, but everyone seemed either non-present or too busy to be here.

Wanda blushes a little at the 'pretty lady' comment; the people who say that kind of thing to her she can count on no fingers. "I am not sure what I want" she sighs before studying familiar beauty for a moment. "You are Rogue, da? We have been on missions together." And possibly a mission where the objective was to bring down the 'possessed' Rogue. Everything must be okay now.

"I am Wanda. Wanda Maximoff. Brother of Quicksilver." That last is said almost apologetically. "They also call me 'Scarlet Witch'." X-Red were the more publice face of mutantkind so she's been plastered over posters…and lunch boxes. "Storm wants the X-Man here in the mansion so I thought I would have a look around…if that is okay?"

Rogue stood at the foot of the steps with her arms crossed off her baggy sweater. She grinned softly at the question as to whether things were okay with her and she dipped her chin a single time in a nod. "I have good friends, who… put a lotta effort inta make sure I was all right. It paid off… I owe'em all quite a lot, but probably won't eve'ah really be able t'repay'em." She paused a second and tilted her head. "Don't mean I won't try though, ya know?"

She then heard the rest of what Wanda said and she glanced around the quiet place. "I think mosta the students have already ska-daddled up inta their rooms. I figure the rest'a us are… well, who knows really. Storm might be dealin' with the… strange stuff thats been goin' on, Hank too, I figure."

She took an ambling step forward and just awkwardly shrugged her shoulders. "I don't much care if yave a gande'ah around. I mean, its a pretty damn nice place and I often look at around'n realize how lucky I am t'get to call it home."

Wanda smiles at the persmission to look around but then shrugs her shoulders apologetically. "I am not sure where to start. It is very big…like the X-Red HQ. But older too. Very pretty. How big are the rooms?" Must be time to talk practicalities. "I do not need a lot of space but it is probably better if I am…err…secluded? Sometimes things do not happen they way they should around me."

The pair are in the lobby of the mansion. "Strange stuff? What strange stuff?"

It was around that time that a motorcycle approached from. It was pretty loud, probably had a powerful engine. As it turned out, it wasn't really anything special, just old. Whenever it needed new parts, it got them. And it got plenty of maintenance. A man was riding it, but he wasn't wearing a helmet, no, just a fairly run of the mill yellow, black, and white flannel shirt and jeans. He brought the bike to a stop outside the garage, and hopped off, then began walking towards the steps, and into the mansion.

Seeing Rogue, he well, it wasn't so much of a smile, as more of a grin, mixed with a smirk. "Hiya Rogue," he did make eye contact with her, and held it for a moment, before regarding the other woman, "who's yer friend?" Then he offered a hand to the new arrival, "name's Logan. I teach history." This was supposed to be a school, and if that was the case, then Wanda had just met the bad boy of the faculty band. All he needed was a leather jacket.

Rogue grinned at what Wanda said then. "The rooms vary in size. Some'a our younge'ah students have'ta bunk up with othe'ahs, but we don't do that to the faculty. Mosta the rooms got their own restroom'n such too. I… think there's one in the corne'a up in the third floor, it'd probably do ya just right, privacy wise." She gently nodded her head.

When the front doors opened and Logan entered, Rogue's train of thought was cut short and she looked over at him. She smiled at him when he called her out and she lifted up her right gloved hand and waved it gently in his direction. "Heya, Logan." She told him and then used the same hand to motion toward Wanda. "This is Miss Maximoff. Wanda. Ah guess Stormy's been pullin' people back home since this… pod… person thing started."

Rogue's green eyes settled on Wanda again. "Some folks have been dyin'. Its not neat, its pretty nasty really… but I really should leave it t'her or Hank to fill ya in on all of it."

Faculty? Wanda looks rather surprised at that. It never occurred to her that she could be staff rather than a student. "I thought my brother was a student so I thought I would be" she notes to Rogue before the rider of the loud bike arrives. Wanda takes the offered hand but Rogue fills in the name details for her.

"I was in X-Red" Wanda adds to the introduction. "Your bike does not sound good. Would you like me to fix it for you?" asks the redhead with no awareness of how bikes should sound. "Pod people? You mean duplicates?" Wanda nods sagely at this information. "There was something similar last year and I was thinking about ways to recognise them. Unless you have already figured that out."

Logan grinned for real this time, agreeing with Wanda that "No, it doesn't," sound very good, "but it's supposed t' sound like that. That thing's lucky to still be on the road at its age," just like him. But, with the powers around this place, he figured, what the hell. "But if you can do anything to improve it, 'sides getting me a new one, sure."

Then he moved over to Rogue, and whispered something into her ear, before stepping back, "you two want anythin' from the kitchen? I could use a brew." This was supposed to be an alcohol free zone. But then, he's Logan.

Rogue shook her head gently at Wanda's question. "People in pods, they're dead now… most of'em anyway…" She seemed grim about this. "I don't care for anythin' thats been going on about this. It all feels 'wrong' t'me. Like a cold kinda wrong, deathly stuff. I don't know… Maybe I'm just too outta the loop an' the lack'a information is givin' me a weird reaction."

Rogue motioned to the west wing hallway. "Kitchen's this way." She said to Wanda and smiled to Logan. "Brew sounds nice too… though aren't we supposed t'not have that kinda thing around here, Mistah?" She said that last bit in a little tease of a voice.

If Rogue is out of the loop then Wanda can't even see the loop from where she is. "Vodka!" she calls out after Logan; she has no idea what the rules are. "I am not a mechanic but I can…change things" she explains about the bike before nodding to Rogue. "I would like to see this kitchen. I think my brother spends most of his time there." A quirk of a brow at Rogue when she mentions 'brew' - is that a witch joke?

"If people ever need me for anything then I would love to help" Wanda offers to the pair as they start towards the kitchen. "I am also in The Avengers though but I hope they will not conflict."

Logan shrugged his shoulders to Rogue and gave her a smirk, "someone's got to teach these kids to bend the rules from time to time." Besides, he did his part, saved the world, solved problems, and he deserved the right to have a bit of alcohol after a long day. Not that it affected him the way it did other people. His healing factor always got in the way.

"And be my guest with the bike, Wanda." He'll walk with them to the kitchen, then head for a particular panel. He'll pull out some boxes of incredibly healthy food, which would be collecting dust if he didn't move them for his booze. Behind that, there was a mini fridge. He pulled out two beers, and a bottle of vodka. He then opened the beers, handing one to Rogue, and asked Wanda, "what would you like with the vodka?"

Rogue followed along after Logan, motioning Wanda further into the west wing of the school as well, the dark hardwood floors were well polished and the hallways were clean and museum-like. When they arrived the kitchen, Rogue passed by Logan and smiled at him. "And yes, only if ya wanna though." She said to him with a grin answering his question to her from earlier.

She walked over to one of the marble counter tops and hoisted herself up onto it to sit. The southern belle looked over at the Scarlet Witch. "An Avenge'ah, huh?" She asked, smiling. "That sounds like a pretty good time… I mean, don't get me wrong, I imagine ya'll see a lotta bad stuff… It just seems, I dunno… like ya got some glamour mixed in there too."

"More vodka" Wanda smiles in reply to Logan's question before a curious look for Rogue. "Glamour? Me?" That makes her laugh before she shakes her head. "No, I am not very glamorous at all. And all I have done with the Avengers is be recruited. Though I suppose I could say the same with the X-Men." A shrug at her recent inactivity before she too finds a bench to sit on; chairs are so passe.

"I will make your bike sound quieter" Wanda nods to Logan. "It will not be so annoying when it arrives." She's only being helpful.

"Yep," Logan answered back to the question in an instant. He gave Wanda a Mickey of vodka, figuring that if she wanted vodka and more vodka, she'd finish it off now, or eventually.

Rogue grinned a little from where she sat on the granite countertop in the kitchen. "Well, I think you radiate glamour, Miss Wanda." She said back to the other with a grin. She adjusted her green-hued gaze toward Logan then and she held out her hands. "Gimme drink, gimme!" She ordered, playing around of course. "The X-Men are glad t'have your offered help though, I mean… I get the feelin' that something is boiling and we may need all the help we can get t'keep it in the stew pot…. ya know?"

Wanda nods to Rogue. "A goulash of evil." That is how she processes danger boiling in a stew pot. "I understand completely." A little blush to her cheeks to go with the very idea of radiating glamour but thankfully there is vodka to distract her. "How long have you both been X-Men?" A sip of her drink… and then another… more a mouthful now.

Logan put the bottle of beer directly in Rogue's gloved hand. He wasn't worried about her powers, but he was still careful. It probably had something to do with the fact that she had absorbed him before. He could survive it better than most, with his healing factor.

"We can use all the help we can get, Wanda. It's a world that hates and fears us, you want every bullet in the chamber, just in case." He was a man who was in his element when things got messy, and it showed. But despite that, he had kind soul. "Oh, we… joined up about, five years ago now. Same day, actually."

Rogue accepted the beer with her gloved hands and she grinned at him then pulled one of her gloves off and laid it across her right leg. She listened to the two of them talk and she gently nodded her head. "Yeah, Logan found me up north… causin' trouble. I was a wreck back then… Didn't have nobody, had all these powe'ahs that I had no idea how t'work with. He helped me find this place… and now I got a job, well, couldn't be happier. Aside from all the strange shit that seems t'go on around here, but thats school. Take it one thing at a time, right?"

She took a pull from the beer bottle and kept swinging her feet. "I honestly wouldn't change a thing. I mean its been a rough past couple'a months." Which was an understatement, really. "But… things aren't as shitty as they could be, right?" She grinned at Wanda. "Thats a rousin' way to welcome someone new to the fold, ain't it?"

"I prefer honesty to fairy tales" Wanda shrugs. "I would much rather hear how it really is. Five years." A nod to that before she downs some more vodka. "I have been in X-Red for maybe… two years? They were always the ones who got the hatred since they were the public face of mutants. I was the one hiding in the back of the photographs. So I know how it feels to be hated." A wry smile forms. "Sometimes I think there are plenty of mutants who hate me too. Hate /us/."

Wanda glances between the two of them. "It is nice to know someone always has your back. I have my twin brother…when he is awake. Or actually here. I don't suppose either of you know where he has gone?"

"Yer still causin' trouble," Logan reminded Rogue with a shoulder tap against her covered arm. He was tempted to say she's still a wreck, but he didn't fancy engaging his healing factor to that level tonight. It hurt, every time, so, no need to wake that particular dragon.

"It's a good school, with good people. You'll like it here, Wanda. An'… if ya ever want to get into a measuring contest, I probably have ya beat. I have enemies on every continent, rubbed all the right people the wrong way, and if not fer my healin' factor, I'd have the scars to prove it. My scars are inside." He was a little more honest about that, but she did ask for the truth, so he gave it to her straight. "And if I can survive here, anybody can."

Rogue nodded slowly while sipping on that beer and watching Wanda. "I ran inta a girl the othe'ah day in an alley down in the city… she seemed to get all manne'ah a riled up when I let slip that I was a mutant." She shook her head gently. "Its one'a the reasons I don't even like goin' inta the city, but hell… thats where the best fun is at, right?" She asked with a grin when Logan bumped her shoulder.

Rogue shot a look over at him and grinned. "Maybe I am… maybe I am…" She said at him. "Not near as much as you though." She said, lofting her dark eyebrows up over her green eyes and then lifting that beer bottle up to take a drink from it while eyeing the mighty mysterious Wolverine.

Wanda looks around the kitchen at Logan's words and shrugs. "I have never gone to school before. And I am not sure if I am a student or teacher. I do not think I would be very good at either. Do I have to be one of them?" A smirk at his claim to be hated more than her. "It is not something I want to prove I have won, Logan, so you can have that honour if you wish."

"Why did you tell them you were a mutant?" Wanda asks Rogue. "I do not like how we need to hide away. How we have a ghetto like M-Town. I do not think that should happen but maybe I am too optimistic…even if I am hated so much." A smile at the interplay between the pair - they obviously have a rapport (and maybe more) built up over years and Wanda goes a little quiet to let them have their moments.

Logan gave her a look when she said the best fun was in the city. He enjoyed cities; they were an interesting diversion, but the best fun, no, that was out in the wild. "I gotta take you hiking up the mountain one o' these days, see the waterfalls at dawn, the hot springs at night, the views, cities don't have views like that." Was it any wonder he liked the outdoors? He was wearing flannel, jeans, and leather boots. All he needed was a cowboy hat and maybe some chewing tobacco.

He took a long drink from his beer, eyeing Rogue, before responding to Wanda. He knew they were alone. He could tell from scents, sounds, and his other senses. So he freely said, "we have X-Men who don't teach, or learn. I used t' be one." Before he got conned into taking up a teaching position. But teaching history was a good choice. He knew it, and it was an easy subject.

Rogue then turned to look at Wanda and she shook her head after Logan answered her, adding further on what he said. "Ya don't gotta be eithe'ah of'em, sides… this school only teaches up t'highschool levels anyhow, then ya gotta find college stuff elsewhere. I went t'the school in Salem Cente'ah. Nice place, as far as shit holes go." She said with a grin before taking a drink of her beer.

"Oh, and I told her I was cause I wanted t'see what she'd say or do… She just said nasty stuff, if she'd tried anythin' though, I'd of pounded her ass back into the garbage bags she were usin' like beenbag chairs." Tough Rogues!

"I used to live on the street" Wanda notes to Rogue. "It is very scary. It is very lonely. And all the voices will not be quiet." A wry smile forms. "She has probably been beaten up many times already by people who have no reaason other than a hatred of difference. I am glad you did not add too much to her worries."

Wanda nods to them both. "So I do not have to be student or teacher? This is a good thing. For everyone. Though what will happen to X-Red HQ if everyone moves back here?"

"You ain't gotta worry about that anymore." Logan said to Wanda. All three of them had lived hard lives, it seems. "Yer were friends now. So, take a load off an' relax." He was trying to be comforting, but he didn't know her. Just that she was in need, so she most definitely was in the right place. Xavier's looked after all kinds of problematic people. They took him in, didn't they?

He took another long sip of his beer, almost finishing it off, "not my moneky, not my circus." He replied, an old British saying, meaning not his problem. He didn't know what would happen, but it wasn't his choice anyway.

Rogue gently nodded her head to what they were saying but she stayed oddly quiet on the subject of the homeless stuff, she had her thoughts on it for sure… as well as personal experience. She looked from one of them to the other.

"Who was your brother, you said?" Rogue asked Wanda. "Quicksilver…?" She shook her head. "I haven't eve'ah met nobody by that name. Is he supposed t'be around here?" Her own beer was reaching its about mid-way point, that first one always went the fastest didn't it?

"Da, Quicksilver…or Pietro. He is my twin though we do not look the same. He has been here for a while" Wanda replies before peering a Logan. "Monkey? Circus? I do not think they are mine either." Nope, she has no idea what he is talking about. "Pietro is a speedster so you may not even see him around here unless he wanted you to. He is dating a SHIELD agent…but I do not think she lives here. But neither of you have met him? He was possessed by Apocalypse and became Death…he got better."

Logan wasn't sure why Wanda was peering at him, but then he got it after she seemed to figure it out. "An old phrase that means it's not my problem." He explained, trying to be helpful. The talk about Pietro gets his curiosity going. "A SHIELD agent? What's her name?" He was also a SHIELD agent himself, and was curious if he had met the girl. At the talk of Apocalypse and Death, he finishes off his beer, "anyone else want another?"

Rogue gently nodded her head. "I guess I took on the mantle of 'Famine'." She muttered quietly. "The Professah has blocked a lotta the memories outta my mind. I asked him too." She explained. "I probably do know your brothe'ah on some level, but… I just can't deal with the memories of it all right now… maybe someday down the line I'll uncap that bottle. But, for now…"

The southerner looked to Wolverine and she grinned a little. "I got bette'ah bottles to uncap." And after swigging what was left of her current, she did the grabby hands at him for a sequel beer.

"I still have this" Wanda replies to Logan, raising her unfinished glass. She nods sadly to Rogue. "I would not want to remember it either" she concurs, "But everything worked out fine in the end." A reassuring smile for the southerner before replying to Logan. "Darcy Lewis. I think I have met her once and she seems nice. My brother was never one for relationships, he was more a one-night-stand person, but he seems to be very in love with this one. It is nice."

He had to admit, the grabby hands gesture was really cute on her. Logan happily obliged, getting her another bottle, which he opened before handing it to her. Then he got one for himself. He lifted his new bottle to her in salute, "some memories are better off forgotten. At least, I figure that much." His mind was such a jumble, memories that conflicted. He wasn't sure what was real, what was not, and how to make sense of it all.

"Don't know the name. But Mel and I go way back." Then, for Rogue's sake, he says, "Melinda May." He wasn't usually up for revealing that kind of stuff, but he trusted Rogue with his life, and Wanda's brother was an agent, or seeing one, and she was in the X-family. "… don't call her Mel." He warned them both. Apparently, he was the only one who got away with that.

The beer was accepted and Rogue smiled over at Logan before taking a drink from it. She exhaled with a satisfactory sound. "That first drink of a new… it's quite really the best." A short pause. "Unless the beer has gone 'skunky' on ya, but then again, maybe I'm the right one for those kinda beers too." She added with a slight grin, her free hand going up to sweep some of her white bangs out of her face and toss them back over her right shoulder.

Rogue took another swig while eyeing them and listening to all the juice details. "Ya'll got 'side groups' goin on around here… I can barely keep up with the one group I'm in. I go out with Storm on these things an' she's talkin' about stuff that don't make a lick'a damn sense t'me. I can't even fathom sayin' 'Sure, let me join your secret group too!'." She said that last part in a goofy mocking tone of voice, which was a little MORE goffy considering her accent was always lacing her words.

"I have met Agent May a few times" Wanda replies. "She wanted to put me in jail once. I had a time where I was not myself. An oil tanker blowing up in the East River was involved but I also do not remember much of it." A faint smile. "It seems we know how to protect ourselves when we need to."

Wanda sips on her drink now. "I was only in X-Red but then that was disbanded… I think… and I was asked into the X-Men and the Avengers. There was another group, Primal Force, that I was sort of a part of but never really and they have also disbanded. Zatanna was in that and she was one of my closest friends but now… now it is like she does not know me anymore." A shrug. "But these things happen a lot I think. I have met at least two people who knew my future and were not happy about it."

"Darlin', I'm on more teams than I can remember." He led an extraordinarily active heroic lifestyle, which might have been why he liked to slow down from time to time. Though, it also meant he didn't devote himself fully to any of them.

"They come and go, even the best ones don't last forever." So why get too attached. It was a problem he had to face. People grew old. He didn't. They died. He survived. Was he immortal? Or would someday his healing factor finally start to pack it in. He didn't know. But he had to continue. He sipped his beer.

Rogue gently nodded her head to what both of them said. "I guess the two'a you got more in common than ya might've originally thought." She grinned at them. "All these teams… knowin' the big important people on'em… a love for motorcycles… Why I'm startin' t'wonde'ah if a bubblin' romance is about t'blossom right here in this kitchen, right before my very very… innocent eyes." She fluttered her eyelashes then and did a little dramatic pose.

A second later and she dropped the pose and hopped off the counter. She swigged her beer and set it down on the counter too. "I'm gonna go see if that room is open for ya, Miss Wanda… I'll pop back down here t'let ya know if it is or not, sound good?" She asked the Scarlet Witch while giving Logan's back a soft pat and rub with her right gloved hand.

Wanda stares at Rogue's words. Is she mad? She's just teasing…right? "Romance?" A firm shake of her head follows. "I do not think so. I do not like motorcycles, I just wanted to help it be quiet." An apologetic look at Logan about Rogue even thinking such things! Wanda nervously scratches the back of her head before nodding to Rogue. "Thank you…but I shall stay at X-Red tonight. There is a person staying there sometimes who gets nervous when they are alone and I need to explain that I may be coming back here to live. I do not think she will be happy."

Logan raised an eyebrow at Rogue's teasing, especially given what he had whispered to her earlier. He wasn't offended by Wanda's remarks though. "She's got an odd sense of humour," he says, making sure that Rogue's within earshot when he does. "Anything you can do to make it faster, handle better. The noise doesn't bother me. But if you can make it better… that'd be great." With a grin, "you could even make it louder."

Rogue paused in the doorway when she heard what Wanda had to say about staying here tonight. "Oh." She said back at her. "Well… I'll just, claim it for ya, just incase." She flashed a grin. Truth is, Rogue had no family and as such, she considered those she cared for within this home to BE her family. She enjoyed welcoming new people in who passed her 'test of quality' and Wanda had done that thus far, the mysterious woman had just said a lot of things that resonated with the Southern Belle.

Rogue glanced at Logan and his comment about her human, she just grinned at him and looked back to the Scarlet Witch. "You'll feel bette'ah knowin' that there's a room here for ya if ya need it. Trust me." A big smile was flashed then and she darted out of the kitchen to go and check Sometimes, she couldn't be stopped.

"Thank you" Wanda calls after Rogue - she didn't mean to disappoint her! And that just leaves her alone with Logan. Her lips tight as she nods to him. "Da, she is very funny." She slides off the bench. "I should go too. Louder? Really? I do not think you need it to be fixed. I think you want it more broken" she smiles. "It was nice to meet you. Enjoy your history classes."

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