Hot Coals

January 06, 2017:

Kinsey makes good on her promise in the wee hours of the morning, and Jessica gets the information she seeks. She moves quickly to protect the information, and to get it to the people who can make the most of it.


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Mentions: Six, Zatanna Zatara, John Constantine

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Fade In…

Jessica still hadn’t brought herself to go home and sleep in her apartment. She was sprawled out on the bed in her guestroom at Shadowcrest. She’d managed to sleep, which was always a hit-or-miss proposition without alcohol to fuel it. Today she’d been too busy to have any, but her sense of having gotten something done allowing her to drift off.

But when the e-mail alert blinks on her phone, she’s awake in an instant.

She snatches it up. Normally an “Unknown Sender” would go deleted and unread, but not today.

Found some things. Checked his card, looked into INA, alias, Hanussen, found a few rabbit holes to fall into. Gottfried Muller and Hanussen (Erik Jan Hanussen) both aliases. Real name Hermann Steinschneider, high-profile clairvoyant in his day, predicted Hitler's rise to power, became part of his inner circle. Was rumored assassinated by Goebbels (yes, that Goebbels) because they were fighting over daddy Hitler's favor, but obviously that didn't stick, so who knows if true, or just cover? Some attached articles about body half-buried outside Berlin. Later interred at a local cemetery (coordinates attached).

I couldn't find any records of his will, so his things were probably distributed amongst family. Including a list of surviving relatives but nothing weird in their bank accounts or any other transactions I could access, no idea if there's anything of value there. I found the address of his Berlin home, occupied by another family now (attached). He had a wife and a mistress. Daughter with wife, Erika Steinschneider, moved with wife to Italy. Mistress, whose name I could not find, gave birth to his son in 1920. Kid was also a clairvoyant, called himself Hanussen II (seriously?), real name Gerhardt Belgardt. Given his lifespan he probably has other offspring but by then he was out of public record, so good luck with that. People in the clairvoyant community may know more?

He had a list of very high-profile clientele during his prime, mostly German oligarchs and important members of the Nazi party, including Goebbels. I'm including a list of the ones I could confirm, including surviving members of those families. It's a lot of names.

Looked into the INA. It was a shell to funnel money through. His backup bank accounts were drained a few months after his death. But I did find some recent purchases including a plane ticket to Berlin, Germany, under the name Gottfried Muller. Recent as in, if he hasn't left, that's probably where he is now.

I don't know if this is of any use, but I hope it helps.


She read it over three times, then typed the only response she could think of. She wasn’t even sure if it would reach the sender.

“Incredible work. Far more than I could have dreamed of. Thank you!!”

A little more expressive than she normally would have done, but the occasion deserved it.
Then: “P.S. Going to get all this out of my e-mail. Once I do I have no clue how to make it delete for real. You have my full permission to do whatever you need to do to make that happen. Just give me about 6 hours.”

Nothing ever /really/ went away on the Internet. She knew that much. But if she gave the heads-up on just how little she knew about the deeper side of tech, maybe Kinsey could do whatever she did and zap it into the ether. If not, well, once she hit delete she’ll have taken as many precautions as she knew how to take. She wasn’t computer illiterate by any means, but she wasn’t an expert either.

It was early, but not too early. Not for this. She put together a group text on her phone. One to Zatanna. One to John. They’d both get them at once, and they’d both know they were getting it together.

Her fingers hovered over the keys, and she chewed on her lower lip. How much could she safely send? She didn’t have the ability to send ultra-secure anything, and she did not want to take chances.

Finally, she typed in the words. His true name was never uttered at the gala. I have it. And more. Much more. See me soon, somewhere secure. -J.J.

She then sat up. She had to get home. As far as she knew there weren’t any printers at Shadowcrest, and she couldn’t exactly go and use a public one.

She was dressed in a heartbeat, taking the early morning train. The sun was up by the time she got there, much to her eternal relief, mostly because the thought of her apartment in the dark still made her sweat in ways she’d be loathe to admit to anyone. It was just her office right now, and she could handle her office by the light of day.

She carefully printed each attachment. Then she copied the body of the e-mail, by hand, twice, onto two pieces of legal paper. She owed it to Kinsey to take every precaution to make it look like she herself had tracked down the information. She didn’t think the others would ask about her methods…they never had before…but if they did the obvious answer couldn’t be anything close to Jessica Went to a Hacker.

She triple-checked that she’d gotten every last scrap of information. By now, she was starting to feel like she could have recited it all from memory anyway.

She put both into two separate envelopes. Those went into an inner pocket of her jacket. She zipped the inner pocket, then put on the jacket and zipped that, too. She’d fucking sleep in her jacket if she had to until all of this was passed on. It might not help Zatanna with her blood problem, directly, but that didn’t mean it wasn’t /that/ important.

Then, she deleted the e-mail.

Once she had, she found she couldn’t stay in her apartment any more. The fear came back, stronger this time. She was holding hot coals in her pockets now. She did /not/ want to be /here./

It was paranoid, but she left her apartment, fully intending to keep moving throughout the day until one or both of them got in touch. She had a feeling she’d be piss-easy for a mage to track, but if she kept moving, she’d be harder to corner. She /hoped/ all of this was way under her enemy’s radar, but she’d be damned if she didn’t take every last precaution.

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