Seeking Wisdom From the Prophetess

January 06, 2017:

Ozymandias talks to Oracle about verifying his recent findings with Cadmus Labs, and asks her help in uncovering more information.

The WatchTower The Nest


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Ozymandias sits at one of the WatchTower computer console's as he brings up the data and the specs that he received from Umoja's meeting with Cadmus. He talks into one the communication unit. "Prophetess, Are you available?"

Ozymandias raises his right eyebrow behind his mask as he wonders does Oracle just sit by a computer everyday waiting to be called, or is she just an advanced artificial intelligence. He taps his left food several times as he ponders the thought.

Somewhere in Gotham, Batgirl lands lightly on the corner of a roof as DELPHI notifies her of the query from the Watchtower. She slides down a gargoyle into the lee of a retaining wall on the roof and pulls out a tablet to interface a little more directly — albeit using an Oracle avatar rather than her own face. "Go ahead, Ozymandias," she says, fiddling a little with the settings to block out the background noise of the city. "How can I help you?"

"It is been awhile, Prophetess. You have no idea how my fortunes always seem brighter, when I hear your voice." Ozymandias pulls out his datapad, "I recently received some data on specs on medical equipment from the Cadmus Labs that a company received from an order with Cadmus." Ozymandias says, "I need you to independently to verify the data for me, and I need your help with some tricky satellite tracking on equipment from the company's warehouse to their location in various Cadmus locations.
Ozymandias sends the information to Oracle.
"Erf," Batgirl says softly to herself. "Yeah, you don't want much." She looks around at the Gotham landscape and does a quick mental calculation. "Okay, DELPHI," she tells her AI, "give me a private audio-only interface with the Watchtower using an Oracle video overlay. Boot up the batcycle and have it meet me at the corner of Keane and Miller. And start processing Oz's info. I'm on my way back to the Nest."

Then, she opens the channel back to the Watchtower. "I'd be happy to, Ozymandias. Give me a few moments to look it over."

That said, she pelts across the roof and fires another zipline to swing across the street in an effort to meet the cycle in a timely matter.

"Just let me know what you need? I can provide you with all the equipment tracking numbers, and I could probably implant a tracking device into the medical equipment, but I think that would be tricky." Ozymandias furrows his brow behind his mask. "DEO or some other government entity will be doing the transport, and no doubtly they will scan for any bugging devices. I could give you the schedule of the shipment leaving the warehouses.

Ozymandias does his usual tapping of his left foot as he thinks about different solutions. "I need the items tracked back to Cadmus without the company that created getting blamed for the incident."

Leaping onto her batcycle a couple of blocks over, Batgirl listens to Ozymandias' assessment. "The tracking numbers will help considerably. A bug will likely be seen as a breech of contract between Cadmus and whatever company it is that's supplying the equipment, once it's discovered. The DEO isn't stupid. Eventually, they'll discover it. Better to use satellite tracking, unless you have access to an evaporating chemtrail signature that could be used during a limited window."

Shopfronts and gothic architecture flashes by as she zips between traffic.

"The shipment schedule will be essential, if we're to track them at all. It might be possible to attach a short-range bug onto the transports without the DEO noticing, and follow it that way." It's a favourite bat technique.

She steers the bike into an alley behind the Clocktower and then into a hidden driveway. Leaping off it, she's running for the lift to the top floor, to see the list of equipment firsthand.

Ozymandias smirks behind his mask as he shrugs his shoulders, "Business not my forte, but you are probably right about the breech of contract." Ozymandias ponders one of these days he is going to have to reveal his identity to more members of the League if is he is going to stick around. Ozymandias taps his left foot again again. as he speaks again.

"I like the evaporating chemtrail signature, but then we are are working on the premise that DEO doesn't have a superpowered individual with them that has heighten senses, but keep that on table. If satellites get blocked, perhaps we can apply an evaporating chemtrail in route. We have several members of the Justice League that are fast enough to apply a signature without being seen.

Ozmandyas nods, "I assuming that the quantity of equipment will mean a variety of vehicles, so I am not sure if short-range bug tagging would work. It might be like the chem-trail, but I know that a company that has its security check all of their transports for tracking devices, when they enter and leave the warehouses. I would expect the DEO might be just as paranoid. "

Batgirl pushes back her cowl as she enters the Nest and crosses to the computer. With practiced ease, she brings up all her screens and info feeds, settling into the ergonomic rolly chair behind the consoles. "Let's see what we've got," she murmurs, scanning down the lists of equipment and shipment information." She purses her lips, cross referencing what she sees with DELPHI's scenario extrapolations.

Openning the channel to the Watchtower once more, Oracle says, "Based on the quantities and configuration of equipment, the likeliest scenario for the eventual use of the shipments is one of three things: an acute trauma center, an experimental genetics lab, or a biocloning facility of some sort. You say Cadmus is the purchaser? They have a long history of cloning and genetic engineering, particularly with regard to alien and metahuman DNA," she notes. "The shutdown of Stormwatch was partially precipitated by the revelation of their cloning operations and allegations of extreme, inhuman experimentation on cloned human tissue." There are, unfortunately, few laws protecting clones, even in this day and age.

"And the DEO is connected with this?" She crunches a few more numbers and processes a couple of quick scenarios. "Their whole focus is 'extranormal operations' — aliens and metahumans. Since both Cadmus and the DEO are highly involved in the Hell's Gate clean up, I'm seeing two likely possibilities here: Either they're trying to reverse the terrigen mutations, as per government propaganda, or they're looking to weaponize it." A beat. She shrugs to herself and grimaces. "Likely a combination of both — the one acting as a plausible surface cover for the other." She doesn't trust governments any more than Bruce does.

"So, the question becomes where they're taking the equipment. If it's to Hell's Gate, the surface reason holds up. If it's elsewhere, I'd want to dig a little deeper."

She peers at her screens and her eyes narrow. "But I can tell you right now their networks are fragmented and not easy to access." Another beat. "Even for me."

"Yes, Camdus Labs is purchaser. I don't think they are going for acute trauma center. They purposely went to United States Government approved contractor, and that means wanted a level of secrecy that a normal commercial supplier could not provide. Prophetess, I agree with you that equipment seems to deal with cloning and breeding cells."

Ozymandias tap his foot again, "Well, their security is being handled by DEO. I am not sure how far the rabbit hole that DEO goes on down this particular issue." Ozymandias grinds his teeth, because he did not want to push the issue of Umoja International not being allowed to proved transport or security to Cadmus Labs. He doesn't want to get in a pissing contest with the DEO to do his company's business with the United States Government. Ozymandias starts to pace around the communication system, he is still moving a bit gingerly from his recent battles, "Hhmm, the equipment used for testing the bio hazards would work on Terrigen Mists.

"Okay, I will supply you the information on the schedule of equipment to Cadmus. I will give you a backdoor to the company supplying the list."

At her console, Batgirl nods, the Oracle avatar doing the same thing. "Love backdoors," she smiles. "Ok. I'll keep a trace on this and interface it with the Watchtower so that you can access it there when you need it." That's simple enough to set up, since she's already got that interface back online. Not, mind that it was ever really offline. It simply had switched from having a user interface the erstwhile occupiers of the Watchtower could use to being a spybot network. 'Cause that's just how Oracle rolls. (Yeah. She was definitely influenced by the Bat.)

"All right, the backdoor is a one time only access, and the opening closes." Ozymandias smiles, "Just make sure that you don't leave a trace. I have a friend on the inside that will try to wipe out any traces, if you think that you did. Just leave me an emergency warning on my personal communication, not my Justice League communication.

Ozymandias snaps his fingers and looks at the avatar. "Since I got you, I really think that we need to invest into minatures drones for you that are connected to your satellites, so the Prophetess vision can be extended. I know on some missions we have run into situations, where there are no cameras for you to see. I think that it might help. Just a thought"
Long distance to Platypus: Ozymandias waves. "Do you know when Turtle is coming back?

Sitting at her console, Bab's ears and brows rise with interest at that suggestion. "I'm always open to new technologies," she says, the avatar smiling, her voice warm. Yes, she likes that idea. "It's certainly something worth discussing."

"As for the company system, I'll do my best not to compromise anything." She doesn't really need to leave traces, anyway. Most systems are pretty easy for her to get into — unless, of course, they're on par with WayneTech, Stark, or LuthorCorp. Which, okay, Umoja probably is. But, she hasn't had the pleasure of a formal introduction, yet, after all.

"Let me come up with some schemactic, and passed it around among the other Leaguers." Ozymandias hops on a table in from of the Prophetess, "Aeronautics is not my strongest area of knowledge, so I will seek the other members out." Ozymandias claps his hands together, "So we have our initial strategem, let me know if you need any more information on my end.

Oracle nods, Babs leaning back in her chair. "Will do, Ozymandias. Thanks for the info. I'll send update feeds to the Watchtower for you regularly. If I find anything, you'll be the next to know."

"Always, a pleasure and my honor to work with you, Prophetess. smiles Ozymandias. Ozymandias taps his left foot on the floor again and sighs. "If she is advance AI, I am really lagging behind in my understanding of technology.

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