Magic and May

January 08, 2017:

Melinda May recruits Logan into S.H.I.E.L.D.

The Triskelion


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Logan had been a contract agent ever since Nick Fury recruited him a few years ago. When S.H.I.E.L.D. had need of him, he made himself available. But it had been a fairly rare occurrence that they had actually called him in, so when he received a message to meet Melinda May at the Triskelion, he assumed that something major had been brewing. As their headquarters was a somewhat public location, he came in a suit. He was given a meeting date and time, so whatever it was, it wasn't an absolutely pressing emergency.

He was waiting outside her office, looking at the magazines, and deciding against reading up on the incoming President, or whatever they were about. Instead, he just sat there, patiently waiting to be called in. This infuriated him. He was Logan, but here, he was an outsider. He had no rank, no title, just a wealth of experience, and sadly, experience meant nothing to protocol or the bean counters.

If Logan thought they'd be sitting in May's show box of an office to discuss something, he's got the wrong preconception. Approaching from further down the hall at a brisk walk, May calls out to Logan without even slowing down, "Logan. With me." She's never not busy anymore, so everything she does is while she's on the move. Maybe, just maybe, recruiting Logan will help with this.

Glad to be doing something, anything, Logan jumps to his feet and easily catches up with Melinda May. "What's the sitrep?" He asks, using military shorthand. He may not be polished in S.H.I.E.L.D. protocol, but he was a good soldier, he could follow orders, or take charge, and he would never, ever need a babysitter. He was the babysitter. Sensing how tired she probably was, he did add in, "you look good, Mel." Even the career women appreciated compliments, and despite it all, she looked nothing like her age. She was aging like Logan, incredibly gracefully.

"More of the usual. Reports of suspicious activity in multiple sectors, local authorities asking for backup." Meaning the LEOs are in over their heads. "Pretty sure most of them are local gang activity and the like, but we can't take chances." May leads Logan through to what looks like a typical command centre, but in the middle of all of the computer terminals and wall screens is an open section of floor with sigils painted in it, and scattered amongst the terminals are other less typical stations, including one that has a bubbling cauldron and another with a nearly flawless crystal sphere.

"Logan, welcome to WAND."

Nodding his head as he walks with May, Logan lets her speak. She's informing him, but the curious thing is that this seems fairly routine, run of the mill stuff, and frankly, what she'd be telling to an ordinary agent. Why is he here? He's sure she'll get to it. The cauldron and the crystal ball definitely get his attention. "Wand Mel? Are you sure you aren't taking going medieval on yer ass a bit too literally?" Even he can joke around this place. She led him to a room with a witch's cauldron and a crystal ball.

At that May stops and turns to look at Logan squarely. "You think this is all smoke and mirrors, take it to Fury. I have a job to do here and not nearly enough resources to get it done." She gestures to one screen. "Racial intolerance has gotten out of hand since the last election, but there's a group in rural Jersey that's taking it too far. They're using actual scrying and magical wards to help them set temples on fire and drop bombs on mosques. In New Jersey." Yes, that last is said with clear derision in her voice. "I already have a contract agent in with that group under cover, but I might need someone to be her contact. Someone that won't end up on that hate group's radar and can extract my agent if things get ugly."

She really was stressed. Logan quit with the jokes. Were it another leader, one he didn't respect quite so much, he probably would have continued, but with Melinda May, he shut his mouth and instead, listened. "In New Jersey," he repeated, surprised as her to hear that being the place where such a thing was happening. "All right May, you need me, I'm there. Just tell me when and where." Logan really was an ideal agent. Drop him from a plane, anywhere in the world, and he'd likely achieve the mission, and live to tell about it. And really, what more could one ask?

May steps over to a tech at a computer terminal, and is handed a badge. "We're not to that point yet with that op. But I'll need you to be ready when we are." She tosses the badge at him. "You're back on the payroll, approved by Fury. First mission: There's a spook sneaking around NYC slicing people up. Pale skin, silver hair. Can teleport and is ridiculously fast. I apprehended him once, but he slipped his restraints and got away." She steps back over. "I need him brought in alive, he was lurking around a mystic's circle in Central Park that's already claimed two lives."

Logan catches the badge, looks at it curiously, and then back to her. So, he has a badge. But will they make him wear the jumpsuit? "Alive," Logan repeats. "You love to make things difficult, don't ya Mel?" But he was smiling as he said it. It would make it harder, much harder with the teleportation power, but there were ways around it. For example, shove a metal rod through the guys shoulder blade, thereby making it a part of the guy, and as long as Logan held said rod, the guy probably couldn't teleport away. And that would qualify as living, as long as he didn't bleed to death. "Spook, pale, silver hair, telporter, quick, near Mystic's Circle in Central Park. Killer. Got it."

"Sensitive to light, and according to Aoibhe, he's got some connection to the Fae." May watches Logan to see his reaction to that last statement. It's a sort of litmus test for working in WAND.

Logan raises an eyebrow, but he doesn't say anything. He knows some things exist, like magic. He's seen it with his own eyes, but he doesn't understand it any more than he understands particle physics. "Weather it's Asgardians, fae, or Stark tech, it makes no difference to me. All I want to know is what it does, and how to stop it."

May gestures toward a strangely-dressed older woman. "Aoibhe can tell you what to expect with the usual Fae, weaknesses and the like." She doesn't look like she's going anywhere though, as another analyst appears to ask her a question about something on a tablet computer. After the analyst walks away, May returns her attention to Logan. "Sorry."

Maybe he was collecting for a set, but Logan had a bit of a look around while May was distracted. When she returned, he rubbed the badge between his thumb and forefinger. "I got one question fer ya May… where can I get one of those jumpsuits?" He made eye contact, and really sold it. Was it a joke, or was he being serious? He wasn't making it easy on her to tell which way he was going. And that was the best part.

May narrows her eyes at Logan, and then chooses to think he's trying to poke fun at her. "You really want one of those; the quartermaster is down on the second floor. He'll likely have to get one custom fitted for you." Yeah, she WILL call your joke by taking it seriously. Deal. Especially she herself isn't wearing one of those jumpsuits. She's in dark coloured jeans, shirt, and her ubiquitous black jacket.

Logan continued to maintain eye contact. She just had to call him on it. "Quartermaster, huh, second floor, eh?" He repeated, still keeping a straight face. "Oh, well, if I gotta sit through a custom fitting, then… maybe next time." He winked at her. She had him. He wasn't going to go through that. And he burst out laughing. He couldn't contain himself anymore. His laugh was genuine and boisterous, echoing through the room, and probably down the corridor. He sounded like the Predator when it was laughing in that 1987 classic.

"Yeah. Didn't think so. But you DO need to go see Cassandra in HR to get you officially on the payroll. If you want. I could use your experience full time here in WAND." May gets sidetracked yet again by someone with a tablet.

"All right, Mel. But only because it's you." He nods his head, agreeing to go down to see Cassandra in Human Resources, go on the official payroll, and become a fulltime part of Wand, or whatever this place was called. Of course, fulltime for Wolverine is full time availability as opposed to full time on site availability. He… divides his time considerably, but when he makes a commitment like that, he sticks to it, regardless of the air miles. "I'll do that now."

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