Casinos and Seashells

January 07, 2017:

Patch and Elektra meet in a bar… and go collect some seashells.



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Tonight, Wolverine finds himself in Gotham. Last night, it was Salem Centre. The night before, Metropolis. But tonight, he's going to have some fun. He's dressed as Patch, assuming his somewhat criminalistic identity. But while he wears the eye-patch that gave him his nickname, he's dressed up, wearing a tuxedo with a white coat. He's currently sitting at a poker table, holding the Ace and Jack of Hearts. He's working on a flush. One more card, and he'll probably have this pot.

There are a few criminals in this club, some are wanted for despicable crimes, others, not so much, and a few are regular people, just having a good time out. If he's here for someone in particular, he's not making it obvious. There is a drink on his table, but it's empty. The waitress hasn't been by to get his next drink. He places his cards down on the table and reaches for the cigar that he had left in the ashtray, taking a another puff, and blowing the smoke across the table to his opponent. "I raise ya two hundred." And he threw the chips into the pile.

Elektra is casing the joint at the moment, as she nurses a dry martini at the bar. She is wearing her undercover clothes at the moment, as she leans her side against the bar and eyes those nearby, then raises her chin and eyes those coming into the club. Her slinky red dress crawls over the floor, making Morticia proud, but it is a deep red colour. She glances at Logan at the poker table and watches the waiter go over to his table.

Leaning back in his chair as the waitress approaches, Logan takes another puff on his cigar. "I'll have a Signapore Sling, and whatever the lady in red's having." He may not have made much contact with her, but she was hard to miss in that outfit. His opponent called, and Logan lost the hand, and the pot. But he was still winning the table. Looking over, he tossed the little blind into the table, "deal me out of this hand," and he left his chips for now. In this place, no one was going to steal them. There were video cameras everywhere, and security knew how to handle such things. Plus, nobody wanted to deal with an irate Patch. Heading over to Elektra, he placed an arm on the bar, "what brings a woman like you to a dive like this?" It wasn't a dive, but it was a good line, at least in his mind.

Elektra must be hard to miss, because Elektra gives Logan the eye as he comes over to her turf, as she tries to track and kill some damn, dirty criminals. It must be the very low cut, slinky dress she's wearing. Nahhh. Elektra lifts the martini off the bar, "The best martini's," she comments, although it's hard to guess if she's joking or not, "I don't play cards," she adds.

Patch sees the look she gives him, and immediately regrets having come over. But it doesn't stop him. He just keeps on going. And, dress, or no dress, she drew attention. Soon, he will be presented with a drink, and he'll lift it to her. "Pity, I would love to see you across the table," he gave her a wink, with the one apparent good eye. "You sure that's all that brought you here? You could've gotten a good martini in New York."

Elektra curls her red lips up into a small smile as he fishes for information but she doesn't bite, "Good olives," she tells him, and takes the tiny olive from her drink and pops it into her mouth. "Who are you?" she wonders, shifting her side against the bar, "I haven't ever been here before, have you?" she asks, speaking a little more and revealing her dark tone and foreign accent, like she might be Greek or from Europe. She might belong on a beach or on a sailboat.

"A lot o' folks call me patch," which didn't take much to know why, given he was wearing an eye patch over his left eye. "But you can call me anything you want." The people at his table didn't seem too happy that he was ignoring the game. But there would be a few more hands before he was big blind , so, they were just playing without one player. Still, they wanted to win his money, and the longer he chatted with the brunette, the less chance they had to win it. "An', I've been to lots of places, here included." He then tried something. He spoke Greek, picking up what he thought was her accent, "do you want to learn? I could teach you."

Elektra tilts her chin up and glances back at Logan's table, where his precious chips are stacked waiting for him, "I probably do not have the bankroll you do," she comments, glancing at the dirty criminal, a Chinese business man who sits at Logan's table. She dreams of stabbing him repeatedly and she smiles, "You will give me a loan?" she wonders.

Looking over his shoulder at his stack of chips. Money didn't interest Logan. Taking money away from these punks did, but he didn't have much of a use for money. He lived at the school, paid into the 'pot' as it were when he could, but mostly, he lived off the land whenever he had to. He got by. But he was never about the accumulation of wealth, or things. Gesturing towards his seat, and the pile of chips in front, "sure… anything else you win, yer free to keep." He had to have around seventy or eighty thousand on the table there. And knowing him, he started with at most, five grand.

… a few days later, Elektra is hot-rodding it across the water to a mysterious island. She cuts the motor and slides up onto the beach, the nose of the little, tiny, boat burying itself in the sand, where she parks. She wears a red one-piece swimsuit and she hops out of the boat, grabbing her satchel in order to confiscate some sea shells from the mysterious island. She buries her toes in the sand as she looks over the landscape, maybe thinking that she hears something. She puts the bag over her shoulder and heads up the coast.

There was something about the woman that drew Logan to follow her. He hated the water. It was a serious threat to him, with the amount of weight he was carrying. But he followed her on his own boat. He watches her from the water, making full use of his terrific vision. He hopes that she won't be able to see him. Though, at a certain point, he takes his boat in, landing somewhere else along the beach, and begins following her on foot. What was she up to? She definitely had skills, and he wore blue and yellow swimming shorts, in a muted tone. He didn't want to call too much attention to himself, so he was going for the tourist look. Moving into the grass near the beach, he tracked her.

Elektra does have a sai strapped to her bare leg because she's a badass and doesn't care who knows, but Logan might be too far off for her to see him anyway. Either way, she steps in front of a large rock and bends down onto her knees to dig at the sand, in order to pry a valuable sea shell out of the ground. She holds it up in the light just as a large motor revvs and churns to life. She blinks in surprise as the huge monstrosity churns around the corner, the amphibious vehicle rolling in her direction! Uh oh! It breathes fire, churning out flames at a short distance from it's flamethrower! Uh oh! She glances back and forth, trying to decide where to run to.

That wasn't what Logan was hoping for. With her in danger, he springs into action. His claws pop out with a snikt sound, and he rushes through the brush, onto the beach, and attacks the amphibious vehicle. The fire doesn't seem to scar him, and he launches into a battle cry, roaring as battle is commenced. He launches a vicious assault on the fire breathing monstrosity, "get to cover!" He calls out as he hacks and slashes, trying to disable it. If nothing else, it seemed he made a good choice in following her. Who knows what would have happened had he not.

As Logan pops the metal tracks, the metal vehicle churns to a stop, and Elektra frowns in confusion. She glances around her, wondering who he is talking to, because it certainly can't be her. She takes the sai from her leg and advances on Logan as the pilot inside cries in surprise and takes off running as Logan cuts and destroys his ride. He glances over his shoulder as he laughs at Logan, running away, but Elektra grabs his arm and spins him to the ground. She holds the sai up in the air and seems to want to stab him.

With the vehicle stopped, and Elektra going after the man, Logan cries out to her, "let 'em live, just knock him out." It had become a habit for him to suggest such things, but frankly, Logan was no moral compass for her. He did it more for what others have said to him, than any real desire for the preservation of life. He had killed in his past, and he'd do it in his future, but he was trying to be the better man. Plus, this guy was probably just a grunt, security. Moving over to her, and the man, he did nothing to actually prevent her from stabbing. "Just what the hell are you doing here, anyway?"

Saying something in Chinese, the man spits at Logan and snickers. "Are you serious?" she wonders, cracking him over the head rather hard with the butt end of her said, "He was trying to kill us," she tells Logan. The man falls limply into the sand and Elektra puts a hand on her hip, probably unsatisfied with what Logan wants. She probably would have done away with him but seems to honour what Logan says for some reason, "Why are you here? Have you followed me?" she asks impatiently.

Logan says, clearly not wearing an eye patch anymore. His claws retract back into his forearms. "Ya piqued my interested, red." She wore red at the casino, and she's wearing red now, so it seemed like a fitting nickname. "I wanted to see what you were up to, and if I hadn't, he might have killed you. So, sounds like I made the right choice." He looked at the man, unconscious, and then at her shells. "You risked yer life for a seashell?"

Elektra puts a hand on her hip again as she hmms, "You don't need to protect me, I can take care of myself," she tells him pointedly. She kneels down and puts the sea shell in her bag, then says, "It is worth a lot on the black market," she explains, "I have not found the diamonds yet," she adds, though it's not clear if she's joking or not, because of her accent. She stands up and puts the bag over her shoulder again.

Logan didn't understand her. She seemed crazy to him. And he was used to hanging out with crazy people. "Diamonds, huh?" He chose to take her at face value, thinking that she was being serious, or else it wouldn't have been worth anything close to what she had done. "And that a fact? So, where'd you learn to fight… and you got a name? Mine's Logan."

Elektra walks past him and back up the beach, "Elektra," she tells him, "The beach is precious, and there are growing militants on this island. It is strange," she explains to him, wondering about the military build up, but probably having done nothing about it in the past anyway. She glances back over her shoulder to see if he is still following her, "Why were you really following me?"

So, she was an environmentalist? He was having a hard time buying her story, but the more stories she gave, the more interesting she became. What was at the heart, underneath all the lies and deception? He wanted to know. "Oh, I don't know. A beautiful woman. An island? Seemed like a good idea at the time?" He really had no idea why he had followed her here, but something had compelled him to do so, and yes, he was still walking beside or just behind her.

"I would kill them," Elektra tells Logan as she continues describing the island, "People would probably pay me to do it," she adds, commenting on the hard facts with a shrug of her bare shoulder. She plops the bag back into her boat as she walks up to it. She glances back at Logan again, "Don't tell anyone about me, do you understand?" she asks slowly.

"Not a problem. 'sides, you think they'd believe me if I did?" He was really having a hard time, not knowing what to make of her. Part of him wanted to help her kill everyone on the island, another part said he should just head back to the mainland. But he wasn't sure which way he was going to go. "So, yer an assassin? It paying as much as it used to?"

Elektra shakes her head, "I'm not an assassin," she tells him, "I'm just a sea shell collector," she adds, "I can see that you're the one who is the assassin," she tells him accusingly. She seems to wonder about him, watching him now, probably not wanting him to know stuff about her.

Logan shrugged his shoulders, "ohhh, all right." And if she didn't want to talk, he was fine with that. "I guess you're right, I'm the assassin here. Maybe it's not so safe to be around me." He was mocking her, saying it in a teasing tone, "maybe I should head on back to my boat, eh?" And he turned his back on her, fully intent to do just that… He was testing her.

Elektra smirks at him, "Stop making fun of me," she explains with amusement, "When I find the diamonds, I will give none to you," she adds. She puts both her hands on her hips as Logan turns to walk off and she decides to follow him like he did to her. She pads along, waiting for him to notice her again.

He knew she was following him the whole time. She may be silent, but she can't hide her scent, and he knows hers quite well at this point. Eventually, they reach his boat, and he turns around, "so, you coming, Miss I'm not an Assassin?" He began pushing his boat back into the water. He was beginning to think that there were no diamonds. Either way, this had been a strange day for him, and that was saying something.

Elektra walks along carefully and heads over to his boat, not surprised that he noticed her anyway. She climbs onto his boat and doesn't wait for an invitation, "If I can swim back to get my boat," she tells him, "Where are you going?" she wonders.

"Home?" He offers. He wasn't in the mood for lies, or playing games, and he was a no-nonsense sort. He got into the boat too, and instead of having her swim back, he'll power up his boat, heading further up the beach to where hers was. "Elektra, I don't know what you're up to. Diamonds, killing, seashells, and I don't care. You want to kill them all, get yer seashells, get paid for it, and collect some diamonds, go ahead. But don't lie to me."

Elektra frowns as she sits down on the bench in the boat, "I am not lying," she tells him, "The militants have valuables — well maybe not diamonds, but they're militants anyway, they deserve to die," she explains and shrugs, "I don't care enough to do it anyway, so I do not know why you care what I say," she says with her accent.

Logan steers his boat towards the part of the island where she had stashed her own, and he brings it to a stop. He really didn't trust her at this point. She had gone back and forth on him a few times, and he really had no idea why he was even here. "Listen lady. This ain't my beef. I don't know what's going on here, but I'm not about to go taking on a whole island of people on somethin' like that. Yer boat's right there."

Elektra keeps sitting in Logan's boat, "What are you talking about?" she wonders, "No one knows I am here and I intend to keep it that way," she explains to him.

Logan looks at her as the boat idles not too far from her own boat. "You want to collect yer boat, it's right there. Otherwise, I'm headed back to the mainland."

Elektra nods to what he says, "You are headed back?" she wonders, then gets up, hopping out of his boat. She walks back over to her own boat.

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