The Captain and the Rogue

January 06, 2017:

Peter Quill is confronted by Captain America in NYC


A street in NYC not far from Jane Foster's apartment


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This was not starting as a good day for Peter Quill. All he wanted to do is get a coat back from a scientist. It was a completely innocent bit of breaking and entering. The milk was gonna go bad anyway so she should be /thanking/ him for drinking it. I mean really. Who leaves milk in the fridge when they go running off doing who knows what. She should have known better.

Now though, now as he trudges down the street, hands thrust into the pockets of his coat. Peter Quill is pretty sure this was the worst idea. I mean he's pretty sure he picked up a tail, walked face first into something /else/ to complicate his life, and he forgot to get anything to go with the milk so now he's just hungry.

…maybe he should stop to get some cookies.

…no. That can wait till later he decides as he pulls out his phone to place a few calls and then continues right on, angling towards a little park nearby as he goes. He's in public. He's safe right? I mean what could go wrong.


If this was filmed in front of a live studio audience, there'd likely be a lot of fanfare as none other than Captain American, dressed in full garb, comes out of a nearby alley. His shield is slung over his back and his cowl pulled over his face.

"We need to talk," he states with a deep frown. It's hard to tell if the frown is from the subject matter of the proposed conversation or the sake that the conversation has to be with Quill.

Peter turns at the sound of his name and quirks an eyebrow. One hand, as if just by automatic reaction drops to the butt of one of his twin pistols. Though he relaxes as he sees just who it is. Though…

"…geeze…did I miss a Halloween party invitation. I'm feeling under dressed here man." He drawls at the sight of the man in full costume. Because he doesn't really remember seeing him in full costume before.

There was a demon and there were hot chicks involved, he wasn't paying much attention to Cap.

"You're…that…guy…" A pause again as he shifts his weight to his back foot. Maybe getting ready to run. Maybe just leaning back. Hard to say. "…from the redhead's place. Ste—something. It'll come to me. Gimme a sec…"

The man in the 'Halloween costume' doesn't give Peter the time to figure it out himself.

"I'm Steve Rogers, but everyone calls me Captain America."

A glance is given to the area around Quill, perhaps a little cautious himself. Either way, his blue eyes soon settle on the man and space legend. "Where is Jane Foster? You were in her residence but she appears to be missing." How does he know? Crreeeeeeeppppy.

"Woah woah woah, were you creepin' on Princess Science?" Comes the predictable reply from the rogue. "Watching her and Vader do…weird…science…things? I mean I'm not judging here, if that's your things that is totally what you're into and its a free country and all." He holds his hands up in front of himself, obviously meaning no harm. "I was just there to get my coat anyway." Quill adds after tugging on his coat obviously to show the evidence.

The frown noticeably gets larger. "Doctor Foster, or 'Princess Science' as you like to call her, is a scientist of importance, so her safety is considered one of national security." Of course, Cap doesn't say it's because she's linked to SHIELD or a powerful Viking god, but Steve doesn't trust Peter fully. But at the same token, he isn't being mistrusting, just a guy trying to get information while giving as little as possible.

Captain America widens his stance, folding his arms as he does. "I'm not a man of surveillance, but someone who protects people. I believe that there might be a chance that your friends might be in danger. I was hoping to contact her about some important matters, but I fear those important matters might have gotten up to her."

A brow is arched, reading the man as best he can. "You wouldn't happen to know anything about it, would you?"

"If this all is cause Thor was sweet on her at one point you can stop following her around, he is totally into Sif now. I put my foot in that mess when I met the two of them. You know what its like to drink with an Asgardian? I'm lucky I remembered what day it was after that." Quill vomit words at the good Captain at a truly preposterous rate. Leaning back on his heels and then back up to his toes for a moment to stretch as he smirks slightly at the costumed hero type.

"Not a man of surveillance? In that getup? Oh my god how surprising!" Quips Peter as he shifts slightly one shoulder up and down. He can't seem to keep still, always a touch of movement here or there. Eyes moving as if picking out angles of escape. He's not /too/ worried if Cap is any judge. Not guilty or any hesitation that would denote him trying for an obvious lie.

He's pretty much about the same as he saw him last. Dangling from Caitlin's grip. Calm and smartass.

"If I did, would it be worth anything?" Comes the question, grin forming on his lips. "Guy has to eat and all." A beatpause. "Besides, its not me you should be looking for. It's that boytoy of hers with the metal arm and the gun fetish."

The talk of a reward is noted, though Cap lifts his chin slightly in response as The National Paladin replies to the Interstellar Rogue. "Considering you seemed to care for her safety before, I would think you'd be doubly vested in it now if you yourself believe her to be in trouble and willing to aid as best you can."

In light of the metal arm's mention, there is a noticeable steeling of Roger's eyes, a firmness that enters his lip. There is a brief pause as Cap offers a single word that is likely not given in Quill's line of work. The tone is likely uncommon as well. It is gentle, but not weak. Compassionate, but not frail.


The First Avenger might not cast spells, but at least he's fluent in the Magic Word.

"Eh I just didn't want to get blood on my boots," Comes the lazy reply as Quill strolls over to the ally wall and leans against it. One shoulder against the smooth brick. His feet crossed at the ankles, his arms folded across his chest in a picture of unhurried carelessness.

A smirk grows though at the please and the Intergalactic Rogue raises his eyebrows. "Huh, that someone you know? I mean hard to miss, guy with a metal arm and a huge gun. Usually wears a mask round. /Really/ touchy. Doesn't talk much. I call him Vader but that's not his name…"

A slight frown.

"What was his name, I know I heard it at that party with all the magic and the demons and stuff. Eh I don't have to tell you, you were there…but anyway…B…something…" One curved and calloused finger scratches lightly at the corner of his chin. "…it'll come to me…"

A shrug again.

"Anyway, she looked like she just left in a hurry. Not like she was kidnapped or anything. Well…I mean besides the bullet hole in the wall…" A pause. "…I mean she might have been running from you…and whoever you're with. Since your not 'into surveillance' someone you know has to be. How do I know you all didn't scare her off?"

"Because I'm Captain America and I'm not in the business of scaring people." There is an awkward pause as Rogers critically looks at Quill as if he had a second head. "You know, Captain America. Come on, I thought everyone heard of me."

There is some cosmic irony happening, regardless if Steve knows it or not.
With a sigh, the blond drops the attempt of recognition to focus on the important thing. "I worked with her. I work with her. I didn't even know she was with Barnes until she told me and asked for my help. She didn't want me to push, so I didn't, but I'm starting to wonder if that was the right thing to do."

Rogers takes a moment to consider. "A bullet hole, you said?" Sighing, Rogers merely moves out of the alley, merely making a bee-line toward the building, clearly planning on checking out Foster's room himself.

"…I don't know how much you know about the people you chase down, or fight, but I'm pretty sure they get kinda scared. I mean law enforcement, and I'm gonna go out on a limb here and just assume that's what you are, makes people nervous man." Quill gives his opinion before he shrugs slightly. "I haven't been on Terra in a long time. Not really up on the happenings."

Terra. Not what one normally refers to earth as.

"Bucky! That was it, I knew it was a B…wait his name is Bucky Barnes? Oh my god what is this naming scheme they have! That's like the fourth person I met like that." He would say more but suddenly Cap is running right away from him. He rolls his eyes and then gives a shrill whistle.

Dipping one hand into his pocket he comes up with one tiny dot of mangled metal. A spent bullet. "This what you were running off to look for?" He calls out after the fleeing Captain.

Cap folds his arms in a grumpy manner when accused of being scary. "I don't make people nervous in the bad way. Unless they are bad people." There is a brief nod as Peter discovers the actual name, but Cap doesn't say anything on it nor the mention of Earth as Terra. Instead, he focuses all his attention on the bullet.

A gloved hand reaches out to take it, placing it in an empty pouch of his belt. "In the future, you should really leave the crime scenes, or places you think a crime occurred, alone. There are people that can find out a lot from stuff like that when it's left the way it was found." If he explained it any slower, you'd think he was speaking to a small child.

"You know, just for future reference. 'Bad' is kinda subjective. I'm not /bad/ but people think I'm bad. Its kinda confusing, and judgmental." Quill shakes his head sadly at that. "Some people, man. Some people."

Recovering quickly and heroically from his disappointment the pilot tosses the bullet towards the non-caped avenger. "Oh like what? That it was fired from a high quality sniper rifle of non-standard and non-american make from a sniper position directly across from the apartment. That the shooter wasn't meaning to hit anyone, because he didn't hit anyone." Quill shrugs as a grin flashes across his face. "You're right. Should have left it. Sure they could have told all of that when someone found it. Eventually." A pause. "Man did you even know she was gone until I tripped whatever super secret spy creeper cameras you all had on her?"

Quill sighed a moment before he shrugged. "Anyway, I'm sure you'll take the bullet and analyze it and figure out that. Yup. Its a bullet. And then use your secret spy magic to try to track down the shooter, who might be this Bucky guy who knows." A pause again as one questioning eyebrow arches just slightly. "Whats that guy to you anyway? You keep looking all choked up when I mention him."

He doesn't really. But Its Quill. He'll say anything.

"We served together in a war. Like a brother to me," Captain America replies gruffly. It's clear that the reaction of Barnes seems to fade slightly with each time, the nerve deadening slowly as it gets used to being punched. "Either way, I'll do my best to find them since it seems you know them rather well too."

With that, Rogers turns to go. "Thanks for your help, 'Star-lord'."

Now Quill isn't going to let that go /that/ easily.

What fun is that.

"Huh, a war? I haven't fought in a war." A pause. "Well I've been in a battle. It was a real big one too. Big alien battleship. Fate of the world resting on my shoulders. That kind of thing." As Cap walks off, Quill stretches his legs to amble along beside the Avenger. Not really caring who might be seeing them either. "Anyway, since you just called me Star-lord…awesome that you got it right by the way…gonna assume you know someone I've told that name to. So…" He peers towards Cap a moment. "…don't think most people who know what one have friends in pajamas and a mask…um…and you look…" He gestures towards Cap. "…official. So…gonna guess someone told you that name has an 'Agent' in their name somewhere? Just spitballing here you know."

At first, Captain America doesn't mind that he has Quill following him. That sentiment lasts all the way until Peter starts talking after his universe saving experience.

"That's a lot of assumptions right there," Steve states in response to where Quill believes Rogers got his intel. People stop and stare, definitely not used to Captain America just walking the streets of New York. A few pictures might be taken here and there.

There is a little more pep to Roger's step, worried that the conversation might get odder with time. "For the record, it's a uniform, not pajamas. It's made so I can be a symbol of America's greatness. I try my best to live up to it. Sure you have similar feelings to your get up." As he turns away from the Guardian, Cap smirks a little, but that hint of playfulness doesn't enter his tone at all.

"Life is made of little assumptions," Drawls the pilot as he keeps strolling along. He does notice the pictures, and what does Peter Quill do when that happens? Pose of course. What else can you do. Besides Captain America is an icon, might as well have fun with this.

…since it doesn't' look like he'll be arrested. GO HIM!

"Naw, I just throw on whats comfortable in the morning. Then try to find the coffee. Or whatever I have that's stronger than coffee." A wicked grin works its way across Quill's face. "Or whoever I have that's stronger than coffee." A longer pause. "Man. Let me tell you. If I had known that terra had so many hot chicks I would /totally/ have visited this planet earlier!"

No. Just for the record. He has no shame. Or morals.

"I mean they don't have tails, or bright skin, or spikes, or anything like that. Still though. Some of em are pretty smokin'."

Cap, not really giving much heed to Quill, is unaware that the man is having a media field day at his expense. Instead, he merely continues to his bike, throwing himself on top of it. "Not sure what you mean by having a person stronger than coffee, but I'll just chalk that up to alien lifestyle."

It seems Cap is a long suffering sort of individual, because he doesn't really get upset, he just goes along with it as he calmly tries to get himself out of here as swiftly as possible. "I hope you enjoy your time in 'Terra', I tend to like it, regardless if attractive women are around me or not."

Quill just squints at the Captain for a moment before he blows out a long sigh. "Man. Next time I see your friend, I'm totally telling him that he needs to get you laid. Like pronto. I think that should be priority number one. If anyone is listening to this, totally. Priority number one. Write it down or something."

There is a sad shake of his head as he steps back from the bike. "See ya around, Steve." Because formality? Not Quill's thing. "Take care now, look both ways before crossing the street. Etc. Etc. Etc."


Rogers puts up the kickstop, turns on the bike and prepares to go. "Of course. I'm always careful."

The helmet is put on, he does the hand signal is given before he merges into traffic. It is only then there is a long process as Cap finally processes the first words about being laid.

"Wait, what?" With that, Cap shouts back. "THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH WAITING FOR THE RIGHT DANCE PARTNER!" And with that, he roars off into the horizon.

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