Harley Is Getting Bored

January 04, 2017:

Harley starts to contemplate crime and being a female super villian

Harley & Ivy's Penthouse Apartment

In the heart of Otisburg, with a lovely view of the Ace Chemical plant


NPCs: None.



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Fade In…

Harley looks out of the window of her apartment, having the audacity to be wearing her gym gear from Arkham. It even has her prisoner number on it, #4768. She sighs and mopes, thrumming her fingers on her arms. "Red? Do you ever get the impression that people think of us as second rate villians cause we ain't men?"


Ivy was dressed, as she often is, by her preference of what nature provides. Her pale skin was clothed in the green fern-like attire she'd created for herself, a small flower blossoming in her hair to top off the attire. Lowering her book she'd been reading the redhead quirks her brow. "Where is this coming from?" she questions slowly. "Those so-called 'first rate' villains you're pining about? They're only more famous because they're so often seen failing spectacularly and then crying on the news."


Turning around, Harley looks over to Ivy and leans her head on the window sill. She lets her eyes linger on her best friend, room-mate, and partner in crime a little longer. "I guess you're right. They are always in the news because the Bat finds them and carts them away. Again. Maybe I've just not been caught in so long that I'm mistaking noteriety with failure." She looks out the window again, turning around and this time throwing a leg over the window sill to wave a foot over the outside of the building. "Whatcha readin', Red?"


"If you'd rather be famous then successful…?" Ivy trails off lightly, shrugging her shoulders lightly and looking at the blonde she gestures to the book. "Some romantic trash," she says lightly with a little chuckle. "Vampires, princesses and will-they won't they. But it's something to do…"


"I guess I'm just getting the itch to do something criminal. Something ta make heads turn. Maybe I miss the big explosions." She starts to smile then and nods. "Even you have to admit that the explosions are pretty fun, Red. Maybe we could do something, like rob somewhere or maybe go to a movie." How the two possibly compare is anybodies guess.

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