Visiting School

January 19, 2017:

Peter Quill goes to surprise Rogue with a gift.

X-Mansion grounds

Just outside the X-mansion


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It should be known that Peter Quill has little in the way of shame. Not many people would have the X-Mansion on the joking invitation of one party girl with an Alf skateboard. After all. The X-Mansion, the school for the gifted, it is a famous place among some circles. Who in the community of heroes and villains of the world doesn't know of the famous mutants that make their lives there.

…someone not from this world that is who.

Well technically he's from Colorado but its not like you keep up with your home planet when you're halfway across the Galaxy on some wild space adventure. It just doesn't happen!


Star-lord, as the self proclaimed once-pirate calls himself, whistles to himself as he strolls up the sidewalk towards the grounds. A smirk on his face, and he /would/ have a spring in his step.

At least if his left leg wasn't bandaged up somewhat in-expertly.

Rocket fixed machines, not people ok!!

Anyway, he's in good spirits at least. But he usually is in good sprits, so that might not mean anything.

As luck would have it, the French teacher with the ALF skateboard was outside when Quill strolled up toward the front gate (which was open).

Rogue was in the driveway with a bunch of her students, they were outside in a cluster of about ten people total and they were all talking to one another in French. Rogue was in ON her skateboard with that cat-hungry alien on it, she was rolling around and listening to what the students were saying to one another. A big grin was on the Southern Belle's face, proud to hear the kids talking (if a bit badly) in the language that she was hired to teach them.

Wearing a green sweater that was pushed up/bunched up around her elbows, black long gloves, black jeans and black leather boots w/red scarf wrapped around her neck, Rogue looked like your average boarding-school teacher… well, aside from the two-toned hair that was blowing in the wind and that she was a rather attractive young woman who probably belonged in the modeling world, more than in the teaching biz…
Rogue didn't seem to notice anyone approaching from Greymalkin Lane, but one of her students did and they pointed at Quill and spoke to their teacher.

Turning, smile on her face, Rogue pulled her hair out of her face and looked over the white striped locks to see Quill, a familiar man just 'showing up' here.

"Heya, nerd." Rogue called out to him, tossing her hair over her shoulder, she stepped off her skateboard and walked toward him, one of her students jumping on it after she left it alone. "We ain't got no dumpste'ahs for ya to stuff bodies in here ya know…" She said at the man with a big grin on her red painted lips.

"Hey back two-tone," Came the reply. Quill shooting her a wide and easy smile. "I'm sure you don't in a nice posh neighborhood like this." He adds wryly as he strolls his way towards her, though his eyes turn to the kids as they scatter from around her.

"Don't you look like a proper teacher. Do any of them know how good you look when you dress up to skateboard to a party?" He asks as he turns his attention back towards her. "Also, surprise. I did indeed show up. Thought it was easier than just calling."

His glance slide beyond her for a moment as he looks towards the ground. "…maybe I should have called first." A smirk crosses his face. "…I mean I don't dress up for anything much, but maybe I should have called."

Rogue walked toward him until they were standing a few feet apart, her right hand went to her hip and she flared said hip out some. She grinned at his words, her eyes were peering some cause it was daytime and her aviators were left inside on her desk in the classroom. (d'oh).

"What I wear when I'm goin' t'parties in the city would probably get me fired if I wore around the students here." She replied with the continued grin. "Conside'ah it my supe'ah suit… if ya'd like." She glanced him over and then brushed her hair out of her face when the wind cast the snow-white locks across it. "Showin' up is a bit bette'ah than just callin', though its also mildly creepy too." Always room for a good teasing jab.

"So whats a hot spaceman like you doing struttin' his way up t'the gate of'a simple, normal, run of the mill boarding school?"

"Since you're here, I'm thinking this is anything but a simple, normal, run of the mill school. But sure we'll go with that." Peter's reply is tinged with more than a bit of amusement. "And creepy isn't the worst that I've been called." He adds with a wink towards her. "At least you're not trying to stab or shoot or eat me. Which is an improvement over the rest of the week." The grin is wry and rueful but still amused.

Can't get a Guardian down, especially this Guardian, and even more especially around a pretty girl. "Anyway, I was looking for this party girl that I met. See she thought I wouldn't show up and I just had to prove her wrong." Amusement dances in his eyes as he watches her, arms crossed just slightly over his chest. "If you happen to know anyone like that, I needed to talk to them. Needed some measurements for a little gift I was making."

Rogue was a flirt, it was something she'd been 'blessed with' since she was in her early teens… maybe even slightly younger if that wasn't enough to weird you out. So having this man just strut on up here, all creepy-like and such, telling her that he was wanting her measurements for a gift, well it made her smile… because he was hot. If he'd looked like Rob Schneider she'd probably scream at all the kids to get inside and then active the school's security systems!

But he didn't, he was cute, so she was cool with it.

Rogue grinned back at him. "Party girl's still around." She replied at him, glancing back at her class to see they were fiiiiine, over by one of the trees horsing around in a big pack.

"An' measurements ya say?" She asked with a grin, her southern accented voice was laced with teasing charm now. "Why Miste'ah Spaceman, usually I don't get lingerie gifts until the second or third date… We ain't even gone on one, less ya count that smelly alley where ya had ol' Blue Arm stuffed away at. And if ya count that… we gotta talk about your datin' skills, sugah." She grinned again and shook her head softly.

Confidence was never something Peter Quill lacked. In fact he had too much of it most might say. So it never even occurred to him that this might look creepy. Mostly because if it did, then there would be a bit of awkwardness, and then it /would/ be creepy. And then there would be attack dogs.

…there were always attack dogs.

But if you actually looked like you knew what you were doing? Well that usually got you by! So Quill always tried to look like he knew what he was doing. It worked…most of the time.

"Mmmm, wouldn't be the worst date I'd been on. Would have to say that. Not the best, but not the worst either." He follows her glance with his eyes, the pack of kids drawing a slight smile from him. He didn't have much time to grow up, so watching a bit of play brings back a few long burred memories.

"To put your mind at ease, or disappoint ya you can take your pick which, its not lingerie. I had someone helping me with a…" A pause. "…wait, do you know a Kitten…er…Kitty?"

One of the kids by the big old tree was putting downed braches around his head and was jumping around pretending that he was a forest animal while a couple of the other kids were 'shooting at him' with two more branches like they were rifles…

Rogue laughed lightly at what he said about the dates, she'd been on plenty of bad ones and not that many good ones, most guys couldn't handle her mutation, let alone the strong personality that came along with it.

"Don't worry, I didn't even expect ya t'call me. So I truly ain't that surprised that its not lingerie." She replied with a slight grin before nodding her head at his words. "I know Kitty, yeah. We both went t'school here, same grade level'n everything… though we ran around in diffe'ahrent circles, so… we're just like, ya know, associates'n such. Seen her the other day, right out here infact."

"Small world ain't it?" There is a laugh in Quill's reply. "I saved her from being imprisoned in a magic gem. Now she's kinda staying at the same place I am." A pause. "…don't tell her that I asked ya, but keep an eye on her if she comes back around. There is…some…weird demon monster thing that's after her. And me. And the gem thing too." A pause before he gives a shake of his head. "Yeah, that sounds stupid even to me. But its true. And complicated." A smirk works itself over his face. "…its always complicated isn't it?"

Apparently when dealing with the Guardians of the Galaxy it is.

"Anyway, she gave me a few tips. But I've been working on something for ya. But I needed height at least to try to get the field settings set up right." A slight sigh escapes him. "Terran tech man, its not what I'm used too…" A pause. "…you're about to call me a nerd again aren't ya?"

Rogue quickly nodded her head about 3 times in fast succession of each other. "Yeah, you're totally a nerd." She told him, a second later she was flashing him a grin and she tilted her head at him in a teasing-like stare. "But you're a sweet nerd, so its cool." A quick exhale was released then and righted her head and shook it side to side. "Don't take it personal, I call everythin' that comes from space a 'nerd'. Its the only way I can like… quantify it inside'a my head."

Rogue glanced up toward the sky with her green eyes and then back down at him. "Every time I see something come from up there, its like its gotten its entire… wardrobe outta one'a them old Star Trek tv shows. I mean, who the hell knew that show would really nail-it that closely on what shit from space would end up lookin' like." A slow nod. "But they got it, boy did they get it. But anyway, I'm ramblin', my… mind kinda does that, side'a-ffect'a the mutation I've been dealin' with."

Rogue then narrowed her eyes at him, her dark eyebrows lowering some as she peered at him. "What is it that you're makin' for me? I'm five eight, by the way."

"If it helps," Quill's voice is a lazy drawl as he watches her look up at the sky. "I'm from Colorado. Little spitball of a town. I just spent most of my life is space. Its not /that/ different up there. People mostly still want what they want here. There is just…more of it. A lot more of it." A longer pause as he thinks about it. "…and you find cybernetic raccoons, and talking tree people there. Not too many of those here I've found."

"What I'm making though, Star Trek aside…" He pulls a tiny metal device out of his pocket. Shiny, polished metal with just a slight bend to it. All rounded with no edges. He tosses it over towards her. "…alright it might be something out of Trek. Force field emitter. Trying to replicate mine, just without the oh so fashionable mask piece. Can't get the power source quite right, but should at least last you a dance or two."

Rogue caught the metal piece when it was tossed at her. She'd been grinning at him about his rundown on space, but the force-field talk kind of transferred her full attention pretty quickly onto this little device.

With it in her hands now she turned it around and rolled it over. "That sounds pretty far-out, if ya don't mind the pun." Rogue said at him with a grin. "I mean, this would make me a giant nerd like you, so its hard t'accept it, but still…" She slowly nodded her head, letting that jab get him for a few seconds before she grinned and shook her head. "I'm just playin' with ya, though… What'd you say your name was? Inkwell or something?" She'd admittedly forgotten his name since the last time they talked. "Star-Lord! Right, that was it, right? Like… a seventies disco album or somethin'." Another grin. "Hey, maybe our resident sci-guy could help with the powe'ah source for this thing? I bet he'd die just gettin' t'see tech like this in his lab. Oh, an' yeah, if I see Kitty I'll make sure she's okay."

"Star-lord. Inkwell? How do you get Inkwell out of Star-lord…" The man replies as he shakes his head. "Or Peter Quill, depending on who you talk too." He seems happy that she got it right…not quite as happy that he's being compared to disco, but he'll take what he can get. "Well I think if you're a teacher…" A smirk. "…and your kids are totally watching us." Are they? Or does he just want to make her look?! "You /also/ qualify as a nerd. Just not a space nerd."

"Hey its for you, if you wanna show your sci-guy stuff I don't mind. He might can help…" A pause. "…I'm sure I'm breaking about a dozen galactic bylaws, but that has never stopped me before." He adds with a wicked twist of a smile and mischief in his eyes. "I can always come back when your sci-guy is free…that way it won't be /as/ creepy, eh?"

Rogue laughed about the Inkwell part and she shook her head and shrugged her shoulders inside of that green sweater she was wearing. "I don't know!" She replied quickly in a earnest voice, if a bit quiet and laced with embarrassment. A nod was given, though, when he said the Peter Quill part. "Petey, of Colorado." Another grin. "I'll remembe'ah that then."

She turned the device he'd given her over in her hands and eyeballed it some more. "This is really sweet though… I appreciate it a lot." A second ticked by before she continued. "I mean, I have absolutely no idea how t'use it, and ya said its battery was dead, so is it even functional?"

Rogue looked up at him, her light green eyes settling on his face and her right dark eyebrow arching upward. "Did you just give me a broken piece of space tech, Petey of colorado?" A little grin. "Was this like… some kinda Space Christmas gift that got broke and you're re-giftin' it to me?" She started to turn her head gently to give him a 'look'.

"I gave you a /could possibly be fixed/ piece of broken space tech," Quill replies with a smirk. "Its one of my old ones, busted it in a firefight and never got it fixed. I think it'll work with a bit of tinkering though, almost had it last night before the power source shorted out on me." A pause. "So technically I didn't break it, big Kree warrior with a bad attitude did."

Quill is all about the technicalities. At least when they help him.

When they don't he totally ignores him.

Pretty much standard operating procedure for the Guardians.

"Well you're welcome anyway, even if this is entirely self serving." That grin of her's is returned with a lopsided one from him. "I will go to very long lengths to get a dance with a pretty girl. Dancing, and music, are just that important."

Rogue glanced over to the students to see if they -were- looking now, and sure enough some of them were… the girls mostly, though the boys weren't far behind them teasing them and trying to distract them back into paying attention to their horseplay.

Rogue exhaled sharply and looked back at the man. "Well. Its sweet. Even if it does't work… I'm gonna make a little stand for it and cherish my Space Garbage for the rest'a my Party Girl years." She told him, biting down on her lowerlip for a second and eyeballing him with her green eyes. "I'd give ya a kiss on the cheek, but then I'd have t'carry your ass all the way to the infirmary." She laughed a little. "Guy that runs it is also the guy who I'll have check this thing out though, n'if he would like ya t'be there… I can try to contact ya?" She asked him then. "I can't bothe'ah him right now cause he's got a patient, who's pretty banged up. Medical emergency stuff." She frowned some then. "But once I can grab him, I think he'll be enthralled t'see this kinda Space Nerd stuff." She was doing her best to try to be charming and keep her own oddities at-bay.

"Mmmmmm, might be worth it…" Quill seems to be seriously pondering the idea of trading being knocked out for a kiss. It seems to be a fairly hard decision for him. Finally though he sighs. "…naw, I mean wouldn't be the first kiss I've slept off before. But if I'm too late then Rocket and Groot might come looking for me, and then you'll be surrounded by space nerds and I'm not sure how you'll deal with that."

He's grinning though as he slides his hands back into his pockets. "Just gimme a call. I'm out looking for Saskarians anyway, so it won't be that far out of my way to drop by."

Whats a Saskarian? Space stuff. Evil space stuff.

"So you don't worry about it, gimme a call when ya can. I'm totally not fussed." And that much is entirely true.

Quill seems to be a very chill guy.

Unless you mess with his walkman.

"I suppose I'll see you around then." A smirk. "And I totally /will/ be expecting a call."

Rogue watched him internally juggle the idea of kiss/coma and it made her grin some. When he replied though she gently nodded affirmation to his words. "I'll call ya when I figure out whats up. Whethe'ah it'll work as a neat shield t'my dreadful man-repellent mutation, or if it'll be a new piece for my knick-knack shelf in my bedroom."

The Southern Belle watched as the man then would seemingly be about to go search for his weird Star Trek stuff. "O-okay." She said back at him. "You just… turn around and walk back out t'the spooky ol' foresty road that leads up t'this place, like some kinda strange hobo… out there lookin for shark keys… or whateve'ah ya just said.

"Don't let me call you a taxi or nothin', cause that'd be -too- weird for your studly butt." Marie was smiling at him then as he went. "I mean, I guess your space ship is hidin' out there, right Mork?" It was impossible for her to not tease people, another small facet of her mutation maybe.

"Sorry to tell ya, Marie. But your man-repellent doesn't work on all of them." He tosses towards her lightly as he turns away, waving one lazy hand towards her. "Just the ones that can't think outside the box." He adds with a smirk.

There is a second smirk as she makes that comment. "Something like that. I mean come on. Be totally weird to just /walk/ here wouldn't it. Maybe one day I'll let ya see it. Till then…" A backwards wave. "…take care of yourself, Two-tone."

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