In for a penny, in for a pound

January 05, 2017:

Nancy and Rogue see Logan after class.

Xavier Institute - History Class


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"… Lincoln had his eyes on Chattanooga, which stood on a vital east-west rail link, where the Tennessee River cut through the mountains. Capturing Chattanooga would further split the Confederacy and provide a springboard for a drive on Atlanta, one o' the South's key communication an' manufacturing centres. Chattanooga fell in eighteen sixty-three…" and then there was the unmistakable ring of the bell.

Logan was an informal teacher, wearing denim jeans and a flannel shirt. He didn't assign too much homework. The people, who wanted to learn from history, would learn from it; the ones who didn't, would repeat it, but not in his class. They'd be missing out on a valuable part of their lives.

The students began to empty out of the class, the last of the day for many of them, which was another reason that Logan was so lax. Most teachers liked to dismiss students. Logan let the bell do it for him. But he was one of the most popular teachers, especially to those who had a genuine interest in his subject. He could speak from experience because very often, he was there.

And then he smelt her. He always knew when people were near. He was still leaning against the front of his desk, but turned to look at the doorway, "you have a good day?" He asked, idly.

The door to his classroom had been open when she'd stepped up to it… she two was wearing a flannel shirt with blue jeans, though her flannel shirt was dark green with black stripes and it was only buttoned over her stomach with two buttons, beneath that was a bright yellow tank top that dipped low at the collar line down on her chest and was tucked into a pair of slim-fitting dark blue jeans that were cinched around her waist by a brown leather belt. She had dark green long gloves on that disappeared into the rolled-up sleeves of her flannel shirt.

Rogue peered around into his classroom as she heard him talking and she knew that the programmed bell was about to ding in the hallway. When it did she just leaned back against the wall and waited for the students to all file out. Smiling and nodding to those who noticed her, she then peaked her head around and looked in at him.

When he spoke to her she flashed a smile. "Good enough so far." She said and walked into his room, She had a potentially unusual sway to her hips as she walked and went to his desk where she looked at some of the stuff scattered about on it, picking up an apple she realized it was fake and smirked at it. It was pretty obvious the young woman with the two-toned hair had something on her mind.

He packed up, tidied a few things. He was a teacher, and he had some basic responsibilities, but that hardly took any time at all, and he didn't miss the sway of her hips. He was eyeing her in his peripheral vision the whole time. Turning around to face her, he gave her a bright smile. "So, whatcha got planned fer tonight, darlin'?" He liked Rogue, was fond of her, and they went a ways back.

He then moved round his desk, opening a drawer, pulled out an apple, and sliced it with one of his claws. It made a snikt sound as it popped out, and he cut it into six pieces, offering her one for now. "You look like ya got somethin' on yer mind? A problem shared is a problem halved."

Rogue perched herself on the corner of his desk on her right butt cheek and she smiled at him as he pulled out a real apple. "Oh." She said softly, her green eyes watching him cut it with the claw. She then reached out with her gloved thumb and forefinger and accepted the slice then lifted it up to bite it in half with her pearly white teeth. She smiled around it and then looked away when he asked her what she was up to tonight.

Anna-Marie was in her first year as the French Teacher, it was the only class she was currently teaching to High school-grade students and it was going well, she got along with all her students, but it was her off-hour now.

Her shoulders were shrugged inside of her green shirt. "Not sure yet." She said with a mouthful of apple bits, looking down at the last half in her fingers. "I ran inta the new uh… music teache'ah." She glanced back up at him then, looking past the white streak of hair that went down her face on the right side. "Found out about her mutation, its pretty wild…" Her voice was coy, she wasn't a very good 'skirt around the issue' kind of conversationalist. "Ha-have you met her yet?"

He stood, moving around so that he was close to her, but not quite invading her personal space. He gave her his full attention, standing upright, and made strong eye contact. He could lose herself in those green eyes. He thought they were a Forrest green, like the area he grew up in, or at least, where he thought he grew up. He was a little hazy on such things. He slipped a slice of app into his mouth and chewed it, enjoying the sweetness.

"Oh, and what's our new music teacher's gift? Can she make people burst into song and dance? I can tell you right now, I ain't singing showtunes, no matter what her power is. Maybe she has a sonic scream?" He wasn't the most curious of men, but when it came to Rogue, he made a point of taking an interest. He cared about her, and he felt sorry for her, with her condition. She was special to him. "But no, don't think I have. What's her name?" He might well have met her, but she did say that this woman was new.

Rogue flashed him a grin when she looked up at him now that he was in front of her where she was perched on the corner of his desk. She tossed the rest of the apple into her mouth and chewed on it quietly, trying not to look weird while eating… eating in front of other people always felt a little odd to her.

She swallowed the apple bits and shook her head, stroking her white hair out of her eyes again. "Nah. Nothin' quite so silly." She looked up at him as he was several inches taller than her even when she's standing up. "She has the ability to cancel out our mutations. Like—" Rogue lifted her right hand up and reached forward to place it on his chest, her hand warm inside her glove. "As far as you are from me now… she'd have us both back down to… whateve'ah human base levels is. I mean, our mutations like… deactivate and we're just 'people' again."

She flashed him a smile then and went to put her hand back down onto her thigh. "And her name is Nancy. Or 'Deadzone' but that feels kinda weird t'call someone by."

She didn't look odd to Logan. He was used to living off the land. He had seen far worse, done far worse, and she was natural, so he liked it. Plus, she seemed to be enjoying the taste, so he most definitely approved. He had another slice himself, and offered her some more, holding it out to her gloved hand.

He knew Rogue was a flirt, and he enjoyed it. There was a line that she couldn't cross. He didn't pull away when she brought her hand to his chest. Instead, he actually leaned into it. He knew what it was like to be absorbed by her, but he trusted her not to abuse it.

"Cancel out mutations? That a permanent thing?" He asked, intrigued by it, and the implication. "I… wouldn't be too different. I'd need to buy an apple peeler." He joked. He didn't know the range of Nancy's powers, its duration, or anything like that, so it wasn't anything to get excited about yet. "You go by Rogue, I'm called Wolverine, it's not like any o' us are able to judge others on that kind of thing."

Rogue laughed at what he said and she glanced away after taking the other apple slice from him. "Oh, I know… its just… it sounds like the name you'd give to a Morgue or somethin'." She looked back at him then and took another bite off of the tip of the apple slice. "Her gift only goes about as far as ten feet ideally, n'maybe fifty max? Like it gets stronge'ah the close'ah ya get to'er."

Marie pursed her lips together then and her tongue's tip appeared as she swept it over the edge of her upper lip. She was wearing a dark red lipstick today and it was glossy and shiny. She seemed to be struggling with what to say.

"She found out what my gift is and she… I don't know, seemed eage'ah to help me with it. I thought she was comin' on t'me at first, but then nah… she just said." Rogue then laughed at what she was about to say. "She said she'd push her bed up to the wall— cause she's in the room beside mine now— and then I could have whoeve'ah I wanted, ya know…"

Rogue then looked too embarrassed to go any further. She stood up and walked over to one of the chairs that the students would sit in. She picked dup a piece of paper left behind on it and stared at whatever was written on it, history stuff likely.

Logan listened to her. Ten feet wasn't a lot to work with. Enough to tease, to flirt, but, not really a solution to Rogue's problems, well, unless of course Rogue decided to become a lesbian. For that kind of relief, he could see her taking that plunge. Damn, she was hot when she flirted. He watched her tongue, brushing against her lips. He could feel the blood rush.

He listened more, figuring she was going down the lesbian route, especially when he heard Nancy was eager to help. But then things took a turn. "Oh…" he said, the realisation dawning on him. Ten feet, if it worked through the wall, that would mean Rogue could basically have a normal life in her own room, well, bed anyway. At least while sleeping. That was a game changer. "Wow, Rogue, that's pretty amazin' news. All I can say is, don't go overboard. I know, you haven't. Just, try to make it special, wit' the right guy."

He set the rest of the app down on the desk and moved closer, about to put his arms on her gloved arms, but she moved. So he took a seat on the desk, "I'm so happy fer ya. I really am." The paper she picked up seemed to be about Stonewall Jackson, though there was a heart drawn on the margins, with Logan + Alice written on it. Evidentially, it belonged to a student.

Rogue smiled at the little drawn heart and the two names, she knew Alice, Alice was in her French class. Rogue turned around to face him, having finished off that second apple slice and she went to set the piece of paper down on his desk. "Looks like ya got a lotta girls pinin' ove'ah huh?" She said with a grin at him. "How are any of us supposed'ta stand out amongst the othe'ahs?"

She smiled at him and then stepped back from his desk. "There is no 'right guy'." She said at him then. "The last one I was with took off back before Halloween. He told me 'I love you, Rogue, you're the only one for me. I'll prove it to you, I swear it!'." She mocked his voice with a pitch change in her own.

"Then a week late'ah the sonofabitch was gone… got on his bike and road off. His friends say he shacked up with an old flame in Jersey." Rogue crossed her arms over her stomach, rumpling the fabric of her green flannel shirt and yellow tank top. "I don't know. I feel like I'm losin' my mind."

Still leaning against his desk, Logan's eyes drifted towards the scrap piece of notepaper, and the fact there was a heart with his name in it, and a student's. He shrugged, "they're free ta do whatever they want in the margin's as long as I don't act on it, and they pass the course." It wasn't unusual. He was a hunk after all, and probably the most down the Earth teacher at the school. He was incredibly popular.

"Us?" he repeats when Rogue seems to throw her hat into the proverbial ring, "darlin', you've never had any trouble distinguishing yerself as far as I'm concerned." He was saddened by her story, the mocking tone. "Yeah, well, some boys gotta wise up and learn that there's more to life than… that." He cared about a person, who they were, and tried to instil that belief in those around him. He didn't get many opportunities, teaching history, but he set himself as an example for these impressionable youths. He was a man, he acted like that, and he expected his male students to do the same.

One could say she was walking down the hall with purpose, but the truly alert would say that the goth with the ruby streaks in her hair is more storming down the hall. A lolllipop is clenched between her teeth as she is followed by a couple of Bampfs. "Whiskey?" they chant at her as they pop in and out around her with the accompanying acrid smoke. "No!" she replies to each and every one. "I didn't bring any and I'm not making new lollipops with you little theives around!" She waves her hand around her head as if trying to swat at bees. "Whiskey! Whiskey! Whiskey!" they chime in a chorus, accompanied by Nancy's "No! No! No!" Finding an open door, Nancy ducks into the room. Seeing a familiar face, Nancy looks to Rogue and mouths HELP!!


Rogue flashed a grin at Logan when he repeated the 'us' part of what she said. She shrugged her shoulders inside her green hoodie and tipped her head back and forth. "Well, you know… I mean… girl can dream can't she?" She said back at him in a flirtatious way. "I mean—-" She was cut off by the sound of Nancy's arrival and her body language changed from flirtin-with-the-hot-history-teacher to looking over at Nancy and… whatever was going on there.

"Whiskey?" Rogue repeated herself, though the way she said it was dripping with confusion. She eyed Nancy the Music Teacher and she showed a half-smile at her. "Whats going on?" She asked. "Ya know there's not supposed t'be in any liquor on the school grounds. Scott'll bust a valve if he finds any'a us drinkin'."

"Yeah, Scott would bust a valve if he found any of us drinking." Logan repeated that, putting emphasis on the found part. He walked around to a filing cabinet. He knelt down as the bottom drawer was the one with a lock. He reached into his jeans, pulling out some keys and opened the drawer, skimming past the exam questions, which took up a little less than half of the drawer. Then he pulled out a bottle of Crown Royal, which is Canadian whiskey. He also grabbed three shot glasses. "You wanna close the door?" Moving back to the desk, he poured a little whiskey for each of them, well, the three adults anyway. As he pours, he finishes his thought to Rogue, "yeah, us, and dreams can come true."

Nancy leans against the wall with not one, not two, but three Bamfs perched on her person, tugging at her hair and even trying to peek down her top. The goth notices that Marie is not alone and with a guy no less. Perfect. Just perfect. The three little imps take on a pleading tone with Nancy. They know she has alcohol. Somewhere. She always has it somewhere and if they pester her enough, she'll give in and give them the bottle.

When the history teacher pulls out the bottle and shot glasses, the imps cheer and start popping in and out of the room, grabbing the filled shot glasses and then popping out of the room. Until one pops in, grabs the bottle, cheers with a little "Whiskey!!" and bampfs out. With the bottle. Nancy looks to the scruffy man and smirks. "Well, now I know my stash is safe for a day or two. Thanks."

Rogue's eyes went wide at the sight of this and she then looked over to Logan when he pulled out the liquor. "Oh geeze." She said quietly and lifted her left hand up to touch her bottom red lip, her right arm still crossed over her stomach.

She glanced back to Nancy and watched the little blue teleporters bampf around and then the alcohol as gone as fast as it came… "Ya know, honestly… what concerns me the most is that they were tryin' to look down your shirt, Nance." Rogue said to her with a sly grin.

Marie motioned to the music teacher then. "Nancy this is Logan, Logan this is Nancy. The one I was tellin' ya about." She flashed a sly grin then.

Logan doesn't like the smell of sulphur. It makes his noise itch. But these little guys are cute, even if they did steal his shot glasses, and his Crown Royal. Grumbling, he eyed the music teacher, "there's plenty more where that came from." He wasn't too happy about losing his alcohol, but he drank it for the taste. Getting drunk with a healing factor was difficult.

Though with Nancy's help, he might be able to try that. When he hears that she's the woman who has control over mutations, he instantly, and reflectively, tries to unearth his claws. Nothing happens. He raises his arms, trying again, "so… this is me… without the mutation?" It was a curious thing. He still had the adamantium laced skeleton, but, at least for now, he was normal. Funny how very little changed. He could also probably get a disease, grow old, die… but only while Nancy was near him. Then he strode up to her and offered a hand, "Name's Logan."

When the Bamfs are around, Nancy has a harder time pulling in her power to just be a 3" aura around herself, so she has her null bubble at its 'relaxed' state of a 10' sphere around herself. She takes a deep breath now that the imps are gone. "Well, it seems they still remember me. I suppose that's a good thing. My candy stash is doomed, mind you," she says grumpily.

The goth looks on as the scruffy man asks about himself without mutation. "Marie told you? Yeah. Sorry. I try not to turn people off unless they want it or it's in a fight." Looking at the hand, then to Marie then back to the hand, Nancy takes the offered hand. "Nancy. Or Deadzone. But I prefer Nancy."

Rogue was lightly pinching her lowerlip between thumb and forefinger while staring at Logan when he tried to extend the claws and it didn't work. She showed a little grin at the sight of it and then glanced to the music teacher. "She can shut it off too, n'case any'a us need our stuff and she's like, ya know, close-by." She paused a moment and then added. "Wish I had that kinda control." That last part was mumbled a bit lower in tone.

The girl with the two-toned hair then lowered her left arm back down to cross it over her stomac where the right one was. "I told him. Sorry if you don't want me tellin' folk, Nance. I won't do it in the future if so." She smiled very faintly. "Its just been on my mind since ya told me, ya know?"

"Fer now it's all right, but that could change." It could always change. The minute someone attacks the school, Logan wants to be able to use his claws. He is a capable man without his powers, but he fights so recklessly. He's used to not so much as dodging bullets, but just not letting them slow him down. He'd happily get shot a few times to quickly close the distance with a sniper.

"I also go by Wolverine. Call me whatever you want." Then he looked back to Rogue, who was still pinching her lower lip. She looked cute doing it. Grinning, he decided to ask, "seems kinda interesting that you learn about this, and I'm the first one ya come to." He winks, wondering if there might be something there. Rogue's flirted with him for some time, but it was just flirting, wasn't it?

Nancy shakes her head to Rogue. "I can't turn it off. I can make it just a skin contact thing. I wish I could turn it off, but I've never gotten that much control. It seems to prefer being bigger, not smaller." Nancy has to laugh at Rogue's wish for control. "My music studies took a serious nose dive when I first got this. Lost my perfect GPA in my last year cause all my focus was on figuring out how to try and shut this thing down." The goth takes a deep breath and closes her eyes, concentrating to rein in her power to let Logan have his back.

Nancy waves a hand to Marie. "No biggie. I told you yesterday, I'm here for the kids mostly. They can't know I'm the one to go to if they don't know about me, so go ahead and tell. It's not like I hide it." Nan arches a brow at Wolverine as she says she can call him whatever she likes. "So, hot stuff then?" she asks with a wry grin. But when he talks to Rogue, Nancy gets a knowing look and starts to nod to Marie approvingly.

Rogue opened her mouth to reply to Logan when he said it was interesting that she came to him, then she looked over to Nancy when she further explained her power and… well, the twenty three year old French teacher just got a bit slustered, stammering for something to say. "Na-nah. I mean… I just." She shifted her eyes from one of them to the other, clearly embarrassed now and her face was reddening. "I just meant that, I don't have a lotta people t'tell this kinda thing to."

Rogue huffed out an exhale then and she sat down in one of the student's seats and crossed her legs at the knees. "I find your ability interestin' is all." Rogue said to Nancy then with a small smirtk. "Not like I can do a lot with it though. I mean, I can't like… rush out t'a bar and find some guy t'say 'Hey baby, wanna come back t'my place so we can have hot lovin'? Don't mind this pretty goth gal. She just likes to sit in the chair aside my bed'n watch'." Rogue said all of this in her best sultry sexy voice, and then snorted at herself. She was trying to cover up what had brought her here to tell Logan, yep.

Logan snorts at being referred to as 'hot stuff'. He didn't see it, but he didn't fight it either. "Whatever floats yer boat, Nancy." He was curious about her powers, felt sorry for her, though as powers go, Nancy's was pretty innocuous. She could easily live among humans without a care in the world. He could too, to an extent, but it was a lonely existence. People grew old and died. He never did. At least not yet, and he should have, at least twice at this point.

"Rogue, calm down… it's mutual." He said. He didn't say what it was he was referring to. Was it that he didn't have a lot of close friends? Did he feel about her the same way she felt about him? Damn, he could be annoying at times. Why couldn't he open up, become talkative? So few words and so many ways to read them. But that was part of his appeal.

He did break out in laughter at Rogue's suggestion, especially with her sitting in the desk. "That… could get pretty awkward, pretty fast. But, the line would still be a mile wide by seven o'clock." He did like her. He kept making eyes at her.

Nancy is clearly amused by Marie's discomfort. She has an evil streak, but she warned Marie about that the day before. Nancy simply crosses her arms and leans against the wall, watching with amusement as her eyes tennis court back and forth between Marie and Logan. "I'd ask if you two want to get a room, but I think the whole point is that you want me close by when you two get one. You know I can hit over 10 yards away and through walls? And with my room next to yours…. just sayin'" The stick of her lollipop waggles back and forth as if teasing the other woman. "But, yanno, I'm okay with playin' voyeur if that's your kink." Nope, she's not making thise any easier for the southern belle.

Rogue tilted her chin up and her eyes, which were surrounded by black eyeliner, just stared at both of them through the use of peripheral vision. She had her back straight and her posture was rigid. After a moment she spoke.

"Ya'll are fuckin' with me." She said at them in her thick southern accent. "Ain't ya?" She huffed out a heavy exhale and stood up from the school chair. "I mean… I've neve'ah done nothin' more than… like, 'first base' kinda crap. I don't know how t'do the rest, outside'a what porno on my laptop has taught me. And this… is both… intriguing and no small amount of frustratin' too."

Rogue looked to Logan. "I've tried to express myself at ya for a long time, but I'm bad at it. Really bad at it. I flirt openly cause I know nobody can even do anythin' about it, but when the prospect'a that fades away… and my money is now where my big mouth is… I don't even know what to do or say."

Her eyes then went to Nancy. "I admire your boldness to, Nance. I really do. But I'm the one in the room who… lacks experience. So… yeah…" Rogue's gloved hands went behind her and her fingers were stuffed into the back pockets of her jeans. "I'd come here to invite Logan t'my room tonight, thinkin' if ya'd fallen asleep, Nancy… that I could somehow guilt him into… ya know…" She glanced down at the floor. "I've alaways had a 'thing' for ya, Logan'n there's no othe'ah guys around here I trust, or like even. Not like that anyway." She huffed again, embarrassed now.

Oh, Nancy has one hell of an evil streak in her. Logan liked that about her. He enjoyed raunchy humour as much as the next guy, and she didn't pull any punches. It was quite the mental image. He decided to be diplomatic, for Rogue's sake. "It's wonderful that your room is next to hers, and I'm sure she'll be glad of all the advantages that… arrangement, can give her." He was the oldest one in the room, so he tried to play the adult for once. Maybe it was because they were in his classroom. This was an odd situation for him, and all around, really.

He shook his head when Rogue said he and Nacy were messing with her. There were real issues at work here. Rogue was, in essence, a 23 year old virgin. She had no real experience to draw upon, and usually, people knew far more than her by this age. Especially girls who looked like Rogue. She was never shy of attention. Just, nothing more than attention.

He looked to Rogue, then to Nancy. It was odd having this kind of conversation with a witness. But he wasn't shy. "Darlin', it's entirely up to you. It's yer body, and yer life. But," and he moved closer to her desk, making sure that he made eye contact with her, "the feeling is mutual."

He grinned at her open admission. He looked to Nancy, "are we good?" He wanted to see if the field was going to nullify Rogue's powers, but, in the hopes that they would, and were in effect, he leaned in, took her hand, slowly pulled the glove back, and then took her hand in his… he was going to take it slow, though she might have other ideas.

Nancy winces as she realizes she might have gone too far with her new acquaintance. Way to make friends and influence people there, girlfriend. She sheepishly bites at her lower lip and shrugs a single shoulder apologetically, her own thumbs hooking into the loops at the waist of her jeans. "Marie, I'm sorry. I told ya I was a bit of a bitch at times. I tease people about things that make them uncomfortable. Remember how you said it was a good thing my gift wasn't in the hands of an a-hole? Well, yeah, I used to be a top notch a-hole. I'm more of a recovering a-hole, but they don't exactly have Asshole Anonymous meetings for recovery." Even as she is apologizing, there is a playful glint in her grey eyes and that lift at one corner of her lips. Even when apologizing, she has a mildly mocking tone.

Nancy then tries her best after this to be less of a presence in the room. Conversations like this tend to be more private. She nods to Logan when he asks and lets go of her control of her field, letting it fill the room again, dipping her head down and letting her hair spill down to block her vision. "S'all good. I'll just practice my fingering," she says and then lets her left hand finger an imaginary cello.

Rogue was standing there when Logan came up to her and took her hand, pulled the glove up to expose her soft skin beneath it. She was wide-eyed at him looking at his face. She heard what he said and could hear Nancy's words too. "This…" She trailed her words off and released a light exhale. "This is really not what I imagined." She dampened her lips againt with her tongue tip and then drew in a deep breath to bring a little lift into her mind.

"I just thought that, you'd… ya know… not care about all the mushy stuff. That you'd just help me, oh god… 'bang it out'." Rogue winced at her own words and then put her left hand up to her face and covered her eyes with her still-gloved hands. She peaked through her spread fingers at Nancy. "Look what you've done t'me." She tells the music teacher who was practicing her fingering. "Practicin' fingerin' is all I've been doing. I don't know how t'do anythin' more'n that!"

Logan was an old soul. People thought he was just an animal, and he was, but that was just one side of him. He was also a samurai. He was honourable. And he understood, better than most, what Rogue was going through. He had a different situation, the intricacies were off, but in a way, he was in the same boat as her. So many people had died; so many people had left him. He was, for all intents and purposes, immortal, or at least, exceedingly long lived.

"Rogue, it's okay. You have some thinkin' to do. You gotta decide what you want. I'll be here, when you decide." He stroked her exposed hand, his fingertips should have been coarse, rough, and so much harder than hers. He had lived a hard life. But his healing factor had seen to that. And now, while it 'switched off', he still had the benefit of their previous healing. His hands were soft, softer than they had any right to be.

He then removed his hand, "let me know, what you decide," and he got up, heading towards his desk, where he picked up a book and a few other things that he had bundled earlier, and headed towards the door. On his way out, he stopped to talk with Nancy. "Thank you, for what you did, and what you do for Rogue in the future." And with a wink, he said, "the cabinet's still unlocked." And he headed out the door.

Nancy hums softly to herself. As much as she is in the room, she is really doing her best to just be her power. It's not like she hadn't teased Marie about this being something that Nan could do for her. Okay, admittedly, Nan had pictured just being in her room and sleeping against the wall as her power 'hung loose', but well, in for a penny, in for a pound. At least it's only hand holding and confessions of attraction at this point. She ignores the comments about fingering by Marie. Sure, she could make a snide comment that would make even the flirtatious Rogue blush, but she's trying to make this awkward situation easier for her new friend.

She looks up when Logan talks to her and nods. "I'll replace your whiskey. Least I could do. I usually get the good stuff, it has the best flavour for my lollipops." Speaking of which, she pops a fresh one out of her jacket pocket, unwraps it and pops it in her mouth.

Rogue watched Logan as he went to leave, his words rolling around inside of her head. She didn't have a response other than. "O-okay." She said after him as he left and then her hands dropped down to the fronts of her jeans-covered thighs. She looked at Nancy and smirked at her. "I'm sorry you had to see all of that… it feels as awkward for me as it is for you, I'm sure."

The southern gal walked over to Logan's desk and she started rummaging around in it. She pulled out a bottle of liquor and then locked the hidden cabinet up again. "I don't care what the damn rules are, I'm savin' this for tonight." She muttered. She fumbled around inside one of the top doors as well, moving her hands around the stuff inside of it and then a moment later she shut it and grabbed the liquor bottle.

"This has been the weirdest day in awhile."

Nancy sighs with relief as Logan leaves the room and smiles over to Marie, heading over to join her. "Well, not what I imagined, but at least you two didn't just go at it right here on the desk." She leans over and ruffles at Marie's hair, playing with the white streak. "So, that's who've you had your eye on? He's kinda cute if you like the older, gruffer type. Frankly, unless he can explain that Higgs Bozon thingy to me, he's just eye candy."

Rogue sat down in Logan's teacher chair and she put the bottle of liquor on her lap. She sat there and stared at his desk as Nancy played with the white streak of hair across the left side of her face, her hair was extremely soft and thick, heavy almost… it was well brushed at the present since she had classes today.

"Its…" She started to reply, trying to form the words. "I just didn't think he'd make a big deal out of it, ya know?" Rogue glanced up at Nancy. "He's kinda the most 'chill' person I've ever met. He's handsome as hell, old enough t'be like… my dad or somethin' but I don't care about that." She shook her head. "I've had a crush on him for years, but I just figured he'd look at me like I'm some dumb kid." She pulled her right glove off entirely now and ran her thumb and forefinger over her thin dark eyebrows. "I just thought he'd help me, get over that hump and not really… pressure me, like othe'ah boys probably would."

Nancy listens and nods. "Seems to me, if my power is that important to him, that like you he's lonely. For different reasons, but lonely all the same. These gifts, they are like that double edged sword. They have good sides, but they really suck sometimes too. We find ways to make the good sides outweigh the bad ones, like helping others." She shakes her head when she is offered something to drink. "I actually only use it to make my candy. I got in the habit when I was trying to stop my mother from drinking. I would use all her stash for my candy and she'd have to wait till her next government check. Now, it's just what I'm used to."

Nancy starts to get a mischievous glimmer in her pale grey eyes and that quirk in her smile returns. "Oh…. we need to go shopping. Yeah…. you need some… outfits. To impress Mr. Gruff and Tuff."

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