My Name Is Ribbon

December 14, 2016:

Peter Quill is a terrible influence, and Hikari Hataori gets her first taste of 'being a superhero'.

Gotham - Bristol


NPCs: goons

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Beautiful Bristol. The quiet land of rolling wooded hills, pristine sites and lovely landscapes. Where the rich of the Crest Hill community live outside the hustle and bustle of the big city. Where two overly large men seem intent on flinging what looks like some kind of electrified net over the head of some other man in a red leather jacket. Where Gotham Heights rests quietly in the…


…back up…

What was that about a brawl?

That /is/ what seems to be happening though, away from the edge of Interstate 98, past a line of trees blocking most of the view from the road, an intresting little altercation is going on.

"Come /on/ you guys! It wasn't my fault your brothers got arrested. They were idiots!" Calls the man in red, likely not the best thing to say about someone's brothers but…well…Peter Quill has never been accused of being a wordsmith. "You can't hold that against me."

"We ain't!" Growls one of the large figures in a almost cartoonishly big brown trenchcoat. "Were holdin' tha' bounty ya got on yer head against ya. Yondu wants ta eat ya. His boys ain'—"

Peter cuts him off. "—ever tasted Terran before. I am /so/ tired of that damn line!"


Hikari Hataori doesn't live here. She's just here because her finals are over and she's celebrating with a ride on her moped, and she probably should have been home an hour ago but this is such a pretty area and…!

Although apparently it's not as calm and quiet as she was led to believe, because there's absolutely someone being ganged up on over there. Her first hope, as she coasts over to the side of the road and kills the engine, is that those very large men are some kind of authority figures and they're subduing a suspect. She swings a leg over the seat and stands up, stretching the stiffness out of her muscles, and listens a bit.

…Never tasted Terran?!

Regardless of the supposed bounty on the red-coated man's head, there's never an excuse for eating human beings! Hikari tugs her helmet off and leaves it on the seat before striding toward them. What should she say? 'Excuse me, sirs, but cannibalism is bad'? Rather than outraged or determined, Hikari's expression just becomes a bit sourer with every step.

About thirty feet away, she stops and… tosses something at the two goons? It looks like thread…

Is thread supposed to glow like that? Is it supposed to just… wrap around people, two at a time, and tighten until they might be squished together?

Hikari frowns, carefully guiding her thread to wrap around and around and around the men with the net.

She couldn't think of anything cool to say!!


"Hey brudder, we have company…" Says the Left Goon.

"Eh. Its female and small. We can squish it later." Comes the lazy comment from Right Goon. "Now you hold still Quill…we ain' supposed ta kill ya. Jus' hurt ya a bit…"

Peter glances up at the sudden newcommer, eyes slightly wide. "Hey, um…look out those guys are dangerous!" And then she's practicly running towards them. Wonderful. With a negligent sidestep he dodges the flailing electro-net and takes a step towards the charging Hikari…

…until she throws a thread at his persuers?

"…huh…well thats different."

The pair of Goons look suprised as well. Though one of them starts to mock the glowing bit of string. "Wha does she think we are, some kind o' space ca—" And his words are knocked out of him as he finds himself suddenly wrapped round by a glowing thread and smashed face-to-face with his brother.

"Git off me!"
"You git off ME!"
"Yer on mah foot!"

"Just shoot tha' terran!"

That short exchange comes as one of the Goons strains to get his arm free. In said arm is a bulky looking black weapon that fires some very unfriendly looking greet bursts of energy towards Hikari.

Some of which are intercepted by the man in red, who now sports a metalic armored faceplate with a pair of odd glowing red optics. "Oh yeah. They have blasters. Of course they have blasters."


Some people are cool. And others, like Hikari… are just kind of there.

"Undangerous people usually don't have nets, or weird scifi guns, or try to kidnap people—!" she counters, and then shuts up very quickly as she has to dodge out of the way of /green death laser beams/. Who just shoots at unarmed college students like that?? Rude!

A gossamer-thin strand of light erupts from her free hand. It wraps around the barrel of the blaster, and squeezes—

There's a spark. A quiet, metallic 'shink' noise. And the damn thing just falls apart from his fingers in four neat slices. The thread winks out like it was never there to begin with, and she scowls at them both. "I can do that to you too, you know!"

Actually she would be hard-pressed to do that because violence doesn't come naturally to her. But they don't know that. Probably.

Looking back toward 'Quill', Hikari gives him a 'what the hell, guy' sort of look. "Are you always so popular?"


"You have /no/ idea," Peter replies with a smirk as he crouches slightly to one side of her. "Nice trick by the way, Threads." He adds with a smirk in her direction, a smirk that is hidden by the armor but hey its there in spirit.

The Goons just stare at the ex-barrel of his blaster and sloowly and carefully throws it on the ground. "Hey hey now! We ain' tryin' ta cause ya no trouble. You jus' suprised us like!" At this point she might notice the hand holding the gun is a bit of a greenish tinge to it, maybe scales? Defintally green though. "So no hard feelins or nothin'. Look you let us go we'll give ya a cut o' tha' bounty. Say…10%?"

The other Good stomps on the speakers foot. "I MEAN FIVE!"

Slowly Quill raises from his more combat ready position as he shakes his head slightly, and as he touches something just behind his ear the armored faceplate retracts to reveal a lopsided smirk. "I take it back. They /are/ all idiots."


It's totally natural for teenage girls to dream about being different things. Princesses, secret agents, horse whisperers, superheroines. After her powers emerged, those daydreams turned almost exclusively towards 'what would my cool codename be' and 'what cool costume would I design'.

So she'd picked a codename years ago after weeks of intense deliberation. She can't get stuck with a nickname like 'Threads' now! Besides, that's the name of an urbanwear store in a strip mall near her parents' home. "My codename's Ribbon!" Hikari blurts out, vaguely horrified at the very thought.

"And you be quiet!" she admonishes the two goons, looking from Quill to them and back again. Another horrible thought occurs to her. "…What am I supposed to do with them now?!" she hisses at the unmasked man. She didn't think this far ahead…!

"Do we… call the police or something?!"


"…but…your throwing threads…" Peter points out before he just shakes his head. "You know what. Doesn't matter. You do you, Ribbon. Thats just fine with me." A shake of his head slighlty. "Oh, I'm Star-Lord by the way." A pause again. "Your not a sorcerer are you? With the glowing and everything I gotta ask."

At this point the one Good shouts out. "You lets us go thats what!"

The self proclaimed Star-Lord raises his voice. "You shut up! We wern't talking to you!" A slight clearing of his throat before he glances back towards her and blinks slighlty. "Wait, you've…never done this before? I mean I'm not exactly from around here and all…though…" He eyes the net they were using. The blaster they were firing. "…yeah. Sure its a good idea."

…and with that he trots over to the net and hoists it up before flinging it over the pair of Goons.

And clicking the activate button.

…there is some very satisifing looking blue lightning as the pair get shocked by a tazer net.

"Right. I'm sure someone will be along to collect them after all that!"


Hikari just purses her lips and glances over at the tied-up thugs. There's a flick of her fingers, and the thread widens - flattens, really! It looks way more like a ribbon now. "I didn't want to accidentally cut them," she stage-whispers at Quill. "Besides, your name is Star-Lord. Do you boss around stars or something?" Hikari is only half sarcastic. Who knows what kinds of things he can do with a mask like that?

Thankfully, he's got a solution. The ribbon between her fingers melts into shimmering dust, dispersing. "…What happens if nobody does, though?" she asks finally, giving him a /very/ dubious look and fiddling with the cuff of her pink leather jacket. "Shouldn't we call someone?"

She's not gonna lie, though. It /was/ pretty satisfying to see them get zapped.


"Stars are jerks, just getting in the way of a good space flight." The man replies. "Its a roguish moniker though. My pirate name." He nods slightly. "But don't worry, I'm not a bad pirate!" He adds before he steps away from his handy word and looks back towards her.

"I think we should just get out of here. Er…you have some place to stay around here…or…hide?" A pause. "The last time someone started shooting guns like that it took these guys from…something called SHIELD I think? Like thirty seconds to show up. So naw, I think we are good. Besides if they get left here for a few days it might teach em something!"

He nudges a Goon with the tip of his boot.

"Something like 'Don't mess with Star-Lord!'" A pause. "And Ribbon!" Since she did most of the work.


A pirate? Space flight?!

"So you're… a space pirate?" she hedges uncertainly. That would definitely explain why there's a bounty on his head. And space goons trying to catch (and maybe eat) him. But she can't bring him home to her parents' house either! "What about your… space ship?" Hikari asks, feeling a little silly to even say such a thing out loud. "Can't you hide there?"

All she has is her scooter and a comfortable middle-class lifestyle! 'Star-Lord' had better not mess with either! "We can at least go to IHOP. I don't think you're allowed to serve space warrants in one of those. And you can eat pancakes, which is even better! C'mon, don't you at least have a car or something?"

And he never did say what his power's supposed to be.


"Reformed. I saved a planet." Quill replies as he tugs on his jacket with a rakish smile. As if just noticing that Ribbon is a /girl/ and all. Maybe he was distracted by the bounty hunters. "Oh yeah I mean I could hide in my ship, its not too far away. I was just checking on it when these two caught me." He adds with a grin.

"And I have a place to stay in town, great place. Rest of my crew is there. Groot would love you."

However its the last part that perks up his attention. "Wait pancakes? Seriously? I havn't had pancakes since I left Terra. That is the best idea ever." However there is no car around, so he must not have one…

…how did he get all the way out here though.


She certainly is a girl, but she seems to be immune to his jacket-tugging, planet-saving charms. …Maybe he did it wrong? Maybe she didn't get the hint?

Maybe she's thinking about pancakes.

"Can't you— ugh, of course you can't fly a space ship to IHOP," she realizes, and looks back over her shoulder at her moped. It's extremely magenta. That's like Ultra Pink! "Well, if you promise to keep your hands to yourself," Hikari relents, "You can ride with me."

She's wise to the ways of 'oops, my hand slipped and I copped a feel! hahahaha how silly of me'!! With one last glance to check and make sure the goons are still safely netted, Hikari heads off toward the little scooter and puts her helmet back on before hopping back on. It's a nicely-maintained little machine - not a very expensive brand, or the latest model, but it's in good shape and looks reliable enough. "Hop on!"

It's not until they're driving off that she remembers to ask, "Wait, who's Groot?"

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