Business With Cadmus

January 04, 2017:

Morien meets with Cadmus Labs to get a contract with him to help find out information about their attempts to clone the Terrigen Mists.

Umoja Tower

The main office of Umoja International in New York City, is a forty story
skyscraper with an outside square that is filled with Neo-Impressionist
sculptures. The outside square leads to the lobby area of the building. The
lobby gives off the immediate expressions of security and professionalism as
the security guards allow each person to past beyond the metal detectors,
verifying their badges, and wishes them a good at work. New visitors
received the same level of courtesy, even though they face more security
checks to be allowed into the building.

Majority of the floors are filled with floors of cubicles with workers
working on a variety issues and missions for the company. There is a floor
filled with information and electronic technicians and engineers that has a
more laid back atmosphere than the rest of the floors. There is an alarm
control center floor and a floor that holds several unsecured and secured

The fourth floor to the top is the main conference floor. The top three
floors are the living quarter, and personal business office for Morien
Washington. This area is only accessible by Morien.

A conference room in this building.


NPCs: Mister Leighton, Ms, Atwell, Mr. Clarke, Arielle Reynolds

Mentions: Pepper Potts


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As the Cadmus representatives are brought Umoja Tower. They are cleared by security and given photo security badges that give them access to the fourth-floor conference room. The young security guard with blonde hair and perhaps a bit too much military bearing reminds them to return their badges upon leaving the building or an alarm will sound.

On the fourth, Morien is still grimacing a bit from his wounds he recovered in battle with Ma'at and Apep as he muses over the past, while playing chess with himself. A soft chuckle escapes his lips. "I have not been this injured, since all those battles against the Huns, or maybe some battles with the Harlem Hell fighters. I wonder if any of Hellfighters are still leaving, perhaps not. World War I was such a long time." Morien narrows his eyes slightly, "It always become a long time ago in the end."

Arielle Reynold, his CFO notifies him that the people from CADMUS have arrived and will be up shortly. As she walks into take her seat, the caterer walks in and places some a small selection of high quality and expensive appetizers and wine at both ends of the table.

Arielle leans over to Morien, "I still do not understand, while we need their business." Morien winks at Arielle, "We need to diversify, if you ever want to beat Pepper Potts as most influential businesswomen."

The CADMUS representatives are all clean-cut and open handed when they arrive. The oldest of them is probably in his mid-fifties, there's a young woman in her mid-thirties, and a confident young man probably fairly fresh out of college. In any case, they are perfectly polite to the guard and the pepper-haired fiftysomething reaches across the table to greet Arielle and Morien. "Tom Leighton," he greets. "Pleased to meet you both. This is Lisa Atwell and Trevor Clarke."

Arielle shakes hands, "Shalom, Mister Leighton, Ms, Atwell, and Mr. Clarke. We are glad that you took time to meet with us this evening. Morien nods in agreement with Arielle as he shakes hands with the group and settles back in his chair. "We provided you a variety of different food and drink, so even if we do not wish a deal, you cannot say that we didn't treat you well." A soft chuckle escapes his lips once more as he presses a button. Two Umoja executive assistants, one male and another female walked into the room, and passed out data-pads for everyone in the room. The dip their heads and leave the room. Once they leave the room, Morien presses another button, and each of the data-pad produces a small holographic picture of both the Umoja and Cadmus logos. The holographic picture also appears in the middle of board table from a computer hidden with the table.

Morien stand adjusting tie, "Umoja is always looking to diversify their presence in various industries, but we are also looking to strengthen our reach into different cities. Metropolis is one of those markets. We have a few operations there, but we believe doing business with your company will increase our profile in the bioengineer sector, and in Metropolis. We supply medical equipment to the poorest areas in the world to some of the richest. We can fit any need and size within 24 hours signing a contract with us."

Tom smiles at that and his two assistants nod with various degrees of acknowledgement and understanding. They all carry satchels or briefcases, but it's clear Leighton is the leader. "We're glad to hear that," he says, letting his hand fall away. "We are in need of some rather specialized equipment and you are on our list of vendors we'd like to provide quotes. As you may know, we are currently engaged in working with the US government to investigate the effects of the mutagenic mists and, hopefully, to reverse the process wherever possible. Umoja is on the government's list of approved vendors, so we're hoping you will be able to help us out."
Arielle Reynolds offers up a pleasant smile, but there is a slight sternness in her voice when she speaks again, "Of course, we appreciate our relationship with the United States Government as well with governments around the world. Governments know that we that operate within the confines of their contracts, respecting their secrecy, and at times the vary winds of the politics within the government. It is why we did not make up a fuss, when the DEO seized the WatchTower. Our insurance covered any loss, but we do value our reputation.

Morien walks back to his seat with his back to the clients, but his eyes on Arielle, marveling how she takes over the negotiation like a painter perfecting their masterpiece.

Arielle continues her speak, but this time her voice is almost motherly. "A reputation built on trust. On trust on how people see us, and what we stand for. Umoja means Unity in a community. We are here for the community of the world. It is why we want to do business with Cadmus. We see how that you have shifted from your past mistakes, and want to help the community at large. We give a lot employees here second chances, and we would be hypocrites, if we did not do business with you.

Arielle offers up a soft smile. "Any specialized equipment can quickly be mass produced and shipped to you. We can even offer to use our secure transporation services if you preferred the utmost security, Whatever our clients want. We are here to make sure their needs are met."

"We, also, value our reputation and trust," Leighton replies, meeting Arielle's eyes evenly, his expression becoming more serious. "As I'm sure you know, CADMUS Laboratories suffered a severe blow with the Stormwatch incident some months ago. Since then, we've been working very, very hard at reestabilishing our trust with both the public and our clients. This has included a sizable internal shake-up. We are determined not to repeat the mistakes of the past." He speaks in his best, serious and reassuring tone as he says all that.

"I have a list here of the equipment we need," he says presently, opening his briefcase and withdrawing a folder with half a dozen sheets of paper in it. "We would like to know what of these needs you can supply and the cost to us to do so." There's the implication they'll look elsewhere, if they think the costs are too high. But, then again, they wouldn't be here if there wasn't a serious desire to work with Umoja.

"Due to our contract with the US government, all of our security is currently handled by the DEO. Our investigations are happening under their oversight and direction. So, I expect that they will want to have a hand in any secure transportation."

Arielle takes the lists and passes it over to Morien. Morien peers at the list and starts to type on his computer. He rises from his seat again and takes a deep breathe. He walks over to the chessboard and moves a pawn along on the board, before turning towards Mister Leighton. "I see no reason why we cannot meet your needs. He walks over to the datapad and presses the initial offer to Cadmus. "As you can see the price does rise, depending on how quick you need them. We do like for all new clients to know that they must signed an agreement that they will not go to our competitors for any future orders for a period of 2 years after the end of our initial contract, and that you cannot turn around and enter the medical equipment market for a period of 10 years after ending our initial contract.

Morien lowers himself to his seat and says, "There is one small thing, and I hope you know that it doesn't have anything to do with Cadmus personally. It is just business. Since you are not using our transportation or security, we are not responsible for loss of merchandise once it leaves our warehouse."

Arielle Reynolds peers over at Morien and offers him a pleasant smile, befure turning back to Leighton. "I am sure that the DEO are more than capable of protecting your merchandise. Our only other concern deals with our morality clause. If something like Stormwatch incident occurred again, the value of our stocks would fall due to our connection with you. If that does occur, which we find to be highly unlikely, you would owe us a repayment of that value of loss that occured in 36 hours. We limited to 36 hours, because we have an amazing public relations department that can make worse parts of Gotham seem like a luxury hotel in Dubai. The payment will be in actually either in money or stock options, which will be our decision.

Ariell smiles softly, "If you have agree to these terms, our lawyers can have the documents ready for your lawyers in the morning, and we can have the first shipment ready, when you desire."

Mr. Leighton adopts his best game face as he listens to the terms. "I will have to allow our legal team to review both your conditions and the contract before I can commit to any such thing," he says evenly, matching Arielle's tone, his eyes sparkling warmly. "However, if they deem the conditions and the contract acceptable, I expect we can have the agreement turned around within 48 hours."

Man wasn't born yesterday, and those conditions are pretty heavy to some degree. It's doubtful, however, his pushback is a surprise. It's likely Umoja has had such a response before.

~"When Alexander saw the breadth of his domain, he wept for there were no more worlds to conquer"~ thinks Morien to himself. Morien peers as the group, and wonders if this is all worth it. He has his own path he wants to take in his life, but he calls over Arielle and whispers back to each other. They pretend to talk about business, but are really talking about Arielle's daughter being named starting quarterback for her Pop Warner league.

Morien looks away from Arielle and smiles as he turns back to the Cadmus representatives. That is really good. I spoke it over with Ms. Reynolds and we are prepared to lower our quotes by five percents of the previous price, and leave out the two year clause entirely, and limit the ten year medical equipment non-compete clause to five years. We really want your business.

Leighton purses his lips, and quietly confers with his two assistants. The young man looks more curious than anything, but the young woman has a seriousness to her that suggests she may have some legal background. Finally, the older man nods. "We can provisionally accept those conditions," he says. "if you are willing to consider a 24-hour cash payout indemnity in case of stock performance in the case of any liability, rather than 36-hours. Our legal team will still need to see and ratify the details, of course, to ensure the deal remains fair to both parties. But, I expect that will largely be a formality."

"That would be agreeable, if your assets have not been seized or frozen to prevent a cash payout indemnity. If your assets are freeze, we get decide on assets be their real estate, stocks, of cash to help recuperate our losses once your assets are unfrozen." Morien smiles, "We will limit it to 18 hours, so everyone is happy.

Now, Leighton nods. "That should be acceptable," he agrees. His smile is pleasant still, and his demeanor reasonably satisfied. He reaches into the breast pocket of his jacket. "Here is my card; it has my email address and other contact information on it. Feel free to contact me if there are any problems, but otherwise I'll expect to see your draft of the contract by end of business tomorrow."

He straightens now. "Thank you for doing business with us, Mr. Washington, Ms.Reynold. We look forward to hearing from you soon."

"You will have a draft before noon tomorrow. Our lawyers are paid to work long hours." Morien says, "Please, since you are in the city. There are some Broadway tickets for you to pick up on your way out. I hope you enjoy your stay here."
Morien wonders if the Prophtess can follow the products from his warehouse to wherever they might end up in Cadmus.
Morien wonders to himself if the Prophtess can follow the products from his warehouse to wherever they might end up in Cadmus.

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