Chasing Tachyons

January 20, 2017:

Flash appears through a portal right on the doorstep of the Justice League, and Captain Marvel and Green Lantern welcome him to the world.

Hall of Justice - Metropolis

Built in the same architectural Art Deco style of buildings such as the Empire State Building and Union Terminal in Cincinnati, it harkens back to a simpler time. With its wide open rotunda as the lobby and carpeting gracing the marble and granite floors, the Hall of Justice seems to embrace the concepts of Liberty, Freedom and the Rights of all Humanity.

It is a practical building; a front desk is manned 24/7 with a less-than-obvious security force, ready and able to help any who may seek aid from those within. Beyond, down massive lines of corridors, lies the inner workings of the JL. High tech labs that mix both alien and earth technologies can be found there, conference rooms, and even some living areas.


NPCs: None.

Mentions: Caitlin Fairchild, Supergirl, Wonder Woman


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Fade In…

Lots of people have noticed that the Justice League is being a good bit more visible and active of late. When the Princess of Themyscira puts her mind to something, the rest of the world is best off just getting out of the way. And Carol Danvers, aka. Captain Marvel, is glad for all of that. She's glad to see the League stepping up once more as the premiere heroes of Earth, ready to stand to and help anyone in need. She's especially proud of their protection of the planet from outside threats, given her own experience with the races and worlds that lie beyond Earth.

This evening, Captain Marvel is just getting over to the Hall of Justice from her day job. The costume instant change feature of her powers is of real benefit in such matters, as it means she's not carrying whole changes of clothes around for later. Just a golden glow around a uniformed human (seemingly) woman coming down out of the night skin to alight on the plaza in front of the building. "Hi, Control." she offers, touching her ear as she communicates. "This is Captain Marvel, on duty. Change my status on the boards, will you?"

"Evening, Captain Marvel, this is Control." comes the response over the radio, as they start the process of doing everything that is required to get the woman's evening started, before there comes a klaxon and caphony of alarms within the Hall. "Captain, this is Control!" the voice calls out, a slight twinge of excitement that is quickly overridden. "We have a dimensional event occuring.. uh.. fifty feet from your current location!" he manages to save over the radio.

Indeed, as Control is reporting it, there comes what looks like a rip in the very fabric of space-time, a colorful thing. From it is ejected a red blur with yellow lightning trails streaking behind it. "Close the rift, close the rift!" he calls out, the blur's voice barely able to be heard as he streaks to the end of the room and immediately turns around. Behind comes what looks like a shadow of him, inky black and dark, it's face contorted in a mask of death, eye sockets wide as it screams its displeasure and just before it can find it's way through, the red blur streaks past, slamming the rift closed before he slides to a halt.

Standing in the middle of the room, a figure in red with yellow trim stands, his body still vibrating at a hypersonic rate as he looks around. "Cisco? Caitlin?" he asks, and then erms. "Alright, this isn't STAR Labs. Or Central City. Or possibly Kansas." as the figure slows enough to be revealed as a male human at least.

Still on the plaza in front of the building, Captain Marvel takes flight, hovering five feet or so off the ground as she sweeps, looking for the event until she can spot the rift. This has the benefit of making sure she is NOT right in front of the red-gold blur streaking out of said rift, or the black deathspeed thing trying to follow him. Yay for that.

When the figure stops and looks around, crisis apparently averted - and she'll just drop those glowing, sparkling fists of hers to her sides, rather than blasting away now - Captain Marvel responds, "Sorry. No disco here. And Caitlin is at her day job. They're doing a lot of overtime lately, so 'day job' is a bit of a misnomer right now."

Carol floats closer, lowering to just a foot or so off the ground, as she approaches him. "Anything I can do for you? Welcome to the Hall of Justice. In case that was as much of a spatio-temporal portal as I think it was, I should mention that I am Captain Marvel, of the Justice League. And you are … ?"

Here goes hoping 'a threat' is not the right answer, here.

Dimensional Event? The Watchtower's Monitor Womb lights up jolting Hal Jordan awake, that same span of a heartbeat also has his ring chiming in, adding it's own alert. He can't really say which was quicker, though likely considering the location being the Hall itself it was probably the JLA's systems.

"You're it, Robby." Hal claps the smile faced robot that was perched next to him in a fixed chair. It beeps something in droid back at him he doesn't understand nor care to. His own internal dialogue is probably better anyways.

A Thanagarian based Teleportation Tube later the green and black clad Green Lantern is arriving planet side, a room away and just barely in earshot of Carol and Barry.

Captain Marvel? Justice League? "Okay, definetly /not/ Kansas." the scarlet speedster comments before he finally slows down enough to be visible. "Wow, Kara, you grew.. up." he starts to say, but then she introduces himself, and the young man's hand goes to the side of his cowl. Radio? Dead. So this isn't his Earth, or Earth-2, as they've come to call it back home. "What's the date?" comes the next question as he looks around again. It sort of looks like a place he knows, but really really changed.

Oh! A greeting. "Well, I'm guessing that Captain Marvel isn't your real name, and if it was, your parents must have done a really good job.. uh." his trail of thought is lost for a moment, charming flirting isn't his game. "…I'm Flash. You know. Fastest man alive?" he offers hopefully.

Though he has a feeling how this is going to go.

"Kara's not here right now, either. Do you need me to call her?" Carol offers, honestly. Why not? She offers the date without compunction; after all she's dealt with, time travel is just a thing. "Good to meet you, Flash." She extends a gloved hand, apparently not fazed or worried about him, even if she doesn't know him or a version of him herself.

"No, Captain Marvel is not the name I was born with. That's Carol Susan Jane Danvers, Colonel, USAF retired. For whatever that's worth to you." She's betting he won't have heard of her, but anything is possible.

"Mind if I ask, which Caitlin were you looking for? If it's Fairchild, as I said, she's at her day job. But I can probably get her on the phone, if it's important." Carol questions. Is he going to be sticking around? She has no idea.

"Hey there, Carol and uhm, guy… Flash?" Hal says in a flat tone while striding around the corner, "Won't take but a moment." He carries on as if he isn't being noticed by either, that green glowing ring on his right hand thrusts out and a light projects out aimed at Barry, a scan of some sort, harmless green light that shoots at his feet and zips upwards, kind of like Star Trek. Unless of course Mr. Allen moves, which he very easily can.

A simple bio-scan, nothing more.

"Okay, he's shooting green light from his fingers, how's he doing that?" Flash asks curiously, though he doesn't go running over, because he's getting questioned by the tall blonde. "Right. Ah. Snow? Caitlin Snow of STAR Labs? Maybe you know her? Or of the place?" he starts to ask, even as the scan is done on his body. Tri-polymer suit? Check. Human physicology? Check. Heartrate of nearly 200 beats per minute? Err. Check. Glancing around, he frowns. "So the date's current, but the location is wrong. I'm sorry for intruding!" he offers, apologetically, before he accepts Carol's hand to shake it.

"I should see about getting back to my Earth.." he starts to say, preparing to speed up, but then there's a spark of smoke and fire from underneath the lightning bolt under his chest, and the man is frantically batting at his uniform to shed the device. "No no no.." he says and kneels down to look it over. "That.. doesn't look like it's fixable." he admits with a sigh before he looks back up towards the two, holding the destroyed device in his hand.

"So.. you wouldn't happen to know a Green Arrow? Or an Atom? Maybe even a helpful mechanic with a speciality in quantum physics and tachyons?" he asks hopefully. "Otherwise, I might be stuck here for a while."

"It's the ring, not his fingers." Carol explains for Flash. "I promise, he means no harm. He's just a bit impolitely curious, and scans everyone when he meets them." Yes. She's teasing the other pilot; she can't help herself.

"STAR Labs? Yep, I know of the place. I haven't met Doctor Snow, but I have heard of her. Smart lady, biosciences, right? "By the way, you asked: We're in Delaware. Metropolis, to be exact. And you're not intruding. The plaza here is open to the public. The building, not so much at this hour. Tours don't start up again until tomorrow morning." And she's not kidding. The League works hard on its public imagine, which includes not hiding away entirely.

Carol winces as she feels the power surge in some device on the guy's chest, and she watches helplessly as he puts out the fire … but is left with the ruins and remains. "Sorry. No Atom or Green Arrow here. I knew of a Green Arrow, once, but he wasn't anywhere near the League at the time. But if you need a quantum physicist, the best I can suggest is Reed Richards. Or his lab assistant. I can make a call, if you like? They're at the Baxter Building in New York City."

Captain Marvel then gestures towards the guy with the glowing ring. "By the way: No Green Arrow, but we do have a Green Lantern. C'mon over, the speedster isn't going to bite. Much."

"What she said and also what she said. Dudes human, I think? Heartbeat like a hummingbird on too much Mountain Dew but… humanish…" Hal chuckles as that green light disappears in to his ring. It dulls but the light doesn't die out.

"Also, yeah, I am the resident Green hero here."

A gloved hand now extends to Barry offering a shake. "Tachy quantum… oh no, not one of those." A low sigh escaping the tall, strong jawed brunette man. "Carol is clearly better with words and welcoming, I am going to stand here and look pretty. Also keep an eye on you. No offense. Unless you want to be offended in which case… I can find you some tissues." Some of that jockish bullying coming through. Part of Hal's classic charm. These names being mentioned for the most part are beyond him - he has been away.

"Reed Richards? Baxter Building? New York City?" Those are all oddities to the speedster. But since it seems that masks are optional around here and the blonde heroine just mentioned that there's no tours until morning - and really? - there's a good chance that noone's going to know him from Adam around here, he reaches up to pull back his cowl, revealing a youthful face and shaggy brunette hair. "Barry Allen." he offers, accepting the other hand offered to him, shaking the Lantern's.

Clearly, Barry's physique is much different than Hal's, where he's all tall and muscles, Barry is lean and compact, a lean speedster in every since of the word. Then comes a loud grumble of complaint from within the depths of the scarlet speedster's uniform. "Is there a fast food place nearby? I haven't eaten in a few hours, and have a heck of an appetite."

"I'm guessing your bank account is going to be a no-go here, Barry. And your cash wouldn't be legit, either." Carol offers. She sounds genuinely apologetic. "Why don't we head inside. I can clear you provisionally, and the galley is open twenty-four-seven. If they can keep Caitlin fed when she's got her hungry on, they should be able to keep you supplied." She offers Barry her own hand to shake, and then floats down until her boots finally touch the ground, the sparkles around her fists banished, at least for now. "By the way: You mentioned a Kara. You mind if I ask: were you speaking of a Kryptonian by that name?" Hey. Food. This way.

"Big Belly Burger less than a block away." Hal comments, he knows the place well. "Shes right though, your cards probably don't work here. Avoid the meatloaf and the green sludge with the corn in it, I think it's alien like most the things around here." The mask removed from Barry and Hal's own uniform disappears, digitizing away in to nothingness. A brown bomber jacket and jeans.

"Name's Hal nice to meet you Barry. I'd hang with you kids and enjoy yet another tour of the Hall but someone mentioned bank and… I have a prior engagement."

Walking away from the two he waves, "We'll play catch up later!"

"Whoa, okay, so his suit is part of his ring too?" Barry asks. "That's.. pretty nifty." he admits as he looks to Carol and chuckles. "You going to leave me too?" he asks playfully as he starts walk. "Alright, but don't say I didn't warn you." The young man looks around and turns to ask her finally. "This /is/ Earth, right?" Apparently he's taking the idea of alien corn to heart as he walks, frowning to himself as he finds himself trapped in a home that's not his own. "Oh, right, Kara!"

He considers for a moment, then holds up a finger as he notices a pen and pad of paper nearby. "One moment." He's off in a streak, crossing the room to grab the paper and pen. His hand becomes a blur as he draws, and then he comes back, he's made a pretty decent ink portrait of Kara Zor-El in her Supergirl garb, the full midriff version. "She goes by Supergirl?" he asks curiously. "I thought maybe this was her Earth." And it looks similar to the Kara of here, but not quite the same.

"Well, we have a Kryptonian named Kara, part of the League, named Supergirl. Whether she's your Supergirl, I can't say. But yes, this is Earth. Delaware, east coast, United States, North American continent." Carol sums up. Precision of targeting is key, apparently. "And I'm not leaving." That said, she leads the way into the building, signs Barry in under her codes as a guest, which gets him scanned again, and a visitor's badge pinned to his chest. Then she leads the way through the building, down a few hallways, and into the galley, which is in fact a full-service cafeteria with a very wide assortment of selections, like a modern college campus food court and cafeteria. "Hey, Jimmy? This guy's with me, so badge all his stuff to my account, OK?" Not that there's any payment, but they still like to keep track of things. Oracle will get a chuckle out of Carol's suddenly blossoming calorie count.

No kidding. Speaking of blossoming calorie count, Barry offers the woman an apologetic smile before he's gone like a shot. Moving down the various lines, he's loading his tray with high caloric foods. Sandwiches, potatoes, a steak, pizza - a whole one with all the fixings - a hunk of cake, and a large glass of milk and a bottle of water. Moving to take a seat, he's already starting to eat, his skills at taking in food are well.. amusing and a little bit awe inspiring to watch. "It's odd.." he says between multiple bites as he widdles down Mount Pilosnacks.

"..usually, even when I've broken dimensions I end up in the same place. Like where Central City /should/ be. Do you have a Central City on the Earth?" Though it's definetly not in Delaware, so now he's figuring out exactly how off course he may be. He shovels in a slice of pizza, the piece disappearing quickly as he continues to the next slice.

Carol watches, impressed, and gets her own snack, then follows to a table, watching Barry eat. Wow, that's scary. He's eating at least as much as Caitlin does. "Central City? Sure, we have one. Midwest. I've flown over it several times, landed once or twice. So, when you jump dimensions, it's usually a case of tau translation. That makes sense. So you keep ending up in comparable spatial coordinates. But this time you didn't. That implies something. But I'm not quite theoretical physics nerd enough to say quite what it implies." Because yes, Carol speaks fluent time travel. It's a space thing.

Caitlin and Barry together would probably put an all you can eat out of business, easily. Between plates, he goes back for seconds, gathering a second pile of food that he starts to work on. "Right. It's not as if I make it a point to jump dimensions - it happens sometimes." he admits as Barry looks thoughtful for a moment. In this case, he was trying time travel, but that's not something he wants to share at the moment. "I was in a battle with a villain from my world - the Reverse Flash. He's yellow and red, where I'm red and yellow." he explains. "In the midsts of the battle, we were set upon by what you saw when I first arrived. They're the guardians of the Speed Force, and don't really get along well with those that break the laws of physics." Though he seems brightened to be talking to a fellow time travel, physics type. "I think the battle pushed me off course."

Good thing the League is very well funded. Ozy's bank accounts can handle it. And if not, well, there are other sources. "Mmm. OK. So that was what they used to call a 'time wraith'? Damn. I haen't seen one of those before. Heard about them, but never saw one. Wormholes don't draw them, unless you really screw up. Hyperspace doesn't either." But apparently Captain Marvel has heard of them. "You load up. I'll send a message off to Reed. Hopefully he can get back to us when he's free, and we can see what we can do to help you fix your busted toy. OK?"

"Sounds like a plan.." Barry considers for a moment, looking at her. "Though staying around here for a little bit isn't all terrible." he says with a slight smile, before he's back into the pile of food that he's quickly finishing off. Sure, Caitlin may be able to pack it away, but can she eat as fast as he can? And that poor calorie count just keeps accelerating.

Eat as fast? No. But Big Red has staying power. Carol smiles as she watches Barry consuming all that food. "We have a sort of guesthouse for visitors. We call it the Lakehouse. It's not far from here. Once you're all full and feeling better, I'll take you over so that you can rest. And I should be able to get you some clothes to fit, too. And we have laundry there, though it's self-service."

Finally, after devouring enough calories to make a professional football team nervous, Barry sighs, and settles back. "Are you always this nice to out of town visitors?" he asks with a little chuckle, before he nods. "I didn't exactly come packed for this eventuality. But hopefully I won't be here too long?" Yeah, funny how that's going to work out. "Anyway, Missus Danvers.. or is it m'am?" he asks in confusion, obviously knowing ranks, but not how it works in all of this. "I could probably use a good rest." he admits as he runs his hand through his hair for a moment. "I really appreciate the hospitality. I didn't know what I'd expect when I got here."

"I'm not married, Barry. So it's Miss Danvers, or Ms. Danvers. Or just Carol. OK?" Captain Marvel clarifies. "We try to be welcoming to those who mean no harm. You're a visitor from off-world, and the League has a vested interest in keeping a gentle eye on you to make sure you aren't a threat, and that nothing and no one follows you that is a threat. Easiest way to do that is be friendly, give you a place to stay, and keep an eyeball peeled. And if that means we garner an ally and a friend in this world, or in another, that's just more to the good. See?"

"Sorry, just last time I went to an alternate dimension, one of my friends was a super villain, I didn't have powers, and the person I thought I could trust the most had betrayed me." Barry admits a little nervously. "So, there's just a pinch of caution there. But I can understand where you're coming from on that. Only thing I may be a threat to is your food stores." he says with a laugh. "And that sounds good, Carol. And you can call me Barry of course. So, you're in the miliatry? I assume that the Green Lamp guy was as well. Are all heroes on this world in the military?"

"Green Lantern." Carol chuckles. "I'm in the Reserves, but I've been in the military most of my adult life. NASA too, which was when I got my powers. But no, superheroes aren't all military, here. Just by chance the two of us are. We've got plenty of civilians, and even aliens and mystical beings." After all, Wonder Woman! Carol nods to Barry. "Believe me, I've been there, done that, bought the t-shirt on most stuff. So I get the caution and concern. And we won't hold you; if you want to run off and explore, feel free. But we won't promise not to follow you, for obvious reasons."

Mystical Princess Amazon, not military, riiiight. Barry chuckles a little. "I'm a Criminial Forensics specialist back home. CSI type stuff, so I got the trust and verify type stuff." He considers for a moment, and takes off the emblem on his chest. "There's a camera, and GPS tracker in there. I'm used to being followed. It's been modified to keep up with me. And I might explore." he says as he considers for a moment. "But for now, I think I need to get some sleep. It's been a very long day." Most of the wounds underneath the red cloth have healed by now, that last battle with the Reverse Flash quickly becoming a distant and painful memory.

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