January 10, 2017:

WOnder Woman and Starfire meet to discuss moving forward with the JLA.

Queensland Park - Metropolis

Originally, this land was set aside by King George III for his consort
Queen Charlotte, though after the Revolution those who wanted to live like
'Kings' quickly set up their farms and became the shining welcome to
newcomers to Metropolis.

This area is home to the bulk of the immigrant population and while in
other areas, like New York and Gotham, would say that members of these
diverse ethnic cultures cannot live in close proximity, the residents of
Queensland Park prove it untrue.

Welcome to the melting pot of humanity.


NPCs: K'tten, Orn, Depalo, Lian Harper

Mentions: Kang, Superman, Hal Jordan, Batman, Oracle


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Fade In…

Despite the hatred sent many directions in Metropolis by the newly appointed Godfrey, Starfire listened to many and did not wear an inducer…

Although it would be hard to do so as flight is taken and a large beam meant for support of a new high rise in Queensland Park is hoisted up like a lifter to rest along the broad span of shoulders that bear a tawny hue, shadowed by a sheen of purple armor that rests in plates over shoulders and meshes with that down in parts to biceps, forearms, and solid over wrists to fingerless cusp of hands that hold the bar in balance.

The ground spreads, small pebbles bouncing and rolling outward as she rises along side the crane to place the next level of the 10 floor apartment building in place, leaving a trail of flame behind from the tips of flame huen hair.

Lines form around the rising complex, protesters (supporters of Godfrey) held back by a small line of local PD and their own citizens who know the crew that have remained hovering above this island of Metropolis, and also become known as citizens and friends.

Diana isn't part of that work crew. But, she does stop in periodically to see how things are going. When she's not on the Watchtower, she's usually in New York; she still has responsibilities as an ambassador and UN representative. But, that doesn't stop her from checking in on things regularly elsewhere. Today, it's Metropolis.

She soars over the park,

Diana isn't part of that work crew. But, she does stop in periodically to see how things are going. When she's not on the Watchtower, she's usually in New York; she still has responsibilities as an ambassador and UN representative. But, that doesn't stop her from checking in on things regularly elsewhere. Today, it's Metropolis.

She soars over the park, coming to the worksite and its protests. She doesn't see an immediate need to intervene there, simply because no one has become violent. Instead, she hovers near her friend. "How fares it?" she calls to Starfire once the beam is in place.

The beam is hoisted over her shoulders, settled for the welders who swarmed around the dual beams placed by alien and crane in tandem. The hoist itself seems seamless, but the furrow of the aliens brow as well as the perspiration shows the strain she dares not show…

… Not with others below…

Floating back Starfire watches the progress with a smile, one that brightens with the arrival of Wonder Woman, a clap of hands with a point towards the sun by joined indexes' in silent grace to X'Hal.

"It goes well! So many have found home due to one Apokolips, and we add for… The other?" A furrow of brow and she looks down and away, back towards Hell's Gate and the Bridge between where she has seen cocoons being taken.

"I find it hard to trust those who take the homes of the homeless and yet bring in more of the new."

A lift then of those pupiless emerald eyes to Wonder Woman's own while the arrival of the renown Ambassador and Hero brings in a small uprising below. More of joy, but some of reproach…

It comes with the territory, Diana has learned. "You're not alone in that, sister," she tells Starfire with a rueful smile. Her own gaze moves over Hell's Gate, a faint tightening of her eyes and gathering of her brow suggesting her own concern. Still, Hal's manning the fort, right now. If something goes too far amiss, he'll call.

"It's nice of you to help out here." She glances down to the gatherings below. "I see you've attracted some attention." Not, mind, that the attention wouldn't be there anyway. She does, however, raise her hand in greeting to those who are waving enthusiastically at the pair of women in the sky.

"My ship resides above, and they have accepted it for years. As well as me and mine. Roy… He brought them in to help in the end," A furrow of brow in memory of the video feed and then a small shake.

"They've known they were not alone, and accepted even beforehand." A gesture to the landscape. One of rebuild and one surrounded by devastation, yet planted for walled-off means.

"Exposure had been stipulated - then finally risked. This is OUR home, how could we not help more?" A slow roll of plated shoulder in a shrug as she comes to hover beside wonder Woman who gets a rise in the small accolade with her own gesture!

"Your arrival heartens them, friend. The rest," A small shrug. "It's "evolution"." The quotes even made by hands with a roll of eyes.

"I do not worry over them. I pity them anymore. After all, fellow Princess? We have to be. This is home, liked or not."

A small smile and Starfire looks back down. "What have you found, so far? I am sorry for my absence but I tend to more then just this and my crew and the Santa must provide." All said in reference to not only Lian, but those left with -less-.

Diana smiles at that, but grows more serious at the root of the question. "There are organizations taking cocoons from the mist-fields for unclear purposes. The government claims they are working with certain agencies like Cadmus Labs and the DEO to provide a means to reverse the mutagenic effects of the mists and the cocoons. That is all well and good, if it is the Truth. But, the League is actively investigating to ensure it actually is the Truth. Batman has returned and, along with Oracle, is working on using electronic means to ensure there are no ulterior motives at play. Ozymandias has discovered a shipment of medical equipment destined for these agencies that can either mean they are close to finding a cure, or they are intending on experimenting on living beings to further their research, possibly including cloning — which is troubling. Green Lantern is looking into making contact with the Inhumans, though I do not believe he has yet had any luck. I have spoken with some of my contacts in government, and they have promised to inform me if they are able to turn up anything outside the publicly announced mandate of the cure program."

All of which adds up to a lot of work, and little return. For the moment. "I believe Ozymandias and Oracle are working on a way to track the equipment shipments to ensure they go to sanctioned destinations and not heretofore unknown bases of operations."

Starfire watches below. If you are a hero here, prone to put your entire being on the line for those long borne and settled here, they bear you no ill will. In most cases. In fact most adore you, even the small children who aspire - hearteningly.

Those small beings with their BIG dreams, and tiny showcases are what keeps Starfire going when the rest make her crew utter warning. Hence why she is Captain.

Wonder Woman's words make her brows furrow and that flame slowly grow hotter, while fists ball at her sides along exposed thighs. "But they are not simply things. They are men, women, and children. I have seen some reborn. They are lost."

A glare heads towards Hell's Gate in a manner that brings small lights of perse to every fingertip kept in a fist.

"What do you want from me?" A proud lift of chin and it is simply known to be a done deal.

Wonder Woman again smiles, however tightly. "Two things," she suggests. "I would like to add your ship's sensor sweeps to compliment those of the Watchtower and the other satellites we have been able to secure. We are watching for movement around mist-fields all over the planet, though the most activity we've noticed is here or in New Jersey. Secondly, I'd like you to periodically patrol the mist-fields and intervene if you happen to catch non-sanctioned activity within their bounds. We can't stop the DEO or Cadmus from taking cocoons out because they are sanctioned by the government. However, both here and abroad, there are 'poachers', for lack of a better term, who are sneaking in and harvesting cocoons as well. We don't want those inside the cocoons harmed or forced into unwilling servitude or slavery. More importantly, if they do break from their cocoons alone within the mists, it is important there be someone there to help them, if possible. These people are victims, and while some of them may welcome the changes wrought, many others do not." She lets out a soft sigh. "It is possible some birthed from the cocoons will evolve into powerful heroes and allies. But, it is equally possible that they will lash out in fear and frustration. Either way, they need help from those of us who have personal acquaintance with what it means to be different and empowered on this Earth."

A hand extends while Wonder Woman speaks, and from the gauntleted fist the digitallized armor expands, and then omits a light while pal up. A holograph of her watching and listening team shows in blue glowing outlines. Starfire has never extended the visual of her crew aboard the HMSS to anyone. Bridge may have met them on their terms, but now they seem to sit back and stare through the hologram, the sudden revelation by their Captain even though small and un-harmable. Person to person is different then in their home. They are obviously listening and now extended and seeing it all transpire.

"Crew, finally meet Wonder Woman. Princess or Queen of Themyscria, the Amazons. Like us, home here." No reaction save stares, though Orn, the Citadelian seems to rise a massive paw to wave a clawed hand while the other clutches a small child named Lian Harper who burrows her face in his furred hide and squees her excitement!!

Depalo, the Dominator slowly moves the paw down, while K'tten - another Tamaranean, stares, watching carefully as shadows on the outskirts gather. Other aliens, beings who knew slaver, saw servitude and were liberated aboard the HMSS.

"I was asked to help SHIELD, and Avengers as well. I have stayed my hand with limits to even them," Starfire states, her gaze steady upon Wonder Woman, though her head tilts.

"I will open up if my people agree and we can come to an accord that does not risk my own refugees that have called this place home… Or my people." Starfire looks down upon those of Queensland Park with a fond smile.

Lian's happy squees become more then muffled as she is basically bouncing off K'tten now to press an eye and flail happy hands in the hologram projected screen. "And you agree to meet Lian Harper." A smile then, flashing ivories against deep purple stained lips.

Wonder Woman inclines her head toward the hologram in greeting. And nods to Starfire, smiling to the squeeing child. "I would be more than pleased to meet her," she assures them all. "To meet any of your crew would be an honour."

She grows a trifle more serious. "And, yes. I agree. Do not put your people at undue risk. I am not asking you to take any of the mist victims into your ship. You may summon any of the League to help you collect them to a safe place here on the planet. But, if you are at least willing to join in the search and alert, that would help considerably."

Starfire had been on-call for the League since the change and departure, which was where SHIELD and Bridge tried to hook her in. But unstable was not something she sought, answers and truth was all she wanted. If they all could make sense of this, together? Starfire is in. Wholly. Bridge is a good man, as is Nathaniel, but the end game and vision…

"I will speak with my family," The crew nodding behind Lian's large eyeball peering and fog of happy breath, grabby hands. Below though, the people of Queensland watch as if envisioning entities into reality and prayers answered. Superman's absence could have been forgiven in this moment, though his reappearance is spreading like wildfire - proclaiming a return to Metropolis and the JLA. Homeborne.

"But it seems the people I share home with… You already have rapt." A gesture and sweep of hand to the watching eyes and wave of whispering silence.

Those in the hologram had leaned in amongst each other and parted as the words between Di and Kori stilled.

One solid nod….

…and a child's happy squee as she flails escrima sticks much to a flailing Depalo's dismay… He's back to his lab quickly!

"Send me feeds. We will connect." A pause and Starfire's hand slowly curls in, the hologram disappearing but then the palm opens to Wonder Woman with a bright smile.

"SHIELD and Avengers? Let me know. But we fight against slavery, undue harm, victimizing?" A chord had been hit with Di's words…And a hand is extended in a deep agreement that their own kind bears different names for…

Wonder Woman accepts the proffered hand in hers. The folks on the ground below may not know what the conversation actually was about — neither woman was shouting for them all to hear, after all. But their agreement is evident enough. "I'll see to it," she promises. Starfire will doubtlessly have the feeds before the day is out. "Thank you for your help, sister."

With that, and another smile and wave to the rapt crowds, she says, "Unfortunately, I must take my leave, now. There are other matters I must attend. But, I look forward to speaking with you again, soon. We will make time to meet with young Lian and, if they so desire, the others." Another smile. "Farewell."

A final wave to the tawny alien and the Amazon streaks off into the blue.

Starfire takes the hand and the name sister, to heart, clasping hand and wrist with Wonder Woman.

As soon as she streaks off Starfire turns and lowers to the ground, the barricade ignored as it incinerates beneath touch and protesters finally meet silence.

"Find the cocoons and bring them here, the Land of Queens is now a home to all, protected!"

The floods of people span out into the streets like Wonder Woman and Starfire's own streaks, into the alleys and streets….

There may be Marshall Law pressed for this, but there is an evident response to the R(E)volution.

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