Barry's Angels

January 20, 2017:

While exploring the Earth he's come to, Barry Allen finds himself in a spot of trouble in Mutant Town - fortunately it seems he has his own guardian angels as well.

Mutant Town

District X, also known as the less politically correct yet more popular coined Mutant Town is a very unique Burroughs located between Alphabet City and the Bowery of Lower Manhattan.

M-Town's famous (and infamous) for hosting one of the largest concentrated populations of 'muties' in all of the United States and quite possibly the world. This collection of metahumans isn't just those hosting the X-Gene but many others who have found it easier to get by in a world rampant with a lack of understanding and fear for the unknown. The very real unknown.

Its population boom began in the mid to late 90's after the X-Gene was isolated and hate crimes against mutants and metahumans had almost become an epidemic. The District X location was already nestled in a major cradle of immigration from outside countries. This clustering of families and community from allover the world had many subcultures and secrets, a secret very few knew but overtime it developed in to what we now call Mutant Town.


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Fade In…

5:15 pm on a Friday Night.

Rogue had friends in M-Town, people she'd gone to school with Xavier's who were graduated now and were living amongst 'like minded kind'. So she'd come here to see and hangout with. Currently, the teacher at Xavier's School (French Teacher) was walking along one of the sidewalks, wearing a brown leather trenchcoat, brown leather thigh-high boots that had silver metal buckles going up either sides of her thighs to the apex of the boot on her thigh… black fishnet stocks covered the rest of her thighs, disappearing up into black denim short-shorts. She had a dark grey tshirt on under her trenccoat with a picture of of a scene from Blues Brothers embosed on the chest of the shirt.

Rogue was humming a tune and carrying her skateboard under her right arm, waving at anyone who called out to her or smiling at those who made eye contact with her, she seemed to be in high spirits tonight as she made her way wherever it was she was going.

It's already become a bit of a stir within the Justice League, and is probably already sending poor Carol Danvers a slew of emails - her caloric intake went quickly from that of a fit and athletic woman of around 1500 a day to over 20000 overnight. The cafeteria has been raided at the Hall of Justice by a brunette speed blur that has been shovelling down enough food to give Caitlin Fairchild a run for her money. Barry had gone out exploring the night before, and after spending the evening at the Justice League's safehouse, he work up in the morning ready to go. While he waits to hear back from Reed Richards on his tachyon device, he needed something to pass the time - so he's been taking a crash course online about the world he's found himself in.

Unfortunately this means that his research has been limited by the speed of the internet. Which means eventually that the scarlet speedster decided to just figure it out on his on. It was a short run, less than a minute to take him from Metropolis to New York, and as he explores a city - that in his world just doesn't exist - he finds himself entering Mutant Town. He had read on the idea of the place and had piqued the young man's curiosity as a Forensics Detective.

Dressed in clothes he had to recover from someone else's closet - he didn't really come /packed/ for a dimensional hop - Barry's in a pair of blue jeans, a Central City Cougars T-Shirt, and a loose black jacket that was one size too big. He's just going to have to go shopping later. Right now, he's got an ice cream in one hand, and his map in the other, looking too much like a tourist as he's exploring the city streets.

Power Girl is out doing a flight over the city. Patrolling Mutant Town is a good idea to make sure that things don't get too out of town in that part of the city. So far, neither Rogue nor Barry have done anything to draw her attention, but the flying superheroine in the red cape is hard to miss.

Rogue paused near a pet store window to look inside at the cage of little lab puppies that were crawling all over each other. Two of them saw her looking in at them and they started to try to feebly climb up the cage with their little tales wagging back and forth a mile a minute, while the rest were continuing to roll around in a ball of pale yellow fluffy fur.

"Awww… come on!" Rogue said aloud to herself mostly. "Thats just the meanest tactic I have eve'ah seen." She dropped her skateboard into the custom-sewn pocket inside her leather trench and then reached both of her gloved hands up and placed then gently on the window as she made silly faces at the puppies inside the store, while they could be seen barking back at her, though the noises were muffled and quiet through the glass.

While Rogue is looking at the puppies, and Barry is being a tourist, there are those that are watching them. A small group of boys, four in total, the teenagers across the street oogling the shapely legs of the brown haired mutant, before one of them nudges his friend and gestures towards Barry. A skinny kid in the middle of Mutant Town with a map?

Easy mark.

A couple of the boys come over and look over Barry. "Hey, you lost, man?" one of them asks. "This is Mutant Town, you got to have a power to be here." he says, blinking two sets of eyelids at Barry as he looks him over. "You just look like some little flatscanner that's lost his way."

"Well, I was looking for the best way to get to the subway so I can head to Staten Island?" he asks curiously.

"Sure, I can tell you that, but our guide services cost money. Ten dollars for the directions, and there's the no power toll, that'll be twenty dollars."

Barry looks confused for a moment, and uhms. "Well, if this is still America.. I don't think I need to pay, and I've never heard of a place where you have to hav e powers just to enter. You'd need a sign or something like that, and it sounds a little odd.." Barry offers, though there seems to be a second man, this one elongates his fingers as he starts to move behind the dimensional misplaced speedster and is starting to make it's way towards the man's pockets.

However, one of the guys? They can't resist. Noticing Rogue all pressed and bent against the glass of the pet store, he starts to make his way over. "Heeeeey." he greets, "You like them doggies, eh? Well, I wouldn't mind licking all over you." he offers crudely. As he does so, his tongue is forked into two, his features snakelike in appearance, his skin scaly.

Power Girl is doing patrol, as she glides overhead. Of course, she sees the mutants starting to give Barry a hard time…and then Rogue, too. The blonde sighs, and she'll glide down, landing behind Barry as she looks over to the man who's having the stretching fingers. "Trust me. /Really/ not going to be a good idea." She tells the stretcher, and looks over to the first guy, and then to the perv talking to Rogue. "Move along, folks."

Natasha doesn't have many off days, and even those off days she does have on her file with SHIELD, are usually reserved for missions classified at highest levels. Along with the occasional non-SHIELD assignments. She's still the Black Widow after all, and there's never shortage of offers. Today, unlike other days, seems to be an anomaly. An honest to goodness day off. Natasha decided to take a ride on her black motorbike. She just happens to zoom through Mutant Town in time to catch some punks looking like they might want to pick on tourists. Maps are dead giveaways for toursits. She stops at the side of the street with a screech of wheels, but before she can even approach the punks, Power Girl descends from the skies like a Jesus sent misogynist destroying missile. Needless to say, Natasha keeps some distances and lets Power Girl do her thing. It's always fun watching those heroes in person rather than the news.

Rogue had her face pressed up against the pet shop window, gloved hands on either sides of her head as she was continuing to make silly faces at the crazy puppies, almost like a crazy person might… but she didn't give no shits about what others thought of her, so she just kept doing it.

She did stop, however, moments before Licky approached her and said those things at her. This caused the southern belle to turn around to face him and put her right hand on her right hip. She eyed the man up and down and then slowly nodded her head with a grin appearing on her dark purple-painted lips. "Nice one…" Rogue told him, seemingly impressed.

She glanced over at his buds that were accosting Barry.

"Did ya get all your lickin' practice on your buddie's balls ove'ah there?" She asked then, looking back to the Licker Man. "You know what?" She didn't wait for an answer to her comeback.

Isntead, Rogue just walked over to him and tipped her chin back. "Go ahead. Start right here…" seh pointed at the bottom of her neck and drew her gloved finger up her throat to her chin and then touched her bottom lip. "If ya can make it all the way up here… I'll even give ya a right smooch as a reward." She smiled. "Hows that sound, sugah?"

Was this too good to be true for Licker Man..?

When Power Girl comes down, really, the men should have scattered. But they are all in their twenties. One of them even takes out his cellphone to film her. "We ain't doin' nothin' here, Cape!" he calls out. "Just trying to help the boy out. He seemed lost!" he calls out, then considers. "Didn't I see you on that website.. yeah, you know the one.. you're one of them girls." Sure he's not talking about.. /4/chan?! Of course Power Girl would have a huge following there. Even if she's a misgonyist destroying missile, she's also God's gift to puberty.

They're really using the time to try to distract her from their mark. Barry, for his part, finds himself gobsmacked by Power Girl for a moment. "Kara was right.." he manages to say. She really is Boob Kara. But before he can say more, it seems to the world that for a moment, he lowered his hand for his ice cream.

To a well-trained eye? The hand moves behind him after releasing the cone, sweeping behind him as he grabs the stretcher's fingers and twists them into multiple knots and even a bow time before his hand comes back forward, catching the cone before it even moved a couple of inches.

The man /screams/ in pain as he grabs his knotted up hand and neatly falls on his rear. Apparently he's having a cramping problem. The little bit of lightning generated by Barry's motion? Could be missed by most people.

Licker Boy blinks. "Naw, girlie, I only lick what I like…" and then she offers it. The young man pales. "Whoa. Really?" His poor attempt at a flirt worked? She really wants to make out with him? This Southern Belle wants it! "Hey hey, Jack! Film this!" he yells to the camera boy, who's focused in on Kara's rather opened top and moved to the tied up fingers stretchy guy. The one with the camera? He doesn't seem to have any noticable powers at the moment as he's filming it all, turning his phone towards where Licker is calling out for him. "I got it!" he says as he starts to film.

There's no saying how many nerves that the boy would feel as he approaches that sweet Southern snack. "You're going to like this.." he says, his tongue splitting as he presses it to the woman's neck, a pair of snake like fangs starting to come out - and then he strikes - and promptly breaks his fangs on the woman's skin. "HOLY HELL!" he cries out; not that he has much time as the other affect comes into play, his powers absorbed towards the woman, scales, fangs, forked tongue, memories of a young street punk that's hassled the locals for a good long time all moving to invade Anna-Marie's headspace.

There's only two left - one of the men, the one near Barry, starts to back away. "I don't got nothing to do with this!" he says as he starts to 'melt' into a pile of flesh that rolls along the ground like a ball. The one with the camera? He just keeps filming.

Power Girl blinks as she hears her actual name, but then it's the man screaming, and she looks over to his hand. X-Ray Vision does a quick sweep as she makes sure there's nothing broken there, but then she'll reach down to pick him up off the ground once she's sure he's all right. "Tell you what. The internet pictures don't hit as hard as I do. Go on home, and call it a night. Take the win and be glad all you have is a hand cramp."

She looks over to the one with the camera, and sighs. /Technically/ there's nothing illegal about filming, so for the moment, she lets it pass. Especially because she sees Licker Boy try to bite Rogue. Too late, unfortunately. She zips over at superspeed (well, her version. She's nowhere near Barry's), and grabs for him to haul him off Rogue. "Get off her!"

Natasha starts moving closer to the group when it looks like Snake Boy is about to sink his fangs into Rogue, but she slows down when the consequence takes places. Seems like sometimes douchebags get what's coming to them. She smirks slightly to herself, and turns her blue eyes on the boy filming, "I think despite what Power Girl just said, you might want to delete this footage. I saw it, and I'm with the Government, and I can easily put you behind bars. I think you'll like your own bed better." She's not entirely serious, but she got that officious tone down pat. It's almost like she's about to reach for some cuffs in an inner pocket of her jacket. Even though she doesn't actually do it.

Rogue even gave the man a little 'moan' when he started to lick her throat (entirely because she was just playing with him). When he passed out though, transfering his memories/powers/personality into her mind she shivered and her gloved hand reached out to grab hold of his clothing, keeping him upright in his unconscious-form.

The southern gal then turned toward Power Girl and she smiled at her. "Well, damn… Get a look at you, Baywatch…" Rogue said at PG, mostly because the man's mind that had just invaded her own ahd kind of altered her immediate personality and it was going to take her a few seconds to balance it out… (she had been training hard with the telepaths at Xavier's to be better with her own mind control)

Rogue's skin became scaley for a moment, waving in and out of definition from smooth/scaley, she grew the fangs and they poked out of her purple lips, then they faded away back into her mouth again… "Whew, trippy." She quietly uttered.

Sill holding the Sleeping Licker Man, she shoved his body toward Power Girl. "He's all yours, Hot Stuff." And then looked over to Natasha and smiled at her. "I like your ride, Red. If thats what gove'ahment types get, I think I picked the wrong-ass career path."

Power Girl's XRays will not pick up any broken bones, it seems his ability is to bend and meld his bones as he sees fit. That that doesn't mean having his fingers tied suddenly into knots doesn't hurt like the dickens. Then she's on to the Licker, who's having a really really bad day after what happened with Rogue. The poor guy is just all types of FUBAR'd.

As Natasha approaches the filming guy, he points his camera at her. "You can't do that! I got rights!" he proclaims and then takes a picture of Power Girl as she grabs the Licker.

That's when his power goes off. The picture is absorbed into the young man and he starts to grow and change, finally taking on the looks of Power Girl. Except when 'she' smiles, 'she' gets a troll face, a big dumb grin. It appears his ability is that of copying pictures from the internet.. and becoming a Living Meme. Unfortunately, that also means he gets some of her powers as 'her' chest bounces up and down. "Calm your tits, red!" Troll Power Girl says before reaching out to try to give Natasha a super powered shove.

Probably a bad move.

Barry is still here, but it seems that Power Girl is playing hero - and now villain as well. "…alright, never seen /that/ one before." he says to himself as he looks between the others, percieving the changes in Rogue's physiology time and time again as she absorbs and tries to expel what she took in from the mutant. "Nothing like this at all." Yep, he's an out of towner.

Power Girl blinks in surprise, as Rogue changes, and then shoves the guy at her. Since Natasha claimed to be government, she'll walk Licker Guy over to Natasha, carrying him lightly. "You said you're government. You want this guy, or shall I call for the police?" And then, Meme Dude gets a glare. "You had better NOT be me, by the time I get done here."

It's one thing having super powers, particularly ones you copied, it's quite another to have the experience necessary to use them properly. More importantly, trying to take one on one hand to hand fight with a woman who is likely the most experienced fighter on the planet, considering years in service, well…it's usually a bad idea. Natasha doesn't even blink as Camera Boy turns into an ugly version of Power Girl. She still seems unfazed when he approaches her. "Tits? Lovely, you even know how they work?" Natasha asks, and even as fake Power Girl lunges at her with a super shove, she spins on her heel and moves aside. However, at the same time she grabs a lock hold on the extended arm, before shoving her elbow in full force into Troll Power Girl's bosom. She means to introduce him to how much 'tits' as he put it can hurt like a mofo, but then if she's unlucky he may have also copied Power Girl's invulnerability, which might ruin her plans.

She doesn't quite answer Power Girl who approaches her with Loser Guy, mostly because she's in the midst of an engagement. "A moment," she gruffly remarks.

Poor TPG never really had a chance. Grabbed by Natasha, the shock is clearly evident as she's grabed and slammed hard into the ground. Apparently, no, there was no invulnerability copied. Possibly not even the strength. Really, a picture is just a picture. The breath is quite literally knocked out of her. Power Girl gets her wish as the mimic is knocked out and starts to turn back to normal.

The puddy ball? He's just rolling and rolling away. "Wouldn't want to break up the gang." And Barry is suddenly just not standing there. He's zipping around the blobbish guy faster and faster, twisting him around into a large twist and he moves quickly to grab a trash can, that vanishes into the speedster's after lightning vortex. When it's all done, Barry's sitting on top of the trash can, and taps the side of it. "He's been compacted." he offers with a little smile as he shrugs. "Didn't mean to ruin a lady's night out?"

Power Girl looks relieved. Everyone hostile seems to be down. "Nice job." She'll tell Barry, and she nods to Natasha. But then a concerned look goes back to Rogue. Hopefully, she's doing okay. "You should be more careful in this part of town though, really." Cautioning words, directed at the speedster.

Natasha hopes the creepazoid cam guy got a good taste of honest to goodness pain along the way, before turning to look at Power Girl, grinning, "you're the hero, I'd love for you to do the honors and bring these idiots to custody. I was just trying to get them to stand down." Yup, Natasha is just playing games, certainly no connection to Government, SHIELD or any other spy extraordinare spy agency of any sort. Nope. Never.

With attention turned towards Rogue, Natasha frowns, "do you know what exactly happened to her? Do we need to get her to a hospital?"

Power Girl's words are forgotten about for a moment as Barry hops off the trash can and moves towards Rogue. But after seeing what happened after Licker Boy took a touch, he doesn't touch her at all. "I think she's a metahuman?" he suggests as he considers. "Apparently she copies abilities somehow. I think she's okay?" Though he considers. "Be right back." And like that, he's gone again.

And a few seconds later, he's back again, holding a bottle of water, a bottle of aspirin and a bag of burgers. "Maybe this will help?" the scarlet speedster suggests. "Or I can go flag down an ambulance or something?" he says as he turns his attention to Power Girl. "Ah.. thank you, Supergirl, I'll keep that in mind next time - I just got into town last night and still finding my way around." Though he's turned his attention to Natasha who is severely downplaying herself and quirks a smile.

Kara blinks at that. "Supergirl?" She can't help but look amused. "Close. Power Girl. Supergirl's my…cousin." Not really, but it's an easy way to explain it. "And sure, I can get these folks off to jail." She'll sling the unconscious one over her shoulder, and moves to grab the others. "Thanks for the assist."

"Well, seeing how you're more of an authority on metahumans than I," Natasha quips at Barry who displayed his super speed on a few occasions, "I think you can look after the girl, I better keep on my way." She offers a playful salute at Power Girl, "thanks for protecting the people, it's always nice to see," and with that she moves to get back on her black bike. She doesn't care to linger where media or police might soon show up to investigate further.

Rogue had turned and sat down on a bus stop bench for a moment to collect her thoughts. She spoke up to the others, having overheard them. "I'm fine." She told them. "That fella is just a dirty one… lotta bad memories in his head that just got shunted ove'ah inta me. Among othe'ah things." She smirked softly.

"It was my choice though." She continued, looking up at Natasha and then the other two. "He seemed like a true a-hole so I figured a bit'a time in some sleep would do him some good, maybe learn'im a lesson when he wakes up. He didn't last much more than a couple seconds, so he'll be out a few days. I say just toss'im inta the dumpste'ah ove'ah there behind that Kenny Roge'ha Roaste'ahs." She nodded across the street to the building with the big red sign that was flooding the rest of the street with its neon glare.

"Uh." Barry doesn't seem too keen with the idea of just /dumping/ them in the dumpster. "I know that they didn't commit a crime, per say.." he offers. "But you know. Is there.." he sighs. "I'll stay here with them until the police arrive." Since it seems everyone else is fleeing. He hands the bags to Rogue. "These are for you." he offers as he settles back on the trashcan and raps on the side of it. "You okay in there?"

A muffled noise comes from the can.

"Right." And when Power Girl corrects him, he ohs. "Right.. she mentioned that last night. Didn't know you went by Power Girl." he says with a grin. "See you around?" he offers really to noone in particular as everyone is heading in their own direction.

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