Insomnia Loves Company

December 23, 2016:

X-Red HQ's two permanent inhabitants discover they're both insomniacs, and that Nerina has issues with telepaths.

X-Red HQ


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It's the dead of night at X-Red HQ and the base is silent and deserted, cavernously empty… except for one of its permanent residents. Sitting on the kitchen counter that's becoming her unofficial chair, Nerina fidgets with a worn pack of playing cards while drinking from her thermos. Her hair's an even bigger tangle than usual, with a fresh case of bed-head knotting it into a mane that falls over her shoulder and down her torso with all the thickness and substance of a cape. Its fine fibers pour like a swollen river down her cotton hoodie. Her bare feet dangle limply off the floor as she lays out cards for a game of solitaire beside herself.

"Could not sleep?" asks a familiar accented voice as Wanda slips quietly barefoot into the kitchen; she has leg warmers on and an over-large t-shirt. "I know what it is like" she sighs. "When I came in off the street I could not stay in the bed for very long. Even back in Transia I only had what was available in a caravan, not luxury like this." She opens up the fridge to find something to drink…and maybe eat.

The flautist's sunshine eyebrows go up as she looks over at the voice. "Buonasera, Rosso," she greets in surprise, her voice muted but against the stillness of the headquarters, still easy to hear. "I sleep in fits. Why are you awake?"

"I guess I am still not used to it" Wanda shrugs before pulling out a bottle of juice from the fridge. "And I tend to notice when people are roaming around the HQ. Call it paranoia" she smirks before swigging from the juice directly - no glasses or cups here. "So you sleep during the day?"

"Day, night, any time I can," the fishwife replies off-handedly as she turns a queen of hearts back and forth in her hand while watching the witch. Her lips curl into a little joking smile. "Being homeless means I have no schedule to keep, da?"
"Do you have a super hearing spell too? I was trying to be quiet," she adds, sounding almost dejected at being 'caught'.

"Hearing is not the only way that you can discover someone" Wanda notes as she puts the juice back in the fridge. "No schedule and no responsibilities" she smiles, "Though I found it a very sad time. I missed my brother. I…I would hear voices and it was only after I came here that I realised I was reading other peoples' minds and not delusional."

Nerina stops dead and stares at the witch as her thoughts grind to a halt. "You're a telepath?"

"I suppose that is what I am" Wanda shrugs as she makes her way over to the counter to sit on the edge as well. "Maybe it is part of my magic…my mutancy. Maybe it is just because I am a traveller. But, da, I can hear voices and if I concentrate, I can tell who they come from."

Nerina watches closely, her eyes now hawkishly focused with any trace of drowsiness vanished. As Wanda sits, she discretely scoots away a tiny amount. "…Can you hear mine?"

"Not at the moment and I do not want to" Wanda replies with a carefree shrug. "Maybe if I was stressed then it would come into focus but, no, I cannot hear your thoughts." A wry smile at the move away. "You would have to go a lot further away than that."

The flautist cringes and shrinks into her mane of hair. For just a moment her blue eyes flit towards the foyer.

"I have made you frightened again" Wanda sighs before slipping off the counter. "I will leave you be and go back to bed. If you need to wander the streets again then I will understand. As long as you come back" she smiles sweetly.

Nerina knits her brow in an uncharacteristic show of emotion as she tries to mull through the conflict suddenly thrust upon her. The flautist's hand clenches the countertop for a moment as she holds a breath, then exhales a sigh of surrender as she nods two short sharp times. "I will… da," she offers, forcing herself to say that at least.

As the red-headed witch walks away the flautist blonde begins to reach towards her, then yanks her hand back and stares at it.  She grimaces and slips a small knife out of her hoodie.  Now was a good time for another of her nightly routines…

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