Not Too Sappy

January 09, 2017:

Kitty comes back to Xavier's to check in and finds Rogue.


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Fade In…

Roughly 2:30pm on a Monday, Xavier's School front driveway.

From the garage of the Xavier Mansion came the bobbing form of a twenty foot tall Christmas Tree that was starting to turn brown. Underneath the tree were the lower halves of two legs wearing blue jeans that were tucked into tall brown leather cowboy boots with the patterns of flowers etched into the leather.

The tree was bobbing up and down as the girl carrying it was whistling a chipper tune inside of it. She could… somewhat… see out of the tree's drying needles, enough to navigate anyway and she was leaving a trail of them behind her into one of the open garage doors.


At the same time, a long absent face reappears near the Xavier's Institute garage. Kitty Pryde is dressed in a warm jacket, hat pulled down, dark scarf, dark hat. The Shadowcat is usually more colorful than this, but she's borrowing some clothes in order to pick up some of her own. Hopefully she still has her boxes in the attic storage. As she sees a tree exit the doors on their own, she tilts her head curiously. Strangely, this is not the first time in the last week she's seen a walking tree. Then, she sees the legs carrying them. They look decidedly human.

Lockheed swoops downward, landing on the tree and chirruping a friendly, if perhaps alarming greeting to the girl. "Lockheed!" Kitty quickly rushes forward to try and wave him off. "You've been eating too much chips to do that. You'll weigh them down!" Grabbing the top of the tree, she tries to help relieve some of the weight. "Here! Let me help!"


The tree was about halfway down the left-side parking lane when the little dragon landed on the tree and the girl inside it squealed in surprise. "No birds!" She shouted out, assuming that it was infact an avian of the feathery variety… and not a dragon of some kind. She looked up through the tree but she couldn't quite tell WHAT it was.

The girl started to stumble around though, the tree-costume she was wearing bobbing up and down all around her… he looked extremely heavy for one girl to be carrying over her head, but she seemed to be managing it.

"Uh, hi?" Rogue called out from inside the tree. "Can barely see ya, ya look like a friendly person… please don't put an open flame t'this thing, I don't wanna be cinderized." She was grinning inside the tree's core, her voice was laced with a super thick southern drawl accent, syurupy and sweet.


With a grin, Kitty shrugs her shoulders and helps try and take the tree with. "Hiya! You'll just have to make that call," she tells Rogue - her own accent one pretty neutral. It could be New York, it could be Mid-West. It's hard tot ell. "I could just be one of those nefarious people who help carry trees and then do mean and terrible things afterwards." By the tone of her voice, it sounds as if she is teasing.

"Don't mind Lockheed. He's friendly, just doesn't know his own strength sometimes." The purple dragon lifts upward and then lands on Kitty's shoulder with a huff. He doesn't like to be told he is too heavy for a pine tree. ""Aw, buddy, it's not you. You were just unbalancing the tree." Over her shoulder, she calls out as she moves forward and calls out, "You'll just have to trust us on the flame thing. He's usually good about flame. No arsonist or anything. This just going to the curb? It's a little late for the tree, isn't it?"


Rogue got a better view of Kitty when some of the branches moved and she also saw Lockheed land on her. "Wow. What the hell…" She said, with a voice of shock laden upon its tone. "That thing is cute as a button! And… uh… scary as a Jurassic Park movie…" She continued to walk. "Nah I'm good. I just gotta toss this out past the gate, there's a man on his way ove'ah t'come'n recycle it, or eat it… I don't know, whateve'ah these weirdos do with these things. I just do what I'm told."

"I'm Rogue, by the by!" She called out from inside the tree. "Brand new French teache'ah here. Hopin' t'mold the minds'a the youth'n such. In a positive way, I assure you." It was biascally like a walking-sideways-tree was also talking to Kitty and the dragon.


"He's, uh, an alien?" Kitty would shrug, but she's got a tree that she's helping Rogue with at the moment. "Don't compliment him too much, his head'll get too big." Lockheed is already puffing himself up at being called both cute and something from Jurassic Park. Both are compliments to him. "He's tried to imitate raptors while I'm in the shower. It's upsetting. I already know that he can open doors."

"I'm Kitty. Kitty Pryde. I'm—-well, I was the computer science teacher for awhile. I've been away for a little bit. Probably why you don't know me. Thought I'd check in." With a bit of a laugh, she glances backward toward the other woman she's helping. "I say you teach them jibberish and tell them it's French," she winks. "That's always fun."


"Oh, Kitty!" Rogue said then and started laughing. "Hell… I didn't recognize ya.. I guess its this lovely helmet that I'm wearin'." Rogue hadn't really hung out in Kitty's 'circle' when they'd been here at the same times, they'd seen each other and spoken before… but the southern gal had always hung out mostly by herself when she was attending classes here. She had also hid in the rafters of the garage a lot and doodled around on her smart phone while smoking cigarettes and just being… isolated.

"Good t'see ya back. I bet everyone's gonna flip!" She grinned as they reached the front gate. "We can just set this down here. Guy said he'd come up t'the gate t'get it, so I didn't have'ta walk all the way down the damn lane." And with that, the tree was tossed with a heavy grunt. "Sappy bastard…" Rogue then muttered, looking down at her gloves. "Shoulda taken these things off…"


Kitty easily sets the tree down once they reach the proper place. It's a good work out and as she looks back at Rogue, she finally blinks. "Marie!" Now she recognizes the woman. "Goodness, it's good to see you!" She moves forward to give the woman a hug, but then pauses right beforehand, remembering her mutation. She doesn't want to intrude on that.

Taking a bit of an awkward step back, she smiles sheepishly. "Hi. Yes, it's been, well, it's been a few months. Not quite as long as the last time…" she shrugs. That was different circumstances. "It's good to see you! Where have you been? I mean, since I saw you last. You were obviously here before me." The woman shrugs and grins. Lockheed studies Rogue as they two women talk. Obviously they know each other, but he doesn't know her. His dragon neck extends forward and then tilts almost entirely to his side. It's a very snake-like movement as he studies the other mutant.


That was a motion Rogue was used to… the Hug—oh-wait-ur-a-monster move. It used to make her lose sleep at night, make her feel pretty down, but those days were gone mostly. She'd been trying to change her ways the past few years, be less angry about stuff and focus more on smiling and putting off positive vibes. She'd watched a seminar on positivity (cause the guy teaching it had been exceptionally hot) and a lot of what had been said in it resonated with her.

But hey, maybe it was jsut cause Rogue was standing there covered in pine needles and sap all over her flannel shirt and gloved arms/hands, she almost looked like she was wearing a military ghili suit! All up in her hair and everything…

Rogue grinned at her and the dragon. "Oh. I was goin' t'school in Salem Cente'ah. The professah helped me with my tuition… cause he's the nicest man that eve'ah was, ya know?" Marie started to walk back toward the school and the garage, smiling at Lockheed and waving a gloved hand at him.

Looking back at Kitty then she grinned a little. "You comin' back full time or you just stoppin' in t'visit?"


The needles and sap may actually be quite a cause to not hug a person. Perhaps still feeling sheepish about her reaction, Kitty folds her arms behind her back. "Salem Center? Where is that?" While a very smart woman, she wasn't quite the best at all geography. "That's great! I'm glad you enjoyed it there. Did you major in French?" Hence why she would possibly be teaching it here.

Moving back toward the garage with Rogue, the pair follow. Lockheed moves over toward Rogue at the waved hand and attempts to land on her arm like a falcon. He's a friendly purple dragon. There, he leans his head forward to give her an even closer inspection. It's friendly, but born of curiosity.

"I'm hoping free time. I just, uh, got back. I was hoping to figure things out. I may not be able to be back full time for a bit. I just wanted to, you know, touch base." It's a weird subject for Kitty and she knows she sounds shady as hell, but she can't help it. "I'm kind of stuck with a few roommates for a bit and I certainly don't wish to inflict them on the Mansion."


Rogue was dusting herself off when the dragon landed on her arm and it made her eyes go wide! But only for a second. She was a big time animal lover and animals were not subject to that skin-on-skin mutation of hers, it only affected homosapians and homosuperiors.

"Oh, well hello there, handsome." Rogue said with a grin to Lockheed. "Ain't you just the most charmin' that eve'ah was?" Big smiles were given to the purple-one. "Snap the Magic Dragon… an' here I thought that song had a different meanin' to it all togethe'ah." She flashed a grin and then looked back to over to Kitty.

"Yeah, French… I hope t'go to France someday… its like a dream'a mine. Eve'ah since I was a dumb kid, hangin' maps up on the walls'a my room. Paris was always the top'a the adventure-list." A faint smile. "Salem Cente'ah is the town just down the road. David Lette'ahman has a house there, ya know? I seen him out mowin' his lawn this past summe'ah, I waved at him.. he's got a big ol' bushy grey beard." She grinned some more as they made it back to the garage. "Storm-y'll be happy t'see ya, I'm sure'a it."


Lockheed preens at being called handsome and charming. Sitting up very straight on Rogue's arm, he looks both proud and pleased, giving Kitty a 'so there' look behind him. "Oh boy, you're going to make him insufferable for weeks," she warns. But, it doesn't sound like the brunette minds all that much.

Once in the garage, she politely opens the door up into the mansion for Rogue. "You will!" Kitty tells the woman, always the optimist and also an encourager. "Oh! Yes. Sorry, that makes sense. I don't think I've ever seen Letterman. I was mostly just between Westchester and Manhattan." Kitty tends to go to extremes. As for seeing Storm again, she grins and nods. "I'm looking forward to seeing 'Ro. I just hope they don't mind that I've been gone so long. I didn't really mean it. Things just happen, you know? Went to go out looking for something, found something, it took longer than I intended. Stories of the Mansion, really. How long've you been back?"


Rogue seemed to be just fine with Lockheed having an inflated ego, she was the kind of animal person to spoil them rotten to the point of it maybe becoming animal abuse… 'Dogs don't eat panckaes, Marie!' her aunt once yelled at her for feeding the farm dogs out the backdoor of the old Mississippi farmhouse. 'Sure they do! Dusty had four already'n Sammy is workin' on his fifth!' The little scampy/scrappy tomboy Rogue had shouted back at her aunt, all those years ago.

"I got back this past summe'ah… Profess'ah said he'd hook me up with a job'n sure enough, he did." She sighed wistfully, walking through the kindly opened doorway into the west wing of the mansion/school. "Had my first whole semeste'ah too. Its been a total blast." She glanced back at Kitty then and flashed the brunette a big grin. "Though I've had to try'n shape-up some, ya know… let go'a some'a my more… 'uncooth' habbits. Still tryin' t'add smokin' t'that list, but that one is a tough nut to crack."


Lockheed seems to have the exact same opinion as Rogue. He much prefers himself with a big ego. Moving his head one way and then the other like a queen in a parade, he beams at Kitty. Now that he has seen that it is okay to be on his arm, he moves up to perch himself on her head. He likes to be up high and Rogue has proven herself worthy.

"Ah, that's just about when I left," Kitty tells her with a bit of as mile. "That's great. I'm glad you're back. It'll be great once I can finally settle in." As for her bad habits, she laughs. "I think some of them are okay. My bad habits used to be trying to fight crime when I wasn't supposed to, so smoking, I think, is a little below that." Winking, she moves familiarly through the corridors though she hasn't been in them in months. This place is still a home to her: she knows where the lead. "Though, I guess I should do my duty and say, 'Smoking is bad for you! It ups your risk for cancer!' There. Duty done."


Rogue furrowed her brow when the dragon ended up on her head, but it made her laugh too and she just rolled with it, it didn't really make her uncomfortable that much because she had the strength of a bulldozer and the durability of a… uh, second… bulldozer…

A grin was given over to Kitty then as they walked through the halls, there were students around, some running, others just strolling togethr or loitering with books and such, ALL of them looked to the dragon though, some stares more linger-y than others!

"All I gotta do is touch Logan's face for a second or two, if I eve'ah get 'the big C' … then I'll be right as rain in Maine again." She smirked at her peer. "Kind've a cop-out, I know… but, hey… thats why the good lord gave us these mutations though, right? Might as well shake that fine ass if ya got it, right?"

Rogue exhaled then and shook her head. "Phrases like that are the kinda thing I'm tryin' t'get myself t'stop sayin'… not very teacherly'a me.."


Lockheed, now the proud climber of Rogue Mountain, remains there with his remarkable balance. Some students remember Lockheed, others are surprised by his very existence. It's quite a mixture.

"That doesn't mean that it's a good idea," Kitty tells Rogue with a smirk. It's the teacher in her, she can't help it. "The consequence of actions does not mean those actions cannot be considered good." Okay, now she's done. In other words, yes, she agrees with Rogue to a certain extent.

There's a laugh at her attempt at curbing her language. Kitty gets it. She had the same problems when she was learning to be a teacher. She didn't think she would be any good at it and she was certainly not a role model. But, it was something she fell into. "You'll be fine as a teacher. I think the kids will like how down to earth you are. Especially with the swearing." Looking about the Mansion, she takes a bit of a breath, a hand reaching deep into her jacket pocket. "I should—-I should probably go. It's been good to kick the tires, as it were, but I've, uh, I didn't realize I should back. It was nice to see you again, Rogue." This time, she uses the introduced name. "C'mon Lockheed, you can see her again soon."


Rogue laughed softly at the response from Kitty and she ducked a bit when Lockheed took off and then waved with her left hand. "Good t'see ya again." Rogue said after her. "Welcome home!" She added once a little more distance had gotten between them.

Rogue looked down at herself then, covered in pine needles and she sighed… she turned to go head toward the elevator for the X-Men base downstairs and the locker room showers. She had to get ready for some Danger Room stuff in a bit anyhow.

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