Word on the Street: Social Media Killer App

January 14, 2017:

The social media app to end all social media apps, iDol, has launched, and is looking for beta-testers.



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It's never something covered in the major magazines or newspapers until it has some legs. Social media apps come and go in the blink of an eye; today's Myspace is tomorrow's Facebook. Word is getting around, though, that there might be a new app on the rise. It consolidates social media activity across numerous applications and rolls them all into one big, shiny, gleaming bastion of likes and attention. It has more filters than Instagram, more funny facial recognition software than Snapchat; it can find you a date if you swipe right, check you in when you get where you're going, and let you leave a review for your legions of adoring fans to see and rate while they listen to playlists you carefully curated for their entertainment, or read posts linked to the built-in blog. Still under development, in its beta state it has somehow already been populated with A-list celebrities, who tout its combination of professional utility with the kind of one-on-one intimacy that used to come only in 140-character packets.

Individuals interested in being admitted to beta testing are encouraged to submit their email addresses to a blank, one-field signup page at iDol.com.

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